Fantasy Fulfilled Pt. 02

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Jason took a look at his cell phone and smiled, seeing that it was Catherine. He hadn’t seen her in over a week, not since their crazy hook up at the house viewing. And now that he’d put in an offer, he knew she’d have to answer his call. So, drawing in a breath, trying his best to sound cool, he answered, “Hey, Catherine.”

Thankfully, he could actually hear the smile in her voice as she responded, “Hi, Jason, how are you?”

Deciding to be honest, he told her, “Anxious to get into my new house, and hoping to see you again.”

“Well, then you’re in luck, at least about the house. I’m happy to tell you that your offer was accepted, and in another month the house will be yours.”

Sitting forward at his desk, thrilled at the news, he smiled. “Wow, that’s terrific. And what about the furnishings, did they go for that, too?”

“For the most part, yes, they did. I have a list of what they’d like to exclude, mostly personal stuff and a few family heirlooms. So, um, if you could swing by my office, at your convenience, I could leave the paperwork for you to sign at the front desk.”

Smiling to himself he could read her like a book, and it was pretty clear she was trying to avoid him. But that wasn’t going to fly, not after the kind of heat they’d generated together. Trying his best to sound convincing, he told her, “Yeah, trouble is, I’ve really been slammed with work lately,” which wasn’t a total lie, since he had lots of stuff going on and more new contracts than he could even believe. So he said, “Don’t suppose you could drop them by here, maybe sometime tonight – at your convenience, of course.”

Catherine rolled her eyes, heaving a sigh. Then tiredly pinching the bridge of her nose, she asked, “Uh, you can’t find the time to drop by here, even sometime in the next few days?”

Enjoying their little verbal sparring match, he said, “No, not really. But if you could come by my office tonight, we can get everything signed, and get this deal underway.”

Finally, giving in, knowing when she was defeated, she said, “Sure, of course. I can do that.”

“Great,” he said, flashing a triumphant smile.

“And, Jason?”

“Yes, Catherine.”

“You know I’m only coming to sign the paperwork, and nothing else, right?”

“Of course.” But he still couldn’t get the naughty grin off his face now that he knew they’d be together again.

“Fine – just as long as you know that.”


“Yes, Jason.”

Still smugly grinning to himself, he quietly murmured, “See you soon.”

Once she hung up, she knew if she sent her assistant he sure as hell wouldn’t be seeing her any time soon. But then she hated the thought of looking like a coward. So, she’d just have to pull on her big girl panties and face him down. After all, he was practically a kid, only a three older than her eldest son. But squeezing her thighs together tight, recalling how he’d made her feel – only the best she’d ever felt, she knew he couldn’t be that easily dismissed, no matter how hard she tried.

Blowing out a breath, nearly fanning herself as all the kinky naughty things they’d done to each other in that house ran through her head – at least before she knew who he was, and how inappropriately young, she reminded herself that this was just business – and nothing else – at least she hoped.

Of course with him not quite twenty-seven, and her almost forty-two, no matter how hot, she’d made up her mind that he was just too young to even consider having anything with. But still, she couldn’t hold back the full body-shiver as all the crazy kinky things he’d done to her just wouldn’t stop playing out in her mind, getting embarrassingly wet. Still, she told herself, it was just a house sale, and she’d done enough of those. So, she just wouldn’t let him intimidate her, or convince her to do anything she didn’t want to do.

Trouble was there were just so many things she’d loved doing with him, and so many more she’d been dying to try – at least until she decided she could never see him again.

Her mind swimming, finally giving her head a firm shake she got to her feet and grabbed the folder with his sales contract, straightening her spine. Might as well get it over with. And then she’d finally be able to move on and put this whole crazy thing behind her.

Jason’s office was on the top floor of a modern high rise office building on the outskirts of the city, not far from the house he was buying, which she imagined was probably part of the appeal. But the house he’d just bought was also an absolutely beautiful home that she knew he’d love, since she’d basically fallen in love with it herself. And hopefully one day, he’d find the right woman to share it with. Someone more his age, and someone she also hoped would deserve him. Because despite everything, there was no getting around the fact that he really was a terrific guy. Super-hot, funny, with a body that wouldn’t quit, and wow, the tricks he knew in bed – any woman would be lucky to land Bayan Escort Gaziantep him – she sighed – but unfortunately that woman would never be her.

