English Lessons

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I was in my last few weeks at college. The day was over and we were leaving the grounds. The last lesson that I had was English lit. I had this subject every week on a Friday afternoon. In my class was lots of other people I knew from around college, and a certain girl who I was seated with. Her name was Jennie. That’s how she spelled it — with the ‘ie’, she hated ‘Jenny’ or ‘Jennifer’. She was the most timid of girls, even though she did chat fairly enough during lessons. I would think lots of things while I sat with her… my mind would wonder a lot. Sometimes she would give what i thought were little nods towards how we were both thinking, whether it be a doodle in her notebook, or just an expression.

I packed my books into my bag and left the room, and noticed that Jennie was stood by the window. Most days after class finished, she would rush off to the room in the next corridor to meet up with her friends. She turned and faced me.

“Hey Brad.”

“Uhm, hi. What’s up?”

“Nothing much.”

“Don’t you usually go and see your friends? Where are they?”

“I don’t care about them much anymore.”

“What happened? Are you okay?”

I reached out to her arm.

“I’m good. I wanted to talk to you.”

She took a hold of my hand and with a smile, swept bursa escort me out through the door. Why was she so keen? She never seemed to show much interest in me beforehand.

“I wanted to take you somewhere. Something I’ve always wanted to do, and I thought that you’d be the perfect person to do it with.”

Before I knew it, she had led me out of the college grounds and around a few streets in a strangely comfortable silence to her house.

“Come on in, it’s okay,” she told me with an endearing smile.

She grabbed my hand once again and led me up the stairway of her house. It didn’t seem like anybody else was in. I remained silent still, in curiosity. We continued along the passageway to her bedroom. She took hold of the door handle and it squeaked as she led me into her room.

It was well decorated and colourful. The lights were dimmed ever so slightly and a single bed with satin sheets was underneath the window.

“Why did you br-”


She placed a finger across my lips then pushed me onto the bed. I shivered a little, excited as she sat up on the bed next to me. Leaning in to kiss me, I pulled back.

“Don’t be nervous. Just relax.”

Her lips locked onto mine as she pressed at my mouth. We kissed for a moment, and then she let go. görükle escort She laid me onto my back, and slipped her tongue into my mouth. I shivered again. She took herself back up, and with a wanton look on her face she pulled me up by my tie and took my hands to the buttons of her white blouse. I undid her tie and shirt as her lacy bra began to show. I kissed her again, but she pushed me back down. I realized that I had no control, nor did I want. Jennie possessed me.

She pulled her legs up onto my chest, with her shoes still on. I froze.

“I want you to undo my shoes.”

She knew. All those times in class when I had unknowingly gazed at her feet.

I took my hands to her black and slightly worn in flats as she watched. I undid the buckles and slipped them off to the side of the bed. It revealed her stockinged feet. She was wearing her patterned ones. I felt her ankles as she moaned a little.

“Now play with my feet,” she ordered.

I rubbed her soft soles piece by piece. She moaned in pleasure softly as I continued to massage her cute feet. My cock grew another inch in my pants; it made me so hard knowing that I was getting her just a little bit wet.

She leaned up to me once again, and undid my belt. She slowly pulled down my trousers escort bayan as I took off my shirt. Then she laid me down for the final time. The cold satin brushed my back as I sat up against the pillows. She laid at the opposite end and spread her legs just a tiny bit so i could see a little. Jennie lowered her hands to her pleated skirt, and below a little more. She slipped a hand underneath, knowing and loving that I was watching and getting so hard. Her head tilted as she touched herself and pushed in harder.

The wanton look soon came across her face again as she moved her legs down towards my pants. She pulled down my boxers with her feet and wrapped both feet around my cock. My precum gathered at the tip and I was so close to blowing my load. Jennie kept on touching herself as she rubbed my hard on up and down. She got faster. And faster. She fucked my rock hard cock with her cute little feet as I began to moan softly too. We fucked and fucked. I was loving it. The juice began to flow down her legs as she cried out in pleasure.

I shot my cum all over her tiny feet. She gasped and cried once more as the juices spread onto the sheets. She kept on rubbing my cock as the cum spread onto my balls. Every bone in my body felt electric.

Jennie moved towards me as she tasted her cum. She slipped a finger into my mouth, and I savoured the sweet and salty taste. More of it she put in as we shared a wet kiss.

“I am beginning my literature assignment next week. Would you like to come back round then, and, help me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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