Empty Collars Ch. 00

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“Honey I’m home.” I loved Thursdays. They had became my favorite days of the week. I walked upstairs and smiled. I could see her struggling as she tried to get my attention. The ear plugs blocked out most of the sound but not all of it. The handcuffs around her wrists had ground down most of her energy through the day. The blindfold had dimmed any remaining sense she had of time. Behind the dark cover that covered her eyes she was probably counting trying to determine what time it was but eventually she would fail or drift off for a nap. I reached down and stroked the skin underneath the bra strap. She had begged to be allowed to keep at least her bra and panties on.

“Is the air to your liking babe?” I had the air set to where I was chilled slightly. God did she ever look cute. The chain attached to her collar gave her just enough slack to get to the bathroom and to move around slightly within the room.

“Maybe we need to get you a doggy dish for some snacks.” I heard a slight growl emanate from her throat. I kissed her forehead and sat down beside her on the cold floor.

“Did you miss me today?” I watched her shake her head no.

“You look so cute when your being defiant.” I could hear a muffled scream come from behind the gag.

“Well you remember what Dr. Farthing said if we want to save our marriage. We had to satisfy each other’s needs.” Another scream came from her throat as she shook her head no. I reached out and rubbed my hand over her back underneath her bra strap. My hand trailed down and rubbed her chest and felt the slight scar just below her last rib she got when she was a kid. She tried to move closer into my hand. Her skin was slightly cool to the couch and a slight tremble told me she was probably cold.

“You know its been seven weeks and already I feel like our marriage is so much better.” I reached out and placed a slight bite on her neck as I wrapped my arms around her waist. She was cold as she inched over and closer into my arms. I had joined a gym and stopped working my usual 10 hour days. She had wanted me home more and .. well I was enjoying myself more with her. Besides I was close to retirement anyway.

“I missed you babe.” I kissed her cheek and squeezed her tight. She relaxed a bit ,but I still could tell she was a bit angry at being tied up all day on her day off. That reminded me.

“Babe, how did you turn off the radio.” I had left the radio to keep her somewhat entertained and to muffle the noises she made to the outside world.

“Batteries are dead huh.” I shook the radio a bit as I opened the battery compartment. I walked back downstairs and could hear her continue to scream underneath the gag. I replaced the batteries and sat the radio back down. The news came soon after. I grabbed a pan and flipped on the burner as I began chopping up the vegetables and the grilled chicken I had left in the fridge. I heard a loud thump on the floor upstairs in the bedroom. I walked upstairs and watched as she tried to sit back up. The leg chains were a bit too tight. I stroked her body and readjusted the G-String she was wearing. I let out a low growl as I snapped the string.

“You know you look good enough that maybe I should just rip those panties off of you and take your right here.” I laughed as I reached into the bureau next to the bed. I found the small remote and hit the on button. Her body instantly stiffened as she began to writhe on the floor.

“Does it feel good babe.” She tried to shake her head no but I adjusted the intensity of the vibration up and down in quick succession and I could watch her hips move from side to side and then stop quickly. A faint sound escaped the gag as she laid there. I knew exactly what she was doing.

“One.” I turned the vibration up and down and then off.

“Two.” I felt the small remote in my hand as I toyed with the buttons. She was trying to count to escape into her mind. I continued to count for the next few minutes while I waited for the smells to drift up the stairs. The dinner was done. I flipped off the remote and pocketed it. I heard another muffled scream. I ran my tongue over her back and slipped back down the stairs. A rhythmic series of thumps began on the upstairs floor. She wanted out now.

I chuckled to myself as I dished the stir fry into a large bowl and put some of the seasoning over the top of it. I grabbed two bottles of water and placed them into my pockets and walked upstairs. Her pounding on the floor stopped as soon as I walked in the door to the bedroom. I sat the bowl on the table near the edge of the bed. She struggled but eventually got to her feet. It was almost comical watching her try to negotiate around the bedroom blindfolded.

“Do you want some stir fry babe? All you have to do is say yes.” I could hear a muffled word as she frantically shook her head yes. I heard her stomach growl almost on cue. I removed the gag from her mouth.

“God damn it Michael let me out of this thing. You have had your fun now let me mobil porno out.” I uncapped the bottle of water and put it to her mouth.

