Enema for a Bad Slave

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You just hung up the phone after talking with me and you now have a little worried look on your face. The look of worry is coming from how I was speaking not razing my voice yet not sounding happy and cheery as well. I told you to make sure you have your collar with a leash attached to it plus be by the front door on your knees waiting for me. I did not tell you to not wear anything else so you know your body must be naked. Now you think “Oh shit I am not sure what time Master will be home and he did not say as well.”

So you strip, put your collar attach the leash and head for the door. Looking at the clock on your knees you see it is noon, looking up again you see it is now 12:30. By 12:45 you decide to head for the window to look out side and watch for me plus then you can relax a little and even catch a little TV. At 1:34 as you are watching the TV you jump up with surprise as I knock on the window. You run to the door and slide to a stop on your knees with your head hung very low now.

I open the door and do not even say a thing I just pickup the leash from your hands that are holding it out for me. (You already know if you are on your knees and a leash on you, you hold the leash in your hands out in front of yourself.) I give a tug walk straight to the bathroom. With the pace I walk it is hard to keep up but you know not to complain. With a jerk you clime in the tub and sit your ass on the back of your legs and hang your head down. For the 1st time I speak and only few words which are “BACK ON ALL canlı bahis şirketleri FOURS!” So you quickly go back to all fours and with a mouse like voice “sorry master.”

You hear me moving around and then hear the water turn on with something being filled up. After a second you have a good idea as to what it is. But you do not have to guess for long as you feel lubricant being applied to your asshole. “You have been full of shit this last few days and I am going to get it out of you now.” I say. You then feel the nozzle being pushed in you ass it is feeling like a small snake crawling inside your bowls to the point of no return you think. Finally it stops and you think finally. Then you feel the warm water going in. It starts out slow but keeps going in more and more, soon your tummy is starting to feel like a balloon. I reach under your tummy and check how it is going rubbing your tummy, massaging to make sure you get the water in all areas. During this time no wards are said. The water stops about a minute after you thought you could not take anymore. You feel so full as the hose is sliding you from your ass, but before any of the water follows the hose you feel a butt plug being pushed in. It feels small at first but not for long as you know it is a blow up type to fill your ass to the max and you know no matter how are you squeeze there is no way anything can escape.

“Look up at me. See the video camera behind me? This is being taped so if you ever think of being disrespectfully you better canlı kaçak iddaa watch this and get back in line.” I say. To your horror you in the monitor next to the camera, you see the hose between you cheeks of your ass so it seems the hoses is still in. As you lesson to me you cannot help be look at the monitor. “Look at me! Stop looking at yourself it seems you’re so vain.” I continue “I think your going to have to keep the water inside of you for at least 30 minutes. I need to clean the crap out of you.” I put a spotlight on you and take a cable in my hand, as I turn off the overhead light and walk out of the room you hear me say, “I will be watching you from the TV in the living room so you better not move and think of your misgivings.”

For the time you are on your hands and knees with a spotlight on you, you keep thinking of how horror able this is. It feels like you cannot be any lower. Your tummy is so swollen and now to the point of becoming very painfully. You keep thinking to yourself why was I getting so cocky, I know my master is my owner and I cannot think I am his equal. I know that Master treats me better than anyone else in the world yet I must always remember he is my Master and I am just his property.

Finally I return seeing your head hung so low as I enter. I grab your hair and pull you so that you are just on your knees. As I do it I can hear you say “Master I am so sorry for being so disrespectful to yooo.” Before you can finish saying you I stuff my cock in your mouth canlı kaçak bahis and fuck your face. The tummy is so swollen and very uncomfortable but you also feel proud that I let you suck my cock. I push my cock in the back of your throat and make you take as much of my cock as you can. I hold it in and do not let you move with the air cut off so you cannot breath. I pull out as you start to gag for air and let you take a quick breath before I shove it back in. Finally I am ready to cum and I pull up completely so I can shoot all over you face.

With cum dripping from your noise, cheeks and chin I start to speak, “So my slave will you treat me like crap again? Will you obey my every wish? Will you always remember who owns your ass?” “

Yes Master I am so sorry I was starting to forget my roll and I shall always obey you. I am so sorry for being so disrespectful to you. Please forgive me.” You reply.

As I say “You are forgiven just never let it happen again.” I am removing the camera for the tripod. The best part for you is once I say you are forgiven you truly known you are forgiven.

I tell you to look at the monitor and you see that I am zooming in at your asshole with the butt plug in with the squeeze ball hanging from the end. You cannot believe that I am doing it yet you can see I am. I open the valve so I let the air out of the plug and remove it. Now you have been wishing to let out the water, you cannot believe you can for you are seeing it all. It feels so humiliating but your body finally takes over and you feel the water leaving your body and watching it all at the same time.

Once it is all expelled I say, “Shower and clean yourself up we are going to go to a bondage party and I want you looking good.”

A loving Master

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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