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It was a dark, stormy evening. The wind was howling outside with such force, you would think that it was trying to tare the whole house apart. I sat, as I usually did, at my desk typing away at what I hoped to be my next break-threw song. The words just didn’t seem to be flowing as usual tonight. Something just didn’t seem right. I couldn’t keep my mind glued on my work, it kept drifting in and out of memories of the past week…

He was very handsome, very handsome indeed. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him the first time I met him, and the way he kissed, O GOD the way he kissed. It sent chills down my spine and made my whole pussy ach for more. I could feel myself getting wet with that one kiss, and as his hand moved lower onto my stomach, I could fell myself tense up. Everything was going so great. I hadn’t felt this wonderful in such a long, long time.

The way his hands moved over my body, to the way his lips pressed against mine. Everything made me go wild. Thoughts of us doing this all night, and even getting more into it, ran threw my mind like a rabbit from a fox. I couldn’t keep my mind clean, it kept getting soo dirty. The thoughts of us making love for hours upon hours just drifted threw my mind. He reached down and placed his hand between my legs and could feel how wet I was. I was screaming inside for him to go deeper, to put something in me, to rub me, something! Just let my body’s juices run…

“Ding, Ding, Ding,” I was interrupted by the sounds of the clock on the wall. Damn, 12:00 already, I’ll never get this done on time is all I could think about. Oh, what I’d give to go see him right about now, to feel his hands on my body, running threw every crevice I had. Feeling his hard, enlarged cock rubbing up against my leg, and between them. Those feelings I wanted to feel soo horribly bad. I can’t stand it. I, had to call, I had to hear his voice, just something. Something to tell me that what I experienced the other night, that it wasn’t a dream, or just some fantasy playing threw my head, that it was real.. as real as the rain falling outside my window…

His hand moved slowly over my body, stroking it softly.. with the lightest touch. Everything was going so well, just so well. *ring* the phone, damnit why did the phone have to ring. He gets up slowly, and goes to answer it. The only thing that could spoil this moment. His girlfriend on the other line. I sink down into his bed. I watch as he talks to her, making faces at me while he dances around the room. He can’t sit still. He doesn’t want to be on there, he wants to be here, with me. I turn towards the wall. A few moments later, I feel his finger tips running over my bare shoulder.

It sends those wonderful chills threw my body once again. I can’t wait for him to get off the phone, he makes a face at me, and I look down to notice how incredibly hard his cock is. I grab at it, and softly squeeze when it’s in my hand. The look on his face is speechless. He wants to really get off the phone in a hurry now. I can tell by the expression on his face, and the color in his cheeks. A few moments later, he tells her goodbye. I heard the words I wish I wouldn’t of heard, “I love you too.” It’s such a turn off, knowing he can’t really be mine, but that for this night, this moment in time, I can have him. All of him. He creeps over to the bed and joins me. I smile at him softly and we start to kiss again. He tells me things like “your so beautiful” and “I love you” it’s nice to hear that for once. Rather the what I normally hear.

I just can’t get what he said out of my mind. With me, laying there, on his bed, waiting for him to come and take me, he tells her “I love you” those words echo threw my head. All I can think about, then I realize, I can’t do this. I quietly set up and get out of his bed. He looks at me confused. Bewildered about why I stopped, why I took to my feet. I try to explain to him, best I can Antep Bayan Escort “WHY” I can’t do this. Although physically capable, my mind ate at me like a dog on a bone. I try to tell him, how I feel soo horrible, as if “I’m” the one cheating. He doesn’t seem to understand. I lay down over his feet, he says its ok, they were cold anyways. I look up at him threw the hole between his legs and he smiles. How can I say no to those gorgeous eyes? How can I let myself say no to this chance…

A bolt of lighting sends me back into my thoughts. I need to get some fresh air or I’m never going to get this done. Calling him would be a waste of time. I need to move, to be out. Even in this storm, it’s better then being cooped up in this small room. I grabbed my jacket off the hanger, and put it on, then I grabbed my keys. I’ll drive. It’s to dangerous to be out walking in this. Just driving may keep my mind off this. I get into my car , and look down in the passenger set. There, laying on it’s side, is a small box. I’d meant to of giving it to him that night, but I didn’t. Things just didn’t go how I wished for them to. So I kept it in my car. I opened it, and looked at the small pendent. Such craftsman ship to make such a small thing. It worried me to know I hadn’t taken it back, or thrown it out. Why can’t I just give in to my brain, and stop trying to think with my heart? I pull out of my drive way, and make my way threw the town. I don’t know exactly where I’m going, just. driving. I see the sign for the exit I take to get to him. God I remember just the other night taking this road… it was just so wonderful..

