Equine Kisses

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Harem Days

Day One

Equine Kisses

Rain groaned and stretched his arms before his body as he entered his home. Cracking his knuckles, one by one, his equine ears flicked to catch the sound. More than one living in his household would have squirmed and cast him that particular look that only a female fur could pull off for making such an obnoxious noise and he smirked in the privacy of the hallway to have such a small pleasure all to himself.

Of course, his life was about pleasure. He worked hard for it and, damn, was he well rewarded at the end of a day. Working as much or as little as he pleased, Rain had everything in the world a stallion could ever want.

Even a harem.

Smiling to no one in particular, he clip-clopped down the wood-panelled hallway, eyes flicking over the pictures framed on the wall. Every female who had taken themselves to his home, all in the service of his pleasure and living and lavishing in the delightful lap of luxury, all comforts provided. One by one, their images — tamer than he would have usually asked for them to be portrayed — caught his eye and he smiled more widely, tail swishing in memory of the fondest liaisons each brought to mind. Rain’s chestnut coat glimmered in his own reflection on the glass of the framed images and he paused at the last, fingers brushing the immortalised form of the grey mare lovingly captured within.

Eris… He rolled her name around his mind, enjoying the little shiver that ran down his spine to the dock of his tail at the mere thought of his wife. His sweetheart. His forever. She enjoyed the pleasures of his harem too, even if she still considered herself the head of it.

Yes, he should visit Eris first. His darling wife would know more than well enough what to do to soothe the tensions of the day from his shoulders. And a bath would be well in order after their fun was had.

Rain’s hooves had found their way to the stairs before his mind caught up with the action, but he knew where his heart wanted him to go. He shrugged out of his smart jacket and tugged off the tie that had already been loosened, tossing both aside. One of his sweethearts would take care of it later for him, he was sure. They always did.

The first floor was lined with doors, the landing open and breezy, just the way he liked it. A potted plant with long fronds had been set in the corner and he trailed his fingers over it, shaking his head. He’d never quite understood how a plant constituted a feminine touch, but he wasn’t about to complain when they took such good care of him and their home.

The first door called to him, set just off from the landing with a gleaming, faux gold handle. Polished to a shine, it was almost a shame to sully its pristine surface with the smudge of his paws and fingerprints.

“Eris?” He murmured, pushing open the bedroom door, the only room that was reserved purely and exclusively for the two of them. “Are you in here?”

Of course she was there. He knew her habits and preferences well enough after all their years of marriage, so it came as no surprise to him to find the stunning grey mare on her back on the bed. Her dark mane spilled beautifully over the crest of her neck, fine and narrowed to a delicate arch, and she moaned breathily, eyes flicking up to meet those of her husband, chips of ice melting in the warmth of her gaze. Rain could not help but meet her smile with one of her own. What was more of a surprise, however, was that another of his harem, Jessica had her muzzle between his wife’s legs, willingly lapping at her heated mare pussy. And, from the looks of it, she’d brought his wife to several orgasms before he’d even returned home for the evening.

The skewbald filly, kneeling on the rug at the side of the bed, looked up meekly, her plaited forelock hanging across one eye. Bashfully, she brushed it aside and locked her lips around Eris’ clit, lewdly sucking and slurping until the mare rocked her hips and planted her hooves, riding out the filly’s muzzle through a divine orgasm. And, just like a good little harem mare, Jess shoved her tongue eagerly between those soft, grey pussy lips and lapped up every drop of her juices with devotion that astounded even Rain. Even as her body shivered with the tremors of the afterglow, the panting mare ran her fingers lightly through Jess’ brown and white mane, whispering something to her that even Rain’s sharp hearing could not pick up.

Some things were for mares and mares alone. Jess trembled and nickered softly, cleaning Eris’ cunny with long, slow strokes of her tongue, eyes half-lidded. There was no sense of rush or hurry or clumsiness in her pace, just a quiet enjoyment of the task she had, quite clearly, put herself gaziantep porno hikayeler to. Her paws stayed obediently away from her own sex, but there was no denying the clear arousal darkening her inner thighs, pussy lips gleaming with evidence of her own readiness to be bred and covered.

