Erica Takes Control

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This is another story in the “Erica” line. This story involves a loving wife using a strap-on on her husband and a husband being submissive to her desires. If this does not interest you, please click to a different story. I do hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

While we were stationed in North Carolina, we became close friends with another couple that lived down the street from us. We did cook outs at each other’s’ places, played tennis together, and pretty much got along great. We were all in our mid-20s, child-free and carefree!

Pete, a fighter pilot, was about 6′ 2″, tall and lanky. Tina, his wife, was about 5’5″, petite with curly blonde hair and very perky B-cup tits. She is a huge flirt and always ready for mischief.

One night, after going out to dinner together, Tina saw an adult toy store.

“Let’s go in!” She gushed.

Erica and Pete flat refused.

Never one to back down from a challenge, I said, “I’ll go!”

We giggled as we got out of the car and made our way inside. Now, I had never been inside an adult toy store before. I was shocked at all the fake penises, vibrators and other toys. Tina and I giggled even more as we perused the store’s offerings. She ended up buying some edible massage oil.

I saw something that caught my eye. It was a strap-on dildo. I was entranced. I did not such things even existed! I decided I had to check this out so I ended up buying it, along with some edible massage oil too.

When we got back to the car, Pete laughingly asked, “Can we go now?!”

We all had a good laugh and went back home. Frankly, my purchase kind of sat forlorn for some time. One day, Erica finally asked what I had bought. Without my partner in crime, Tina, I was kind of sheepish. I went and got the strap-on and brought it out. Erica gasped when she saw it, putting her hand over her mouth.

“What is that thing?” she asked.

I told her what it was and what is was for.

She gave me a crooked smirk and said, “O…kaaaaay….”

She left it at that. Erica is not really into sex toys, saying she prefers the “real thing”. So, the strap-on did not get used much. Every once in a while, I would pull it out and use it as a dildo on her. It was so hot to see the fake penis go in and out of her young, shaved pussy. I think most men have the fantasy of watching their wife/girlfriend with another man. It excited me to see her moan, to see her beautiful 34C tits heaving, her nipples hardening, as she came around porno the fake cock. She always acted guilty after those sessions. It was like she felt she was cheating on me.

One night, Erica and I were passionately making out. We were both naked and we caressed each other’s bodies, with me finger fucking her and licking her nipples while she stroked my cock. I got on top of her missionary style and slid my 7 inches inside her. I was so turned on I fucked her hard and fast. She was moaning and gasping as I plowed into her. I could not help myself, and soon I was pouring my cum inside her tight, little pussy. Normally, I try to make her cum first; I like satisfying her. But I was so into it I just could not help myself.

I tried to stay hard, but even I am not superman. I pulled out and lay beside her. I apologized for not making her cum.

“It’s alright, babes.” She said, as she languidly stroked her pussy lips.

Then her face lit up and she said, “Why don’t you get ‘him!'”

“Him” was our code word for the strap-on. I eagerly jumped out of bed and grabbed the toy.

I got back in bed with her and brought him to her pussy. I slowly slid it inside her, and my cum wickedly leaked out around it as it went in.

She was enjoying the toy, but surprised me when she said, “This is not what I had in mind.”

I asked, “What do you want to do?”

Erica looked me in the eyes replied, “I want to try this out on you!”

I was again in shock. My young wife, the church-going, goodie two-shoes, implied she wanted to fuck my ass with the strap-on.

I was, however, kind of turned on. I said “ok.”

She smiled and jumped out of bed. She grabbed the strap-on and eyed it for moment, figuring out how it went on. She began by putting her feet and legs through the strap-on. I helped her into it and soon it was seated. It was so strange to see Erica with a cock.

It was like a normal penis, about 6 inches in length and very life-like with fake veins and a slot for a bullet vibrator at the base. I clicked the bullet vibrator on and Erin cooed with pleasure.

“Sooooo, how do we do this?” I asked.

Erica replied, “Like you do me….doggie style. But first, I want you to suck my cock!”

Erica was on her knees on the bed and she scooted forward until her fake cock was in front of my face. I hesitated at first. This was strange and my wildest fantasies never included sucking a dick. Plus, it still had some of my cum on it, anime porno along with her pussy juices from where I had used it on her.

