Ellie and Daddy’s Movie Night

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Ellie walked into the living room wearing her pajamas, which consisted of a thin white cami and some short yellow cotton shorts. She had always been thin but had recently developed nice curves which were quite apparent in her current clothing. Her long, wavy chocolate brown hair fell into her face as she smiled at her father who was on his usual corner of their family couch. He looked up and returned the smile.

“Hey baby,” Bruce had called his daughter that as long as she could remember.

“Hey Daddy,” she responded back, immediately feeling the stress of all of her final exams melt away. She was just finishing up her senior year at a college prep high school and the exams had taken a lot out of her.

“How tired are you?” Bruce asked. She shrugged as if it could go either way. “I was thinking we could watch that new werewolf movie I bought last week! I’ve been dying to see it, but I know you have been too busy studying. How’s that sound?” Ellie was tired but not sleepy, and her father looked so excited about the movie, she couldn’t say no.

“Sure, that sounds like a nice relaxing way to spend the rest of the evening. Where’s mom?” she said as she looked down the hallway towards her parents room. She didn’t see a light under their doorway.

“Spending the weekend at Aunt Julia’s. Again.” Ellie could hear the annoyance in her father’s voice. They had been fighting a lot more in the last year than she ever remembered.

“Aww I’m sorry. Well, look at it this way, you get some QT with your favorite daughter instead! And no boring cooking shows!” she poked him in the ribs to make him smile. It was the only place he was ticklish. He laughed and grabbed her hand away from his ribs.

“Why don’t you do your old man a favor and make us some wine while I put the movie in?”

“Daddy, you’re letting me drink wine? But mom says I’m not allowed even with your permission.” Ellie rolled her eyes as she spoke about the ridiculous rule. She was 18 for Christ sakes! Old enough to vote, but not old enough to have a drink? Her dad stood up and put his finger to her lips.

“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right?” he said as he winked at her. His finger felt very warm against her lips and for some reason, she felt a tiny tingle between her legs. She smiled a little beneath his finger, and he smiled back. “Go make us some wine, sweetheart.”

Ellie was almost giddy as she poured the sweet red wine. She knew that it would take the edge off of whatever stress about exams she may still have. She made sure to fill the glasses right to the top. May as well get as much out of this opportunity as she could!

She handed a glass to her father, “A toast, to finals being over!” They clinked their glasses together and each took a sizable gulp of the wine. He resumed his position on the very edge of the big couch. She usually sat at the other end, but she decided to snuggle with her dad instead. He put his arm around her and hit play on the remote.

About 30 minutes into the movie, the two main characters were kissing pretty hardcore, bursa eve gelen eskort bayan and it wasn’t long before clothes were being shed. Ellie felt a little embarrassed to be watching the scene with her dad, but she was feeling quite cozy between the movie and the wine. The room was dark except for the tv, but she noticed a twitch from her dad’s shorts. She let her eyes adjust and stared at his crotch. There was a bulge forming! This scene was getting him hot and bothered! Her mouth dropped open a little from the surprise, but she didn’t say anything.

She felt the tingle between her legs again. Ellie was going back and forth from the couple on screen to the bulge in her dad’s shorts. Her heart was racing and her breathing had become faster. She was becoming turned on herself. She could feel heat coming from her panties, and she knew they were probably wet by now. She could not stop staring at her dad’s cock. She was curious what it felt like to actually touch one. But what was she thinking? This was her father! She couldn’t turn off the images in her mind of what his cock might look like underneath the shorts, though. She wanted to touch it. She wondered if it would be possible to “accidentally” touch it. She sat up a bit and reached across her father’s chest and grabbed her wine. She finished it off and put the glass back. As she pulled her hand back, she let it drop to her dad’s lap, directly onto his hard cock. It felt good under her hand, and she wanted to rub it for some reason.

“Whoa, hey!” Bruce exclaimed as he felt his daughter’s hand on his erect cock. He sat up a little bit, obviously embarrassed.

“It’s ok, Daddy. It doesn’t bother me. I’m turned on too,” Ellie said sweetly as she looked him in the eyes.

“Well, that doesn’t mean it’s ok for you to touch me there, Ellie.” But Ellie didn’t take her hand away. Instead, she ever so slowly began moving her small fingers up and down his shaft through the shorts. “Mmmm, no… no don’t… do that… mmm… no stop.” His words said stop but his cock was loving the attention. His eyes closed, and he leaned back again. Ellie liked his reaction, so she stroked him harder through his shorts. It was the first cock she had ever touched, and she was loving every second of it. “Mmmm yeah… faster baby… mmm… no wait! Please Ellie… stop. This isn’t right.” He opened his eyes and looked at his daughter’s innocent face. She looked so adorable stroking him. Her nipples were trying to force their way out of that thin shirt.

“I want to, Daddy. Please?” he could never resist when she said please with that pouty look on her face. Daddy’s little girl had him wrapped around her finger. Or in this case, her fingers wrapped around him! He knew it was wrong, and that they should stop. But it felt so good! He hadn’t fucked her mother in months. He felt himself surrender to her. What harm could it do if she WANTED to do it? And it felt so good! He ran his hand through her hair and tucked it behind her ear. His hand moved behind her neck and brought bursa eskort bayanlar her face to his for a kiss.