Well, well, well… Rain raised an eyebrow. He wouldn’t have thought that the shyest member of his harem could have had such a bold streak. Eris didn’t even have her usual dominating paw twisted into her mane when she was enjoying just a little bit of control. Impressive.

He would have held her head down and watched her swallow every inch of his thick shaft until she begged him to fuck her. But he wouldn’t fuck her just yet, even if she whinnied for it like the most wanton mare in the world in the height of her season.

Eris crooked her finger in Rain’s direction, calling the stallion to her as the front of his black trousers tented out; the stallion didn’t bother to cover his evident arousal, a low grunt rolling up from the back of his throat.

“Honey,” she near enough purred. “How nice of you to join us.”

“Believe me, the pleasure is all mine.”

Removing the rest of his clothes, bar a well-fitting pair of boxer briefs, Rain smirked and kicked the bedroom door closed at his hooves, though he did wonder if any of the other harem members would hear their fun and choose to join them. That was the real purpose of his household, after all — the enjoyment and fun of all, in the most lustful ways possible. And anything was possible.

The naked mares scooted up on the bed to make room for the nearly nude stallion, welcoming him into their liaison as he had known they would. As was his right, he lay back on the bed between them, paws tucked behind his head and elbows pointed out, a small smile on his lips as they nuzzled and kissed his chest. Eris’ nose brushed his nipples, tickling them playfully with her velvety lips as the stallion giggled like a colt on the schoolyard all over again.

“I missed you today. And you,” he murmured, making sure to add in the sweet filly as Jess blushed and pushed her muzzle into the crook of his neck, kindly asking for attention in the politest way she knew how. “A day without you brings me no joy when I know you are here without me.”

“Then stay here with us,” Eris nickered in turn, paws slowly tugging down his boxer-briefs. “It’s more fun with you here anyway. And you work too hard as it is.”

Rain chuckled and shook his head.

“Honey, I pretty much choose my own hours. You know this.”

“And I’d still rather spend every one of my hours with you. But not quite you alone.”

Rain held his paw to his chest, over his heart, affecting a mortally wounded expression as his lips twisted dramatically.

“I’m hurt — really! How could you not want to spend all your time with your only dear husband?”

Eris laughed.

“As if you’re fooling anyone, my red stud. Don’t you know we know you too well by now to fall for that kind of ploy?”

She fluttered her eyelashes at him and his heart leapt into his throat.

“You are hardly coy.”

As if to prove her right, his cock throbbed, darkening a patch of pre-cum on the front of his underwear, which his mare was still yet to tug down around his hooves. Low enough that his cock was forced to bow towards his own stomach while not remaining perfectly hidden, the waistband of the boxer-briefs was the only thing that kept him in check as she pressed her palm firmly to his bulge, groping down his length with a soft snort. Eris licked her lips, nostrils fluttering with breath.

“And this only shows how much you want us… Both of us,” she murmured, breath catching lightly in her throat. “We’ve been thinking of you all day.”

Rain gulped, a visible lump travelling down his throat as he swallowed hard.

“Ah…” He shouldn’t have been so tongue-tied. “What have you two been talking about then?”

The grey mare leaned in close, having pulled his underwear down low enough to free his previously trapped cock and balls. The sheath had already plumped out with his thick, equine shaft, but his cock was glad of the relief, springing into the open air with a judder, pre-cum clinging viscously to the tip. Rain nickered.

“Oh, we’ve just been discussing which of us will get to suck your cock first tonight, love. We can play with the mares all we like, but we really need a good, thick rod of stallion to give us what we crave.”

Snorting, the stallion flung out his arms above his head, reaching for the wooden headboard. Although it was slatted, the stylish, modern headboard had not yet been used for kinkier endeavours, but there was always the chance that it could have been. The harem was always up for everything, even if they preferred the silken caress of scarves and their stallion’s smooth, chestnut coat to anything else.

Rain shook himself. It was hard to not get swept up in his own thoughts as two mares, both beautiful creatures in their own right, nuzzled the hard muscle of his stomach, pushing up by his position as he arched his back lightly.

“And what did you decide?” He murmured huskily, tail trying to flick beneath his buttocks, yet it found itself pinned. “Who is the lucky mare?”

