Enjoy Yourselves (Youfilthysinners)

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hello! thank you for reading. feel free to skip down to the dotted line, this has nothing to do with the story, just a little something i wanted to say beforehand.

first things first, a public service announcement:

I do not believe that incest is a morally right thing to do. I have not nor will I ever have any desire to engage in any kind of sexual activity with any of my immediate family members, and I am appalled that anyone finds their parents or siblings a suitable sexual partner. Or their underage children. Pedophilia is disgusting mental disorder and if that’s what you look for in incest porn, get out. Everyone in my pornographic works is and will be 18 and above, thank you very much.

cool. now that that’s out of the way, let me explain to any vanillas who have stumbled upon this story why i, and everyone else who watches or reads incestual porn, enjoy it. it’s forbidden. against the law. you’re not supposed to fuck this person, but that just makes you want to fuck them more. this might be just me, but i find it hard to meet new people, so an attractive person traipsing around in your home, taunting you, is both hotter and more believable. they already know and love each other, sex is just one more step. it skips the awkward meeting phase that other pornographic genres have. the people you live with are (in general) much more readily available.

but all the incest porn these days is so mainstream. so boring. unoriginal. “step sister is annoying so i fucked her,” “step mom teaches me how to use my dick” and of course, “help me step-bro, i’m stuck in the washing machine!” boo. yawn. 0/5 stars. every video is the same, every story has the same few things happening with terrible dialog and even more boring and unlikeable characters. (not all of them are like this, i’m just generalizing)

so i wrote something. it’s mostly for myself, but i think it turned out pretty good, so why not post it?

another thing. including incest, Enjoy Yourselves includes kinks such as: breeding/impregnation, overly large cocks/excessive cum, anal(so obscene i know), and cuckolding. the only ones in this particular section are big cocks and excessive cum. perhaps a bit of impregnation setup. seriously, if you don’t like size kinks, don’t bother reading this. i love big dicks, but even i have to admit i might have overdone it. the extent women gush over the main character’s genitals is a little over the top. but hey, who doesn’t like a little praising now and then?(maybe i should add praising kink to the later tags…)

please enjoy, and leave a comment! i would love to hear some constructive criticism and improve my work. (btw, Enjoy Yourselves is a slow burn. just thought i should mention it incase you came here for a quick nut)

– W


Eddy Wellman was a deep sleeper. His family knew that he preferred to sleep in late, often long into the afternoon. What his family didn’t know was that Edd spent most of the night lying awake, staring at the ceiling. He only managed to get a full eight hours on weekends or other various breaks from school. Edd had spent the last four days on a trip with several of his other classmates, an extra-curricular activity that he managed to get into through his after-school involvement in art. It had been fun, but exhausting. The gangly teenager was now trying to catch up on the many hours of rest he had lost on his trip.

It was ten-thirty in the morning. Eddy’s sister, Alexandra, cracked the door open and poked her head into the room. Greeted by the visage of Eddy’s sleeping form on the bed partnered with his faint snores, Alex bit back a laugh, gently tip-toed her way past him and turned on his console.

The quiet beep it made when she pressed the power button wasn’t enough to wake Eddy. It never was. But she still glanced over at him, nervous that she’d startle him somehow. He wouldn’t yell at her, not for this. Edd may not have been a morning person, but that never made him crabby. He always let her use his PS4 whenever she wanted. Well, unless he was already using it. So she always tried to return the favor by not waking him up. Not when he seemed to desperately need the rest.

Without even realizing it, Alex had been staring at the lean muscles in Eddy’s back. She shook her head and turned back to the tv screen. This was her little brother, not one of the many high school boys she liked to hook up with these days. What was happening at that school. All the guys there seemed strangely attractive. Admittedly her brother among them. Alex certainly never remembered the guys in school being this hot when she had gone there. The new college student was happy she had decided to stay at her parent’s house for the summer.

The bright red haired girl turned Breath of the Wild on and started wandering around. She had finished the main game, but still had a few side stories that she wanted to finish.

About tipobet365 güvenilirmi fifteen minutes in, Alex’s phone buzzed. She flicked her eyes down to see it was a text from her for now boyfriend, Zach.

“U wanna come over?”

A smile tugged at Alex’s lips. She knew what that meant, and even if she didn’t, the second text would’ve definitely tipped her off.