Their lips met and it was like electricity! He let his tongue slide in and out of her sweet mouth. She let out an approving moan and reciprocated with her own tongue. He gently smoothed her hair back out of her face as she continued to innocently stroke his hard cock. He let his inhibitions go and kissed down her neck to her full breasts. He kissed and licked her nipples through her cami until she had wet spots on both sides. Ellie let go of her dad’s cock to pull her shirt over her head and throw it onto the floor.

“Is that better, Daddy?”

He didn’t respond. Instead, he wrapped both hands around his daughter’s tits and squeezed, paying close attention to the way she gasped when he pinched her nipples. He had the sudden urge to bite her hard. He refrained, and instead sucked and licked her nipples until she was breathing faster and letting out little sexy whimpers. He had no idea if Ellie was a virgin or not, but he wanted to find out so badly! He lifted his daughter off of him and stood up. He gently guided her to sit on the couch with her legs around him as he knelt on the floor in front of her. He kissed her mouth then down her neck, down between her perfect tits, down to her cute little belly button, dipping his tongue in playfully as he pushed her against the couch seat so that he could reach what he really wanted.

Bruce slid his tongue from her belly button down to the warm wet spot on her shorts. He let it linger on her clit through the thin fabric as his middle finger began to intrude into a forbidden place. He slowly pressed his finger into his daughter’s hot pussy through her shorts, making her moan loudly, “Mmmm Daddy! I like the way that feels!”

Unsure if it was the lack of sex or the fact that he was getting hot and heavy with his own daughter, he could not hold back anymore. He all but ripped her shorts off of her and buried his face in her dripping wet pussy! He flicked his tongue all over her little pink button and slid his middle and index fingers into her entrance. She felt tight around his fingertips, but the wetness encouraged him so he pressed them all the way inside her. She screamed loudly and her pussy got tighter than he ever thought possible! He simultaneously worried that he hurt his daughter and felt an animal need to feel his cock inside of this incredibly tight pussy. The worried father won, and he tried to pull his fingers out.

“Please don’t stop Daddy! I’ve never felt anything so good in my life!” Her reassurance let him relax enough to continue finger fucking her, but he could barely move his hand inside her. She needed to relax her muscles or they were not going to get anywhere. He ran his thumb over her clit and kissed her lips softly.

“Relax baby. Daddy will take care of you. Just relax.” He whispered between passionate kisses. Eventually, he felt her muscles retract where he could move his fingers again. He slowly began to pump into her, görükle escort bayanlar loving the noises she was making. After a while, she had gotten into the rhythm of his hand and was rocking her hips into him in anticipation. He felt she was finally ready for his cock. He pulled his hand out of her, and she moaned in disappointment. He could tell by the look on her face that she wanted more. He stroked his long, hard shaft with his wet hand, rubbing her juices all over it.

Ellie’s eyes were wide with excitement and curiosity. She wondered what would happen next. He kissed her as his cock head touched her pussy. He let it slide all over it, getting it wet before stopping at her hole.

“Are you ready for it, baby?” Ellie nodded excitedly, so he tried to slide it inside. She had tensed up again and there was no way his huge cock was going to fit.

She was so nervous to have sex for the first time! She had wondered for a couple of years what it would feel like, but had never met anyone that she wanted to give her virginity to. Now that she was ready, she couldn’t relax. What if she wasn’t any good? What if the man she admired most were disappointed? Her dad’s kisses interrupted her thoughts. He was flicking his tongue all around hers, in and out of her mouth. She began to forget about all of her worries and enjoy the moment. Before she realized what was happening, her father’s cock was thrust inside of her. The pain shot through her entire body, and she screamed but didn’t fight it. He let it stay inside of her without moving until she stopped screaming in his ear. Then he slowly pulled almost all of the way out of her and back in. He had never gone this painstakingly slow before in his life! But he knew without a doubt now that this was his baby’s first time and didn’t want to hurt her by being selfish.

It took only a few minutes before Ellie seemed to actually be enjoying herself instead of being in pain. Bruce began to fuck his daughter with faster strokes, going as deep inside of her tight pussy as he could go. When she started to moan faster and louder, he started to pump faster and harder. She was going to cum on his raging hard dick and he loved it!

“Ohhh yeahhh cum for your daddy baby! Cum on my cock!”

“Daddy! Mmmm ohhhh myyyy godddd Daddy! Aaaaaaah!” Ellie began to scream so loud from the intense sensations washing over her that Bruce could not hold in his own orgasm.

“Ellie babbby I’m gonna cummmmm aaaahhh ahhhhh oh here it comes baby! Aaaaaaahhhh” Bruce let several spurts of his cum pump right into his daughter’s no longer virgin pussy. He didn’t remember ever cumming so hard! When he opened his eyes and looked at his daughter, he felt instantly overcome with guilt. He had taken her innocence. It was wrong on so many levels!

“Daddy, I love you more than ever! I’m so happy my first time was with you, and it was perfect!” Ellie seemed overjoyed and kissed Bruce on the cheek, then on the mouth.

Bruce didn’t know what to say. He didn’t want to encourage her to do this again. This had to be the only time. What would people say if they found out? He would lose everything. For what? A momentary lapse in judgement? How was he ever going to live with this atrocity? All of a sudden, Bruce felt Ellie pumping her hips into him again and moaning into his mouth. His cock instantly hardened and he began to fuck his daughter a second time. He never could resist her…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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