Family Vacation Ch. 4

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David had waited until his mother and sister had been gone on their walk for a while and until he heard the steady whack of the ax that his dad was using to chop wood. Then he decided he was alone. By now his cock was ready to tear through his cut-offs.

What a wild couple of days it had been.

He made sure he was alone and then pulled down his pants. His throbbing hard boner sprang free in front of him. He laid back down and began to fondle his balls. They were incredibly sensitive. He knew from experience that they were heavy with cum. He always liked it more when he dropped a really big load on his belly. Sometime, if he was really horny, his cum would shoot out to his chest or even his own face on occasion. There was no correlation between volume of cum and intensity of orgasm, he knew, but more cum made it more erotic. He loved watching cum shoot out of his dick.

His hand began to slowly stroke his eight inch organ. He let his mind form the images he had seen recently. There was his mom, spread eagle like a wild woman, working the rubber dick in and out of her cunt. There was his sister sucking on his cock, letting him shoot on to her face. There was his mom, licking her juices from the dildo. There was his sister, on top of him, riding his dick, and cumming like there was no tomorrow.

A drop of semen appeared at the crown of his cock. He squeezed his dick and was rewarded with even more. His finger gathered it up and brought it to his tongue. He went back to jacking off. He worked his dick slowly, he was in no hurry to blow his wad.

He tried to imagine what it would be like to fuck his mother. He would love to sink into the beautiful cunt he had seen. She had her fingers up her ass. Maybe he could fuck her up the ass. That thought made his cock throb.

Time to slow down he thought. No rush…make it last.

Then he remembered that Debbie had said his dad kept some dirty magazines or books out in the shed. Maybe there would be some good pictures or reading material to beat off with there if he could find them. He stood up and pulled his cut-offs back up. It wasn’t easy but he managed to get his engorged dick back into his shorts. He didn’t bother to put a shirt on.

As he came out of the cabin he looked over to see his father chopping wood. His dad had removed his shirt in the heat of the day. The sweat on his skin made his muscles glisten in the sun. David realized then how much he looked like his dad. They were both about six feet tall and well muscled. His dad had a bit of flab around his gut but not nearly as much as a lot of forty year old guys. David was proud of the way his dad looked. Mike stopped chopping for a moment and saw his son looking at him. They waved at each other. Then Mike went back to chopping wood.

David went on out to the shed. He knew he was taking some chance that his dad might find him looking at the pornographic material that Debbie had said was there. But, shit, he was twenty years old. He had seen plenty of porno before. Its not like I’m some twelve year old sneaking a look a Playboy. If his dad caught him he would just ask if he could borrow a magazine discreetly for his own enjoyment.

Now, where would they be? There were a variety of boxes, shelves, and drawers in the shed. David thought, if it were my stuff, where would I keep it? A box seemed to be a logical place. He looked over the boxes on the shelves. They were all neatly stacked and all very dusty. Then one in the far corner caught his eye. It was not aligned exactly with the others. David moved closer to it. Sure enough, it wasn’t as dusty as the others. David pulled it down off the shelf and opened it up. He immediately knew he had found the right box.

It was full of the small magazines and cheap paperback books one bought at adult book stores. On top of the stack was a magazine entitled CUM SHOTS with a picture of a pretty redhead smiling. Two hard dicks were pointing at her face and the cum was dripping off of her cheeks, chin, lips, and tongue. David’s dick started to rise. He dug deeper into the box and then stopped. The title of a book caught his eye. At first he thought it said “BOYS NIGHT OUT” then he saw that it said “BI’S NIGHT OUT”. The cover was a photograph of two muscular young men hugging with two very sexy women. Obviously, it was about bisexuals. Then there was another book WHERE THE BI’S ARE, with a similar cover. He found three or four more books about bisexual behavior. There were a couple of magazines that were strictly homosexual acts. Men with huge cocks were butt fucking and sucking each other off. Massive loads of cum covered muscular chests and asses. David’s cock swelled at the sight of all that cum.

