Enjoying My First Time

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Helen blinked and rubbed her forehead. God was she tired. She’d just cleaned the *Whole* house on her own. Damn parents had gone off on holiday with her little sister and not even *thought* to clean up after themselves.

Sighing, she settled down into the sofa, propping her toned legs up on the mahogany coffee table and flicked the TV on via the remote control with one slim finger.

Then her mobile rang.

“Aww fuck,” She swore, tossing back her short strawberry blonde hair and picking the jingling phone from the table, not bothering to see who was calling. “Whaaat?”

“That’s a nice way to say hello,” Came the sweet voice on the other end.

Helen felt colour rush to her cheeks. “Keith, honey!” She squealed in delight. “Where are you?”

“I’m about half way up your street babe,” He murmured temptingly. “You did say your parents were away…”

They 18-year-old’s heart stopped beating. This was it.

She sat down. “Yeah they are,” She managed to gasp out. Keith was coming over to…

Closing her eyes, she whispered. “I’ll be upstairs. Let yourself in and lock the door.”

Keith parked his little red car on Helen’s drive and groaned. What was he doing? He was a twenty year old virgin for Christ’s sakes. He dint think he could do this.

Then he remembered the way his beautiful girl came apart beneath his fingers in the cinema the other night. He’d been sliding his hand up her leg, expecting to meet wet panties. Instead he’d found hot, wet pussy flesh and almost come undone. She’d gasped and writhed as he slowly flicked her clit with his fingers until, with a low moan, she’d come all over his hand. He’d then taken great pleasure in licking it from his fingers slowly, allowing her to watch every movement in her post-orgasm glow, her heavy chest labouring with each breath.

Helen was a beautiful, voluptuous girl. She could never be slim nor would he want her to be. She was curvaceous and a perfect counter to his slim, lean build. Of similar height and both virgins, they enjoyed being together almost as much as they enjoyed the hot, sensual make-out sessions they had indulged in so far.

And now he escort izmir was about to take her virginity.

Decisive, he jumped out of the car and headed for the door…

Upstairs, in her large bedroom, Helen was sprawled out invitingly on her double bed, clad only in sensual black satin bra and panties. She wanted Keith hot, hard and horny for her as soon as he entered the room.

And by hell she got it. Keith opened the door and was immediately harder than he’d ever been in his life. It had been too long since he’d felt her hands or her mouth on his dick, and it ached for attention, especially when she was dressed like that!

Soft, silky pale skin spilled out of dangerous black satin that barely covered her curves.

Immediately he began to tug off his clothes, and Helen watched, breathing becoming faster and shallower with each garment, until he came down to his boxers.

“Leave them for now,” She managed to whisper, “And come here.”

Keith obeyed, climbing onto the bed slowly, and the couple adjusted themselves until they were both comfortable. Then, with aching tender slowness, he kissed her.

At first, it was little nibbling kisses, nipping her lower lip, grazing it with his teeth, until Helen moaned. He took advantage of that, slipping his tongue deep into her mouth, plundering its sweetness. Then her tounge came to life against his, licking and sucking it until it was his turn to moan, and he broke away for a moment.

She looked up at him with lust and love in her eyes and he moaned again. “Let me look at you,” He whispered, and backed away slightly.

Then, tenderly, he slid a hand down her, slowly, exploring the sweetness laid out before him. He paused at her satin clad breast, and toyed with her nipple, gently pinching and squeezing through the satin case it was captured in, before he gave into temptation and began to suckle it harshly, flicking it with his tongue until Helen cried out. Backing off again, he returned to gazing at her paleness, trying to control the raging lust within himself.

“God, you’re beautiful,” He rasped out, bending to kiss her stomach. She squirmed, half tickled, escort izmir half pleasured by the sensation.

“Keeeith,” She begged gently, and he stopped, sliding his hand a little lower. Instantly she went rigid and groaned, “Oh, yes, please!!”

He smiled, and rubbed the heel of his hand against the fabric which was rapidly becoming wetter against her pussylips.

“God you’re wet,” He groaned as he pulled the fabric aside and slid a finger inside. Gently he removed his fingers, then pressed his lips against the soaked satin. Helen sat bolt upright then sank back down with a groan.

“Plleeaasssseee…” She begged and he smiled wickedly, climbing back up her body to rub his boxers against her panties as his hands slid behind her back.

Helen’s eyes slid closed as she gave into the electric sensations running through her body. She felt Keith unfasten her bra and allow her breasts to spill free, then his hand was cupping one, the neglected breast, before he bent his head to it and began to suckle. She moaned at the feel of his lips and tongue against her tender flesh and tried to push more into his mouth. He broke off with a chuckle, blue eyes sparkling, brown hair disheveled from her pulling and tugging.

Instead of returning to her breasts, he slid his hands south, and immediately Helen knew what he was going to do. Gently, he tugged her panties down, baring a tuft of ginger hair and glistening pussy lips. With a growl of satisfaction, he gently parted her thighs and slid a hand toward her. She whimpered in longing as his fingers brushed her, the groaned as they went away. “Ohhhh…” She gasped as her nerves quieted, then went into revolt as she felts his lips, then his tongue on her. Helen began to thrash and writhe as his supple tongue drove her closer and closer to the edge, then began to scream as she felt the contractions of her orgasm and the wave of pleasure hit.

Only when she had fully come did Keith pull away, aroused further by her enthusiastic orgasm. Slowly he moved up her body to her face. Her cheeks were flushed, lips slightly parted, eyes closed. Then her eyes fluttered open and she dived in for a kiss, pushing him onto his back with a growl of delight. “My turn.” She whispered, and moved down his body, kissing every inch until she reached the straining fabric of his boxers, trying in vain to hold in his throbbing erection. Tenderly she peeled off his shorts and stared at his thick monster. It had to be at least seven inches, thick and veined with a purple head beginning to weep precum. Hungrily, she took him into her mouth for a taste and he groaned.

“Don’t!” He managed, and she pulled off, looking confused. “I’ll cum too soon,” He qualified gently, pulling her up toward him for a kiss, hot and sensual. “Are you ready?” He asked, needing to know.

She nodded, and he eased his legs in between hers, gently pressing the head of his dick against her wet lips. It was erotic enough to make him groan. Helen bucked her hips slightly and he slipped down, right against her opening. It was sorely tempting to just thrust home, but Keith didn’t think she’d appreciate that. Instead he bent and kissed her again, rubbing himself against her lips, then a little inside, her lips, then a little more inside, until he was hitting her hymen gently. By this point Helen’s eyes were closed again and he could feel her heading toward another orgasm. He wasn’t too far from it himself, but managed to keep in control, sliding in and out, gently pressing a little harder against her hymen until she did something unexpected. Helen bucked her hips hard and impaled herself down on him, letting out a little cry of pain as she did so. Immediately he stopped stock still, getting used to the feeling of Helen surrounding him, hot, tight, wet… And letting Helen get used to the feel of his thickness inside her.

Opening her eyes, she nodded wantonly and Keith groaned, before bucking hard into her, deeper than before, finding a rhythm they both enjoyed, pulling his thick, throbbing dick out and sliding back inside her hot wetness until it was too much, and he roared, arching his back and burying himself deep inside her, pulsing. Helen let out another cry as she came too, and slowly they both came back down to earth. Keith withdrew slowly, not wanting to hurt her, and then snuggled up close.

“I love you.” He whispered tenderly.

“I love you too,” She replied, and they both slowly drifted off to sleep, content in each other’s arms.

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