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Twenty years ago, enrolling at University was an exercise in patience and resolve. Prior to the on-line enrolment world, you had to visit multiple offices and departments, gaining numerous approvals, permissions, stamps and franks. I remember thinking that it was probably made intentionally difficult to sift out the people who didn’t have the requisite motivation or intelligence to earn a degree. However, given that this was my third year at University, I had mastered the arcane system and was therefore making steady progress. So there I was, making my way from one queue to another when a rather arresting sight hove into view. They were tight black jeans that stretched over a small and very shapely derriere. There was a white knit sleeveless top that displayed some well-formed, lightly tanned arms. There was also a fashionably tousled head of platinum blonde hair. The woman was not tall at about five foot five but, from the rear, her proportions were striking. I made a preliminary assessment that she was about my age of twenty two years old.

She abruptly turned and I was doubly surprised. Firstly, I had to add twenty years to my age assessment and secondly, I knew her. Mrs. Angela Langley was the mother of a guy who I had gone to school with when I was about ten years old. I had visited their house a half dozen times. I had always thought she was a pretty woman but now she was a simply stunning milf. She had large, widely spaced eyes that were icy blue in color. She had high, classical cheekbones and a strong but not masculine chin. If anyone else reading this is a trekie, she definitely had Janeway elements.

I introduced myself and she clearly remembered me. We made some small talk but I sensed she was mildly distressed. When I asked what was wrong she said that she was struggling with the enrolment process that I have previously described. Her confidence had been shaken to the extent that she doubted if she should be enrolling at all. I reassured her and offered to usher her through the archaic procedures. As we moved between departments and buildings we chatted about what each of us had been up to in the ten odd years since we had last seen each other. I learned she had separated from her husband of 25 years and was looking to make a fresh start and formalize her life-long fascination with physical anthropology. That’s archeology to the rest of us.

I enjoyed her company over the course of the afternoon. In the beginning we were quite formal with each other but we both quickly thawed. We didn’t exactly flirt but the conservation certainly became more and more intimate, for want of a better term. It was obvious that we were both taking considerable pleasure in the others company. After we had both paid our fees and hence completed our enrolment, she turned to me and gave me an enthusiastic, celebratory hug which I greatly enjoyed as it pressed her not insubstantial bosom onto my chest. I inhaled deeply her heady female aroma. It reeled my senses. We both prolonged the hug for what was an absurdly inappropriate length of time but it seemed we were both reluctant to sever the physical contact we had made.

When we finally broke the hug, it was apparent that both of us were a little self-conscious about what had just happened. You would have to be as cold as a comet not to have appreciated the sexual charge that was palpable in that embrace. I mean, I thought I actually heard a sizzling sound! We looked timidly at each, both seemingly a little shocked at the strength of the sexual attraction that we both evidently felt.

She stammered out an invitation to dinner as thanks for my help. She suggested a restaurant but I countered with a home cooked meal. The scenario I was envisaging demanded privacy. She agreed hastily which I took as a good sign. She gave me the address of her condo and we met there about 30 minutes later. She lived in a fashionable and expensive part of town.

When she opened the door we both beamed idiotically at each other. I felt like a nervous, over-eager teenager and she was behaving like a nervous, over-eager teenager. We both babbled nonsense as we struggled with the hormones coursing within us. She poured me a drink and then promptly spilled it. I hurried to help her wipe up the spillage on her kitchen floor. We were both on our knees ineffectually pawing at the wine with paper towels. We were staring at each other over a distance of about eight inches.

She had started to gently pant and it was blowing her sweet smelling breathe directly into my face. It was intoxicating. Her lower lip started to quiver and I craved to still it by sucking it into my mouth. We both started leaning in towards each other. This momentous collision seemed inevitable but she hesitated. “This is insane. I am twice your…” My lips snuffed out the last of her words. We both gave mild grunts that were as much relief as anything else. Our lips and tongues mashed energetically together in a writhing sensual dance. After satiating our initial urgent desire for intimacy we both pulled Escort Bayan Gaziantep back a little, each of us breathing heavily and hoarsely. I had been inside her apartment for three minutes.

