Ellen’s Fantasy

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The restraints felt FANTASTIC, much better than I had hoped. Melanie (she goes by Mel) had me tightly tied spread eagle on the bed and she was licking my clit as I was moaning softly, waiting for the tingly feeling that was the start of another orgasm. I raised my head and began licking her pussy as she lowered herself back down. I had tasted her many times before but she seemed even sweeter this time, due to the bondage this time. I suspect. The first wave of another orgasm began to build inside me and I started to moan much louder into her pussy. Mel then moved to the side while still licking me and started finger fucking me as I was beginning to shake a little as my orgasm gained momentum.

“Come for me again, sweetie, come on you can do it!” she cooed. Wave after wave of pleasure swept over me as her tongue continued its assigned task. I arched my back as far as I could as I fell into the heart of feminine bliss. I squirted my cum high into the air, much to the delight of Mel. As my orgasm began to fade my thighs began to shake and spasm as Mel pushed the dildo back deep inside me and began to fuck me with it in a nice gentle rhythm that she knows I like so much after cumming. She lay back beside me on one elbow and smiled at me.

“Ellen, sweetie, when you cum you really cum, girl!” I was still breathing hard as I tried to relax in the afterglow of some of the best sex that I have had with another woman. “After all that squirting, I bet your thirsty, want some water?” she asked.

“Love some.” was all I could say.

“Want me to untie you?” she asked.

“Not just yet, this is better than I thought it would be.” I said.

“OK, I’ll be right back.” she said. Then she paused and looked at me and said “Ellen, tied up like that you look very sensuous, and very fucked.” As she leaned over to kiss me she swayed her breasts back and forth so that our nipples bumped into each other then she kissed me, one of her deep probing girl kisses. Her breasts felt soft and warm pressed against mine. I felt so satisfied and was enjoying a very nice afterglow, her kiss was just what I needed. As she released me from the kiss she turned to go to the kitchen she stopped suddenly with a yelp that was loud enough to startle me. I turned and looked and saw my roommate Jeff standing in the door to my bedroom looking at us.

“Holy shit, girls!” he said in a surprised and incredulous voice

“How long have you been there?” Mel and I said at the same time.

“Oh, I just walked up but jeeez!” he said. He walked over to the foot of my bed a gazed at me. “I have always wanted to watch you girls in action, I guess I am just a little late this time.” he said with a smile. “VERY sexy, Ellen, you look terrific tied up like that, honey.” he said as he move to the side of the bed and sat down. He put his hand on my breast and squeezed me gently then reached over to the dildo that was still inside me and began to fuck me gently as my drenched pussy squished with each stroke. He took his other hand and gently touched the side of my face, looked me square in the eye and said “I had no idea that you liked bondage, sweetie, we could have done something long before now.”

“Honestly, Jeff, this is my first time.” I said smiling meekly, a little embarrassed. I looked as Mel and said “water, please, Mistress.”

“That’s my girl.” Mel said as she left for the kitchen.

Jeff looked around the room and said “You girls sure do make a mess.” All I could do was smile and lay my head back, the dildo felt good, to good.

“Will you untie me please?” I asked.

“Well, I don’t know, can I tie you up again later?” Jeff said with a slight laugh. He then pulled the dildo out of my pussy and began to untie me. Once free from my bonds I began putting on my panties and bra. Mel returned and handed me a glass of water that I quickly drained as I was really very thirsty.

“More?” Melanie asked.

“Thanks, Mistress but I will get it myself.” I said as I kissed her lightly on the cheek.

Jeff said “Hey, that’s the second time you have called her ‘Mistress’ are you girls doing the Dom/Sub thing?”

Mel spoke up and said “Ellen, has been my girl for quite a while now Jeff, we have just kept it from you, I hope you are not mad?” We made our way to the living room and sat down. I was wearing only my panties and bra as well as my leg and wrist cuffs that Mel had padlocked on me. Mel was in just her crotchles black hose and 4 inch black patent pumps, we made quite an unusual couple as we sat next to each other on the couch. Jeff sat across from us in the recliner looking at us and smiling.

“Mad? No I’m not mad, not at all, surprised, yes, but not mad.” Jeff said. “I knew you two were sleeping together, but I never thought…..” Jeff continued, leaving the sentence unfinished. “I’ll tell you what, girls, I have to go to the office for a bit so why don’t you get cleaned up and I will take us out to Omally’s tonight for dinner and we can talk some more, sound good to you?” altyazı porno Jeff said looking at his watch.

