Eve’s White Knight Ch. 04

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Dear Reader: Once again, a disclaimer regarding the realism of this story. This is more about the story unfolding than any realistic, or even plausible, events that added to my enjoyment as I wrote. If you’re a stickler for a completely realistic story, you might want to go elsewhere. Hell, for all I know it all may be possible. Do lip piercings close up after a while? Beats the hell outa me. So, suspend your disbelief and enjoy. This episode of our story gets much more steamy, and I quite enjoyed discovering as I wrote. Finally, thanks for reading. If you like it, some words of encouragement in the comments are always appreciated. Feel free to leave any constructive criticisms as well. Just don’t be too hard on me, please. Thanks!


I was probably a bit too curious, so I went to Aunt Meg’s jewelry box and found a handful of the smallest wire hoops she had. They were pretty small, but probably a little bigger than was appropriate for lip rings. I walked back to the bathroom and washed the rings in alcohol for a sec. Then I handed them to Eve. “Please put one of these in every hole you don’t have a ring in.” Eve smiled, then slowly picked one, placing the rest on the counter. She looked me in the eye and began.

Eve opened the first ring and pushed it though the lower left lip from the inside out, then closed it in place. It was a little too big, but it was fucking sexy with the gold and her dark red lips. Then Eve slowly took another ring, looking me in the eyes first, then she threaded it through her lower right lip, then closed it in place. I again took her chin in my hand and looked at her. It was so fucking sexy. I kissed her and felt the rings against my lips. We began getting more urgent in our kisses and I could feel the rather large stud in her tongue. Fuck! This was all so hot. Then I felt her hand on my cock, through my jeans. She stroked my cock through the denim as we kissed.

“Continue, please…” As I pulled away I was struggling, breathing very heavily. I was relieved that she was also breathing hard. She took another ring and threaded it through the center of her upper lip. It was the smallest of the rings on the counter, but still looked too large. Somehow this made it more erotic.

“This piercing is usually a small stud. On the inside we can place a large ball so it feels wonderful on your cock.” It looked really hot with a ring in it too. She then took the matching little ring from the set and threaded it through the hole in her cupid’s bow. I told her to wait and ran to the jewelry box again, then ran back to the bathroom. I raised her chin again and hooked a teardrop pearl earring through the ring in her septum. The teardrop dangled down against her scarlet red lips and looked so fucking hot I could feel my cock jump with each heartbeat. “Does that hurt baby?”

“No.” A tear ran down her cheek, “But you called me baby. I am so happy right now. The way you’re looking at me is so fucking hot I can feel my pussy getting wet. I am so happy that this turns you on too, Master.” She moved closer to me and again stroked my cock, looking in to my eyes. I lowered my lips to hers and kissed her, feeling the piercings in her lips. It really was so hot. I had no idea why, but this turned me on like I’d never experienced. We kissed deeply and I held her. After a while we broke the kiss and she looked in to my eyes, smiling as she dropped to her knees and unzipped my pants. She lowered my zipper slowly, then tugged my pants down to my ankles and pulled my cock free. Then she stuck her tongue out, making sure I could see the large stainless ball in her tongue as she ran it the length of my cock. Then she said, “Since you like my piercings, I hope we can get new rings with ball closures to replace these in my lips. We can do that anytime, but I hope it will be soon because you’ll appreciate the way that feels.”

Eve then took my cock in her mouth and sucked it deep into her mouth. She moved her tongue back and forth across the underside of my cock, then pulled back out. I could feel the pearl teardrop tickling the top of my cock. Then, on the next stroke, Eve took my cock all the way in to her mouth and then I felt it slide down her throat. WOW! I’d never felt that before. True deepthroat! I groaned deeply and grabbed the ponytail on the back of Eve’s head. I could feel Eve’s long nails run down my ass and down my legs. Then Eve gently pulled back out and slowly took my cock all the way down her throat again, and when I felt her long, red nails running down my ass, I looked at her totally slutty face with rings in her lips and ears, and the pearl teardrop hanging down from her septum, I lost it and blew my load while my cock was clear down her throat. I held her there and unloaded several huge blasts directly in to her tummy. Then I pulled back and let Eve breathe a few times. I could see her eyes running, but with permanent makeup it really didn’t matter as nothing ran down her face but tears.