I looked up at him, at his cute smile, and thought to myself. What’s wrong with a little pleasuring. I mean, I’m single. I start to talk to him about why I can’t have sex with him. I unbutton his pants as we talk, and slid his pants off. I look down at his black boxers and smile. God what I’d do to be able to make love to him. Nothing would please me more this night then to do this. I smiled and pulled down his boxers, revealing his now hard cock. I smile to myself while he’s talking and in the middle of him explaining to me why he can’t, I slide the head of his cock into my mouth. I could hear his eyes roll back into his head when I slid it back out. This was what I called fun. I took it back into my mouth sliding it in, all the way till it hit the back of my throat and then, down into my throat.

I could hear his moans of enjoyment. I was so hot and wet. This got me going even more. I started to move a little faster. He moved my hair out of his way so he could view as his dick went into my mouth and dissapeared, then reapeared just as quickly. I could hear him getting close and all of a sudden he tells me to slow down. I look at the time, damnit. It’s already 11. I was sappost to of been back at 12. It’s a 45 minute drive. I can wait a few more minutes. Then I relize, if I wait, he might talk me into making love. God how i’d love it. I just can’t. I tell him I’m going. He tells me I’m not. Saying that I couldn’t do that to him, that I had to finish. I climb on top of him and straddle his waist. I Smile down at him softly, and try to explain, he’s so set on me staying and finishing it. I can’t look him in the eye. I can’t stay. I look at him, he tells me if I’m going to go, then to go, befor he changed his mind. The look on his face sent pain to my heart. How could I be doing this. I know it’s not right. I should be there, making love with him, not arguing over if I was going to finish giving him head or not. I don’t know what to do. I have one shoe off, and one on. I walk over to him, with my pants half way unbuttoned, then slide them half way down reviling my panties. I ask him if he likes the frogs on them, and he smiles and says yes. Then he askes me why I’m doing this to him, teasing him in such a mannor. He gets up and comes over to me, pressing his cock up against my leg. God I wish I could feel that in me right now.. He slides my pants down right below my crotch and I help him with them the rest of the way. I take them off then slip back under the covers of the bed he comes after me. He places himself on top, and kisses my lips. He then moves down to my stomach and kisses it softly. He keeps moving downward and then I feel his fingers on my clit. Oh how long i’ve waited this night to feel that. To feel some part of him on them. With my panties still on, he started to finger me slowly, rubbing my clit and then running his finger in my hole. God the sensations I was feeling they were unbeleavable! Then, without removing my panties, he started to eat me out. That did it, I thought I was going to die if I didn’t have his hard cock in me, right then, right there. I told him, that I wanted to do it. I wanted to make love with him. He was astonished. He got up and turned the lights off then came back and got ontop of me and kissed me. God I wanted him soo bad. I asked him about a condom, he gets up to go look, and comes back empty handed. This literally upset me beyond anything. I had wanted him so bad I could feel him in me, but without protection, I couldn’t risk it. I couldn’t risk having a child for an hour of pleasure. I tried to tell him, but he kept pressuring me, and trying to get me to go with it. SLiding his dick up against my pussy, until finally I couldn’t stand it. I told him that if he wanted to, we’d better do it befor I changed my mind. I knew it was the wrong desision, but yet, it was right. He slipped my panties off softly and then told me to hold his dick. I sat and ran my hands over it, up and down as if giving him a hand job. Then I stuck it over my clit and rubbed it there for a few moments. He slowly started to stick it in me. When he was in, he started going in and out. I couldn’t of wished for anyting more. The feelings were amazing! I started to moan and he did as well, I wanted to just wrap my legs around him and pull him in as deep as I could get him, just a few more inches, god, anything to have him all up against my body and inside of me..

The buzzing of a car flying by me broke my thoughts again. I noticed I was heading towards his place. I was almost there. How time flies when your having fun. These thoughts were driving me up a wall. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I was going to see him, and then what? Ask him to forgive me? Ask him if we can start over? I couldn’t do that. I’d be the weak one. I couldn’t let myself seem like that. If only we had kept going.. if only..

