Family Gathering Pt. 03

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Writers Note: ‘Thank you again’ for all your feedback, good or bad it is always welcome, and helps me improve for future stories.

Continuing from ‘Part 2’……

Weird really, I suppose thinking back, perhaps I, we had broken through a barrier, namely me and Becky, although still a no go zone, having been almost suffocated by her 36D mammaries, it felt really natural to just lie back on the bed, my arm round the neck and shoulders of Sue and Becky, so tempted to let my one hand try and stray further to ‘cop a really good feel, cupping her tits’, although Sue was complaining as I pulled both of them closer to me giving them a husband and family hug, my limp slime cock lifelessly resting down dribbling and spent for the day. Following their eyes, no surprises where Tony was looking, Stella I think was just ‘taking in’ the full vista of Dad’s limp cock, and mum and SiL juicy pussies.

Sue mentioned she needed a drink, asking if anyone wanted anything to eat. All agreeing to a drink, and perhaps some nibbles, mmmm nibble of Becky’s 36D’s — yes please. We all got off the bed, the children going to freshen up, me and Sue back to hosting duties once we too freshened up, suggesting we could shower together, Sue telling me to get my cage, followed by ‘not that your cock will in danger of do anything anyway’, true. At best I’m a ‘once a day’ guy. As we all dispersed, I detected some ‘knowing looks’ amongst the girls, in asking Sue, she batted away any such notion, but I know her! Meanwhile she changed into fuck! One of the sexiest dresses I have ever seen her wear, a stretchy, clingy blue shoulder less minidress, such was its ‘cling’, there was no way any underwear could be worn, although appreciating that in Sue’s case perhaps the dress was for a younger woman, but I certainly wasn’t complaining seeing the dress fighting to contain and keep her baby fed breasts in check lol. Sue looked amazing.

It didn’t take long to realise what ‘was going on’, as in reconvening in the lounge, first Stella, then Becky all appeared wearing the exact same dress as mum, but in red and white respectively, fuck. NO such problem with their dress in the boob control department, although Becky’s mammoth mammaries were fighting to get out. Dad and son were in for a real treat. I later found out that Sue had suggested the dresses, her treat if ‘they’ were up for it. Although she had problem (as usual) with getting the correct size, especially buying on-line, having said that, Sue frugal as ever, told me ‘They weren’t that expensive’, whatever the cost, the view was definitely worth it, wrong size or not.

OK, it is well worth pointing out, saying here, that we were all suffering? under the influence of alcohol intoxication, no, not drunk, completely pissed, or off our heads, but we all had been drinking in moderation since lunchtime, and it had to have some, accumulating effect. Over eating adding to it, giving an increasing soporific effect. Well, that was my, if not our excuse, lol not that we needed any excuse to ‘enjoy ourselves/ each other’

Later all mingling in the kitchen and the lounge Sue and I both noticed Tony spending quite some time with Stella, nothing lewd or sexy, just chatting, laughing, and I could certainly see that Stella was drinking more than usual. Becky on the other hand was great, perhaps because of what happened earlier she, or was I appeared far more relaxed, at ease with each other’s company, not that it wasn’t good ‘before’, but this was different. Both Becky and I were far more accepting of each other touchy feely, no not grabbing her tits, but in my case and it might sound strange but I felt confident rather than ‘frightened’ to touch her, and Becky certainly was enjoying the attention of ‘dad’. Sue as usual doing a great job as the perfect host, making the most and enjoying the various collective sexy views that her dress afforded.

I was so proud of my sexy, horny, loving, sensual wife, trying to compete with her ‘daughters’ half her age. Flaunting herself, showcasing the ‘goods’ whether intentionally or not, certainly added to the whole evening. Thinking particularly of her dress always trying to ‘ride up’ at the back, and more obviously to my delight at the front when she sat down. There again, and I suppose the relative ‘economic’ price of each dress proved to provide ‘problems’ to all 3 girls. I for one was not complaining about Becky in her dress lol. Thinking back to when our family were growing up, the number of times Sue and Stella had ‘words’ about going out ‘looking like that,’. All of which had come to nothing looking at Stella enjoying the attention of her brother (what), she was almost in her element flaunting herself ‘to the whole room’, and had developed a ‘relationship’ within in the past 24 hours, but Becky and Stella had known each other for years not just a day.

The excitement of the whole day, alcohol, food, alcohol, food, food, alcohol, sex, sex, alcohol, food, alcohol, what next? You’ve guessed it, well for some, or was it foursome!