I looked at Mel and she nodded just a bit so I said “deal.” He got up and went to the back of the house for a minute then came and kissed me goodbye as he left.

As he went out the door Mel said “Wait!…Jeff, just a second.” as she grabbed a robe, threw it on and went outside to speak to Jeff. I looked through the window and saw her talking to him and she gave him a piece of paper. He looked at it, smiled then seemed to chuckle as he walked to his car. Mel came back in and closed the door and came and sat beside me.

She cupped my chin and turned my face toward her, she looked square in the eye and said “Well, that could have been a whole lot worse, I think.”

“I suppose.” I responded.

“Take off that bra and those panties and go in there and clean up your room, sweetie, I have something that I need to do elsewhere.” Mel said.

“Yes ma’am.” I responded as I left to comply.

This whole thing started 3 years ago when I moved in with Jeff as a rent paying roommate. It was a platonic relationship for about 3 months until we went out to eat one night, we had a little too much to drink and when we got home he fucked my eyeballs out. It was wonderful. We have been recreational sex partners ever since. Jeff is a very sweet, nice, gentle man not to mention his cock is massive, at least 9 inches long and he fills me completely, the feel of his cock pushing against the back membrane of my vagina is mind blowing, add to that the fact that he is a real HUNK! Tall, muscular, broad shoulders, a girls dream guy. He dated some but not that much really because he is not looking for a relationship, “not yet.” he would say. Besides, he could fuck me anytime he wanted, I would be waiting enthusiastically.

Melanie moved in about a year later as a third roommate. At first she seemed pretty normal but I never saw her with a guy, I didn’t think much of it really until she stopped by my room one morning when I was getting dressed and wanted to borrow a lipstick. As I handed it to her I noticed she was looking at my boobs. She looked up at my face, smiled and said “Nice tits, sweetie.”

“Oh, um, well thanks. All of the girls in my family have large boobs, always have, I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse” I said chuckling at the end.” Actually I have the smallest bust of the three sisters and I’m a 36D!” I said.

Looking me in the eye she asked “Have you ever been with another woman?”

“Well, no, but I suppose it is not out of the question. I will admit that I have wondered what it would be like” I said, still not getting her meaning (I’m not stupid, just a little slow to catch on, sometimes). She took the lipstick and leaned forward kissing me lightly on the lips.

Then she hugged me girly at first then she pulled closer and whispered in my ear “Let’s try it sometime, Ellen. You are a very desirable woman and I would love to get my hands on those tits of yours. It could be fun” she said as she released me. The next night she woke me at 2 am standing beside my bed. That was my first lesbian experience and it too was wonderful, I was hooked. The Mistress part started a few months back as a game but it was getting more and more serious as time went by and I have to admit that I was enjoying my role as a sub.

As far as the bondage goes, I have always had that fantasy but kept it a secret until last week. Mel was holding me after one of our sessions and asked me to tell her my deepest secret, so I confided in her. She agreed to keep it our little secret. This was our first time as she had bought some bondage devices and we wanted to try them out. So I have a bed partner almost every night, do they have tits and a pussy or a cock just depends, either is fine for me. Jeff was supposed to be out of town on business and not due back for two more days, obviously, he got back early.

I finished cleaning up my mess wearing nothing but my wrist and ankle cuffs as instructed. Mel came in, inspected my work, and kissed me with her approval. She then said “Hold out you hands, honey” so I held my hands out in front of me and she produce a pair of handcuffs. “You don’t mind, do you?” she asked with a smile and quickly cuffed me. “Now come with me, babe, I need to get you cleaned up” she said leading me down the hall by my handcuffs. She took me to the bathroom where I saw what she had been doing while I was cleaning up. A hook was installed from the ceiling. She then unlocked and removed my wrist and ankle cuffs, led me into the shower, raised my hands above my head and clipped the handcuff chain through the clip from the ceiling. It was not real tight so it was not that uncomfortable, just unusual and mildly erotic. She then turned on the water and I yelped as it was cold and tried to move out of the way.