Once she arrived, the guard working security in the lobby quickly unlocked the private elevator, allowing her upstairs. And when she got up to his office suite, his receptionist appeared to be gone for the night, so poking her head into a few doors, her heart nearly stopped in her chest when she found him in his office with his head down, studying a document, looking so damn hot in a pale-blue dress shirt, sleeves rolled up exposing his tanned nicely muscled forearms, tie loose around his neck, and his hair as always, carelessly tussled. Having a moment to observe him before he looked up, she had to say, no matter his age, he was definitely one fine looking man. And that sexy G-Q beard didn’t hurt any, either.

Finally, sensing her looking, Jason lifted his gaze, and re-focusing his attention on her, he began to smile, instantly giving her that sultry heart-stopping grin that always got to her. “Hey, Catherine, good to see you again,” he said, getting to his feet, and walking over to the door to greet her.

Although she held out her hand, he ignored it and pulled her in for a hug, murmuring against her ear, “Hey, no need for formality with me.” Then tipping up her pretty face, he pressed a soft little kiss to her mouth, holding her gaze for what felt like forever, till he finally released her and stepped back. “Please have a seat,” he said, gesturing at the guest chair at his massive rosewood desk.

Easy for him to say there was no need for formality, when her knees were shaking so badly she could hardly walk after just one harmless little kiss. But the problem was there was nothing harmless about him. Way too sexy and smooth for his age, he’d gotten to her big time in the few hours they’d spent together naked in that house, and now just looking at him again, she could hardly think straight.

Smiling at her, he said, “If you’re hungry, I just ordered some pizza and a salad, so if you wanted we could have a bite together.”

Shaking her head, she said, “No, sorry. I’ve got a date.”

When she noticed the flicker of disappointed in his eyes, she knew she had to be honest. Never one into playing games, she clarified, “With my son, Eric. I’m sure you remember him.”

Looking relieved, he said, “Oh, yeah, of course. How’s he doing?”

“Actually, he’s just graduated from college with an electrical degree, so I’m taking him out for dinner to celebrate him landing his first job.”

He smiled warmly at her. “You know, you were always the nicest mom.”

Already feeling flustered around him, she found she couldn’t even meet his gaze. Especially when he said things like that, reminding her that she’d known him since he was a boy growing up with her sons. And even all grown up it still felt awkward to be with him again, probably since he’d gone down on her, not only once but twice in the few hours they’d been in that house together – never mind all the rest of the kinky stuff they’d gotten up to.

Finally, remembering why she was here, she got out the paper work for his house and set it on his desk, telling him, “There you go. Now all you have to do is sign.” And then she could leave – hopefully with her sanity intact.

Glancing at the document, he’d have to blind as a bat not to see all the sticky little red arrows, clearly indicating where he needed to sign, but playing dumb was sometimes fun, and often advantageous, so doing his best to keep a straight face, he looked at her blankly and asked, “Where would you like me to sign?”

Heaving an exasperated sigh, getting to her feet, she rounded his desk, and getting in right beside him she pointed to all the spots for his signature indicated by the arrows. Sliding up against her, taking the opportunity to slip an arm around her, seeing as he finally had her right where he wanted her, nice and close, Jason inhaled deep and whispered in her ear, “Fuck, you smell amazing, Catherine.”

And, oh god, that’s all it took. Turning her head, their eyes met and she wanted to curse herself when she found she couldn’t even move, standing helplessly staring at his perfectly shaped mouth. Then before she could even think, he was tugging her onto his lap and his lips were on hers. And as he sunk his tongue into her mouth instantly making her head spin, she tried so hard to remember why this was a bad idea. But her arm just circled his neck and she kissed him right back, opening for him, eagerly teasing his tongue with hers, because damn did he ever know how to kiss.

The feel of his hand sliding up her little navy skirt, cupping her ass should have made her put the brakes on, but all she could do was moan, relishing the feel of him again. And his inquisitive thumb circling her clit through her silk thong had her shamelessly groaning into his mouth, powerless to do anything else. And once he pushed the fabric aside, slipping a finger inside her, she actually thrust her body down to meet his hand the last of her resolve gone. Achingly aware of his erection, so delectably hard against her ass, grinding her butt into his lap, she literally ached for the feel of him.