“My parents just left.”

Alex had been with Zach for about two weeks now. They met on a date. Not a blind date, the two of them had been on dates with two other people. Alex had gone back to grab some more popcorn to find her then boyfriend, Michael, making out with Zach’s then girlfriend, Atricia. She remembered not caring that much actually. Mike had been becoming more and more disinterested in their relationship, and if she was being totally honest with herself, so had Alex. She waved at the happy new couple with a freshly filled bucket of popcorn, then promptly plopped herself next to Zach. She explained the situation to him, then proceeded to suck all the cum out of his cock.

Alex smiled fondly at the memory, a small blush on her cheeks. She could already envision Zach’s thick six inch dick pounding her ass into his mattress. But Alex was in the middle of a time-sensitive mission right now. She picked up her phone and responded, “be over in a few. gotta finish this thing with botw rn.”

He responded almost immediately. “The struggles of having a gamergirl for a girlfriend.” An eye roll emoji, then, “I’ll be waiting.”

Alex laughed softly to herself. “just a few minutes, then you can have your way with me.” She hiked up her booty shorts and sent him a nice picture of her ass. “something to get you hot and bothered.”

“JO material? Your too kind.”

“dont tire urself out b4 i even get there.”

“Can do baby. See u in a few.”

Alex put her phone down and picked the controller back up. This weekend was going to be fun.

Edd woke up to the majesty of his sister’s ass, two holy globes of soft, milky-white flesh, practically glowing in the afternoon sun. He leaned up and rubbed his eyes. Eddy was suddenly glad his body had decided to roll over on its side sometime in the middle of the night. His morning, or in this case, afternoon wood throbbing against his abdomen, pressed between his body and his mattress. Even though she was his sister, Eddy could never force himself to look away from Alex’s massive dump truck whenever the opportunity presented itself.

“Fuck me,” she complained, mashing several buttons on the controller. The death screen of Breath of the Wild wiggled on screen, taunting his sister with the bright red words, “lol u ded.” It was a small mod Edd had installed about a month ago. It had made Alex laugh then, but it wasn’t making her laugh now.

“Well, good morning to you too.”

“Actually, good afternoon,” she corrected haughtily. “Did my gamer rage wake you up?”

“Nah, I think I woke up on my own.” Edd’s cock throbbed hungrily against his stomach. Funnily enough, the generous view his sister was giving him was not helping his erection go away. When was the last time he jerked off? God, it felt like days ago. Alex had her short shorts pulled up into her ass cheeks, completely unaware she was taunting him by accentuating her already erotic position. He was going to need to jerk off soon.

But how was he going to relieve his balls without his sister noticing?

Eddy made the executive decision to masturbate in the shower. Jerking off while his sister was playing video games not two feet away from him seemed like a very bad idea. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and looked down at his pants.

His rock hard cock was jutting out a good foot in front of him, straining angrily against the fabric of his underwear.

“Down boy.” He muttered to it.

“What?” Alex asked absentmindedly. She mashed some buttons, beating the ever-loving shit out of a group of random moblins.

“I’m gonna go take a shower.” Edd quietly slid his obvious tent up into his shirt. Thankfully his sister was facing the opposite direction, or else things could have gotten a little awkward. His thick rod stuck out about seven or eight inches above his underwear band.

“Don’t take too long, I have a date in a couple…” Alex looked at her phone, “hours ago.”

Eddy laughed. “Cheating on Zach with Zelda again? You know he’s going to get jealous.”

She pouted at the screen. “I knowwwww. He’s getting a little clingy.”

“You gonna dump him?”

“I don’t know yet.” Alex pursed her lips. “I think I’m gonna start looking for a replacement first.”

Grinning devilishly, Eddy asked, “A big dicked replacement?” before his filter had the time to process the words that were coming out of his mouth.

“Eddy!” Alex said his name in a way that made it sound like she was trying to sound offended or grossed out by what he said, but actually thought it was tipobet365 yeni giriş funny. “You can’t say shit like that.” But yes. A big dick was going to be the first thing Alex looked for in her new boyfriend.

“Sorry.” Edd shrugged, not sounding very sorry.

“Get out of here and go take your shower so I can get out of here.”

Eddy left the room, eager to release some of the cum sloshing around in his balls.

