Emptying Thomas Ch. 01

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Thomas’ balls were massive. After twenty-six days without an orgasm, they were more swollen than any time in his entire life. As the lukewarm water of the shower cascaded across his body, he couldn’t help but take each of them in his hands and feel their heft and girth. His balls normally would most accurately be described as dainty. He simply wasn’t one of those men with a stallion cock and two tennis balls proudly dangling below. Normally, he just had two little grapes that clung close to his body, and they clung especially close when his dong hit its full four erect inches.

At times like now when he wasn’t erect, his little nub and balls seemed more like ornaments than real sex organs. None of this bothered him actually; he’d long ago given up any insecurities surrounding his member, settling in to a healthy, fun albeit a bit boring sex life with his wife Diane, whom he had been married to for fourteen years. Thomas learned early that you didn’t need a large member to satisfy someone, you just needed some nimble fingers, an agile tongue, and a willingness to keep going until your partner was satiated. Diane had never been able to orgasm without a high degree of clitoral stimulation anyway so finding a partner who loved to eat her out for as long as she needed was a perfect pairing.

This current, swollen predicament was intensely foreign to him. Since finding himself as a young teenager, he had never gone nearly this long without relieving the pressure. His entire pelvic region tingled with pent up sexual energy. His once wilted grapes had swollen and now hung low off his body. When sitting he now had to keep his legs spread apart to provide ample space for his swollen testes. Normally he spent much of his time sitting with one leg crossed over the other, a position now made impossible. There was nothing he seemed to do in his daily life that didn’t remind him subtly that his testicles were currently home to several weeks of unspent loads. They sat strangely in his underwear, as he showered his brain seemed to feel like he needed to take at least a few minutes every day to soap and clean them, they occupied his mental space as much as the once free space between his legs.

Thomas was not in this position by choice – his cock simply wouldn’t go erect and thus he couldn’t orgasm. He’d tried masturbating a dozen times, he and Diane had had a half-dozen sexual encounters in the last few weeks. She had tried sucking on him, they had tried stimulating it with their hands, they had watched porn together and he had even tried to penetrate her. They all ended with long sessions of cunnilingus for her and an ever-increasing ache for him. He reflected on all of this as the shower water continued to lazily drip down his naked form. As he’d done many times before, he tried a few dozen furious tugs to see if the blood would start flowing.

It wasn’t like he wasn’t in the mood. For weeks, sex was just about the only thing that Thomas could think about. He dreamed about it, he day-dreamed about it, he found himself trolling though porn sites whenever he had an idle moment; he thought about licking tits and blowjobs, and most of all the sweet release of his orgasm. And yet, his little nub remained flaccid. His self-pleasure once again had no effect, leaving him with a continued feeling of discomfort.

All of this is why he jumped when Diane said that she had researched a potential solution to his issue. She didn’t cue him on the details but had instructed him to eat lightly that day and to take a long shower before she arrived home at 3PM from her shift as a general practitioner at the local hospital. Even though he had worked from home for years and set his own schedule, Thomas always tried to keep a strict 9-5 schedule. Despite that, he counted down the seconds until he could reasonably hop in the shower and await his wife’s return. He told himself that içel seks hikayeleri 2:30 would be reasonable, but he couldn’t fight the urge and was soaping and massaging himself by 2:26. He spent nearly the next twenty minutes alternatively trying to get himself hard and being entranced by just how much his balls had grown.

A few minutes before 3:00 he heard Diane pull into the garage, toweled himself off, and hopped onto the bed to eagerly await his wife’s potential solution. She walked into their bedroom still in her scrubs, gave him a quick kiss and told him to hang tight. When she returned all she was wearing were a pair of latex gloves. Thomas felt an initial tickle of excitement; they used to roleplay as doctor and patient when Diane was in med-school but they hadn’t done so in years because she felt it hit too close to her professional life. Perhaps this was the little spark that he needed to get some blood into his cock.

She hefted his balls in one of her hands, cupping them, weighing them, and assessing their fullness. “I’ve never heard of someone who normally has such cute little balls growing big juicy limes like these before” she said more as an observation to herself than as dirty talk. Gently she started to rub the head of his cock, pulling his flaccid one incher with two fingers to try to stimulate some movement. Thomas felt for a moment like this may finally be what he needed, like he was finally about to get an erection. But after a few minutes to trying all Diane had managed to do was to massage one tiny droplet of precum out of him.

