False Innocence

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Big Tits

It was our first week in college, and the life of a college student was extremely different for two small town girls. Although we were complete opposites, we were instantly friends in middle school. Now, the relationship bloomed into a mature and very close one. I grew up in a strict home, but rebelled in high school, becoming very experimental with sex and all forms of pleasure. I, Melinda, was a beautiful young girl with bright green eyes, dark hair and a womanly form.

My best friend, Lauren, was my antithesis. She grew up in an open home, but maintained a very sheltered lifestyle, preferring to live her life through me and my mistakes. She was a little spitfire though, with piercing blue eyes, and shiny blonde tresses. We admired and loved one another as only two best and completely trusting friends would. But, the college atmosphere would soon change all of our views.

One morning when I was finished up in the shower, I walked into our tiny dorm room to find my roommate, Lauren with her nose to the screen of her laptop. What was on the screen is what caught my attention, and completely shocked me.

There were all sorts of flashing figures, most of them women, alone, completely naked, and spread eagle fingering their cunts and making obscene noises. I had quite frequently looked at porn and pleasured myself, but I had never known my roommate to ever be interested in it. She glanced up when she noticed my presence and tried to hide the screen.

“No need,” I said matter of factly, “I already saw what you were looking at.” I walked over to the mirrored vanity with the towel wrapped around my still dripping body. We had become pretty open with each other over the past few years. So, the embarrassment she must have felt at first noticing my presence soon dissipated.

“I was just bored,” She said with a sort of sigh. I slipped on some panties under my towel and then let it fall to the ground. Topless, and unabashed, I started reaching up to my tangled hair to comb through it, knowing that holding my arms up like that, created a perfect profile of my buxom breasts.

Having lived together in a confined space for several months now, made both of us rather lacking shyness about our nudity. Still, knowing this, I looked over my shoulder to gauge a reaction from her. She was openly staring at me, and stuck out her bottom lip quite becomingly.

“Its not fair,” she said breathlessly again, “I wish my breasts would grow.”

I chuckled at that, Casibom noting that it made my breasts jiggle slightly. “Your breasts are perfect. Stop complaining. These big old things just get in the way.” I finished combing through my hair and wrapped it back up into the towel to dry some more. Then I sauntered over to the bottom of the bunk beds and sat on Lauren’s comforter.

Her eyes followed me the entire way. “How come if you’re looking at porn, you are completely dressed?” I asked genuinely, “Kinda hard to orgasm with clothes restrictions.” She averted her eyes sweetly, so as not to offend or make me uncomfortable at her looking at my chest. But her eyes darted to them frequently.

“Oh, well, I’ve never really, you know, touched myself before. So, I wouldn’t know how.” She paused for a long time then. I wondered what was going through her mind, but she soon had it out. “Actually, I know this sounds silly, but I was just looking to see if I could figure it out and maybe try it. I know its stupid, but I don’t even know what and where my- ‘clitoris’ is it? – is.”

I raised my eyebrows at her comment, but in all actuality it didn’t surprise me. She didn’t allow boys to get anywhere near below her waist in intimate situations, she once confessed to me. She said it made her uncomfortable for a boy to know her body better than she did.

“Well, you can’t really see it from those pictures on the screens. Let’s see if there is a diagram somewhere.” I leaned over the computer then to search for it myself, one of my naked breasts now touching her bare arm. I did not want to admit that it was turning me on. Her little white tank top was very thin, and I could see her tiny nipples poking out clearly through the material, giving away her state of arousal too. I thought about how great it was that both of us were comfortable enough in our sexuality to be able to view this kind of thing and it be an ordinary event.

I finally came across a sketching of a vagina from the front, that had all the labels of the different names of parts. She turned her head to the side, and looked at it as though it were a foreign object and not something she herself had too. “There,” I pointed out, “that’s the clit.” Her brow furrowed and she slumped back.

“Is that really what it looks like?” She feigned. I was actually shocked at that.

“You mean to tell me you have never looked at yours? How old are we, 19? Are you serious Lauren,” I asked dumbfounded. She blushed Casibom Giriş at that, and I bit my tongue. “Sorry,” I added, “do you see it now?” She shook her head and looked a bit embarrassed. Trying to figure out a way to make amends for being a little mean about her innocence, I shimmied back onto the bed and opened my legs slightly so that the picture on the screen looked similar to my position.