“Suck it!” she commanded, looking down at me, her hands on her hips.

I moved my face forward and opened my mouth, taking the fake phallus into it. Erica seemed to get really turned on from this. It was very strange to take a cock, even a fake one, into my mouth and I could taste our mixed juices on her fake cock. Erica seemed to get very turned on by this. She held the side of my head with her hands as she moved her cock in and out of my mouth.

After a few moments of me sucking her cock and her moving in and out of my mouth, she said sexily, “Who’s the bitch now?”

Pulling the strap-on out of my mouth, Erica had me turn over and get on my hands and knees. Erica got behind me and spread my ass cheeks. Grabbing the massage oil, she lubed up my ass, slathering it liberally and then inserting a finger inside me. She had fingered my ass before so this was not something new. However, when she added a second finger, shit started to get real. Pun intended. I felt stretched like I had never been stretched before. I had inserted two fingers in Erica’s ass to loosen her up before, and I suppose she just figured that’s how you do it.

Erica removed her fingers and I felt the bed move as she shifted forward. Then I felt it…the somewhat cold, slimy tip of her fake cock. Now, when I take Erica’s ass, I put the head in and let her get used to it, then slowly work my dick inside. Erica, whether through inexperience or lust, did not. She positioned herself at my asshole and pushed. Satisfied that the tip was seated, she grabbed my hips and aggressively pushed her strap-on all the way inside me. I grunted as I felt my asshole stuffed for the very first time and I could feel her hips against my ass cheeks. My tight ring burned intensely with this invasion but soon it diminished and I just felt very full.

She stroked her hands lovingly over my lower back and ass, admiring the view. Erica then grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them, allowing her to see her phallus deep inside me. Then she drew her hips back. I felt her cock slide down my asshole and inch or two, and then she moved her hips forward and I was filled again. She fucked me like this, slowly, for several repetitions. Soon, she developed a rhythm, stroking her cock inside me. I experienced a special sensation when she would pull almost out of me. The larger arap porno glans part of her cock would rub exquisitely on my prostate. This caused my cock to start to harden again, and pre-cum was dripping out of the tip. It was like she was milking my prostate.

Now, I consider myself heterosexual, but I loved the feeling of her penetrating me and I loved being in this submissive position, offering her my most vulnerable parts. Honestly, I’m kind of what you would consider an alpha male. I like to take charge, but sometimes I just like to be told what to do, especially in the bedroom. I loved as she became more aggressive, grabbing my hips and thrusting inside me, basically having her way with me.

Being a fake cock, of course she was not feeling any sensations inside me. However, the strap-on was rubbing deliciously against her clitoris, and she began to do more short, rapid thrusts into my ass.

She grabbed my hips tightly and then growled, “I’M GOING TO CUM!!!!”

Now I was truly submissive. I could do nothing but stay there as she took my ass for her pleasure. She pushed all the way in, the base of the fake cock continuing to rub against her clitoris. I felt her shudder behind me as she let out a moan of pleasure, continuing to hump my ass with short strokes.

She collapsed against my back, keeping her cock inside me. I could feel her hard nipples and soft breasts crushed against me. After a few moments, I felt her right arm reach around and she grabbed my hard cock.

Erica began stroking me, whispering in my ear, “Cum for me baby…cum with my cock in your ass….I wish I could have shot cum in your ass…”

Her dirty words, along with the fake cock rubbing my prostate, caused me to erupt. Stream after stream of my semen shot out onto the comforter. This was one of the best orgasms I’d ever had. The combination of sensations was out of this world.

Once Erica was sure I was satisfied, she sat back up. Somewhat unsure what to do, she slowly withdrew her strap-on. It finally came out with a subtle “pop”.

“Oh my gosh, baby,” she said, “your asshole is so stretched out!”

I had no answer for that one. Feeling somewhat embarrassed, I just leaned forward until I was laying my stomach. Erica collapsed next to me.

This would not be the last time Erica “pegged” me. But we had some good lessons learned. Put a towel down before you start. We had to wash my semen off the comforter. Secondly, put a condom on the strap-on. She had been so deep inside me, and I was not “prepared”, so there was a little “mess” on the fake cock after she withdrew. We washed the strap-on well and put it away. We do not use it often, but when it does come out, you can be sure there will be fun!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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