Erotic Female Massage

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By day I am a police officer and by night I moonlight as a massage therapist for females with satisfaction guaranteed. I have a range of repeat customers who are always satisfied with the services provided and some come on a weekly basis. Every client has different needs and wants and I encourage them to be open with what they like and boundaries.

One of my clients is a middle aged woman who has the body of a 20 year old. She is very confident and a high powered woman who likes to get relief from her daily stresses.

Last week she came for her regular massage and she never asks for intercourse as she wishes to remain faithful to her millionaire husband. He does know about the services she gets and that is his one and only condition.

She came to my apartment and walked in to the room where the massage table is.

She removed all her clothes and walked to the massage table and lay face down. I walked into the room and noticed the Goosebumps all over her body with what I believe is excitement and anticipation. I walked up to her making small talk trying to make her feel comfortable, I placed a towel gently covering her lower back and backside down to her thighs.

I placed a few drops of massage oil in my hands and rubbed them together making sure the oil is heated up. As I put my hands on her shoulders and began to gently massage them I heard a slight moan and I knew I hit the right spot. As my hands worked their way around her shoulder and neck area I can feel her sinking into the massage table melting and totally relaxing.

I began to work my hands down to the middle of her back and I felt her wiggle sightly. I noticed she was ticklish in this area so I applied more pressure and felt her relax again. The more pressure I put the more she moaned with delight.

At this time I eased the towel down from her lower back covering half her ass cheeks. I began to ease my hands further down her back massaging the lower back area applying just the right amount of pressure to feel her shudder with delight. I used my hands with full strokes from her shoulders down to her lower back using nothing but my thumbs on either side of her spine. I can hear her moaning with every stroke and I knew it wasn’t just the pleasure of the massage. This was more evident as I can see her hairs standing on end the longer and firmer the stroke.

I lowered the towel even further gently allowing it to expose all her beauty and then as I slid it along her back to cover her upper back and shoulders I heard her breathing slightly heavier and her hairs were standing so stiff looked like spikes on her body.

As I started to massage her ass checks spreading them ever so slightly, I can see her pussy glistening with juice that is just oozing ever so gently. Her breathing got heavier and heavier the more I massaged her cheeks and I knew she was very excited. I could see more and more juices flowing out of her pussy onto the towel beneath her on the massage table. The juices made her pussy appear like a glazed peach waiting to be slowly sucked and licked clear before being nibbled on until it was completely devoured.

I continued to massage her cheeks but with every few strokes I would gently brush Escort Bayan Gaziantep my fingers along her ass hole with just enough pressure to feel like a feather. This made her writher with delight more and more. I could see her ass contract almost uncontrollably with delight and every time my hand would touch her sweet hole she would raise her hips off the table just slightly exposing her ass and pussy more and more. As I alternate my hands from her ass to her lower back she would lower and raise her hips in rhythm with my hands. Her breathing was so heavy by now I can hear her very clearly.

At this time I removed my shorts exposing my smooth brazillian waxed balls. She was not aware as she had her face down. I straddled her legs and removed the towel completely off her body and began to do full strokes from her shoulders down to her ass cheeks. As I reach for the top of her shoulders I lowered myself ever so slightly where my balls touched the top of her thighs and my hard 8 inch penis rubbed along the crack of her ass. I heard her moan very loudly and let out an Ahhhhh.

With every stroke she would raise her hips higher forcing my penis further between her cheeks. I could feel her trembling with delight with every stroke of my hands. I applied more and more pressure with my hands and felt my penis pushing further between her cheeks where I can feel her ass hole throbbing every time my penis would rub against it, transferring pussy juice to her ass as my penis rubbed along her pussy and ass. The warmth of her pussy juices made me even harder and I felt myself allowing myself to drop my hips in rhythm with her rising hips where my penis would dig ever so gently into her ass hole.

I lowered myself further down her body and I placed my legs between hers and gently spread them where I can see her glory holes. I could see her ass hole and pussy throbbing wildly with delight and the juices flowing freely out of her pussy.

I turned my had in a cupping position and placed my fingers on her clitoris while my palm covered her ass and pussy. I can feel them throbbing under my palm and I gently started to rub her clit with my fingers in a circular motion while keeping my palm covering her hole. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter. I began to apply more pressure with my fingers and and pushing my palm harder against her holes felling her writher with delight moaning louder and louder with every turn of my fingers on her clit.

About this time I used my other hand and gently began to rub her ass hole with my thumb while still rubbing her clit with my other hand. As I did this I could see her grab the side of the table and squeeze hard with excitement. She lifted her head from the table and placed a towel under her mouth to stop her from screaming but it didn’t help much. Her moans and grunts of delight were loud to be clearly heard through the towel in her mouth while she squeezed the table harder. While I rubbed her clit faster and rimmed her ass hole with more pressure I knew she was close to reaching an orgasm. I rubbed both holes faster and faster when I felt her body tighten up and her legs were shaking uncontrollably, her pussy and ass throbbing wildly when suddenly she let out an all mighty roar into the towel and I felt her pussy juices spray out and hit me all over my balls and dick. I felt this hot sticky liquid drip down my dick onto my balls and down my legs. Her body was still shaking with delight and I eased the pressure slightly and slowed the pace of my fingers allowing her to recover.