She sucked hard and milked my cock and then pulled back letting my cock fall bursa eskort from her mouth. “I think it’s sexy that you dumped your load straight in to my belly. I also like the taste of your cum. It’s much better tasting than Rob’s.”

I felt myself tense, “Eve, I am not a guy who shares. I don’t like thinking about you with other men…”

“Master, please… I should not have said that. I am not that kind of girl. I guess I don’t look like it now, but I have only been with three guys in my life. I had sex with two boyfriends in high school, the first only once before he became a complete asshole, and then I dated a guy for the last two years of high school. We were pretty serious, but it ended. He was the one who kinda liked piercings. I like them too, but then I probably liked them too much and got a few too many. The nipples and tongue were cool, but he didn’t like the lips and other facial piercings. He said it didn’t match the image he had for his girlfriend. So, screw him. Then I met Rob. That’s it. Well… and you.” She smiled and kissed me again.

“So Rob just enlarged your body piercings?”

“Well, I had two little barbells in my nipples. They were fun and kinda naughty. Then I wanted a clit piercing, but that never happened. I just never had the money. Rob made me get rid of all of my facial piercings, and then I was shocked when he kinda went crazy in other directions. The new, larger nipple rings and pussy stuff is recent. He also did my ears with huge rings. Those hurt too. The little ring in the top of my ear was done when I was in high school. It’s cute and I love it, but Rob wanted really huge, thick rings all the way up my ears. Master, do you like my heavy earrings? Do you want me to keep them?”

I looked closer at her heavy gold rings. They swung every time Eve moved or shook her head. The largest were really thick, heavy looking gold rings. Even the smallest were pretty large compared to what I was used to seeing other ladies wear. Most of the other women I knew only had one or two earrings in each ear. A couple had more, but they were all pretty professional and small. Eve’s earrings were just as excessive as her permanent makeup and her other jewelry.

I smiled, “I don’t think your earrings are a priority right now. There are a couple that are probably too big to close up and look normal anyway, so we will have to figure out what to do. I just don’t know anything about piercings, so you can help me learn.”

“Hey, speaking of that, come with me.” I took her hand and led her to the bedroom. I told her to remove her clothes and lay on the bed. Then I went back out and got the ointment and the locks. When I returned I smeared the stuff all over Eve’s pussy, covering all of the holes and tattooing, then threaded the small locks through the piercings in her labia. I left the chastity plate off, but made sure there was a clean and disinfected lock through each of the 10 holes in her labia.

Eve watched as much as possible, and then asked, “Master, why are you placing a lock in each hole? I don’t understand.”

I smiled, then said, “I want to hear the locks clicking as you walk anywhere. I know that’s pretty kinky, but I think your pussy piercings could be really fun. When this is all over and we’re safe, I want to change them out so that your labia will be held in place by a whole series of bells, or chimes, or maybe even something more creative. Why not make your pussy something even more special and fun since it’s already done? At this point, if we remove them you will have a terribly destroyed pussy anyway. We might as well have fun and enjoy your… uhhh… modifications.”

I looked in to her eyes, and she started to tear up. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she smiled at me. “Thank you. I love the way you think. It’s so sexy and exciting. I hope you will make me in to exactly what you want, Master.” I rolled my eyes and really felt like an asshole about the thought of doing whatever I wanted with another human being. It seemed so wrong. “Master…” she paused and became very serious, and then she took my hands and looked into my eyes, “I know you’re a good man. I know it’s hard for you to imagine what creating your fantasy would be like, but I am damaged. I really thought I was ruined and that nobody would ever want me. But you seem happy with me as I am now. I am yours for the taking, and I mean that. I am only suitable for your pleasure as there is no way I can live any other way. To save myself from a life of prostitution, abuse, disease and horror, imagine what I would be willing to do to please you and be only yours. If you will take me as your slave, I will give myself to you. And if you accept me, it will make my life worth living. I give myself to you to do whatever you most desire to my body, Master.” When she called me Master, her voice became very serious, “Create in me your most wild fantasy and let me be your slave. I will try very hard to take care of you and your needs and to please you and make you the happiest man. I beg you. Please.”