“Bedroom?” I asked as a hopeful question.

“Bedroom.” she replied as a firm statement. I felt a rush of delicious anticipation. We rose together, ignoring the wine on the floor. With a coy smile she took me by the hand and led me further into the apartment and into what appeared to be her bedroom. “You get into bed. Give me a moment and I will join you.” She retired into the ensuite bathroom. I felt like an eight year old on Christmas Eve. I stripped off in record time and slipped between what I later learnt were satin sheets.

Seconds passed like minutes. Maybe she has had second thoughts. Maybe the age difference had intimidated her after all. Maybe… she reentered the bedroom. The gown she was wearing was full length. She slowly moved to the edge of the bed. “Only one other man has ever seen me naked. I hope I won’t disappoint you.” She languidly shrugged off the filmy gown and it dropped to the floor. She was as naked as a newborn. Although the light in the room was subdued, it appeared she had the body of a twenty five year old. Give me a moment to describe the wet dream that I was viewing. Athletic but not muscular shoulders. Full breasts with small, pert nipples. (Maybe a pedant would note a modicum of sag but not I.) A conspicuously narrow waist was complemented by similarly slim hips. A puff of hair at the juncture of her thighs. Genuine blonde no less! Finely turned legs. All done out in a flawless olive skin tone which contrasted intriguingly with her blonde hair.

As if reading my mind she produced an immodest smirk and then pirouetted. There was that ass that had first seized my attention. Perfectly sized and formed. I reached out and pulled her back onto me and the bed. She let out a school girlish giggle. I enfolded her in my arms, reveling in her feel and smell. She felt small and certainly looked vulnerable. “Be gentle with me,” she murmured.

I pulled her tenderly but forcefully towards me. Our lips brushed and we both inhaled the scent of the other. A small tongue tip insinuated itself between my lips and I sucked it greedily into my mouth. She jumped and then groaned and our tongues began a fevered dance.

I ran a hand down her back until I was cupping one of the fine cheeks that I had so recently admired. After a few moments of massaging each magnificent orb, I pulled her hips towards mine with a proprietary heave. She moaned and then, as she felt my hardness press against her body, her eyes flew open and a sob slipped from her lips.

“Is that you?” she gasped.

In reply I ground my erection against her again. She looked a little horrified but a few moments later she was pushing her hips back at me in a salacious manner. Her expression became impish. She had her hands around my neck and they tightened as she strained against me. After a few minutes of rather hot-blooded kissing and humping, I made a demand of her. “I want to taste you.” Her look of confusion illustrated just how sexually inexperienced she was. “I want to go down on you.”

Her reply was surprising and disappointing. “Oh no. We can’t do that. ”

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because it’s dirty.”

I had not anticipated this attitude. “Where on Earth did you get that idea?”

She could not or would not answer me. She was obviously embarrassed. I decided to take the issue into my own hands. I slipped down the bed until my face was level with her crotch.

“Oh no. Don’t do that. Please stop.”

Undeterred I maneuvered myself between her legs, forcing them apart and up so that her knees were touching her torso. She was wide open to me. Her hands flew to deny me access to her pussy.

“Please. You shouldn’t. I have never…”

Glancing up I saw an apprehensive expression but I was in no mood to stop. Grasping her hands by the wrists I removed them from her crotch and held them down on the bed at her sides. I dropped my open mouth to her hirsute pubis mons and blew warm air into the mass of fine curls. She let out a groan of what I hoped implied both pleasure and resignation. Moving further down, I swiped my tongue up her labial lips in a deliberate and lascivious manner. Her flavor was delicious. I felt her flinch at the sensation but she could not evade my oral onslaught even if she wished to. My tonguing steadily increased in intensity, with my licks now extending the full length of her slit; from the bottom right up to the little nubbin of her clitoris at the top. The flinching had transformed to twitching. I could hear a faint gurgling sound coming from deep within her throat. I started giving more and more attention to her clit and both the twitching and gurgling intensified. I took a gamble and released her hands. They immediately clutched my head and pulled it in towards her genitals. I guess I had changed her mind about the appropriateness of oral sex. I kept dutifully working away until I could sense she was nearing completion. I knew salvation was at hand when I felt her hands forcefully grab my hair and attempt what I could only call an attempted “crotch swallow”.