When she stopped shaking and eased her grip on the table she lifted her face put of the towel and I could see the smile on her face brimming from ear to ear. I wiped her clean with the towel and got off her and asked her to turn over to lay her back.

As she lay in her back with her eyes closed and her body weak from the excitement, I could see her perfectly shaped body and her perfect tits with super hard nipples. I also noticed that she was totally waxed and her pussy looked so smooth as if it was made of silk.

I placed a towel on her covering her breasts and pussy. I left her for a few moments lying on her back while I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up.

I returned to the room and I saw she was totally relaxed with a huge smile on her face. She had her eyes closed at this time and looked like a sleeping angel with a wild desire.

Again I applied a few drops of oil in my hand and warmed them up before starting to rub her shoulders and above her breasts. I can hear her breathing deeply with every stroke again and I knew she was enjoying the massage and feeling excited at the same time.

After a few minutes I folded the towel in half exposing her firm luscious tits and began to gently rub the outer sides of her breasts. With every gentle circle I could feel her breath getting heavier and heavier with delight. I could see her nipples are very hard and as I rubbed my fingers around them her body would tremble ever so slightly with desire.

As I continued to rub her tits with one had I used the other and slid the towel off her body noticing and gentle ahhhh slip out of her mouth. I can see her gently biting her lips in a sultry sexy way which made me very hard. At this stage her arms were by her side on the table and I was still naked standing next to her.

I looked down at her silky smooth pussy and I can see it was very wet glistening in the low light from the lamp shade near her. I continued to rub her tits and nipples and lowered my other hand down to her pussy and began to rub her clit. I didn’t need to do more and she spread her legs enough for me to slide my hand further down and gliding my finger between her pussy lips. Her pussy was so wet that my fingers would easily slide in her pussy without trying but I wanted to tease her more.

I rubbed her clit and slid my fingers up and down between her pussy lips feeling her body tremble and hearing her moaning and breathing heavier. I lowered my face towards her pussy and I can smell her sweet pussy which was mesmerising. I blew a gentle cold breath onto her clit and the top of her pussy from my mouth as if I was gently blowing onto a flower. The cold air from my mouth delighted her where she let out an ooh and raised her hips getting her pussy closer to my mouth. I as I took a deep breath she would lower her hips and when I blow she would raise them getting closer allowing more pressure and cool air to hit her clit. With every breath she would let out a satisfied moan.

She spread her legs further exposing her very wet pussy even more and I knew she wanted me to use my fingers and provide some extra relief. As I continued to rub her tits I rubbed her clit with my other hand and rubbed my finger between her pussy lips but this time I pushed my finger into her pussy. I felt her body shake with desire and her pussy was so wet and sticky it slid in and out very easily. I can hear her breathing heavier and heavier at which time I used two fingers and began to rub her g-spot.

Again she began to squeeze the edge of the towel with her hands and move her hips up and down with every stroke of my fingers. I can feel the inside of her pussy contract tight around my fingers and expand to where I felt nothing but the g-spot. The feeling was amazing and I got so hard I can feel my precum getting stronger and stronger. I started to use my fingers on a vibrating motion on her g-spot and her trembling became stronger. I can feel more and more juices flowing freely and heavily out of her pussy.

As my vibrating fingers got quicker I felt her hand grab my dick and squeeze hard. I could feel her hand sliding up my dick to the tip where she rubbed my precum with her fingers. She then took her fingers and sucked them tasting my precum and letting out and satisfied sound.

I kept on vibrating my fingers fast rubbing her g-spot and with all the contractions in her pussy and the heavy pussy juice flow, I felt her turn her upper half of her body onto her side facing my dick. Her lower half moved slightly to allow her to get her head closer to my dick and I felt her warm lips wrap around my hard throbbing dick. She slid my dick as far as she could in her mouth and out again. When the tip of my dick reached her lips she would roll her tongue a few times making me quiver with delight then slide it deep in her mouth again.

As she sucked my dick faster I stroked her g-spot faster and faster feeling her getting wetter and wetter. Again she let out this mighty gush out of her pussy as she trembled uncontrollably with desire. This time she squirted a lot more than the last time but despite this she kept on sucking my dick fast while squeezing my balls with her hand. I could tell she was very experienced in sucking dick and it felt amazing.

I kept rubbing her g-spot despite her cumming heavily and I could see her looking up into my eyes while sucking my dick. At this time she took my dick out of her mouth and told me she wants me to cum on her ass. As intercourse was not part of the deal, she got up off the table and knelt down in front of me and began to suck me hard and fast. She could feel me tightening up and knew I was getting close.

When I felt I was going to cum I grabbed and turned her back towards me and bent her over on the table. I wanked myself and ejaculated all over her back and ass. So much cum came out of me if felt like a river flowing.

She then got up, gave me a gentle kiss and went to have a shower. I cleaned myself up in the second shower and when I came out she was getting dressed. She had this huge smile on her face. She thanked me, said till next time and left. She had left the money on the dressing table.

A service with a smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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