As the evening ambled on, Tony tipobet365 yeni giriş was enjoying himself with Becky and Stella on the sofa, whilst Sue and I cuddled up in the smaller sofa over the other side of the lounge. They all had made the most of the running buffet and drinks, I say ‘they’, because Dad was still on the outside looking in, even though Becky and I had got more acquainted earlier on, perhaps if I had made more of a move may be things would be different, but I didn’t want to push my luck for fear of losing any ‘good will’ I’d now gained. So, whilst moving around between lounge, kitchen, via the hall, and any other ‘route’, it gave the 4 of them plenty of opportunity to fool around. I smiled to myself thinking back to years and years ago playing ‘intimate Postman’s knock’. Whether it was just the dress material, but several times I saw the girls returning to the ‘room’ putting themselves straight, if you know what I mean!

It took time for things to sink in, several times Sue asked me if I was tired, before I could answer ‘Why shall we go to bed for a cuddle?’, telling me I looked tired. The girls were both enjoying Tony’s attention, playing with them through their dresses, although their hems were almost obscene, for me knowing that all the girls were ‘commando’, sorry but I admit watching, waiting wondering if I, we would see Stella’s pussy. Sue seeing me ‘perving’ at our daughter playfully slapped my arm, telling her ‘OK, just because you’ve seen and HAD Tony’s cock’, we could not help but both of us laugh, how the hell did we get into this, this ‘situation’.

Much as I loved ‘watching’, yes, I admit to feeling tired, finally telling Sue, her eyes immediately lighting up, sensing something rather blandly asking ‘What?’.

She repeatedly looked over at the 3 of them on the sofa, then back at me, looking at each other in the eyes, as they say ‘the penny dropped’, no words necessary, other than telling her she ‘was a horny cow’,

Sue replied that ‘I knew her only too well’, kissing me on the mouth and cheek, standing up grabbing her bare ass under her dress, a huge hug. Whispering that she would ‘try not to wake me’. She then announced that ‘Dad was going to bed’, the 2 girls stood up for their goodnight kiss, even Stella felt different! I could not resist grabbing Becky’s bare ass cheeks in full view of Tony. No comments, no resistance. Progress. RESULT!

Grabbing a drink in the kitchen on the way, Stella followed me saying she was ‘having a real good time, and she hoped I was too’, we both knew what she meant.

It made me smile, not sure exactly, but replying it was nice, but intimated that it would nice to ‘see more of her’. Leaving her to interpret my comment. She came over and gave me a big hug, instinctively squeezing her bum. Comparing it in my head to that of Becky’s. Yes, Stella showed no resistance to my ‘advances’ either! Am I such pervert?

Going upstairs it was good to hear the noise and laughter, but I just felt knackered from the whole exciting (s)experience, and whilst I wanted to be ‘involved’, was fully aware that they, the family would, wanted to have fun without good old dad, and I was it was right for me to leave them to it, difficult as it was. In coming out of the en-suite bathroom, I was somewhat taken aback to see Stella sitting on the bed, particularly as I was naked apart from my caged cock. Think I must have gone red all over, Stella looking, staring smiling, as I hurriedly got under the duvet, she commenting to the effect, something like ‘feeling safe’, referring to me being caged.

Without invite, Stella joined me on the bed lying next to me on top of the duvet. Her dress doing nothing to hide her hard nipples, fuck, listen to me, my mind in a spin, what is the matter with me, she is my daughter. Not sure whether she was aware of my ‘pervy’ ogling, she got closer, affording me a better deeper view of her cleavage, and yes her dress hem riding obscenely upwards. She kissed me on the cheek. It was the most natural thing in the world to pull her closer, a typical reassuring, loving hug from dad.

We chatted for a while, telling me it was nice to have some time alone with me, it was music to my ears. To be honest, even now I’m not sure how, but in one of our hugs, I ended up feeling one of her exposed boobs, initially freezing, realising that I had done it ‘automatically’, only for her to use her hand to keep it there, the other pulling her dress down being topless. We continued chatting as normal, she snuggled into me, and yes, her hand under the duvet fondling my cage. This was so naughty, but oh so good. Perhaps sensing that ‘this’ was going too far, and could get out of hand, she got off the bed, saying she ‘better join the others’, leaning over her firm boobs fully exposed, giving me a nice kiss on the lips, I so wanted to feel them, but didn’t. YES I AM SUCH A PERVERT! Sorry, I just could not help myself.