“Drink slave.” She greedily gulped the water down to the bottom of the plastic bottle. I pinched her noise shut and began to tickled her ribs so I could shove the gag back in.

“Fug.. ” I was glad that I got the gag back in.

“Such language from a proper lady.” She inched around with her hands facing me and gave me both middle fingers. Either she is really mad or maybe she is pressing my buttons.

“That is enough girlie.” I picked her up and tossed her face down on the bed. A series of muffled screams began as soon as I reached for the side tie on her panties. Her legs began to kick up and down. Her waist moved side to side trying to escape my hands as they reached for the last tie, but eventually..

“There we go no more panties to get in my way.” I held them up and watched as the vibrating bullet slid into the floor. The first slap to her ass took her by surprise as she stopped moving for the briefest seconds. The next few seemed to be like on button for her.

“Now are you gonna be a good while I eat?” I removed the gag and held it in front of her mouth. “Maybe I will even feed you some.” She licked her lips as her stomach growled again.

“Yes Master.” She must be hungry. I grabbed some of stir fry with a fork and began to eat. It wasn’t half bad for being an after thought. I stroked her back as I ate. Little goosebumps appeared all over her back. I could still smell a hint of her perfume that I had put on her before leaving. Her skin was as soft as a cool set of silk sheets. Her breath quickened as she felt the touches. I always tried to keep them light with her. I traced the outline of her chin as I ate a bit of asparagus that was in the bowl.

“May I please have something to eat master?” She tried to move towards my leg and closer to the bowl. Hmmm more humble today are we?

“Sounds like a good idea.” Her jaw slackened a small grin formed across her face.

“But since I made it I think some payment will be nice.” She jerked back suddenly from my leg.

“If you know what I mean. I can make you. Remember how bad it hurt after you disobeyed me last time. Now answer?” I cocked my head to one side and rubbed the blindfold over her eyes. She looked somewhat suspicious as her head drifted up the inside of my leg.

“No not that slave girl.” I knew exactly what I wanted and I knew she wouldn’t give it to me.. but that is half the fun.

“Knees now.” I snapped my fingers and watched as she crawled toward the chest in front of our bed. Confusion reigned on her face. The past few weeks I had just came home and demanded a bit physical attention and let her go on her merry way. I wanted more. Damn I wanted all of her. Not just this surface crap. I wanted her soul.

“Rub yourself show me what a good little toy you are. Show me how much you want me. Show me NOW.” A look of terror had spread across her face. She labored her entire life in gyms and health clubs to find a sense that she was pretty enough. Where did it come from? Who knows. A series of screams and whimpers came through the gag. I walked over and removed it.

“You promised. You promised me and Dr. Farthing that you wouldn’t.” I don’t know if it was the fact that she was on the verge of crying or that the bitch had finally retreated from every word she said.. but I wanted to push more. She had hated when I looked at her.. well not looked.. leered was more like it.

“Don’t make me.” I let out a small breath and reached for the gag. She pulled back trying to escape it.

“What do you mean don’t make you. We agreed. One day a week you’re mine. I act like I don’t mind going to the gym. I hate your slutty friends sneering at me. Their fake smiles and bad boob jobs.. Again I act like I don’t mind. We both have to make sacrifices to get this marriage to work. Basically in the past nineteen years we have been married.. you have systematically destroyed everything I loved about you. Its like you killed my wife.” I shoved the gag back into place. I pushed her over the bed ass first. The tiny pair of panties wouldn’t have protected her for this anyway as she felt around the bed for them. I flipped her back onto her stomach after she had rolled onto her side. I grabbed for the paddle under the mattress and began to rhythmically slap her ass. Her body began to tense as her ass turned from pink to crimson. I relaxed my hand. I tossed the paddle to one side and began to spank her hard. Her body tensed with each slap as it rang out in the small room.

“You need to stay off the stair master. My hand hurt.” She was a connoisseur of pilates and yoga. Her and her snide little friends looked down on the “aerobics bimbos” to make themselves feel superior. She more than likely didn’t feel that way. She always wanted friends though and if it meant putting down someone to make them .. so be it. I shook my hand and delivered a final alman porno slap. I grabbed the straps from under the bed and began to wrap her right arm and leg after flipping her onto her ass. A muffled moan of pain and wince were all that I got as a reward. I unlocked the cuffs and pinned her left arm back. I pushed her arms over her head. Apparently me going to the gym did have some benefits after all. Her struggling amounted to nothing. I wrapped the restraint over her left wrist and tightened it. Her legs began to flail as soon as I released the lock on the chains. I grabbed the free one and quickly tightened it down.