She looked at me quizzically. I dropped my eyes to where I was putting my hands and proceeded to pull aside my panties until my womanhood was in full view. I was sexually active and found that boys liked it better if I was shaven, so there is no doubt Lauren had an unobtrusive view of all of my pussy. With one hand I pulled open the folds of my cunt and slid my fingers up to my nub.

“That’s my clit,” I said still studying myself I was a little moist from the earlier contact but didn’t think she would notice, “it’s a little nob full of nerve endings, its pretty much the best spot to touch when you are masturbating.”

At that point I raised my eyes for the first time to her face and saw a completely different Lauren than I had ever seen before. Her eyes had this faraway look to them, filled with a yearning, and her face was not blushing red, but more like a crimson, only adrenaline from sexual excitement could cause. The look made my loins instantly start to wet.

Caught in her web, I felt the need to go further. Almost like in a trance, I slid my fingers down my shining cunt to my opening and stuck a finger in. The feeling made me close my eyes a bit, savoring the contact. Then, realizing I wasn’t alone, I tried to play it off as more of the instruction.

“When, you masturbate, I, uh, suggest stimulating your opening, uh, as well as your clit.” I fumbled over the words as though I had a stutter, her eyes never leaving my womanhood. The smell of excitement was overpowering now, hers and mine, and I had to think of something fast before I couldn’t hold myself back anymore.

As though she were reading my mind she said huskily, “show me how Melinda, please.” It was the perfect excuse to finish now; I laid back in ecstasy as I put another finger in my dripping sex. I pumped the fingers slowly at first then reached over with the other hand to diddle my clit for a while. Then up again to my breasts to pinch on a taut nipple. The whole time I looked at her face, her beautiful, familiar face, still flushed and now sweat forming on her forehead.

I Casibom Güncel Giriş was on the verge of it, I could feel it forming, the sensation of a limb falling asleep and the tingling sensation afterwards, only over my entire body. My toes curled up and I bucked my hips off of the bed needing to penetrate further, my breasts swaying with my motions.

I had closed my eyes tightly but when opening them briefly, I caught sight of Lauren. She had somehow managed to take off all of her clothes and was sitting naked on the edge of her computer chair with her legs draped over the sides of the armrests. Her fingers were following suit of mine. Finger-fucking herself, not like a novice would, but that only a woman that had pleasured herself often would know how.

My mind was too much in a jumble to sort out what that meant, but only watched with awe as we pumped in synchronization. Her womanhood wasn’t shaven like mine, but trimmed to a perfect ‘v’. Her swollen lips were enveloping her tiny fingers like a vice, and the pink inner flesh was shimmering with moisture.

All that could be heard were the moans that escaped and the damp sounds of our movements. I couldn’t reach it, it wouldn’t come, my orgasm just kept building, and I couldn’t find relief, it was agonizingly bittersweet. She seemed to be having the same trouble now having pushed in three fingers.

Sweat started pouring off my chin, acting as an accomplice of the cum dripping off of my hands onto her bed. I noted a puddle had formed under her chair, and the temperature in the room seemed to have raised a hundred fold. Just as I was about to scream out my frustration, her screen flicked on from being in standby mode, and a movie she must have downloaded started to play.

Two beautiful girls were toying with one another, and one knelt down in front of the other. She dove into the other girl’s cunt, and started eating her heart out. The moans of the girls rivaled any I had ever heard. But I soon topped it, when Lauren jumped from her chair and crawled clumsily up to me. Nothing was said as she without hesitation buried her face into my vagina. My hands found there way down to her little breasts, needing to touch her flesh.

She completely forgot about her own pleasure, and started to finger me instead. Her tongue flicking my tender clit, two fingers in my opening, and one finger suddenly forced into my rosebud. Needing all of my openings to be filled, she then stuck her index finger of her other hand into my mouth. At that moment, while switching between watching the profanity on the screen, and looking down at my innocent roommate finger-fucking, and eating me out like a pro, I came so hard everything went dark…..

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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