Eris blinked up at him, lips kissing across his stomach and just barely brushing his sheath. The corner of her mouth lipped at his balls and the stallion clenched his paws into fists, struggling not to grab her muzzle and force her lips down and down, all the way down over his shaft, right then and there. It was always better for his sweetly submissive wife to please him in her own way, even if she took a moment to get there. And the waiting made it all the more wonderful, the build up.

Panting softly, the stallion sucked in breaths through his nostrils, tongue pressed up to the roof of his mouth.

“I say it should be Jessica who sucks you off first, but you know how shy she is. She needs to be shown the way still.” Eris grinned, nuzzling her stallion’s crotch, tantalisingly close to his sheath. “She is, however, such a darling between my legs though. So eager to please.”

Rain snorted, nostrils puckering softly.

“And who is the lucky mare who gets to please me first tonight?”

Eris’ eyes danced and she folded her ears back, eyes wide and submissive. She may have had her taste of control, but there would never be any secret as to where her heart truly lay.

“Your wife, of course, darling.”

Rain gasped as her lips descended on his shaft, encircling the head and sucking him lustfully into her warm, wet mouth. Tongue pressing up to the underside of the flat tip, she trailed it lusciously around the glands and moaned to feel them plump up in her mouth, his cock spurting globules of the pre-cum she’d been craving all day. And every drop that drooled onto her tongue, she gulped down with a nicker and a groan for more, eyes half-lidded as she let everything else fade from her mind besides pleasing her red stud.

The stallion moaned and rested his paw gently on her head, letting the mare do the work she did — and loved — the best. Her forelock hung over her eyes as she slowly bobbed her muzzle, barely taking more than a couple of inches of his thick girth into her mouth before pulling back, teasing him with the patience of her blowjob. But, as she always said, they had all the time in the world to enjoy one another, so why rush when orgasm after orgasm awaited them both long into the charming dark of the night? It was also no secret that the stallion could indeed go all night with the lure of his harem sweethearts to keep his cock hard and lusts well aroused.

That said, he lusted after her hot mouth as much as ever and rocked his hips up with a throaty nicker, lips quivering. Another couple of inches disappeared into her long muzzle and Eris trembled as he took control, ever so slightly winding his fingers into her mane. Fingers curling over the crest of her neck, he needed no more force to remind her of exactly where her place was and the mare leaned into him, gulping down his cock with determination that took his breath away.

Chest heaving, Rain moaned openly and let his head fall back onto the soft pillows, mane framing his head in a halo of long, chestnut hairs that he didn’t have time to care for, but his devoted harem loved combing through with their fingers. Eris’ lips strained around his length in a tight ‘O’, a gleam of saliva trickling from the corner of her lips as she still fought to adjust to his size even after being with him for so many years. His heart thudded, the mare who, under normal circumstances, looked as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, slurping on his shaft with a shudder and a flick of her tail. The stallion watched her avidly, balls churning and aching to spill his load already.

Would there ever be anyone better than his wife?

As Eris moaned around his shaft, reaching between her legs to toy with her clit, he couldn’t help but notice that his shyer filly was not joining in as she should have been. Sure, she was clearly enjoying the show with her legs spread as she knelt on the bed beside him, but that wasn’t really what he was looking to see from her — if she really wanted him to take her virginity, that was. Jessica arched her neck prettily and turned her muzzle to the side, showing off her face from her best angle as she put her paws behind her back and thrust out her chest for his attention.

Rain groaned deep in the back of his throat, ears twitching. With a sight like that before him, it was a wonder he didn’t cum right then and there!

Eager to please, despite her inexperience, the younger mare shuffled closer, eyeing him carefully to see if he approved of her actions. However, Rain was more occupied with the bob of Eris’ muzzle, the mare swirling her tongue around the head of his cock in a way that made the room spin wonderfully around him, and barely noticed Jess creeping in. That did not matter though: she could do her own thing while waiting for the husband and wife to request more of her.

She would always do as they willed in a heartbeat.

