Fantasy Hotel

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Terry woke up feeling a strong headache from the night before and quickly noticed he was wearing nothing but his underwear. It took a strong effort for him to sit up in his bed, but then he realized it wasn’t his bed. He peered around the room; it looked like a generic hotel setup with non memorable furniture giving the illusion the room was full. Terry caught his own eyes in a mirror and looked himself up and down. Seeing himself in this state was never his favorite, he was able to come to peace with his body but it was not something he loved about himself. Every time he went out to a bar and failed to find love or even a hook-up, it seemed to reinforce the averageness of his body. Terry thought to himself that that is what must have happened last night, but it didn’t explain why he was in a hotel instead of his apartment.

As Terry managed to get to his feet, he opted to stumble his way towards the door with the goal of finding his way to whatever type of breakfast the hotel was offering; surely some food and a coffee would help him start his day. However, as he made his way towards the door it became clear that something was a bit off. Beside the door was an intercom and a large red button labeled “press for help.” It sent a chill down Terry’s spine; something was definitely off and this was not a normal hotel room. Whatever happened last night must have been weird to end up here but Terry did not care for details, he just wanted to get home. He pulled on the door but it did not budge. With a little more panic he tried the intercom, “H- hello, my uh, door is stuck and I’m ready to leave,” Terry tried to explain through the intercom. He waited a few moments but no response. Terry sighed; it was time to try what was behind door number three. He pressed the red button.

A large whine sounded, causing Terry to instinctively stumble back a few steps. The door began to open slowly, gears rattling like an old safe door creaking open. Terry peered into the pitch-black hallway. Before Terry could work up the courage to make his way into the hallway, a figure emerged and stepped towards him. With the click of heels, a woman appeared. She wore black heels, a slim black dress that fit perfectly to the curves of her body, and a black masquerade mask covering the top half of her face. Only her blue eyes peering through the mask and her blonde hair reaching just past her shoulders countered the black outfit.

“Mr. Winter, what seems to be the problem?” she asked with the faintest reminisce of a French accent.

“Who the hell are you?” Terry exclaimed.

“Why of course, I am the concierge,” the woman explained as if everything would be cleared up. She took a step into the room towards Terry, who instinctively took a step back. “I run this establishment and I make sure that all our clients enjoy their time here,” she added.

“I’m not a client here,” Terry argued. “I don’t even know what this is.”

The concierge examined her smart watch. She nodded as she read and then explained, “Mr. Winter, it is normal to be confused on your first visit. We ensure you will be able to enjoy your visit to the fullest, though, sometimes that has some side effects.”

None of what she was saying made sense to Terry and yet, as she spoke, it seemed to calm his nerves.

“What I can tell you is limited,” the concierge continued. “I can assure you that you will enjoy your time here; someone is looking out for you and wants you to enjoy yourself. They have gone to great lengths to give you this experience. It will allow you to enjoy your deepest, darkest fantasies. Try to go with it and I promise you will enjoy yourself.” She smiled and, seemingly in sync with her smile, a door creaked open from the other side of the hotel room. Terry peered over the bed but could not see what was emerging, he could only hear the jingle of a bell.

The concierge had returned to the dark hallway. She smiled once more and said, “Enjoy yourself however you see fit, Mr. Winter.” With that, the door closed behind her, once again creaking like an old safe. Terry felt uneasy, but at the same time, not at all as scared as he should be. Deep down he was intrigued by the mysterious women; her calming but perplexing aura felt impossible to not trust. The jingle of a small bell sounded again from the other side of the room. Terry couldn’t make out what the noise was but he could tell that the noise was getting closer. With an uneasy anticipation, Terry made his way towards the other side of the bed where the noise was coming from. As he got close enough to see over the bed, he could not help but shout out, “what the fuck?”

A fully naked woman was there, on her hands and knees crawling. Not even gravity could pull down her small perky breasts, her beautiful curvy body arched with her posture. She looked like a supermodel, her beautiful bubble butt stuck up in the air except she had a tail?!?! Terry gulped with shock. The woman remained in her position but Kartal Escort looked up at Terry with her head tilted like a confused dog. Terry took a deep breath and examined her a bit more. Her dirty blonde hair was in a ponytail, and on her head sat a headband that posed fake dog ears. She wore a black collar with a small bell on it. Terry’s eyes made their way back down her body to the tail. It was long enough to barely touch the ground behind her, the color impeccably matching her hair color. His eyes narrowed and he sighed a breath of relief, realizing it was not a real tail but a butt plug. He could only make out the slightest metallic coloring of the plug as the woman’s jiggly bubble butt hugged around it tightly.