“Eddy!!” Alex pounded on the door. “Get out of there, it’s been like thirty minutes!”

Bucking his hips and sliding both hands up and down his meat, Eddy groaned in response. Not a sexy groan, more like a frustrated, whiny groan. He was so close.

“Five more minutes!” He yelled back at her.

“Zach keeps texting me! I have to go now!”

“Can’t you shower at his place? Could be hot!” Edd sped up his desperate mastubatory actions. He had a feeling that he wasn’t going to finish this one in time.

“Eww. No.” Zach may have a nice cock, but Alex had been in his bathroom before. Even she had standards. She had always made sure she emptied her bladder before going over to Zach’s place. “Have you seen his bathroom? Absolutely not. Plus, his parents are going to be home soon and I’d rather not be caught soaking wet with zero clothes on.”

Eddy grinned, thinking that that was probably going to happen anyway, but decided not to say anything. “I just need five more minutes! Can’t you wait until then?”

“No! I have to go now!” Eddy could hear her stomp her foot, even through the door and over the shower. And the wet shlicking sounds. “What are you even doing in there?”

“Nothing!” Fuck. “Showering!”

“Oh?” Eddy could hear the smile in his sister’s voice. “I know what that means!”

“No you don’t!”

“Is my widdle brother jerking his cock in the shower?”


“I think he iii-iiiiiis.” She said in a sing-songy voice.

Suddenly, Eddy felt his balls clench up. He gasped as thick, white ropes of cum started spurting out of his cock. The teenager quietly groaned with relief as his orgasm racked through his body. The world seemed to fade away, but some part of him remembered to try and keep quiet.

Not quiet enough, however. Mid-tease, Alex heard the unmistakable groans of her little brother cumming his brains out in the shower. She felt heat rise to her face as she realized that her little brother was, in fact, jerking his cock in the shower.

Eddy sighed, leaning his back against the cool ceramic wall. God that felt good.

“You done?” Alex’s voice sounded a little shaky. Uh oh. Did she actually know he was masturbating, or was she still trying to make him uncomfortable?

“Yeah, I’m done.” Eddy turned off the shower and clambered over the side of the tub. He quickly dried himself off and opened the door. He hadn’t brushed his teeth, but he could do that after Alex left.

When he opened the door, he was immediately greeted with a punch in the chest and was forcefully ejected from the room by a bright red Alexandra. “Don’t take forty-five fucking minutes next time dumbass.”

Eddy sighed and turned to leave, but whirled back around when Alex screamed, “Ugh!”

“And clean up your fucking cum next time!” She screeched. “Gross!”

Blanching, Eddy hurried back to his room, mentally kicking himself for not washing his load down the drain before giving the bathroom to his sister.

After changing into a red t-shirt and some sweatpants, Eddy made his way downstairs, where he was greeted with a warm smile from his mother, Amanda. She was washing the dishes from their lunch, which Edd had apparently missed. Eddy liked the kitchen more than any other part of the house. When his father had made it big with his private bank, Eagle’s Shares, he had immediately hired a builder and designed a home for himself and his new wife. Amanda had insisted on designing the kitchen. It was the place she was going to be working in, his father had insisted on that, so she should at least have a say in how it looked. She had received pushback from him, but Amanda had put her foot down. The kitchen had turned out beautiful. White marble countertops and small tasteful golden lamps hung from the ceiling. Black and grey tiles, which were very easy to clean, covered the floor. She had even convinced their father to buy a wood burning pizza oven, which had been the best investment he ever made, at least in the cornucopia-like way delicious food would pour out of the thing.

“Morning mom,” Eddy said as he sat himself at the well-polished counter.

“Good morning sweetheart,” she said happily. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, pretty good.”

“You’ve been sleeping in pretty late recently,” Amanda said, concern written on her face. “Is everything alright?”

“Yup.” Edd lied, “Everything is totally fine.”

His mom took a deep sigh and said, “Alright. You know you can tell me when something is wrong, tipobet365 güvenilirmi right?”

“I know, mom.”

“Ok sweetie. I just want to make sure you’re sleeping enough.” She finished washing and turned off the sink, grabbing a hand towel. She said, “By the way, what was your sister yelling about upstairs?”