I slept really well, not hearing Sue getting into bed. It was past 7am, not a sound, Sue still sleeping looking tipobet365 giriş so angelic bless her. Now fully awake I wanted to know what she, they did after I came to bed. Gently lifting the duvet, seeing her naked woman flesh, oooh I could so eat her (and do), I noted the unmissable sex scent, which very gently, cautiously I confirmed by feeling her moist, creamy pussy. She stirred, moving my hand away quickly as not to wake her. I really love ogling her naked flesh, especially her boobs, yes makes me sound like ‘Benny Hill’ chasing big chested nubile girls as featured in those old TV comedy programmes, but without the ‘bottle bottom’ spectacles lol.

Yesterday, having my sexual appetite sated and so well ‘released’, what now? Well, of course all the family were still here, what else could we all want and wish for, especially in these Covid mad times. Everyone safe. Leaving Sue in bed, made my way quietly to the kitchen, not a sound anywhere. Making a cup of tea, and setting out things, preparing things for breakfast, not that I felt like eating much. Sitting at the kitchen table halfway down my mug of tea, hearing movement I was joined by Becky, shit! Looking as sexy, towselled, dishevelled and well fucked as only she could be lol. Her dressing gown barely containing her chest. Seeing, me immediately coming over sitting on my lap, arms round my neck, her perfume, and musky sexy smell, if only they could bottle it.

I could not resist, instinctively, automatically my hand on her knee, under her gown, moving ‘higher’. No attempt at moving, asking as you do, ‘How’s Dad this morning’, her thigh was warm and smooth, my hand moving slowly higher, telling her I slept well, she kissed my forehead, in doing so slightly adjusted herself, my hand ‘so close’. Looking me in the eyes, her face no more 6 inches away, a big broad grin telling me ‘You, are a naughty boy’, initially holding, stopping my hand, perhaps deciding, then her hand on top of mine guided between her legs, again moving slightly so I could get ‘in’. Her smiled got even bigger, playfully tapping my hand. Making me feel like a child caught with my hand in the sweetie jar.

Just as I was enjoying myself, she got off my lap asking if I wanted a ‘top up’, wow! Is that what they call ‘it’? Errr no, she meant a tea refill. Her gown swirling loosely around her ass, it nicely and teasingly opening further up, under the strain of her TITS. She is such a tease, moving round the kitchen affording me glimpses of her woman flesh without being near enough to get a closer view or within arm’s reach. We chatted about how good it was yesterday without being specific, but with much innuendo about the ‘fun’ we all had, that certain ‘glint’ in her eye, perhaps it was me feeling guilty, but was that saying ‘Yes, even you Dad’ (had some fun too).

We both ended agreeing that our ‘other half’s’ deserved breakfast in bed, Becky saying that perhaps Tony would want ‘extras’, if he was up for it after last night. Aah what did they (all?) of them get up to (or who got what ‘up’ them) after I went to bed? Calm down Dad, calm down.

Sue opened her eyes as I rather clumsily knocked against the bedroom door, raising herself up on the pillows, her saggy beautiful tits out in show. I can understand but not help by looking for any sign of ‘use’, but could see nothing, S noticing me ‘looking’ playfully slapping my shoulder, almost laughing at the same time. Sitting on the bed next to her, we chatted, agreeing it was great for everybody to be here, NO innuendo or spark of reference to family sex fun, this was a genuine family get together, both of us thankful especially with all this ‘Covid’ around. But, yes of course all this ‘sex; stuff, was most definitely at the back of my mind if not Sue’s. Given how the ‘girls’, all the girls are behaving, acting, it was difficult for any hot bloody randy male (cuck or dad) to ignore lol.

I made the most of our joint shower, fuck there is just that certain something man handling Sue’s wet soapy boobs, OMFG, feeling them as I stood behind her, I got a little carried away telling me ‘to be gentle’ (bless). I made sure her pussy and ass were thoroughly clean using my hands not my mouth, cheeky girl saying ‘it’ was in need of ‘thorough refresh in readiness for more action’, well something like that. Did I hear by cock bouncing off the inside of my cage!! She turned round and gave me one the best opened mouthed long lingering kisses I have ever had, before breaking off ‘Thank you’. I could not resist again giving her tits, and lovely hard nipples some attention with my mouth, taking the chance whilst it was there, Sue supporting herself on the shower side her arms either side my head. Telling, asking me ‘I bet you wish these were Becky’s’?’ OH! fuck YES! But I couldn’t reply with my mouth full of wife tit!!!!! We both knew the answer anyway.

