Family Affairs Ch. 21

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After 38 years as a nurse in the NHS Ann Rushton had taken her retirement at 60 two years previously, and now worked part time at the local private hospital. The change was surprising at first, working in the private sector was so different, mainly because she had none of the responsibilities of management and was enjoying being a nurse, and having time with patients.

Today was going to be a busy day as there was a couple of new patients she had not met yet. There was a lady of 80 who had been given a new knee who would be staying for about 10 days and a male patient of 67 who had undergone surgery, again on his knee, but who would be only here for three days as he could be cared for by family at home after that.

Ann knocked on the ladies door first, hearing no reply she opened the door. The lady was still asleep. There was no need to wake her just yet so she closed the door and went to Mr White’s room. As soon as she knocked the door she heard him say come in. When she opened the door she saw Mr White trying to get out of bed.

“Mr white what are you doing you should not be trying to get up on your own.”

“Sorry,” he said, “I just need to go to the bathroom, I waited for as long as I could.”

“You should have rung the bell, here let me help.”

Ann stood by his bed and helped him swing his legs over the side before supporting him as he stood up. “Don’t put any weight on the bad leg, use me to support you.” Together they walked to the bathroom. “Can you manage from here Mr White?” She asked him.

“Yes I think I can.”

“Well I am just outside, call when you are ready.”

“Ok, will do,” Paul replied as he heard the door close behind him. As he had his morning pee he suddenly realised he recognised the nurse form somewhere but could not work out where. When he was done he called out and the nurse came back in and helped him back to his bed. It was really bugging him now where he knew her from. He would have to ask Lou when she came in later to visit.

For her part Ann was totally professional, she had recognised Mr White immediately from the other week at the retreat. But she had learnt not to mix her personal life with work and if he was not going to say anything then neither was she. Once the patient was back in bed she asked if he would be getting any visitors today.

“Oh yes, my wife will be in later,” he told her.

“That’s nice. Well remember ring the bell if you need anything again, I am here all day,” she said as she turned and walked to the door.

When he saw her from behind Paul remembered when he had seen her before. He had seen that ass step out of the hot tub at Bob’s place. “Dam!” He thought, “she must think me so rude not to say hello.”

As Ann walked out the door she was smiling to herself and couldn’t help wiggle her bum a little more than normal, she knew that he would be watching, they all did.

An hour later and Ann was sat at the nurses station when she heard a pair of high heeled shoes on the floor. Knowing that it was either a visitor or management she looked up and saw Mr White’s wife walking down the ward towards her. Ann smiled at her and the other lady smiled back, then her face showed a sign of recognition. “Hello Ann,” Lou said, then looking around to see if anyone could overhear added, “nearly didn’t recognise you with your clothes on.”

Ann had to smile at that and said, “you did better than your husband I don’t think he recognised me yet.”

“That would be about right, so what a coincidence.”

“Isn’t it.” Ann said.

“So how’s he doing?” Lou asked.

“Pretty good, he managed to get to the bathroom this morning with some help, just make sure he doesn’t try on his own.”

“Don’t worry, I will keep him in check. See you later?”

“Yes I will be around later to check on him again.”

Ann watched Lou walk on down to Paul’s room and enter. She followed as soon as the door closed, so she could eavesdrop on their conversation from outside. She was just in time to hear Paul say, “I know, I didn’t recognise her at first, it wasn’t until I saw her bum wiggle as she walked out that I realised where we had met.”

“Well she recognised you apparently.”

“She didn’t say, maybe she doesn’t want it acknowledged at work.”

“Too late,” Lou said and told him what she had said to Ann at the desk. “She didn’t seem too put out.”

Ann walked away form the door, again a smile on her face, so he had recognised her after all.

It was half an hour later that Ann went back to the room as it was time for a blood pressure check. Before she entered she stood and listened again.

“Had a phone call from Joe this morning to say they have landed at Heathrow, and will be here tomorrow.”

“Oh great, I am looking forward to seeing him again. Did he say what Mary thought of the U.K. On her first visit here.” Paul said.

“No he didn’t, but then she has t seen much yet. Any way it means I won’t be able to come to visit you tomorrow until later as I should be home when they Alanya Masaj Salonu arrive I guess.”

“Yes it’s a pity I am here at the same time, but I am sure you will take care of them properly.”