While some might not enjoy having your head ground vigorously into a wet pussy, I took it as a positive reflection on the quality of my efforts. With a final raucous bawl her movement subsided and I knew we had reached the home plate. She released my head and I wiped my mouth and moved up beside her. She looked to be in a dream-like state. Her eyes were roving and unfocussed.

As she slowly returned to a state of corporeality, she looked at me with a thoroughly sated expression and mouthed the word, “Wow.”

After a few further moments of repose, she timidly asked, “Do you expect me to do the same to you?” She deliberately avoided eye contact as she made the query. “I have never done… that.”

“There is no compulsion at all. Only if you want to,” I smiled in a manner that I hoped conveyed no pressure but a modicum of desire.

She bit her lower lip. Her pensive look indicated a reluctance to engage in such an act. I reassured her that she didn’t have to do anything she was uncomfortable with. At the same time I casually shuffled up the bed so that my manhood crept six inches closer to her face. She tentatively reached out a hand and took my penis between her thumb and forefinger. She examined it from a number of angles. She hefted it backwards and forwards.

“It feels so heavy… and hot. “

My prick appreciated the attention and went from being semi-hard to a fully-fledged bone-like limb.

“and hard,” she added.

She lowered her head to my waist and made a goldfish mouth shape with her lips and placed them on the tip. My cock thus took her oral virginity!

While that was satisfying, I was looking forward to some more major mouth manipulation. She looked up at me with a question on her face. I grinned my encouragement and nodded for her to continue. Her mouth opened and she leant forward until she was holding my glans fully inside her. She remained motionless and again looked up at me for what I assumed to be reassurance.

“That feels divine Angela. Try using your hands as well. “A hand started an initially tentative rhythm up and down the length of my shaft.

I placed a hand on the top of her head and began a gentle back and forth rocking motion. This caused her to take an additional inch or so into her mouth. Initially there was a muffled gagging sound but this soon diminished. She was a quick study and soon the guidance from my hand was superfluous.

Picking up her unoccupied hand I guided it to my balls. I made her hand move in a gentle massaging motion. To reiterate that this was a good initiative I gave a somewhat theatrical groan.

After a few further pointers she came into her own. Her hands and mouth were working in a delightful synchronicity. She was well into her work.

Her tutorship over, I leaned back and enjoyed the fruits of my instruction. I relished not only the sensations but also the rather scandalous sight of this gorgeous milf’s head bobbing up and down on my cock. The titillating detail that mine was the first cock she had ever sucked was also not lost on my general state of arousal. Indeed, so much fun was being had that I could feel that sap rising rather more rapidly than I had anticipated.

“Ah Angela, if we continue like this, things are going to get rather messy in a very short period of time.”

She looked up at me with a quizzical expression. Her ignorance furrowed her eyebrows.

A flash of understanding hit her. She looked both astonished and alarmed.

“Really! Doing this could make you… ah, err, um” She was literally lost for a word.

“Come,” I offered her.

“Yes. Come. Doing this could make you come?” Her voice was full of enthusiasm and awe.

“Angela, I promise you, if you continue, you will soon have more than just my cock in your mouth.” I tried not to smirk and probably failed.

As she reflected on this new information her hands resumed their very agreeable respective motions. “I would like to make you, ah, come this way but I also want to feel you inside me.” I mused to myself about what a delightful dilemma I had thrust upon this worthy wench.

I communicated in what I hoped was not a condescending manner, that there were two solutions to our problem. I could either; fuck her now and then come in her mouth later or she could bring me off now and, after a small period of recuperation, I could then fuck her. My language was a little more tender than what I have just written but the mechanics were identical.

She digested this new information while still maintaining the steady cadence with her hands. “I don’t understand. You could come and then not long afterwards get another erection?”

My nodding head induced a shaking of her head. “I don’t believe it,” she flatly stated. I suggested that there was one clear way for this claim to be substantiated. As she contemplated this, her shaking head slowed and rotated its motion ninety degrees into enthusiastic nodding. We both beamed at each other and her head dove onto my cock.