Eddy blushed. “Oh. That. I think she was just mad I accidentally left a mess in the bathroom.”

“Oh?” His mom raised her eyebrow. “What kind of mess?”


“Ah.” She turned back to the oven and turned it on, unfazed by Eddy’s response. Amanda believed in not sexually shaming her children. Teenagers masturbated. Her son hadn’t left his mess there on purpose, so it should be fine. A small, forgettable mistake that would have absolutely no bearing on their lives whatsoever. “What do you want for lunch, or I guess it’s your breakfast?”

“You don’t have to make anything.” Eddy didn’t want to make more work for his mother. She had already made two other meals for two other people. “I can just make a sandwich, it’s no big deal.”

“No, no!” Eddy’s mom gave him an adoring smile. Her dark eyes glittered with love. “I love making food for you kids. It gives me life.”

She went around the counter and planted a kiss on the top of Eddy’s head. “So what do you want with your sandwich? A soup? Salad?”

While he did like the sound of a nice, piping hot bowl of soup… “I’ll take a salad. I’m trying to make 165 for wrestling.”

Eddy wasn’t the most athletic kid, but he did love wrestling. It was the one sport his father could convince him to join. It was the one thing they could talk about, honestly.

“Of course, sweetie.” Amanda pursed her lips in concern. She didn’t like how the wrestling coach encouraged his team to practically starve themselves just so they could get in a better weight class. She was glad her son was feeling included and getting some exercise, but she wasn’t sure if it was actually healthy for him. As a bit of a larger woman herself, Amanda knew the importance of good food and how her boy desperately needed it at the beginning of his life.

As Amanda reluctantly turned off the oven, Alex made her way down the stairs and grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl that had been tastefully placed on the kitchen table.

“Bye mom! Later loser.” The fiery redhead said as she grabbed her keys and went into the garage.

Amanda frowned at her daughter as she bounced down the driveway to her car. “I don’t like that she calls you names. A sister should be kind to her little brother.”

Eddy shrugged. “Sibling rivalry and whatnot. Besides, I’m not really her little brother anymore, now am I?”

Amanda smiled at her son. He had sprouted a few inches last summer, overtaking his sister in height. “No, I suppose you aren’t.” She walked back over to him and planted a kiss on his cheek. “My little boy has grown into a big strong man!”

“C’mon mom…” Edd groaned under the onslaught of kisses. He could feel his mother’s large breasts pressed up against his shoulder. Big boobs were something Alexandra had not inherited from their mother. Her ass on the other hand… The Wellman women were both blessed with gloriously voluptuous rear ends.

Eddy’s mom sighed and ruffled his hair. “You kids grow up too fast. I can remember when you were just nine pounds! Such an adorable little baby.”

“Mom…” Eddy whined again. “You’re coddling.”

“I know.” She planted another kiss on the top of his head, then made her way back to the fridge to start making Eddy’s sandwich. “Your father went out with a couple of his buddies to go golfing. He didn’t say, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to go drinking later so he won’t be back till late tonight.”

“Late late?”

“Late late.”

“Hence why Alex is going out today?”

Amanda sighed while she chopped up some lettuce. “Probably.”

“You do know what she’s doing today, right?”

“Zach Brown, I believe.”

Eddy raised an eyebrow at her. “And you’re ok with that?”

She sighed again and stopped chopping. “I know your father doesn’t approve. He just wants to protect her. But Alex should go out and explore! I know I did at her age. Your grandparents hated that.” She started chopping again. “They tried to lock me up in the house. And I resented them for it. I don’t want my daughter to resent me for something like that.”

Eddy made a goofy face when his mother turned around and pointed at him. “And I would extend the same leniency to you too, you know. If you actually got out and started dating.”

“I know mom.”

Amanda finished making his lunch and served it to him with another kiss on his cheek. She told Eddy, “I’m going out to sunbathe,” and walked out of the kitchen.

The starving teenager tore into his sandwich with vigor. It was delicious. His mom was the best cook, even though making a sandwich wasn’t cooking. The salad was refreshing, if a little bland. But hey, that was totally his fault. His mom loved to annihilate her salads with croutons and ranch dressing, but Eddy always asked for his without. Not because he didn’t like the condiments, but because of the extra calorie intake. If you were going to eat a salad, you might as well make it as healthy as possible, right?

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