“I will don’t worry. Perhaps someone else will come and visit you tomorrow, I will ring round later.”

“That’s will be nice,”

Ann could wait no longer and forgetting etiquette she opened the door. The look on Lou and Paul’s face was a picture as she surprised them. Paul’s sheets had been pushed down and Lou had her hand up his hospital gown and had evidently been stroking his cock as they were talking.

“Oh I am so sorry Mr White, I can come back in a while.”

“Don’t be silly Ann, we are all friends, and any way I think he has finished,” Lou said as she pulled her hand back and looked at her fingers where there was some cum dripping down them. Never one to waste cum Lou licked her fingers off in front of Ann.

“Oh my!” Ann exclaimed as she watched Lou.

“Don’t tell me you are shocked?” Lou said.

“No Mrs White, it takes a lot to shock a nurse, it is just nice to see that’s all.”

“Good, and can we use first names please, Mr and Mrs White sounds so formal.”

“Oh right sorry, professional habit, Lou.”

Ann took Pauls arm to measure his blood pressure which was a little high unsurprisingly. When she was done she said, “just be careful, not all my colleagues are probably as open minded as I am, but most will knock. I am sorry I didn’t.”

“Are you really?” Paul asked.

“You have me there, actually no I am not,” she said flashing him a big smile. Then looking at Lou asked her if she was going to be here all day.

“Yes I will be today,” Lou replied.

“I was wondering if you would like to join me for lunch, Paul will be having his here of course. It will be nice to chat with someone my age for a change all the others are so young compared to me.

“I would like that thanks Ann,” Lou said, “I will look forward to it.”

“Ok, my break is at 1, I will come and meet you and we can go to the café here if you like.”

“Ok, lovely.”

True to her word Ann returned at one o’clock, Paul had already had his lunch and was feeling a little tired. He would drop off to sleep again soon enough so Lou didn’t mind leaving him for a while. Lou walked with Ann to the hospital café and they bought some lunch. Over the next 45 minutes the two ladies did not stop talking. Lou told Ann about how they knew Bob and Juanita from years back and that it was Bob who introduced them to nudism, and now they had reconnected after a long break. She did not go into what the reason for the gap had been.

“We are relatively new to nudism then, by comparison,” Ann told Lou. “It’s only been about 10 years since our first trip to a nude beach on holiday. Since then we have always been nude at the beach, then Nigel read about the retreat opening with new management and convinced me to go along to their open day.”

“It has changed a lot since we looked at it years ago,” Lou told her.

“So I understand from some of the older members, but Bob and Juanita have made a real difference to the place.”

“From what they told us, you and your husband have ben instrumental in that too,” Lou said.

“That’s very nice of them to say so. We like the relaxed atmosphere there now, and have managed to introduce some of our more open minded friends to it. We have some fun times there, if you know what I mean, although Bob and Juanita don’t seem to have any idea what goes on.”

“I think I understand you well enough Ann. I also think you discovered earlier that we are fairly broad minded too.”

Ann knew they were talking in code so no one could overhear them. She would have to let Nigel know about Lou and Paul later when she finished work, but she needed to find out more just to be sure.

When lunch was over the two new friends walked back to the ward to find Paul still asleep. Lou said she would just wait for him to wake up. Later in her shift Ann was walking past Paul’s room and heard the two of them talking again.

“So you think Ann and her husband are swingers?” Paul was saying.

“I am pretty sure that’s what she said yes. But she also said that Bob and Juanita have no idea that it’s going on at the retreat.”

“They may not, but Bob definitely knows that some of them swing. Wouldn’t Ann be surprised if she knew that we had swapped with Bob and Juanita the other day?”

“Yes, I think she would be,” Lou agreed.

Outside the room Ann was nodding her head in agreement too, she had no idea that Bob and Juanita had any sexual inclination at all. She knew Nigel would be most excited by this news as he was always commenting on the size of Juanita’s boobs.

For the rest of her shift Ann only saw Paul and Lou once when she popped her head in to check everything was OK. Lou told her that they were fine and that she had helped Paul to the bathroom. “What time do you finish today Ann?” She asked.

“My Alanya Masöz Escort shift finishes at 5, why?”

“Would you mind calling in before you go home I have a favour to ask before I leave too.”