“There we go much more cooperative?” All I could hear was a small whimper leave her throat. I sat down and began to eat the stir fry. Her grunting began to become less pronounced. Her chest heaved up and down like a track star after a big race. I snapped a bit of celery in my mouth and she was taken back by the sound as her head flinched. The sounds began to come more steady then. I could make out a few words but none seemed to be the bit persuasive. I just smiled. Maybe its because I had loved her more than she loved me and she knew it. Maybe it was just the way I am. I walked back over to the bed and sat down beside her.

“You alright?” I rubbed her chest as she shook her head back and forth quickly. I continued lower towards her waist. She froze as I ran my fingers below her waist. My fingertips were still warm from holding the bowl of hot food. I leaned in close to her head near her ear.

“I don’t care.” I kissed her neck and bit hard. I licked around her throat. Her skin felt smooth between her thighs. I had watched her emerge from the bathroom each morning when I was getting ready for work to apply her lotion to each leg. Her robe was parted to one side as it hung limp from one arm. Her neck craned to one side with her eyes intent on every inch of skin. Each time I had approached her she had begged off saying I would be late for work or that she had to check on breakfast. I leaned my head to one side. The smile wouldn’t leave my face.

“You know I should just let you go right now. You know why?” Her teeth bit hard into the ball between them.

“Because its just nice knowing you were mine completely and you didn’t have a choice in the matter. That all you wanted was more time to annoy me and you gave yourself to me for one day a week. I think it was a fair trade. Especially since you agreed to it so easy.” I blew in her ear. I knew she absolutely love that. I kissed and nibbled on her ear as I breathed in and out. A sharp intake of breath hit me as I watched her toes knot themselves. She bit down hard on the ball again. I kissed and nibbled my way down her body. My hands slid up and down as I went across her stomach. She tried to arch her back to force me closer to her stomach. I licked closer to her right hip and bit lightly across the edge where the muscle and bone met. My hand slid up her thigh and rubbed the edge of her right ass cheek. I kissed her inner thigh and rubbed my cheek against the wet spot my lips had made. I inched up her body and straddled her waist with my knees on either side of her waist. I reached for the knife on my plate and palmed it and leaned forward with the butt of the handle resting on her chest. I reached for the gag and removed it.

“God just let me up.” I smiled inward and out as her voice trembled with each word. I rested my hands over each nipple. I felt it instantly harden.

“I already turned up the heat and your still cold. Are you really sure you want me to let you up?” I wanted to see her eyes. She can hide from me too easy with that on. Her green eyes… they were perfect. I reached and ran my fingers through her hair.

“Yeah I’m freezing.. can you just let me up. I’m not mad. I’m just tired and I want to go to bed. Please just let me up.” She kept jabbering on with her conciliatory tone. Trying to convince me she wasn’t mad. Trying to convince me… I didn’t need any convincing. I knew what I wanted as I slide the knife between the strap between her breasts. Her eyes instantly darted between her breasts.

“Well let me warm you up a bit.” I smiled again as I licked the top four of my teeth in front. I rubbed her left breast. I could instantly feel her nipples harden. Her eyes fluttered closed as I flicked my wrist and felt her top open.

“God damn it… what if you cut me?” I rubbed the inside of her thigh as her eyes darted back and forth. I tossed the blade down into the bureau next to the bed.

“Damn it that bureau is from Ethan Allen.” I reached for the gag and shoved it back into her mouth and grabbed for her blindfold. She shook her head back and forth to try and avoid my hands as I slid the shade over her eyes. I could still hear her grunting from underneath the gag. Especially as I continued to rub my hand over her thigh. I leaned closer into her thigh and licked and bit lightly. She instantly froze motionless. Her breathing through the gag alexis texas porno making a slight bubbling noise. I continued to lick down the inside of her thigh. I bit hard and felt her hips instantly surge up off the bed. She craned her neck up as her cheeks and chest turned red. She tried to look the way.