Terry, stuck in a deep shocked state, made his way back to the bed and sat on the edge of it. To his surprise, the jingle of the bell followed him as the woman crawled behind him and sat by his legs. She sniffed at his feet and made her way up to sniffing at his underwear. She had no hesitation pushing her nose closely against Terry’s underwear and taking deep inhales. Impulsively, Terry pushed her head away. The woman once more tilted her head in confusion before crawling a few paces away from Terry. She circled on the spot a couple of times before laying down staring back at Terry patiently. Terry’s breath became rapid. What the hell did I get myself into?

Terry had no time to figure out what was going on; he needed to get out. Hastily, Terry made his way to the door taking a wide berth around the woman laying on the floor. This time, she did not follow but repositioned slightly to be able to see Terry. Filled with panic, Terry rapidly pressed the red button hoping for the concierge to return; one way or another, he was going to convince her to get him out of here. No matter how many times Terry pushed the button, the door would not open the way it did before. Instead, a buzz rang over the intercom. Unmistakably, it was the concierge that spoke over the speaker.

“Mr. Winter, what seems to be the problem?”

Terry scoffed at the ridiculousness of the question. “I want to leave now” he declared.

The concierge explained, “Of course you are allowed to leave if you so choose; everything done here is 100% done with consent of all parties. However, I do want to remind you that this is not a cheap experience and it is not refundable. Further, this fantasy is catered to your true desires, and we all want you to enjoy this experience.”

Terry paused as his brain struggled to process what was being said. “This is not my desire. I don’t even know what this is,” he concluded.

The concierge buzzed through the intercom once more. “Is it not true that you’ve fantasized multiple times about having a puppy girl that is your personal fuck toy? Because that was what you told me during intake last night. You told me of your struggles to love your own body and how you think it makes it more difficult for you to attract women. You said you ended up down a rabbit hole of porn and developed the fantasy and that it would be rewarding, fulfilling, even the time of your life to experience this fantasy.”

Terry’s face went red with embarrassment as his masturbation fantasy was essentially read out loud to him by a stranger. “Well, I, um,” was all Terry could muster.

“You have only so much time paid for here,” the concierge warned. “Please, enjoy it however you see fit.”

With that advice the intercom light turned off again. Terry stood by the door still trying to understand what was going on. He was too deep in thought to notice that the woman had once again crawled up to sit beside him. She nuzzled her head against his thigh. I guess I should just go with it.

Once again, Terry made his way to the bed and sat on the edge of it. The woman happily trotted behind him, her tail swinging as she crawled. Terry could not help but smile as the woman eagerly crawled towards him. Unsure of how to proceed, Terry awkwardly asked, “What should I call you?” The woman looked up at him with a confused head tilt. I guess it is realistic if she can’t talk, Terry thought to himself. “What’s your name sweetie?” he asked inquisitively as he reached for her collar. The woman excitedly licked at his hand as he reached. Terry led her head away with a gentle push and flipped over the tag on the collar. The collar read “Fuck toy.” “That is a little on the nose,” Terry muttered. “I am going to call you Daisy, would you like that?” Terry proposed to the woman. She flashed a big smile and forcefully wiggled her butt to cause the tail to wag, her juicy cheeks shaking in time with the tail.

Terry felt a rush of passion course through his body as he began to realize the opportunity he had been given. Daisy crawled over towards the nightstand and circled in front of it. “Are you trying to show me something sweetie?” Terry asked as he stood up and made his way over towards the nightstand. Standing Tuzla Escort up, he noticed that his cock had begun to stiffen watching the eager Daisy. As he walked, Daisy crawled in front of him and again tried to sniff at his underwear, this time taking a particular interest in trying to investigate the growing cock. Terry could not help but chuckle as he seemingly had found his way to a utopia. Lust rushed through his body in a way he had never felt before. Not only did he have a dream scenario in front of him, but he also felt desired in a way he never had as Daisy was just as eager, if not more, for this encounter.