So much for keeping her distance.

Crazy as this was, there was no getting around the fact that he had to be the best she’d ever had, although there hadn’t been that many. Still, he had her feeling things that no one had ever made her feel. Dripping for him as she felt his other hand sliding down along her throat and into her blouse, where he cupped her breast, and began to toy with her erect nipple, really should have had her thinking twice, but it sure as hell didn’t, only getting her more aroused. Even as he got them to their feet and began to unbuckle his pants and let his fly down, all she could think of was the relief she would feel when he finally filled her, making her feel whole again, and so damn good.

Then she felt him letting go of her, but only long enough to slide her skirt up to her waist and tug down her thong. And before she could even think, he had her on her back, spread over his desk with her thighs parted and his mouth on her pussy, and all she wanted was for him to make her come, like he had so many times before, leaving her aching in all the right places after he’d gone on to fuck her almost out of her mind. And right now getting him inside her was all she could think of, and the right and wrong of it be damned. Not when he had her on his desk, spread open wide, finger-fucking the hell out of her, with his tongue lapping hungrily along her pussy like it was the best thing he’d ever tasted.

Finally lifting his head, spreading his body over hers, he whispered against her neck as he playfully nipped her earlobe, “Now I’m going to fuck you, Catherine, because I just can’t seem to hold back with you. And right now I feel like I need to get inside you more than I need to breathe.” Breathlessly closing her eyes, relieved to hear the tear of a condom wrapper, her entire body beginning to quiver with anticipation as he pushed two fingers inside her, he murmured, “God, you’re already so wet for me, aren’t you? And now all I want to do is take you and make you mine.”

And the moment she felt the thick head of his cock pushing inside her, she might as well have held up a white flag, as she gave up and surrendered. Nothing else mattered as he began to thrust into her so delectably hard and deep, filling the void in her life, as much as her sex with every long hard inch of him. “I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of you,” he muttered as he pulled back and slammed into her again, slightly jerking her body on his desk. The paperwork forgotten, in a pile on the floor, the two of them together again like this, was only thing she could think of, and all that really mattered. And it seemed the harder he took her, the more she loved it, it all just felt so insanely good, the hot friction of his cock really working her pussy. So thick and so damn hard, he was hitting all the right spots as he drove into.

Biting down hard on her lip to stop herself from screaming, Catherine could almost taste her climax coming on like a raging torrent, so fast and so damn close. Her heart nearly pounding out of her chest and her pussy tingling crazy hard, she loved how he made her feel. And then, fuck! Her eyes shot open wide when the elevator dinged with what had to be the stupid pizza delivery guy. Talk about crappy timing.

Shooting an alarmed look at each other, they both took a look at the open door, and then Jason said, “Quick, get under the desk, and I’ll take care of him.” Fighting to wrestle his erection back into his pants, finally giving up, Jason just went with pulling his shirt down to try and hide it. Then grabbing some bills from his wallet he went and met the guy before he could step inside his office.

Once, he’d paid him, carrying the bag of food, he called over his shoulder, “Thanks.” Then after tossing the bag on a chair, he took his seat behind his desk again, smiling down at Catherine, looking so adorably sexy, half-naked on the floor.

Shaking her head, glaring up at him, she said, “You know, if you’d have come to sign the papers at my office like I’d asked, then none of this would have happened.”

Reaching for her with both hands, he helped her out from under the desk, but before she had a chance to scramble away, he pulled her into his lap again, holding her tight as he pressed a kiss to her cheek and said, “Exactly. None of this would have happened, and we’d still barely be speaking to each other. Now we’re talking, enjoying the hell out of each other, and we’ve even got pizza.”

Seeing the amusement bubbling up in him, she didn’t even know why she was laughing with him, but she just couldn’t seem to help herself with him. Grinning at him, brushing her hand over his beard, she told him, “You know you drive me crazy.”

Smiling right back at her, he said, “Of course I know, because you have the same effect on me. Until Saturday at the house, I’d say I was a fully functioning human being, but now all I ever think about is you, and how much I want to be holding you like this. And how fucking fantastic you feel and smell and taste, so I’d say you’ve pretty much wreaked havoc on my life, too.”