“Yes sure, no problem,” Ann said. It was 10 minutes after 5 when Ann knocked on Pauls door, her shift now over. “Come in Ann,” Lou called out. When Ann walked in Lou added, “you really don’t have any need to knock you know, it’s not like you haven’t seen us in more compromising situations before.”

“I guess that’s true,” Ann said, “you wanted to ask me something Lou?”

“Yes, hope you won’t mind, but I want to say to goodbye to my husband properly, and wondered if you would look out, as you said not everyone of your colleagues may be as enlightened as you.”

“Oh I see, yes that’s fine. But I better not stand outside that will be a little weird for anyone else.”

“No problem, you know we don’t mind you staying,” Paul said as he lifted his gown and displayed an already hard cock. Before Ann could see any more of it Lou was on it with her mouth licking the

head and then down towards his shaft. She gripped him in her hand and pulled the cock to stand at right angles to his body before dropping her mouth right over the tip and sucking.

It was not the first time of course Ann another woman give a blow job, she had seen Nigel getting his fair share over the years, but there was something about it happening here that made it all the more exciting and she could feel her own pussy starting to moisten as she watched Lou. Paul had begun to moan softly as Lou began to slide his cock in and out of her mouth, Ann wanted to touch herself but couldn’t be too obvious so was using her handbag to rub against her pussy through her uniform.

It did not take long for Paul to cum, and Ann watched as Lou kept his cock in her mouth as he climaxed, slowly milking it with her fingers. When Paul had finished Lou lifted her head from his lap, looked at Ann and opened her mouth to show her the load of cum inside. Ann expected her to swallow the cum but instead she went back to Paul and they kissed passionately and Ann could tell they were sharing the cum between them as they kissed, she had never seen anything more erotic or sensual as that in any of her liaisons with her swinging friends, but she knew she was going to have to do it to Nigel later as it looked just amazing.

The look on Lou and Paul’s faces when they finished kissing confirmed for her that something very special had passed between them, and it was not just semen. “Thank you Ann, I can leave knowing that he is going to be ok till tomorrow, won’t you love?”

“Too dam right Lou. I love you, see you tomorrow.”

“Love you too you old fool,” she said. Kissing him on his forehead. “Come on Ann let’s get out of here, I am sure you want to get home to Nigel.”

In her head Ann was thinking, more than you can imagine’, but her mouth just said, “yes it has been a long day, but a fun one.”

The two of them walked to the car park together and Lou asked, “will we see you tomorrow Ann?”

“Yes, although I am on a late tomorrow so not till after lunch.”

“Ok we will look forward to it,” and without pausing she leant to give Ann a goodbye kiss on her cheek. As she came closer Ann could smell the hint of Paul’s cum still on Lou’s breath and her pussy almost flooded there and then. She kissed Lou back on her cheek and said goodbye. She sat in her car and it was impossible to not put her hand between her legs, as she watched Lou walk to hers. Ann could feel the dampness of her panties through the material of her uniform as she drove home to where her husband Nigel was waiting.

“Hello sweetheart, had a good day?” Nigel asked when she walked into the kitchen where he was preparing dinner.

“Yes fantastic, will tell you about it later but right now I need something from you.”

“Oh what’s that?”

“This,” she said as she started to unbuckle the belt of his trousers.

“Oh I see,” was all Nigel could say as Ann pulled his cock out of his trousers and boxers letting them both fall to the floor. Within seconds it was in her mouth and she was sucking it to its full length. Once she had achieved this she stood up and unbuttoned her uniform dress and leant over the worktop, “fuck me Nigel, I need your cock so bad,” she told him as she pulled her panties to the side to give him access to her wet pussy.

Nigel knew not to ask any questions when his wife was like this but to just do as she wanted. He could tell right away that something had happened to her as her pussy was soaking wet when he pushed his cock in from behind. “Yes that’s it fill me up I am so horny right now, I am going to cum so quickly. Oh yes, I love your cock Nigel. But don’t you dare cum yet.”

“Uggh? That’s not going to be easy darling, you are so fucking wet down there.”

“Oh I love it when you say that Nigel. Say it again. Make me cum.”

Being given the green light Nigel Alanya Öğrenci Escort started of with, “going to fuck you Ann till you cum.” Before moving on to feel my cock in your hot wet pussy Ann, feel it filling you up.” He was holding her hips now and thrusting his own hips forward.