“I spoke to a few of my colleagues at the hospital, theoretically and confidentially of course, about what may cause someone your age to experience this kind of dysfunction” she said very matter-of-factly. “The consensus seemed to be that there was some buildup, perhaps in your vas deferens. Most people don’t realize that the male sex organs are not just the external parts like the penis and testicles, they also include a lot of internal operations that can be stimulated as well.” Her speech pattern was almost like she was giving a lecture, explaining to a group of med-students the basics of anatomy while she massaged his testicles and rubbed his cock. “My love, I think I need to stimulate you internally. It may not help with blood flow, but at the very least I think that I can remove some of the sperm buildup to ease your discomfort. How does that sound?”

“Diane, right now I’d be willing to try literally anything to get an orgasm” Thomas responded. “Nothing else we’ve tried has worked and I trust you completely.” Diane’s stoic face broke for a moment, and she broke into a grin. ‘I have him now, this is going to be a lot of fun’ she thought.

“Here is what we’re going to do, I want you laying on your back with your knees bent and feet planted on the mattress” she said. As he maneuvered into position, Diane moved to their bedside table and grabbed a bottle. “This is lubrication, medical grade stuff that I got from the hospital, it’s going to really help us out. Since your cock isn’t doing anything, I’m going to internally stimulate your prostate. If all goes well, the excitement from that will get your brain to push some blood to your cock. If not, I’ve still read that you can evacuate semen from the testicles even when the penis is flaccid.” Thomas had a slight moment of trepidation as he finally understood why she wanted him to eat lightly and take a long shower – Diane was going to go up his ass.

“I’m going to explain everything I am doing as I’m doing it for you, but it will be best if you don’t speak and simply focus on letting everything happen” she said. Thomas closed his eyes, wondering for a moment if the discomfort of an anal exam or the discomfort in his testicles was a better option. As if reading his mind, Diane cupped his balls and gave them a tug, reminding him that he really was willing to do anything to relieve himself at this point. Thomas nodded in accent, rolled his head back, and determined that he needed to let his wife work.

Diane checked her disposable latex gloves and popped the cap of the lube, liberally applying it to her right index finger. She had dreamed of this moment for years and finally she was going to enter him. This was her secret desire, the thought that got her to orgasm every time, her most powerful sexual fixation. Genuinely she did believe that a prostate massage could help her husbands ED, but she would be lying if she said that she was not going to enjoy this immensely as well. The sound of the lube cap popping open and the act of smearing it on her fingers had caused her pussy to go from slightly damp to full-on-puddle in just a few seconds. When her finger was good and lubed up, she moved between his legs. Diane savored the moment right before applying the excess lube to her husband’s butthole, it would be the last time that that butthole was ever virginal again. She was finally going to penetrate into his rectum, she was finally going to fulfil her deepest fantasy.

As she gently applied the lube, she heard a soft moan escape from her husbands’ lips and saw his tiny little cock twitch slightly; evidently, she was not the only one enthralled by the situation. She took a moment to look at his tight pucker, even smeared with thick lube it was a beautiful little balloon knot and there was nothing in this world that could stop her from stretching it out right now.

Thomas’ feelings of uncertainty were slowly fading. He had no idea what this was going to feel like, but after weeks of failed sex attempts, he was in the mood for anything to happen. The lube felt cool on his bung, he felt it clench and unclench slightly and to his surprise felt a little energy in his cock; nothing to write home about but after weeks without a single erection even slight movement brought him a lot of joy. In that moment he was determined to follow through on whatever Diane was going to do; he was desperate to cum and he would take it whatever way he could get it.

“Now that the lubricant is applied, I am going to gently massage your anus. The lube is quite slick and my finger is fairly slim so you shouldn’t feel much, if any, discomfort when I penetrate you. To warm you up I am going to trace some circles on the outside of your anus. This is your external sphincter; you have conscious control over it. Like I said, this lube is pretty slippery so I’ll be able to get inside you even when you’re clenching but you should do your best to relax.”