Tracing a finger nail around his beautifully shaped mouth, not really caring anymore if she was goading him on or not, she smiled into his eyes and murmured in a sultry voice, “I have, have I?”

Playfully nipping her finger, making her laugh again, Jason looked up at the ceiling and said, “Now, let’s see, where were we before the pizza guy showed up?”

Cocking an eyebrow, she replied hopefully, “Signing the sales contract for your new house?”

Running his hand up her thigh, making her gasp when his fingertips grazed her sensitive bare pussy, he said, “Naw, I don’t think that’s what we were doing.” Then he began to smile. “But you know, if I’m not mistaken, I think I had you spread over my desk, with my cock out and your panties down and I was sliding into you pretty deep, remarking to myself how fucking amazing it always feels with you.”

Trying hard not to laugh, Catherine admitted, “As incredible as that was, unfortunately, those papers do have to be signed, and I also have to leave soon to meet my son for dinner, remember?”

Hating that she had to leave, Jason cupped her face and kissed her lips, then holding her chin and forcing her to look at him, he said, “But I will be seeing you again after this, right?”

Resigned to her fate, sliding her hands through the softness of his sandy-brown hair, heaving a defeated sigh, she nodded. “You know, I think what’s happened is that somehow you’ve managed to get under my skin.”

Hearing her say that only made his grin widen. “Works for me, just as long as you don’t try and avoid me again, I don’t care why you keep seeing me. You know I really think we’ve got something good, and I know you have to feel it, too. I just love being with you, Catherine. And I want to see more of you.”

Now it was her turn to grin. “I really don’t think there’s much left to see, especially with the way we were running around naked in that house.”

Cupping her warm soft ass in his hand and playfully squeezing, he said, “You know what I mean. I want to see you. And not just for sex. Although, I’ve got to say, you’re the best I’ve ever had. So, naturally I’m going to want to get with you, again.”

Nodding, she pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Okay, we’ll try dating, like you suggested. Maybe we could start off just going to a movie or something and see how it goes.”

Playfully rubbing his nose against hers, since he couldn’t seem to stop touching her, he told her, “You know, I’ve got a nice big-screen TV at my place, and you can watch any movie you want – even a chick flick, no complaints – promise. And I could order us in something nice for dinner, too. What do you say?”

Heaving a sigh, she nodded. So it looked like they’d be having dinner at his place, maybe watching a movie, if they lasted long enough, before they started fucking like horny little bunnies for the rest of the night. But she had to admit all of it sounded way better than sitting through a show with a ton of other people with sticky soda stuck under her shoes, listening to someone’s cell phone go off just when the movie started getting good, and snacking on greasy overpriced popcorn. She grinned to herself; especially the fucking like bunnies part.

Finally, she pressed one last kiss to his mouth, and took hold of his hands, un-wrapping them from around her waist she stood, leaving him sitting behind his desk looking up at her. “Okay, fine, you’ve got a deal. But I just want to ask one favor of you.” When he nodded his head and waited, she said, “If you get tired of me, or the age thing becomes an issue, tell me and we’ll end it. Just don’t go behind my back with someone else. Okay?”

Shocked, he shot to his feet, eyes wide. “What the hell, Catherine. Why would you even think that? I’m the one trying to keep this thing going, so why would I even want to look at another woman, especially when you’ve got to be the most beautiful, sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. And I honestly enjoy everything about you, and don’t give a damn about our age.”

With a hint of sadness in her eyes, she cupped his face and said, “That’s because you’re still so young, Jason. But you’re a really good looking guy who could probably get any woman you want. And I know firsthand what happens when a man loses interest. Because it happened to me, which is why my marriage fell apart and I’m single now. But I’d much rather be alone, than be made to feel foolish, especially if you’re just having fun with me.”

Roughly lifting her into his arms, he set her on the edge of the desk, so he could get face to face with her, so she’d have to understand what he was saying, as he told her, “This is no joke okay? I know it’s pretty early in our relationship to be telling you this, but I’m crazy about you. And all I want to do is be with you – just you – and nobody else. Can you understand that?”

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