David picked up a magazine entitled “GOING BOTH WAYS”. It was filled with group sex pictures involving two men and two women. They started as couples, then became a foursome, then switched and became homosexual couples, and then back as a group. One picture was one man and one woman sharing a suck off of the other man’s dick while the second woman astalavista porno ate the pussy of the first and jerked on the cock of the first man. David’s dick was in full response to the pictures. He had looked at a few such magazines before in adult book stores but was afraid that someone might think he was gay. But now he had time to fully appreciate the eroticism of the situation. The men were clearly not a stereotype, limp wristed pretty boy. They were very good looking guys who apparently went both ways. Another picture showed one man flat on his back. One of the women was enjoying sitting on his face having her pussy eaten. The other man had his dick all the way up the ass of the first, fucking him wildly. His hand held the dick of the man he was ass fucking and was jerking him off. The other woman was standing before the man doing the ass fucking. She was leaning forward sucking on the tits of the woman being eaten. The guy doing the ass fucking had his face buried in her crotch.

David didn’t think it possible, but his cock got even harder. His cut-off’s were bulging with his dick straining at them. He wanted to get his dick out and drop his load but knew couldn’t take the chance there.

“So…now you know my secrets” his dad’s voice said softly. David dropped the magazine on the floor as he spun around to face his dad. His dad had kind of a sad look on his face.

“Dad! Jeez, you startled me. I mean I didn’t know you were there…” Then David ran out of things to say.

His dad slowly walked over and picked up the magazine. “Now you know, son” he said with a sigh.

“Know what, dad? Oh, the porno. That’s no big deal. Shit, everyone has some dirty books around.”

Mike held up the bisexual magazine and looked at the same picture David had been looking at. “Not like this they don’t”

“Hell, dad, sex is natural and feels good. Those pictures are exciting. They were turning me on for sure.”

“Are you serious. You don’t think I some kind of pervert or deviant.”

“No, dad, I don’t. I mean they’re just magazines aren’t they?”

“David, I’m not gay but I am bi. Those magazines are an important part of my fantasies”

“Have you actually done it with another man, dad?”

“Yes, many times. But that was when I was younger. A group of us from the football team couldn’t get dates one Saturday night, so we all got together to drink beer. We were all horny and started out playing grab ass and then making jokes about jacking off and then we started having jack off contests. By the time the night was over it got pretty wild. It got to be an every Saturday night event. We were all close friends and cared a lot about each other. Some of us kept it up even into college. We still had girlfriends and lots of them. We still enjoyed our group orgies though. In fact my bachelor party before I married your mother was a men only free for all. I haven’t been with a man since. Over twenty years”

David saw his father in a new light. “Does mom know?”

“No, she and I have a wonderful sex life, but I didn’t know whether she would understand. Since I was going to be faithful to her I guess it didn’t matter”

“Do you still think about it?”

“You see all those magazines and ask me if I still think about it? Get real” Mike laughed. “I do, of course. Even after all this time I miss a man’s touch and sharing the experience with a man I care about.”

David picked up another magazine. “This is pretty hot stuff”

“Have you ever been with a man, son.”

David looked at his father closely. His shoulders were broad and his chest was well muscled. David’s eyes strayed to his father’s crotch. There was a well defined bulge there. David’s own dick twitched as he saw it.

“Only once. I got a blow job at an adult book store. It was a great blow job but a pretty cheap experience”

“I can imagine. You said the magazines turned you on”

“Yeah, I mean just look” His cut-offs were outlining his big hard-on.

“Don’t tease me, son. I haven’t cheated on your mother for twenty years”

“I’m not teasing, dad. After all, I’m family”

“You mean it would be wrong because we are father and son?”

David looked closely at this wonderful man in front of him. He saw unfulfilled need in his father’s handsome face and gentle eyes and a growing bulge at his crotch. David slowly unzipped his cut-offs.

“No, dad, I mean I don’t think it would be cheating because we are”

He opened his cut-offs and hooked his thumbs into the hem. A push over his hips and they dropped to his ankles. He stepped out of them and stood naked in front of his dad. His cock was hard and throbbing. His father licked his lips and stepped forward. “it’s been a long, long time. A long, hard time” He reached out for David’s dick and hesitated only a moment. His strong hand wrapped around his son’s cock and felt its heat. “Its beautiful, son” He stroked David’s cock lovingly but with a firmness David had never felt in a woman’s touch. It asyalı porno was wonderful.