There was now an urgency to her ministrations. She was a woman on a mission. A mission to elicit my emission. I saw no reason to resist this enterprise and lay back, fully prepared to surrender to the inevitable.

Ever the gentleman, I ensured that I gave Angela a heads up (so to speak) that I was about to tee off. She instantly stopped and asked what she should do. I mentally screamed, “Keep going!” but verbally asked her if she was happy with me coming in her mouth. She made a slow nodding motion. Clearly she was trying to imagine the consequences of a man ejaculating in her mouth. She shrugged and resumed her responsibilities. In less than minute later I burst forth with a formidable, heavenly surge. She threw her head back violently and started making gagging and gasping sounds. Two further globs of come were expelled. One arced over, as if in slow motion, and deposited itself on her left cheek. The second was weaker and only made it as far as her right breast.

The shock on her face was palpable. I later discovered that she had never witnessed a man ejaculating. It was evidently a far more explosive event than she had anticipated. Angela gradually regained her composure and we both took stock. There was a trickle of cum coming from the corner of her mouth and she was dripping from both her face and breast. She was wild-eyed. Her lips and tongue were swirling so as to judge the nature of the new taste she was experiencing. She was a vision of degenerate defilement.

I suggested she go to her bathroom to cleanup. Without reply she left the room. While she was absent I pondered the situation. I had just come in the virgin mouth of someone twice my age who I had met when I was young boy and who I had only become reacquainted with a few hours ago. I had clearly shocked the hell out of her. Would this be the end of our encounter?

I did not have to wait long for the answer. She bounced back into the room, freshly washed and with a cheeky grin. “That was one of the biggest turn-ons of my life! To think that I can make your body respond like that! It makes me feel powerful and desirable!” Her delight was touchingly innocent.

“Well,” I replied, “You can be powerful and desirable with me anytime you want. That was a first class blow job.”

“Well thank you sir. I suppose I can be proud of my first attempt at, what is it called, fellato? “

I corrected her, “Close. The actual term is fellatio.”

“I still can’t believe that you can get another erection any time soon. “

“Let me touch you and I think you will be pleased with what might develop.” I tried not to leer and probably failed.

Moving closer to her, I ran a hand gently over a breast and then cupped my hand under it, weighing it in effect. It was a generous handful. I moved my fingers to her delicate little nipples and applied a mild pinch. A growling sound came from deep within her. I moved my mouth to her other nip and began sucking in a gentle but insistent manner. Her growling intensified. Evidently her breasts, or more accurately, her nipples were rather sensitive. Noted.

After further nuzzling I moved myself so that I was looking her directly in the face from a distance of about 6 inches. Her arms were at her sides, her hands balled into fists. I scrutinized her face intently as I lowered a hand to her crotch. She flinched at first contact but did nothing to prevent me from ranging a finger up and down her slit. Her mouth was open and she was starting to breathe deeply. I gradually insinuated my index finger and it was rewarded with a coating of warm, oily essence of woman. She was as wet as a rainstorm. As I began moving it in and out in a leisurely manner, her hands clutched at the bedsheets.

I introduced a second finger and a moment later I grazed my thumb ever so slowly over her clitoris. She arched her back and made a sound almost as if she was in discomfort. As I continued to manipulate her, she became more and more animated. I put my free hand under and around her shoulders to keep her in place and intensified my actions. Her whole body started to shudder violently and in response I tightened my grip around her upper body. Her face had reddened and her expression was one of agony. The tendons in her neck stuck out like whip cords. She gave a colossal, unintelligible bellow and slumped in my arms. If I was betting man I would wager that this woman had just had an orgasm.

After she had calmed down, she languidly opened her eyes and looked at me with an expression of mild bewilderment. “I had no idea,” she murmured. And then to my surprise, she started sobbing.

I was startled and concerned. My query elicited the following reply. “Having sex with you is a complete revelation. I have had more orgasms with you than I did in my entire married life. I suffered through 25 years of pathetic sex thinking it was normal. I wasted so much time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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