Never in my bursa escort life had I ever dreamed of a situation where I could do anything, literally anything, to a human being to make her my complete fantasy. What would I do to make her my craziest fantasy? I was finding myself more and more captivated by Eve and her body modifications. But would that be morally wrong? She wanted to be changed to please me. It was her fetish as well as her dream. But If I imposed that on her, would I be crossing a line I couldn’t live with?

“Eve, I really need to think. This is crazy. I am afraid to unleash some of those monsters. I am very afraid of some of the darker parts on my soul. Please, slow down and let me think.” I kissed her softly, feeling the new jewelry that we had placed through her lips and face. I enjoyed the softness and the smell of her. Then I pulled away, concentrating on cleaning her up and applying ointment for a bit. When there were ten locks swinging freely from her pussy, all freshly cleaned and with fresh antibiotic ointment, I looked at her tattoos to assure that all were healing nicely. I applied ointment there too and gently massaged it in. Finally I tenderly applied ointment to her nipple piercings and the tattoos on her nipples, breasts and shoulder. Finally, I took a q-tip and gently applied ointment to her facial piercings and inside her nose. I left the pearl teardrop dangling from Eve’s nose, then kissed her gently.

Once everything was put away I asked Eve, “When will your pussy be healed enough to have sex?”

Eve looked a little sad as she said, “They said it would be a couple of months before it would be healed enough for sex. I want to be available to you now. I can clean myself out for you to use my asshole. I have actually learned to really like anal sex. And of course my mouth is always available to you.”

“OK. For now, let’s just enjoy the peace and quiet and get some food and a good night’s sleep. It’s getting pretty late.”

I watched as Eve stood. Her labia were glistening from the ointment and her tattoos were even more vivid. The locks dangled between her legs and rattled as she moved. It was a strange effect, but I loved the way it all looked. The tattooed blues of the water contrasting with the green and floral patterns on her whole sex were just beautiful. And the little brass locks dangling down between her legs just made the head of my cock crawl down my leg. Dear God, help me be strong.

I pulled Eve closer, pulling her to my chest, and I hugged her. I kissed her forehead gently, then I pulled her chin up and kissed her on the mouth. As we parted I looked into her blue eyes and I asked, “Eve, do you really want to be with me, or am I just a way out?”

There was a long pause as she looked away, then she looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Honestly, I don’t know you very well yet, but you’re very caring and very strong. I also think you’re handsome, and I like that too. But I am really stressed out having to think about being afraid, and running, and… for the last three years I just haven’t had to think about anything other than doing what I was told. I tried to make Rob happy. He chose my clothes, my food, my activities, where I slept, what my days looked like… he took care of everything. He owned me and he even modified and decorated my body the way he wanted. Master, I think I need that now, but from a really good man who will also care for me. I want to give myself to you, and I think I need you to own me. I will do everything I can to make you happy, and in return, you can do whatever you please with my body and my soul. Just please don’t ever make me be a hooker… or worse. I would rather die.”

“What if I go much, much further with your body than Rob ever would have?” I asked, my mouth going dry.

Eve looked in my eyes and smiled, “Oh Master, that would make me so happy.”

I couldn’t help it, but I laughed. Eve smiled and looked coy.

“Ok, let’s go to bed. It’s late and we need to get some rest. I want you to sleep with me tonight.” Eve teared up again. I hugged her close, “It’s ok. Honestly, I would love to hold you all night, but I also need you close in case anything crazy happens. Not that anything is going to happen, but I will sleep better if you’re with me.”

With that we went to get ready for bed. I found a warm and cozy looking nightgown in Aunt Meg’s drawers. It was a green and grey plaid, heavy flannel nightgown that looked cozy. When I tried to hand it to Eve she looked at me like I was handing her a dead cat. I looked at her concerned face and then at the gown, and then I actually laughed until I was wiping the tears away. I swear, her face looked like if that gown touched her flesh it would burn her. Once I regained control and cleared my eyes I put the gown away and asked her if she’d rather sleep without anything on. The relief on her face caused me to start all over again with the hysterical laughing. I guess I really needed a laugh, and pretty soon Eve was laughing with me. She bursa escort bayan knew it was crazy funny, but she still would have nothing to do with a heavy flannel nightgown. Nope.

So I gave in. “I will see if I can find something more to your liking.”