Thomas felt the finger gently trace his asshole; the immediate sensation made him want to close himself off to any potential invasion into his backdoor but he very consciously tried to open himself to her. His brain was singularly fixated on relieving the pressure in his sex organs and he knew that this stimulation was the best shot he had to shooting his load. As Diane rubbed his sphincter, he felt her other hand gently begin to rub his balls again. The combined sensations felt incredible and he began to feel even more movement in his cock, if she kept this up he’d be erect. He opened his eyes and looked down to see his little nub growing. “Diane look at my cock! It’s getting hard!” he said elatedly.

Then he felt nothing. Diane had taken her finger off his anus, she ceased the testicular massage and looked at him quite sternly. He felt his whisp an erection start to slip away, his growth may have been tiny but he mourned every nanometer as it shrunk before his eyes back to its resting form. “I said there would be no need to talk. In this procedure I need you to focus entirely on what I am doing to you; your dinky little dick doesn’t matter.” Her words hurt him slightly, but somewhere deep in his brain he knew that she was correct. “Now please ask me nicely to resume my activities and tell me that you’ll be a good little boy” she said directly.

Thomas swallowed hard. The whisper of an erection had somehow made him even more desperate to cum. “Diane, will you please resume your anal stimulation? You are my only hope for sexual relief so I just need to lie here like a good little boy while you do the real work.” The words nearly fell from his mouth, he wasn’t even sure what part of his mind that they had come from but having that tiny bit of sphincter stimulation taken away had caused something to click inside him and he now desperately need it back.

Diane nearly came from hearing the words. Her desire to anally penetrate Thomas had been so strong for so long. She thought about it while masturbating, it was the sole focus of all the porn she watched. But she had never found a way to broach the subject before now. She never thought that just a minute or two of teasing his external sphincter would grant her this much control over Thomas’ body, but in that moment she knew that he was her willing subject and she was going to control everything.

“Since you begged so nicely, I will resume my probing. But just know that I won’t have infinite patience and can leave you to deal with this sperm buildup on your own any time that I want.” With that, her finger returned to his sphincter. After the intermission though, she was in no mood to slowly massage it. She wanted in his butthole and she wanted it now. As soon as her finger reached the rear entrance, she began to firmly push inside. Diane expected a small degree of resistance but to her pleasant surprise his ass swallowed her finger nearly immediately.

“I am now past your internal and external sphincters and my finger is inside your rectum. That is the few inches right inside the anus before you reach the sigmoid and colon. For now we’ll just stay here in your rectum. I know that the lubricant may feel a little cold at the start but I promise that heat of your ass will get it up to temperature soon.” She slowly began to withdraw her finger until just the tip remained, she felt his two sphincters as she withdrew and again felt a flood of wetness when she realized that his external sphincter had loosened considerably; he was trying his hardest to let her into his ass and she reveled in the submission.

For a few minutes, all Thomas could focus on was the slow in an out of her finger. At some point Diane moved her other hand back to massaging his testicles but his conscious brain was barely capable of noticing. He was singularly focused on the sensation of that finger passing back and forth through his anal ring. The eagerness with which he wanted to cum meant that his butthole hadn’t started the session extremely tight, but after a few strokes it seemed like his anus was openly welcoming this intruder. He opened his eyes to sneak a peak down at his wife and was shocked to find his cock fully erect. He actually thought that it looked bigger than normal, like the anal stimulation had added an extra inch to both its length and girth. He saw that Diane was dutifully monitoring his anus, he saw the extreme focus in her eyes and wondered what thoughts were going through her mind while she fingered him.

He considered tugging on his cock but quickly remembered Diane’s instructions – this session was about his ass. So, he just closed his eyes and rolled his head back, again turning all of his attention to the finger chugging in an out of his back passage. Thomas found in that moment that it was hard to focus on anything else, his entire being existed in this moment to feel what was happening to his hole.

“Alright Thomas. Now that your sphincters have loosened a bit, it’s time for me to start really stimulating you. I’m going to start exerting pressure on your prostate.” Diane took a moment to glance down at her pussy and saw that a giant wet spot had formed under her. ‘I’ve just barely started’ she thought to herself.

To be continued.

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