On top of the nightstand, Terry found a note. The note read “many items are hidden throughout the room to enhance your experience. We do hope you enjoy your stay at the Fantasy Hotel.” Terry’s mind was filled with possibilities of what he may find. His cock was now at full mast, the veins wrapped around it pulsing with excitement. Terry opened the top drawer of the dresser eagerly considering what it could hold. Only two items were in the drawer, but Terry excitedly knew exactly what to do with them.

He pulled out of the drawer a bowl and a bottle of water. He placed the bowl on the floor and filled it to the brim with water. Daisy sniffed around the bowl before she began lapping up the water with her tongue. Terry let a little groan of pleasure escape as Daisy behaved just as he had hoped… just as he fantasized in the past. Filled with excitement, Terry slipped out of his underwear, his erect cock bouncing ever so slightly from the friction of the underwear slipping off. Somehow, this was enough to catch Daisy’s attention. Her head snapping to the now fully naked Terry, she crawled over to him and began sniffing again. She buried her nose in Terry’s sweaty balls, taking deep inhales. Naturally, Terry’s cock rested on her head as Daisy made sure to smell every inch of Terry’s sack. Daisy made her way up to the base of his cock, still sniffing away but then, she stole a lick, dragging her wet tongue from the base of Terry’s cock to the tip. Terry moaned as a small drop of precum escaped the head of his dick. Daisy quickly licked it up before dancing her tongue back down his cock, seemingly painting along the lines of Terry’s veins before making her way back to the base. Before she could bury her snout back in Terry’s genitals, he pushed her head away. “Drink some more water,” Terry instructed.

Of course, Daisy obeyed and crawled back to the water bowl, her bell teasingly jingling. She began licking up some water, her bubble butt sticking up in the air as she lowered her head. Terry followed, lust driving his behavior, as he watched Daisy’s ass wiggle back and forth as she drank, her tail swaying with each movement. Slowly, Terry began stroking his cock, barely enough to tease himself. Just the lightest grip possible, up and down his cock. Daisy turned her head but caught Terry’s eyes; it was a message received that she should not change what she was doing. Daisy gave her butt an extra wiggle and went back to lapping up the water, Terry grinned, pleased with her obedience.

He then took a few steps forward and with a swift swing of his free hand, he smacked Daisy’s ass. A loud clap echoed in the room and a small moan escaped from Daisy as she broke character ever so slightly. Terry chuckled with pleasure as he gripped her round ass. He could feel an orgasm building up inside him so he let go of his cock to prolong the experience. Briefly, Terry’s mind wandered as he realized he hadn’t cum yet, something that normally happened pretty quickly for him. Before he could ponder the situation he was snapped back into the moment as Daisy’s tail ever so slightly glanced against his inner thigh, causing a rush of pleasure to race through Terry’s body. As he stood there looking down at the perfect, puppy girl ass wiggling back and forth while his puppy slut lapped up water like an obedient good girl, a bright red outline of his hand imprinted on her cheek, he realized how he wanted this to proceed.

Terry crouched beside Daisy’s head. “You’re such a good girl,” he declared to Daisy, rubbing her head. Daisy gleamed with a smile, the lower half of her face soaked from drinking out of the bowl. “It’s time for the next step,” he declared. Daisy licked his face with her cold wet tongue as if to declare she was just as excited as he was for what was about to happen. Terry made his way back to behind Daisy, kneeling behind her and admiring her beauty. Gently, he ran a single finger against her pussy. It was soaking wet, almost vindicating for Terry as he was not the only one enjoying the sequence. Even just barely touching her lips, he could feel the pleasure-filled warmth that her pussy offered. It was a wonderful feeling and yet it was not what Terry had planned. Instead, Terry grabbed a handful of Daisy’s tail. He gave it a gentle pull. Daisy’s back arched as he knew she must have the pulse Anadolu Yakası Escort of painful pleasure radiate from her asshole. Terry worked his hand up the tail to the base, feeling the cold metal of the butt plug. He worked his fingers up a little further until the cold of the metal was countered by the heat from Daisy’s insides. Now with a good grip on the flanged end of the plug, Terry gently pulled the plug outwards.