Mel laughed and said she was sorry and that the next time she would preheat it for me. The water amatör porno warmed and Mel lathered me up and I got an excellent bath both inside and out as she douched me with a water wand. She spent some time just massaging my pussy and telling me how pretty I was. I began to get horny again. Mel is a cosmetologist by trade and when she took me out of the shower she sat me in a chair, still handcuffed and did my hair and make-up. When she was done I looked in the mirror and smiled, as usual she had done an outstanding job, I looked fabulous. I am a good looking woman, not a model or anything but I do dress up pretty well and then throw in a professional make-up job and WOW. She then helped me get dressed; she had to remove the handcuffs for this though. I ended up in a short red leather skirt a white silk blouse with crotchless pantyhose and 4 in white ankle strap pumps. No bra or panties were allowed.

Standing next to each other, looking in the full length mirror, Mel smiled and said “You know Jeff is going to fuck your brains out tonight, right?” as she put the handcuffs back on me.

“Yes, I suppose after what just happened he will” I responded.

“I have one more…what’s the word?….piece of equipment for you.” Mel said and showed me what looked like a ceramic egg. “It’s a vibrating egg, honey, it’s nice, I think you’ll like it.” She said and led me to a chair so I sat down “Ellen, sometimes you tickle me!” said laughing. “Stand up turn around and put one foot on the chair and the other foot off to one side, I need to put this in your cunt, deep in your cunt.” She said showing me a dildo. I did as she instructed and I felt the egg on my labia lips and then I felt her push it inside me. I felt the dildo enter me and push the egg way back inside of my pussy, it was very deep and felt strange but not bad at all. “Ok, that’s a good girl, that feel ok?” she asked.

I nodded as I walked around some to get the feel of this thing. It was kind of like ben-wa balls only bigger and it felt nice actually. Then she held up a small black plastic box looking thing. “This is the remote.” she said as she pushed the button. I grunted softly as the thing came to life and I began to prance around in a circle, it felt fantastic, it was stimulating me in a way that I had never thought of and I was crossing my legs first one then the other as I pranced around.

“Oh, jeez, Mistress please turn it off, oohhhh, don’t make me cum not yet, pleeeease, noooooooo!” It was too late. I lifted my skirt and collapsed to my knees as my orgasm intensified. I looked at Mel and she was just smiling at me as I shot my fluid onto the floor. Then the egg stopped doing its thing.

As I tried to recover Mel said “This particular model not only vibrates but produces a very small electric shock so it is much more effective, pretty cool, huh?”

I was on my hands and knees panting. “Oh my god!” I said.

“Yeah, I thought you would like it” Mel said smiling and helping me up.

I collapsed in a nearby chair still trying to recover. I crossed my legs and felt the egg shift inside me causing me to grunt softly. I leaned back and put my hand on my breast, while my orgasm was mild by my standards it still had me flushed and warm and the feel of the egg sliding some inside my drenched cunt was a delightful and very feminine feeling.

I was still sitting there when Jeff came back. He came in the door carrying several bags and deposited them in Mel’s room. When he came back into the living room he stopped in front of me smiled and said “Ellen, you look fantastic, honey, those handcuffs are kind of cool too, I like it” I smiled at the compliment. “You also look like”, he paused then said “You girls have been at it again, haven’t you?”

“Well, sort of” Mel said as she gave him the remote for my egg.

“What’s this?” Jeff asked.

“She has a vibrating egg in her pussy that is the remote for it” Mel said.

“Oh” Jeff said as he pushed the button. “UUGGHHH” I said as the egg began to do its dance inside me. I stood and began and began to prance around again crossing one leg over the other.

“Off, pleeeease” I begged. The egg stopped and I bent at the waste panting some.

“Holy shit, girl, are you ok?” Jeff said. I looked at him and he smiled at me almost chuckling. “This is going to be a blast, let’s go” he said. Mel explained that she had things to do here and would not be joining us. “Yeah, I kind of figured that, with all the stuff I got.” Jeff said.

“Jeff, I want her restrained as much as possible. Here are the keys to the cuffs you will need to take them off when you are in public but when you get back to the car I want her in handcuffs at least, ok? Oh, one more thing.” she said as she reached in one of the bags and pulled out a white leather collar about 2 inches wide and put it on me and locked the clasp with a very small padlock.