“What can I do, son. I know you are new to this. I don’t want to scare you off.”

“Just take your time, dad. If I’m not sure about something I’ll let you know. I trust you”

To reassure his dad, David reached out and gently squeezed the hard bulge in his pants. His father’s cock responded to the touch. Mike was now jacking off David slowly but firmly with one hand and caressing David’s balls with the other.

David undid his fathers jeans and reached inside. He had never felt such heat before. The head of his father’s dick poked up above his underwear. David rubbed it with his thumb. Mike grabbed his pants and pulled them down and over his feet. He now stood naked before his son, his hard cock pointing directly at that of his son. The two men reached out and grasped the other’s dicks and balls. They tugged lightly. They squeezed lovingly. They stroked passionately.

“It’s been so long, I can’t wait any longer son.” With that Mike dropped to his knees in front of his son’s massive erection. He stroked it several times, parted his lips, sucked lightly a couple of times, and then swallowed David’s cock clear to the base. He withdrew his face with a hard suck and then swallowed David’s cock whole once again.

David was being deep throated by his own father. Many women had tried to take his entire cock and had failed. And now here was his father swallowing it whole, apparently without effort. It felt better than any blowjob he had ever received. Obviously his dad must have had much experience. It must have been very frustrating over the years to hide his double feelings. I’m glad we are close enough to be this close, David thought.

Mike’s hands came up to cup David’s balls. He tugged on them lightly in rhythm with his sucking mouth. It felt so good to have a cock in his mouth and balls in his hands again after all this time. And they belonged to his own son. He didn’t feel guilty. David was a consenting adult and had wanted this to happen. As Mike sucked on David’s dick, he wondered what else they could do together. He felt his son’s dick throb at the back of his throat. He had been enjoying an almost constant stream of semen on his tongue as his mouth moved up and down David’s cock. His son’s juices were delicious.

David could feel his orgasm start to build. There was no doubt in his mind where his dad wanted him to come. David knew that his dad was starved for cum. David wanted to please him. He couldn’t deny how incredibly good this blow job felt. He wasn’t sure exactly how it was different, but it was different from any mouth action he had ever gotten from any woman. He had heard that a woman can please another woman better because they know how they want it to feel. Maybe the same thing was true about men.

David’s hands were on his father’s shoulders. His dad was sucking hard on his dick now. His hips rocked back and forth. He was fucking his father in the mouth and they were both loving it. Then it happened. While David couldn’t see it, he knew he was pouring a huge load of cum down his father’s throat. He could feel his dad swallowing furiously to keep up with his outpour. It was all he could do not to scream in pleasure as he shot his cum. His dad was holding him by the hips to keep him from collapsing. Five, six, seven times his balls discharged wads of cum. Finally, he stopped cumming and his dad stopped sucking.

Mike took his mouth off of David’s cock and licked the head. Up and down the softening shaft he licked, retrieving every drop of cum off of his son’s dick. He dipped his face and licked at David’s balls while milking his shaft with his hand. He would have liked to lick lower to David’s asshole but thought that would be rushing things between them.

David dropped to his knees and gave his dad a tight hug. His softening dick came into contact with his dad’s rock hard dick. Their hands dropped to each other’s asses and pulled their groins tightly together. David could feel his own cock start to rise already. Soon the two cocks rubbed together in full erection. Mike reached between them and grabbed both dicks in his hands and jacked them off together.

“David, I really need to cum. My balls hurt from the load I have. How will you help me?”

“I’ve never done it dad, but stand up and let me suck your dick”

“Are you sure?”

“You were so good to me. I want to return the pleasure for my old man”

“Wait until you see the load I drop. Then you’ll think old man”

Mike rose to his feet while David remained kneeling. He reached for his dad’s trim hips and drew him forward. His dad’s dick was level with his mouth. There was a clear bead of semen at the head of it. David cupped his father’s balls in one hand and gently milked his shaft with the other. The bead of semen grew in size. David reached out with his tongue and lapped it up. It tasted just like his own. He liked it.