“Do you want some more little girl.” I heard what sounded like only pure contempt come from her throat as she growled angrily. I licked up to her waist as I kissed her stomach. I could see her teeth on the ball of the gag. I blew across her clit as the pace of her breathing increased. I wiggled my tongue slightly as my hand rubbed her thigh again. I added a finger to my tongue’s movements. I swirled my tongue as I entered her. I felt a sticky wetness drip onto my nose. I breathed in and out as I rubbed my cheek against her crotch. I had purposefully not shaved that morning. My skin was slightly rough with stubble. I rubbed my cheek a bit faster as her body tried to shy away. I alternated rubbing my tongue down the narrow landing strip of hair that dotted her crotch. A sound of frustration escaped the gap between the gag and her lips.

“I will ask you again do you want some more.” She was stoic for a second before she shook her head No furiously.

“Liar.” I rubbed my tongue down the inside of her thigh and kissed and nibbled lightly as I moved my head back up. I felt a tremor of breathing as her chest heaved up and down furiously.

“Maybe you do need a rest.” I kissed back up above to her hip. I bit her roughly along her waist. I continued to kiss up towards her lower ribs. I slipped a small bite between her breasts. I watched her head roll to the left as she rolled the ball of the gag slightly out of her mouth. Her teeth rubbed against the pillow under her head. I could see a wet spot form near her mouth. I stood up on my knees as I inched off the bed. I rubbed my hand against her body from head to toe. Making sure to rub EVERY part of her. Her legs tried to shut as she felt my fingers rub her knee. Her nipples were still hard as I stroked them.

“Hmmm well its almost seven and that means the News Hour is on.” I heard a violent scream come through the gag as she bounced up and down violently on the bed.

“You don’t want me to leave?” I laughed as I walked out the door and shut it tight. I could hear the banging of her feet against the foot board as I walked down the stairs. The best things about the best things in life.. they are better if you take your time and let the experience sink in. I smiled as I plopped down on the couch and stripped off my work clothes down to my boxers and tank top. I wiggled my toes on the carpet. Best to let her stew for a bit. For almost 20 minutes I could hear her continue to beat on the foot board upstairs. She must have gotten tired or fallen asleep because the pounding stopped. I finally could concentrate on the new tax reform plan that was being introduced. I heard it almost subliminally.

I turned behind me to see that she had made her way to the first landing. She was beginning to slide down the first set of stairs. The blindfold was still on but the gag had been deflated entirely. She had more than likely chewed her way free. I walked over to her and rubbed her back with my foot.

“So you want to come downstairs and sit with daddy huh?” Her voice was still slightly slurred as she spoke.

“Just leave me alone please.” The voice was small and not a bit like the roaring bitch that had darkened my halls for almost two decades. She had managed to almost sound sincere when she muttered please.

“So you just want me to leave you alone huh? I offered that before we started all this. You were free to leave anytime you wanted to and I was free to leave anytime I wanted to. I put my ring on the table and asked you to pick it up. Just tell me to leave and I would have. But I came back hoping that the Mary I knew would take the hint and come back.” I moved back to the couch as she managed to prop herself up against the stair banister.

“I just ….. ” Her voice trailed off into nothingness as I watched her. She motioned like she wanted to go back up to the bedroom. Her left leg jerked and instantly she landed on her ass with both legs splayed to either side.

“You just what? ” I grabbed her legs and pushed her onto her back. I pushed her onto her stomach as I unbuttoned the flap on my boxers. I felt myself instantly harden. She whimpered slightly as I entered her. Her skin tasted like a mixture of salt and raw alcohol from her perfume. I kissed and licked the back of her neck as she lied on the floor. Her hands darted up to my shoulders. I could hear her breath quicken as I rubbed the outside of her thigh. I loved her eyes. I felt the small flap of fabric as I removed it. Her eyes had a look of abject terror on them. I began to move my hips faster.

“God Michael..” The last syllable came off as whisper. I could feel her heart race as my hand pressed down on her chest. Her nipples hardened as I rubbed them back and forth. I leaned down and bit her neck and gently began to suck. Her legs wrapped around me at the waist. The floor felt cold underneath my knees. I moved my hips faster. Her teeth clinched together as her legs rubbed up and down against me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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