“That’s it, I am going to cum. Oh yes! Uggghhh! Mmmmmh!” Were some of the sounds Ann made over the next minute as she climaxed on Nigel’s cock.

“I can’t hold on much longer Ann,” Nigel said as he felt her vagina stop clenching his cock. Without a word Ann stood up so his cock fell out of her pussy and turned round. She was back on her knees again and sucking his cock before he knew what had happened. Never before had she ever sucked him off after he had been in her twat. Whatever had happened at work today had really got her worked up. He was not complaining though and very soon he was cumming too, and filling her mouth with spunk.

When he had finished he expected her to turn to the sink to spit out his cum as she always did. This time though she didn’t seem to want to. Instead she stood up and opened her mouth so he could see she was holding it in. Then suddenly she was kissing him on his lips and her tongue was swirling around in his mouth. Nigel could taste his own cum in his mouth as Ann passed it to him. He should have been disgusted, but instead he was thrilled, he had never known his wife be do ‘dirty, and he was loving it and had his tongue in her mouth sharing spunk back and forth between them.

When they had been kissing for nearly 5 minutes like this Ann broke off and looking at Nigel swallowed what was in her mouth and then said, “you too.” Nigel swallowed his own spunk before they were back kissing again.

Later that evening as they were having dinner Ann finally explained what had happened at work. How she recognised Paul from the retreat immediately, and then what she had witnessed when Lou arrived.

“It sounds like they swing,” she told him, “or if they don’t they have a very open attitude to sex and it wouldn’t take long to get them in on the action,” Nigel said after he heard about the day.

“Oh I am petty sure they are not monogamous, there is one thing I didn’t tell you.” Ann then told Nigel about the overheard conversation concerning Bob and Juanita.

“Well fuck me!” Nigel said. “Who would have thought it, I have been trying to flirt with her for years, I was sure she was an ice maiden.”

“Well it would seem not if what I heard was true. But I am determined to find out more tomorrow from them.”

“Make sure you do, I want to hear all about it tomorrow evening.”

It was just as well that Ann was on late shift the next day as the evening developed into quite the fuckfest for her and Nigel. Her pussy was still sore from the number of times Nigel had pounded her. Throughout the session they were both talking about various combinations of couples they would like to be with. Ann told Nigel how she was looking forward to seeing Paul’s cock again and this time getting a closer look and maybe more. In turn Nigel told her how he would love to watch two of them fucking whilst he played with Juanita’s massive jugs, sliding his cock between them until he came and covered them in sticky cum. By the time Ann had cum three times she had moved on from Paul and was telling Nigel how she wanted to get down and dirty with Lou, she imagined them lying in a 69 position two of them licking each other’s pussies till they came.

By the time they had finished Ann had had five orgasms and Nigel had cum in her pussy and once on her tits before finishing off in her mouth when they shared his cum again with a kiss before they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Thinking about it now made Ann moist again and she had to stop herself from putting her hand up her uniform to feel her pussy as she drove. She lay her hand on her lap instead and could feel her suspender belt straps which were laying on her thigh. She didn’t normally wear them to work, but thought today might be a good day to start.

Being on the late shift meant that she started at midday and worked till 8 pm, meaning that she missed the arrival of most of the visitors to the patients. Her first hour was full of catching up on new patients and any other changes overnight, so it was not till nearly 1 o’clock that she finally made it to Paul’s room. Remembering that Lou had said not to worry about knocking she opened the door when she arrived. What she saw was not quite expected, although there was a certain similarity to the evening before. Paul was once again getting his cock sucked but it was not Lou that was doing it. This woman was definitely younger than Lou, she had her head down and did not see the door open. Ann watched for almost 30 seconds before she closed the door and left, just as Paul opened his eyes and saw the door close, and knowing who had been there.

Ann didn’t know what to think now, was this one of Paul and Lou’s swinging friends, if they were indeed swingers. Or is Paul having an affair with a younger woman behind Lou’s back. Then she recalled that Lou said she wouldn’t be in till later in the day and would arrange someone to visit. Was this the someone? And did Lou know what would have happened when she sent her? Ann couldn’t concentrate for the next hour thinking about all these things.

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