He knew that he would not be able to take duş porno all eight inches of his dad’s cock down his throat as his dad had done to him. He would try to make up for it by using his hand more along with his mouth just as his sister had done for him. He opened his mouth and took the first four inches of his father’s dick into his mouth. He started to gag when it hit the back of his throat. He surprised himself by thinking “Maybe with some practice I’ll be able to deep throat him” He pulled his mouth back until it was comfortable and then added his hand to the action.

David was surprised how sensuous the hard dick was in his mouth. It was soft and hard at the same time. It was smooth at the head yet the veins made it rough. He didn’t know if he could suck just any man’s dick, but he certainly was enjoying sucking his father’s dick. He couldn’t help but wonder what other experiences he and his dad would enjoy together, man to man like this.

Mike could tell that David was sincere in his action but totally inexperienced. The blow job his son was giving him felt good but probably would not result in orgasm. However, it was good enough to enjoy for a while. David would get better with time, Mike knew. Mike stroked his son’s hair. He began to slowly rock his hips. He could feel the caress of David’s tongue on the head of his cock. David’s lips and hand made a tight squeeze on his shaft. Fucking his son in the mouth was bringing a thrill to his cock. He heard David moan around his cock.

Mike looked down between them. David was stroking his own cock while sucking on his father’s. Mike had an idea.

“David, this is great but I want to cum on your chest. Just sit back and let me jerk off on to you”

David found that he was enjoying the feel and taste of cock so much that he didn’t want to quit. But this ought to be an exciting show to watch. He sat back. His own dick pointed up to between his father’s legs. He looked at the dark area behind his dad’s tight balls and licked his lips. Maybe he could fuck his dad in the ass soon.

The two men went to work on their own hard cocks. Both were watching the actions of the other. David got his face below his father’s stroking hand and licked his nuts. His father moaned in response. David moved to where he could flutter his tongue over the head of his dad’s dick. He was rewarded with the taste of semen.

“God, son, it won’t be long now. I want to soak your muscles with my cum. I want to cover you with my juice. It’s going to be a great load I can tell…” Mike’s muscles were straining as he beat his cock. His hand worked faster now. At this level, David had a wonderful view of his dad’s dick. He could see every vein bulging with sex pressure. He saw the head of the cock turn deeper and deeper red. He could tell that his dad was only minutes, maybe just seconds from blowing his wad.

David was surprised to find that he could feel a second orgasm building in his own dick. Wouldn’t it be cool if they could cum together, father to son, man to man. He picked up the pace of his own masturbation.

Mike was thrusting his hips trying to keep up with his hand on his cock. His breathing and muscle strain indicated what was about to happen. David was amazed at this hard, beautiful organ only inches from his face and chest. He knew that he and his dad would enjoy each other many times in the future.

Mike started to cum. The first streamer of cum jetted out of his cock hard and hit David square in the middle of his chest. David was surprised to find how hot it was on his chest. Then a second shot of cum flew out and hit him on the chin. It was followed by a third, a fourth, and a fifth wad of hot thick white cum that each landed on his chest covering his erect nipples. It began to run down his chest in thick streams. He had never done anything so erotic. He loved cum on his chest. He wished there was more on his face. The sixth and seventh dropped off of the head of his dad’s dick onto his own dick as he jacked off. It made his cock very wet and slick. He got an idea. He stopped jacking off just long enough to scoop some of his father’s cum off of his chest with his fingers. He then spread it over his own dick to act as a lubricant.

Within seconds his second orgasm was approaching. “God, dad, I’m cumming again. Rub my balls please.”

His father was back on his knees immediately to help his son cum. He quickly reached out with his tongue and licked off the stream of his own cum hanging off of David’s chin. He reached below his son’s rapidly jacking fist and caressed his balls.

“Here it is. Now…” and again David shot his load. It arced and landed on his father’s belly right above his pubic hair. A second stream landed on his father’s cock. The third and fourth dropped into his father’s hands. Mike took the cum in his hands and rubbed it all over his son’s cock and balls.

David’s hands found his father’s cock and stroked it. They continued to slowly milk each other’s dicks for the longest time until no more cum dribbled out.

The two men hugged each other in affection and for support after their orgasms. The cum on their chests and bellies acting as a glue to bind them together. The heads of their softening cocks kissed between them. They both knew this was just the beginning of their new relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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