We all had a lazy morning, Tony, Becky and Stella decided to go for a leisurely walk, and it reminded me of last year when Sue was about to enjoy Tony as the ‘family’ returned, and I tipobet365 güvenilirmi ‘saved the day’, bursting in on Sue & Tony much to their collective shock, certainly that of Tony. Sue cuddled up to me on the sofa and reminded me of the incident, agreeing we had ‘come a long way’ (in more ways than one lol) since then. Very true.

Was it planned by them ‘the family’, who can say, but out of the blue Sue asked me ‘What we, or I would like to do this evening’? Of course, Boxing night is all part of the overall Christmas planning, but we were just chilling, and I suppose as usual play few traditional board games. Discussion was had about what we would be doing for our last evening, Sue suggesting we ‘Leave it to the children to decide’. Seeing that tell tale ‘glint’ in her eye.,

All I could say questioningly ‘What?’

Returning with drinks, the conversation was still about the ‘evening’, and someone had suggested, and it was ONLY a suggestion (yeah, right!), but Sue thought ‘It would be nice, or good’ something like that, if we ‘Swapped’, WTF! Coming in mid conversation I sat agog with fascination, speechless, was she suggesting, had ‘they’ discussed this between themselves, of course I know what swapping means amongst couples, did Sue really mean, was really suggesting and wanted us Sue and me to swap with Tony and Becky? WHAT!

The conversation changed, but later Sue using her feminine wiles to get her way, she knows it works every time, I’m a sucker for seeing her ‘flash her flesh’ all lovey dovey, making herself accessible and available to any part of her lively body I cared to visit. But, hang on a minute, swapping, how, who, us, me, what? Of course, it was obvious, well at least there was only answer, but never the less, what, no, this was not right, not happening, wake up, wake up. Yes, it was true, or at least I wasn’t in a dream. Getting things straight in my own mind, Sue my loyal and fuckaholic wife who opens her legs to fuck anything with or without a cock, wants me her cuck, small cocked, with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, me and her ‘swapping’, bizarre!

Getting Sue her drink and sat next to her, sensing that she wanted my input, thoughts, an answer, she was talking to me, swapping, swapping with Tony and Becky, that is right, I think I must have inadvertently blurted out ‘Tony & Becky’, we looked at each, nothing said, we both smiled, Sue was nodding her head. Not that I had any choice, after all Tony & Stella well had fucked, but shit shit shit, fucking hell, shit, me and big titted Becky, is that right, unbelievable.

Sue was as always ahead of me, reading my mind, telling me I would ‘of course be wearing my cage’ WTF.

Dare I say the rest of the day went as normal, well as normal as our, my fucked up family gets. Did I detect that everyone including me was getting ‘excited’, and couldn’t wait to get started, but I could not get the feeling in some ways being on the outside looking in, the 4 of them ‘in on everything’, with me waiting to told, I could tell by the way the girls were talking, acting that they were really ‘up for it’, being jealous of Tony benefitting from their company, attention and lewd behaviour. Don’t get me wrong they all did their best to involve me, but it was not the same. Stella was great, if anything spending more time with me than anyone else, bless. It was during the, our afternoon chat that for the first time I felt really close to her, might sound strange, after all she is our, my daughter, but in recent years I suppose naturally she has been much closer to her mum. We really had a ‘heart to heart’ conversation, which was weird given we were not alone, but the others as I have already said were in their own conversations. Thinking about it now, the fact we were all in the same room, helped me and Stella to open up, no pressure of those awkward silences always have other in the background. Sorry, if I have not explained this very well.

Stella saying that her and Becky were like sisters even though they don’t see each other very often. Being quite open about her sex life, wow, a I thought that was just for mum daughter chats. That in itself was an eye opener, and I suppose over the 2 days or so I could see what she meant about ‘sisters’. I could go on about certain things she alluded to, but there was no detail, but part of which lead on to ‘later’, she was really concerned that I was happy with mum (Sue), and her, after all ‘you are my dad’, stopping just short of incest, illegal, but her meaning and questions were clear, as was my answer, ‘If you’re happy I am too’, taking that as my consent, telling me that she was looking forward to later, kissing me on the cheek, at the same time grabbing my crotch through my trousers. FUCK.

My chat with Stella played on my mind, was I happy, or what, I wasn’t sure, I had this feeling, but feeling about what? Anyway, moving on a relaxed dinner, followed by monopoly, a family tradition, playing a board game of some description. But the pent-up sex excitement was starting to come to the fore, it was agreed to stop playing, and then start ‘playing’, if you get my drift. Sue had gravitated more towards Tony, as did Becky to me. All in the lounge TV on, no one watching, I could not help but watch Tony openly fondling her, even though I was wedged between Becky and Stella.

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