“You got it, hun, be back later.” Jeff said as we walked out the door. Walking amatör porno to the car my breasts were swaying some and the feel of my nipples brushing against the silk of my blouse was quite pleasant but it also caused my nipples to get hard and stand up proudly and prominently.

Dinner was a different experience, every time the waiter asked me a question and I started to answer Jeff would activate my egg causing me to jerk a little and grunt softly and I was not able to speak, so he would answer for me. I got a lot of looks from other customers and particularly the waiter but there was nothing I could do about it. He would leave the thing on until I was just about to cum and then he turned it off. This caused my breasts to swell in anticipation of a good fucking which just made my nipples protrude out even more. I was horney beyond belief as we left the restaurant. Walking to the car the cool breeze felt magnificent on my hot, wet labia. Once inside the car Jeff put my handcuffs back on and kissed me in a long deep french kiss and I felt his hands massaging my tits and squeezing my still extremely erect nipples. He slid his other hand under my skirt and began rubbing my pussy.

Releasing me from the kiss he kept his face close to mine, smiled and whispered “No bra and no panties either?” as he said that he slid two fingers into me causing me to lean my head back and moan softly. “Let’s get you home!” he said smiling. He took his fingers out of my pussy and held them up. They were glistening wet with my juices. He then licked one of them and offered me the other, I opened my mouth and tasted myself, I liked it.

The ride back to the house was filled with good conversation and a few jokes by Jeff. Not many jolts from my egg but a few. I found I was getting used to it and was starting to really like the vibration and the tingling feeling caused by the electrical side of the thing. As we entered the house Mel was sitting there wearing her Dom outfit reading a book titled “The Dom’s Guide To Clitoral Torture.”

She looked at me and smiled and said “Come here.” and pointed to the floor right in front of her. As I stood before her and she told me to remove my blouse and skirt which I did. “Wait here.”

She said with that look in her eyes that made me respond “Yes, Mistress.” She went into another room and returned quickly carrying some things. Without saying a word she attached nipple clamps to my tits and a thin chain between them. A weight was then attached to the middle of the chain and dangled in front of my tummy.

“Ah!” I gasped as she let the weight loose. She then attached ankle and wrist cuffs and locked them with small padlocks. She then brought my wrists up by my neck and attached them to two of the rings on each side of my collar and a leash to the ring in the front. “Follow me.” she said taking the leash and started to lead me away.

Jeff said “Mel, I want her soon!”

“Yes, Master” Mel said “I will get her ready for you”. She took me to the door to the basement and started down the stairs. Our house is very old and the basement has stone walls and a concrete floor with stairs going down along one wall, we call it”The Dungeon”. Down there I saw an old mattress that was stored was now in the middle of the floor and four ropes attached to the walls and one end was lying on the mattress. There were various other ropes, chains, clamps and some things I was not sure what they were for. There were also mirrors attached to the ceiling over the mattress and on one wall. Mistress led me in front of the mirror we looked at each other in the mirror. “Did you shave your pussy today?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am.” I replied.

“Ellen, sweetie, we are going to tie you up pretty severely and you will be fucked repeatedly throughout the night. There will be several guys here and they will take turns with you and maybe a surprise or two if the girls can make it, this was kind of last minute you know. Your safety word is ‘apple’, do you know what a safety word is?”

“Yes, mistress.” I said

“Good girl, now you will not be harmed in any way and no marks will be left on you, if you say ‘apple’ everything stops immediately, ok?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Are you ready to start?” I sighed deeply but I was very excited as this was my fantasy exactly as I had described it to Mel.

“Yes,Mistress.” I said.

She looked at me and held up a ball gag, I opened my mouth and she inserted it and tied it very tightly. She motioned to the mattress so laid down and she began attaching the ropes and pulling things tight until I was spread as wide as I could then my arms were tightly secured and I was spread eagle again but I could barely move this time, A small pillow was placed under my butt, Mel told me that it was to raise my pussy some so the guys can get deeper inside me.

“Perfect!” I thought looking at myself in the mirror on the ceiling.

“In case your wondering where all this stuff came from, I have been collecting it ever since you told me your fantasy, this room turned out pretty well I think but I’m not finished with it yet.” she said as she attached patches on each side of my clit then four more for each of my tits. Three evenly spaced around each breast and the fourth was cone shaped and went on my nipples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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