Eve sat on the side of the bed while I went and dug around in Aunt Meg’s dresser a bit more. To my surprise my hand bumped a box in the bottom of one of her drawers. When I thought about it I got a little suspicious and being a snoop, I pulled it out. I thought it might be old photos she had hidden, but nope. That was not it. It was an old shoebox, and when I opened it I was shocked to find it full of sex toys. No kidding.

“What is it?” Eve was leaning forward to try to see.

“Slave, turn over and lay with your belly on the bed and your feet on the floor.” I smiled as she did exactly as I directed. I then pulled out the largest of three metal butt-plugs. It was significantly larger than the other two, being about 4 inches long and perhaps 1 ½ inches wide at the base and perhaps 2 ½ inches at the widest part of the plug. I lubed it up with the lube in the box.

“Close your eyes.” Eve did as directed.

I walked up behind her, and kicked her high heeled feet apart a little. She adjusted nicely, her ass higher in the air than her body that lay face down on the bed. I then slowly moved behind her and ran the cold steel butt plug up and down her crack a little. She shivered and I saw her lips break into a lovely smile. With that, I slowly eased the plug into her rosebud, in and out gently at first, and then I pushed more firmly and felt her asshole resist. I eased the plug back out and then pushed firmly again. Just as it reached the widest part of the plug Eve gasped a little. Then it popped in and she sighed audibly.

“How does that feel? Do you like it, Slave?”

Eve shivered and smiled, “Oh yes, Master. Your obedient slave likes it very much. I feel so full.”

I looked at her ass crack and a sparkling pair of bright red, jeweled lips blew a kiss to me from her plugged pucker. Wow. How perfect is that? She could wait to know what was blowing me sexy kisses for now.

“Ok slave, get take off your shoes. You can sleep nudie-Judy.” Eve turned over and began to take her shoes off. She sighed and wiggled her ass against the bed feeling her new toy. Wow. I could get used to this.

The last thing I did before we went to bed was to get the .357 pistol that Uncle Bill had told me to keep with me while we were at the cabin. I loaded it carefully and put it on the bedside stand. Then I got a shotgun and loaded it. Unfortunately the only shells Uncle Bill had were for duck hunting. Hopefully we wouldn’t need to shoot anyone with that.

“Eve, do you know how to shoot a shotgun?”

Eve smiled, “My dad was a drunk but he did teach me how to shoot guns. I did grow up on a farm!” She gave me a knowing look, as if I should know that farm girls all know how to shoot! I laughed.

“OK! I get it, you can shoot! Here is a shotgun. Keep it over by your side of the bed. If anything happens in the next few days, you grab that shotgun and hide. If worse comes to worse, use it to protect yourself. It won’t come to that, but it’s better to be prepared.”

I made sure all the doors were locked and then we turned off all of the lights and pulled the covers up over us. Eve stayed clear over on her side of the bed in the dark and stayed very quiet, but in a really strange way. She was VERY still and breathed very carefully and quietly. Seriously?

“Eve, what are you doing?” I grabbed her and scooched her over to me so that her back was right up against my belly and I could put my arm over her waist. I couldn’t resist the temptation to rest my hand on her tit. I actually squeezed her tittie a little once I had found it, and then I felt the nipple ring. It was really pretty large. I played with it a little and both heard and felt Eve breathe faster and start to squirm. Then I put my middle finger through the ring pretty easily. I could feel the tip of her fat nipple on the base of my finger, so I gently moved my finger in and out a few times. I heard Eve’s mouth opened and she gasped.

“Well, now you’re having trouble being quiet. I suppose you were trained to be very quiet?”

Eve licked her lips and tried to compose herself. “Yes. I couldn’t make any noise at all or I would be punished. I slept on the floor so I would just wrap up in a blanket and stay as quiet as possible.” She gasped again as I very gently teased her nipple with my finger.

“What do you mean, punished? Did he beat you?”

“He did different things. Sometimes he used a cane. That was awful. And he had flogs, whips, paddles and crops. Those hurt but weren’t so bad. There were plenty of ways to punish me. I actually got very turned on by some. I think the worst was the cane though. It left terrible welts on my skin. I really thought I would be permanently damaged a few times.” Eve was trying to enjoy my touches, but I could tell I had upset, or maybe just distracted her just by asking the question. Then I reached around and pulled her leg up so I could put my hand on her bald pussy. I pushed the locks out of the way to run my finger between her lips. She was soaking wet.

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