He told me to slow down. I looked up at him. He tells me there’s something wrong, that he couldn’t do this. Inside I was screaming no, I wanted him to keep going I wanted him to go all the way, but my brain was yelling YES!! THANK YOU! I knew it was wrong. He got up, and grabbed his pants and told me I had to go. I was in shock. I laid own on the bed and buried my face in the pillow. He came over and sat next to me and plaid with my hair. Saying he couldn’t do it. I got up, got dressed and agreed. He agreed to walk me to my car. He stopped at the door and placed his head against the wall and told me how we could behaving the best sex of our lives right about now. Then he slowly lead the way to my car. We walked to it, and I got in. Another car was near by so he didn’t want to give me a kiss, afraid they knew him, and his girlfriend. I backed up and started to leave. I ran my car up beside him and stopped he reached in and kissed me long and hard, very very nice. I smiled and left..

I looked up to see I was parked right where I was last time. I couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t expecting me and in this poring rain, he was probably sleeping. I got out of my car slowly, and walked towards the building. He was on the 6th floor so I had 3 floors to walk up before I could change my mind. I thought to myself what I’d say or do when I saw him. I slowly walked up the stairs. 4th Floor. Two more flights. Images of what happened last time went threw my mind. What I’d do or could do to make him see things how I did. 5th floor. One more flight. I walked a little faster, thinking that maybe he was there waiting on me, that we had been on the same brain wave. 6th floor. This was it. Now or never. I stepped in threw the door, and turned to my right.

I went through the second door and there to my right, was his door. I didn’t know what to do. I looked down at what I had on. Nothing too sexy until I noticed I had gone out of the house in a rain slicker and a white teddy. How could I of done that. I knocked on his door. I heard shuffling and then, he answered it. Before I could say anything he ran his hand to the back of my head and started to kiss me. He swung me around and backed me into his room first while he closed the door behind him. Kissing me the whole time, then he locked the door. He led me to his bed, and down upon it. He got on top of me, kissing me passionately, so much I could feel the want in his lips. I kissed him back with as much or more passion in mine. He stopped kissing me and smiled. That’s all he had to do. He removed his shirt and helped me remove my slicker. I thought his eyes were going to fall out of his head when he saw what was on underneath.

He started kissing me again, running his hands over my body, threw my hair, over my breasts and onto my ass. I couldn’t help but let out a moan. He got back on top of me, and kissed my neck, then onto my breasts threw my teddy. He kissed down my stomach and onto my pussy. I could feel the heat from his breath. It was making me even more wet then I was when I first got there. He pulled my panties off, and started to eat me out. Fully this time. I’d never felt such feelings before.

I spread my legs wide apart, trying to get him to go in as far as his tongue could go. I placed my hand upon his head lightly and he stopped, smiled and kissed me. He was going to tease me, I could tell. I smiled and kissed him. He kissed me back and stuck one of his fingers deep inside my throbbing pussy. I couldn’t help it anymore, and I was moaning even louder then before this time. I could feel him going faster and faster, I could feel myself wanting to give into having my orgasm. I couldn’t bring myself to do it though. It hadn’t been long enough. I tried to tighten my legs around his hand and once again he stopped. I knew the game he was playing. He got up and kissed me again, but this time, he placed his now very enlarged cock inside the lips of my pussy.

He was teasing the fuck out of me now. I could tell he wanted it as much as I did. I spread my legs wide trying to get him to go in, but he kept just teasing my clit. Finally, he stuck his cock into my wet, hot, throbbing pussy. I wanted to scream. It felt soo good. I could feel him going faster with his motions, and I started to go with him, faster and faster. I started to moan louder as did he. I could feel myself getting even more wet, and him even more enlarged. I felt myself close an orgasm and he kept up the speed he was at, just enough that I wouldn’t orgasm.

He wanted to save it. Torture me. My muscles tightened around his cock and my legs went around him. He started going faster now, he knew I was ready, and so was he. We were moving faster now, feeling each other’s sweat, and wetness. I could feel how hot he was inside of me. It was soo amazing. Finally, I felt myself orgasm. I let out such a moan, but he kept going. He hadn’t came yet. After a few minutes I felt myself close to another, and as he finally came, I had my second orgasm. He fell on top of me, and I just lay there, breathing hard, neither one of us saying a word to the other, just trying to catch our breath.

Finally, he looked at me with those bright blue eyes and tells me that he’d never lasted that long with a girl before. That usually the girl was out and he came shortly after. I smiled and told him, “I told you it takes more then the usual to make me cum…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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