The mare could only suppose that Rain was tired after a long day and played her paws across his thighs, shivering as she brushed Eris’ breasts, though not purely by accident, massaging in slow circles. When the stallion groaned, eyes flicking to her, she increased the pressure and leaned over him, suppressing a pleased whinny as he ran his fingers through her mane — just a tremor of the pleasure she so desired.

“Don’t forget the balls too, Jessica,” he murmured, eyes flashing wickedly. “You still need to learn how to please a stallion.”

“But don’t worry,” he added quickly when she blushed, quick to smooth things over and trace his fingers around the curve of her dished cheek. “You can have plenty of practice with me.”

The paint filly smiled shyly and splayed her paw across his thigh as she kissed across his hip, bone pushing up through his fine, chestnut coat, and did exactly as her stallion bid her to. Leaving her impromptu massage for perhaps after the main course of the evening, she kissed across his abdominals and down past her sister mare’s lewdly lapping tongue. Jessica blushed and moved swiftly, so as not to lose her nerve, cradling the stud’s balls in two paws and pressing them gently together for a long, slow lap of her tongue.

Rain moaned and shivered, tail flicking up between his thighs.

“Mmm… Better,” he murmured, encouraging her on with a gentle smile — harder to manage than would have been expected with a hot mare giving him head. “You know how I love that.”

And she did. Jessica licked her lips, savouring the hint of musk, and pressed her thumbs into his full orbs as she dove down again, tucking her ears down so as not to tickle Eris’ throat too much. But their close proximity could not be helped and Eris’ breasts brushed her arm and shoulder as she leaned in closer, almost as if she was trying to be near her harem sister. Shivering, Jess let the thought go as swiftly as it had appeared, concentrating on the task at hand with a flush of warm, needy pleasure.

What mare could not love adoring his balls so? Covering every inch in slow laps of her tongue, she shuddered at the taste, ears flicking forward against her will as she focused on him and him alone — just as it should have been. The stallion quivered under her touch and grunted lightly as he rocked up against her muzzle, cock sinking deeper into Eris’ mouth as she pushed down at precisely the wrong — or the right — time.

Jess giggled breathlessly to herself, giving them a gentle squeeze as she rolled his nuts around between her hands. Her paws could still cover them, as dainty as they were, but it was the promise that they held that truly excited her, jerking her tail up and sparking up her need from a simmering ember to a flaring crescendo.

Rain grunted and gripped Eris’ mane tighter.

“Someone getting horny there, are they?”

Flushing, Jessica did not deny it: it wouldn’t get her anywhere that she didn’t want to be. Lustfully, though she was still too inexperienced to truly understand the pleasures the male body could bring, she thrust her soft nose beneath his balls and twisted, lapping the underside with a barely concealed nicker of pure and utter love. The stallion grinned and rubbed her shoulders and upper back, fingers tracing along the line of her shoulder blades as she fought to focus on her task and not arch into his touch like a four-legged horse begging for attention.

Yet what mare wouldn’t want the attention of their stallion?

As Jessica nuzzled and kissed Rain’s fat, heavy balls, Eris laid her paw on top of the filly’s, encouraging her on without the words that her rather occupied muzzle could not form at that moment in time. The older mare snorted and dragged breath after breath into her burning lungs, forgetting to breathe as she wrapped her paw around the thicker base of Rain’s shaft; the size difference right at the base would not have been noticeable to the casual observer, but she knew every nuance of his body after all their many times together and knew just how delicious it would feel to get her nose all the way down to his crotch. Eris flicked her eyes up, but Rain’s were not on hers, his attention split between two mares. She’d need her stallion’s help if she really wanted to give him the deep-throat he deserved.

And he always deserved it.

Gulping and swallowing around his shaft, her eyes watered as she bored down, struggling to take him deeper and deeper. Saliva shone on his length, testament to her lust as she could not help but drool over him, lips gliding effortlessly over the smooth cock. An equine shaft was indeed a work of beauty, in its dark brown that was so unlike most studs, and the medial ring stretched her lips just that little bit wider every time she sank down. She’d never have hidden how giving him head made her eyes roll back into her skull, ears flopping out to the sides, yet she sometimes had to wish that he could feel what she felt when she had his cock in her mouth. If only it could go on forever, she would never feel a drop of sadness ever again.

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