Daisy’s breath became deep and slow as she attempted to regulate her body through the experience. With slow progress Terry managed to pop the plug out of Daisy’s ass, surprised at just how big the base of the plug was. There was no time to consider it though. Terry tossed the plug aside, the tail sailing in the air after it. The metal plug made a clink sound as it landed against the hardwood floor but Terry had no brain power to spare for that. Instead he just stared at Daisy’s gaping asshole. The large plug left it wide open, as if her ass was begging to be filled.

Terry’s cock, soaked with precum from his stroking, effortlessly slid into Daisy’s asshole. At least it was effortless for Terry… Daisy let out a deep breath as the cock filled her ass. Slowly Terry began to thrust ever so slightly, allowing Daisy to get used to the feeling. She could only do so much to stay in character as she let little moans, mixed with pain and pleasure, escape. After a few careful moments, Terry was able to slide his cock fully inside her asshole, building up speed as he plunged his cock from tip to base over and over, Daisy’s tight asshole gripping onto his cock and sending pulses of pleasure. Terry’s heart began to race as he once again felt an orgasm building up inside of him. In one more effort to delay the inevitable, Terry stopped thrusting, leaving his cock twitching with pleasure inside his puppy slut’s asshole.

He leaned forward and grabbed a handful of Daisy’s hair, forcing her head to lift so she was looking straight ahead. “Come on girl,” Terry said encouragingly as he used his fistful of Daisy’s hair to lead her in movement. Together, with his cock still deep inside her asshole, Terry and Daisy moved like a wheelbarrow.

Terry stopped the movement with them now facing the mirror. He could not help but smile ear to ear as he saw himself deep inside a beautiful woman’s asshole, not just a beautiful woman but one who was eager to meet all his desires. Without warning, Terry began to thrust, aggressively pounding his dick as deeply into Daisy’s asshole as it would go. Still holding Daisy’s hair he forced her to stare at herself in the mirror as she got roughly fucked by a stranger while dressed up as a puppy slut.

She could not help but break character as the deep thrusts forced her to lose herself in a wave of pleasure. “Oh mhmmm” was all that could escape her lips as she stared passionately into the mirror.

Terry was flooded with pleasure and pride as he saw his deepest fantasy come to fruition, then he felt himself reach the point of no return. His thrusts sped up even more until his cock, trembling with pleasure, exploded, rocketing several shots of cum deep into Daisy’s asshole. Terry panted as it hit him just how much energy he had expended. For the first time he realized that he was dripping with sweat, but he could not care less as he stared down as his cock resting in Daisy’s asshole. Slowly, he pulled it out, still stiff it glistened, covered in cum.

Terry’s mind was still racing, trying to process what had just happened. Instinctively, he wondered if Daisy had enjoyed it. Terry was not the most experienced but even he wanted to make sure the woman he was involved with enjoyed herself, too. Surely now she would respond, Terry thought to himself. He just needed to figure out a way to ask her without it being weird… or at least the least weird way possible, given the circumstances. As Terry pondered his conundrum he realized that Daisy was no longer on all fours in front of him. With a sense of worry, Terry looked around the room for her. it was not hard to find her. She was curled up on the ground beside the bed, still in character.

Terry walked over towards her. “Hey that was uh fun and all, but you don’t have to keep acting,” he tried to explain with a shrug.

Daisy looked up at him, once again tilting her head to signal confusion.

Terry was confused. “Did you at least enjoy it?” Terry asked shyly.

Daisy smiled and wiggled her butt, communicating the best way she could. The only thing missing was her tail, still across the room where it was thrown in the heat of passion.

Terry smiled as the reassurance allowed him to truly enjoy what had happened. Daisy got up on all fours again and crawled toward the water bowl.

“Oh, you’re thirsty?” Terry exclaimed. “Haha, me too,” he added, attempting to counter the awkward feeling with humor. Terry poured some water from the bottle into the bowl, he then sat beside it as Daisy began to drink and took a swig from the bottle for himself. “Good girl,” he declared as he gave Daisy a head scratch. She wiggled her butt again to announce her happiness. Terry stared at her wiggling butt and couldn’t help but feel something was missing.

“Do you want your tail back?” he asked.

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