ENM Intertwined – Jack Pt. 07

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I felt a great wave of relief envelop me as Zayne pulled into the parking lot of some posh clothing store. I kept staring at Zayne during the whole drive. The corner of his mouth moved upward as he exited the car. He circled to the passenger’s seat and opened up my door.

“Let’s go.” He said simply.

I blinked. “Huh?”

“We’re going inside to try on clothes Jack-my-bee. That’s why we came here isn’t it?”

My face flushed as the hands in my lap clutched my privates. “But…but I’m naked!”

“I think clothes will remedy that.”

“No…I mean…I can’t go into a store in the middle of the day in the nude! They’ll call the police or throw me out of the store in the best case scenario.”

“Don’t worry Bee, the manager’s a good friend of mine, I’ll just explain the situation.”

“But people will be in the store, they’ll see me.”

“Then I will get you a dressing room so you can reclaim your privacy. You have to try on clothes anyway since I can’t guess what fits you, that’s the reason why I have to bring you into the store with me. I could run clothes to you back and forth from the store to the car but don’t you think that’s pretty time consuming? Not mention expensive, I don’t even know if this store takes returns to be honest. You’ll miss the interview I worked so hard to arrange for you.”

I felt a little bad then. Here I was complaining about getting caught while Zayne not only went through the trouble of setting up a job interview for me but he was willing to pay money out of his own wallet to buy me clothes because of my hair-brained mistake. Zayne was my angel, there was no way I was going to trouble him any further by making Beşiktaş Escort him fetch random garments back and forth.

Zayne reached out his hand and I took it gingerly. He kissed me on the forehead as he pulled me out of the door. I smiled feeling a little encouragement. I still kept darting my head left and right as Zayne pulled me out into the parking lot. For the first time ever, I wished that I wasn’t so tall, I was way too noticeable then. Zayne may have had broad shoulders but he had an elegant frame that made for a poor shield and I had a monstrous-sized dick swaying between my legs that I was now only covering with one hand since letting go of Zayne’s hand would have diminished my courage. As we crossed the street towards the store I kept silently praying that no one would see me.

Thankfully, no one saw me as we crossed the parking lot. I almost breathed a sigh of relief as we entered the store. That was until I realized how populated the store was.

Dozens of eyes fell upon me as the welcoming noise that every automatic door makes to alert a new customer went off. At first, all the people shopping merely glanced in my general direction the way anyone does when someone you don’t know enters the store, but once they realized that a beautiful blonde guy was dragging a tall naked man, that is what kept all their attention on me. As eyes widened and jaws hit the floor I crouched my head blushing crimson, pretending I wasn’t hearing all the astonished whispering that was alerting other oblivious patrons that didn’t look up when I entered the store.

“Oh my God! Doesn’t this store have a ‘no shoes, no shirt, no service’ policy?”

“I Beşiktaş Escort Bayan hope not! I wouldn’t mind giving him some ‘service’ personally.”

“He’s so tall! Does he really think we wouldn’t notice him?”

“A streaker? Should we call the police?”

“Might as well, he clearly has an enormous ‘concealed weapon’ behind that hand of his. Hehehe!”

“Does a ‘noose’ count as a concealed weapon? Cause you can wrap that puppy around my neck and strangle me two times over!”

I was now burying my face into Zayne’s back. If these women were going to ogle my body I might as well keep them from recognizing me later in case I ran into them again. I nearly toppled poor Zayne over once we came to a sudden halt.

“Excuse me, can we get some service here?” Zayne hollered.

Zayne’s shout must of warranted the attention of every last woman in the store. Probably not his fault his voice is so alluring. But he at least got the manager’s attention.

“Cassidy!?” I spotted her familiar face holding a pink pen and a clipboard as I warily peeked over Zayne’s shoulder.

“Hello Jack, how’s it hanging?” Cassidy winked at me as she can clearly tell that I was stark-naked even as I feebly crouched behind Zayne.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m the manager of course. My family owns a clothing franchise so they left me in charge of one of their stores for some real world experience. Now what brings you guys here?”

“Well, in case you haven’t guessed babe, our friend Jack here is in need of some clothes.” Zayne jabbed his thumb behind him. “You think you can hook us up?”

“I would be delighted, Escort Beşiktaş but first, you might want to grab Jack a changing room.”

“I would very much appreciate that!” I stood at that with my hands on Zayne’s shoulders, still keeping him in front of me to guard my privates.

“They are over in that direction.” Cassidy pointed with her pen towards a row of small wooden doors lined up against the wall. Reluctantly, I let go of Zayne to grasp my junk as I made a mad dash for the first vacant changing room I could get a hold of among the sea of catcalling onlookers. I slammed the door behind me so hard that the door itself actually bounced back open, leaving my backside completely on display. With my back still turned, I did not realize this yet. I hunched over with my hands on my knees for a few moments and breathed peacefully under the false belief that I was no longer in view. I stood up straight to compose myself for a few minutes taking a deep breath before examining my tiny changing room. I did a couple stretches to loosen myself up (much to my onlookers’ amusement) and to get my mind off my recent embarrassment.

When I finally turned around I paused as I looked at the captivated gazes of at least ten different women leering in at me. Every one of them was grinning from ear to ear as they eyeballed my swinging cock. My face flared red as a chili pepper as I grabbed my manhood once again and closed the dressing room door, this time locking it in place. Cheerful laughter echoed throughout the entire store as I squeezed myself into a corner.

I kept thinking how I must of looked totally ridiculous with my ass hanging out in front of everyone (including Zayne). In spite of all this embarrassment, I found myself praying that even if I get humiliated a thousand times today, even if I blow this upcoming job interview, I still want Zayne to think I was cool enough to ask out on a date once the day is through.

To be continued…

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