Fantasy Island

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It was yet another long dreary day at work and as usual, Rene was spending his time surfing porn on the company computer. Rene was becoming increasingly bolder as he had been steadily coming out of the closet, yet at work he still hid under the strait umbrella. As far as tec support discovering his surfing for porn at work, he had become so bored he no longer cared. As he clicked through, he noticed a small ad that caught his eye. It was a picture of a tropical island and the copy across the top said,

“Come visit out Fantasy Island Resort located on the beautiful isle of Blanquilla. We cater exclusively to homosexuals.”

The ad intrigued him and he sent the link to his home PC for later perusal. Rene rushed home after work and went right to his computer. He hadn’t been able to get Fantasy Island out of his mind and he wanted to find out more. He clicked on their web site, only to find it very crudely done yet it was filled with some interesting pictures.

Rene still couldn’t get this resort out of his head and even after going to bed he lay there thinking about. It was just what he needed, a place where he could feel free to be gay and completely out in the open. He lay there thinking of a Fantasy Island vacation until he couldn’t stand it any longer. He got up went to his PC and booked a trip to Blanquilla and a stay at the resort.

The flight was long and rough; he had to change planes in Grenada, as the field on Blanquilla was too small to land a jet. The island was beautiful and lush and the locals friendly. It was a jitney ride to the resort, hot, dusty, and bumpy but once he was at Fantasy Island he saw at once that it was all worth it. A bellman took his luggage as he went to check in and he couldn’t help but notice all the help were handsome bare chested black natives. The man at the desk suggested a massage to relieve the tension from his journey, Rene agreed and an appointment was set up at once.

Rene had barely had time to put away his clothes when the masseuse first knocked and then walked in. Rene was sure his mouth dropped open at the sight of this Adonis dressed only in a pair of linen slacks and bare chested as all the employees he seen so far. Tall and muscular his ebony skin so black it shined and Rene felt he might start drooling at the sight Başakşehir Escort of the man’s chest muscles.

He was instructed to undress, which he did at once. He lay on his front with his erection throbbing underneath him. The masseuse whose name was Maurice asked him if it would be all right for him to remove his trousers, as he didn’t wish to get oil on them. Rene told him to go ahead and then watched with enthusiasm as he undid his slacks and let them slide to his feet. Rene was surprised but pleased that Maurice wore no underwear but the real shock was when he turned around to face him. Rene had never seen a cock as big as Maurice had; still soft, it hung almost to his knees.

Maurice started on his upper back and when he looked up Rene’s face was just inches from this monster cock. As he worked on Rene’s back, his soft cock kept swaying back and forth and Rene could not keep his eyes off it. Finally, he could stand it no longer,

“Maurice, pardon me for being so forward but I have to say you have a magnificent manhood there.”

Maurice stopped his work and picked up his penis. He waved it so close to Rene’s lips that he almost reached and kissed it.

“We are famous on this island for having big dicks, why I’m not even the biggest in my family.”

“May I touch it, it is so beautiful.”

Without waiting for an answer, Rene picked up the man’s penis and stroked it lightly. When he kissed the tip, he felt it stir in his grip.

“If you wish you may play with it as I finish my work.”

Rene played with Maurice’s penis and caressed his balls while the masseuse finished his upper body massage. When Maurice became fully erect Rene put him in his mouth, well as much as he could fit and continued to suck him until he came. Rene swallowed the massive load without spilling a drop but noticing that the big man still kept his erection.

Maurice instructed him to turn over so he could do his front. He started with his legs rubbing and stretching all the kinks the traveling had given him. He poured a generous amount of oil in his hands and then he gave Rene’s penis the rubdown of his life. His hands so big and yet so soft caressed his penis magically. Then with one hand holding his balls, he used his other to send Rene into orgasm. Başakşehir Escort He caught Rene’s seed and rubbed it into his belly and thighs. Now sated Rene let him finish his job and once he was done Rene felt limp as a rag doll. Maurice now stood before him with his cock in his hand.

“The only thing left for me now is the internal massage but if you’re not interested we can skip it.”

Rene knew what he was talking about and he was defiantly interested although a little concerned about Maurice’s huge cock wrecking his insides. Maurice noticed the concern in his face and told him he would be gentle.

He had him turn over and then get up on his knees and arms. He poured more oil letting it slide down Rene’s crack. After spreading his thighs further apart, he began to massage Rene’s sphincter with his finger. With all the oil, the finger felt so erotic as it slid easily into his ass and then he felt him introduce another digit. Soon he had three fingers deep inside of him and he was vigorously massaging his anal canal. When he stopped and then withdrew, Rene knew what was coming next and he worked to relax his backside. Maurice got the tip in and then stopped but Rene was so excited he could wait no longer and pushed back impaling himself on the man’s giant appendage. He screamed in pain as he felt he was being split in half but the excitement had him so aroused he kept pumping himself on the giant cock. When Maurice came, it flooded Rene’s rectum with hot sperm and this made Rene climax as well.

Rene lay on the bed spent and exhausted as Maurice cleaned up and got ready to leave. Rene thanked him and then gave him a more than generous tip and told him he was sure he would need his services again later. Too tired to even clean up he lay in a pool of their mixed spunk, not caring he fell asleep. When he awoke, it was dark so he went and showered then got dressed for dinner.

After a lovely dinner, he went to the bar for an after-dinner cocktail. While sitting there a young man asked him to dance, he’d never had the nerve before to dance with a man in public. However, here in this place, he asked himself why not and it was quite thrilling to him as they danced among the other male couples. After another dance, he took Rene to his booth in Escort Başakşehir the back corner and still heady from the freedom of this place Rene crawled under his table where he gave him a blowjob not caring who saw him do it. Later he took Rene to his room where he returned the favor followed by some lovemaking and then they slept the rest of the night spooning as if some young lovers. The next morning Rene got up before he did and went back to his room before he awoke. As he walked to his room, he couldn’t help but to think that the two had danced, made love and even spent the night together without even learning each other’s name.

Rene showered and then wearing nothing but a towel went out to the clothing optional beach in front of the resort. He lay on a luxury chaise with an adjustable cover for shade while native cabana boys naked and friendly brought him drinks and towels. He watched in amazement at all the exposed cocks walking back and forth and he had to agree with Maurice that all the native boys had huge cocks. As he kept drinking fancy drinks with fruit and tiny umbrellas in them, he became bolder and began to fondle the cabana boys as they served him. They didn’t seem to mind and before long, Rene was even putting his mouth on them.

Rene went down to the sea to cool off where he met a tall muscular man that said he had been watching Rene tease the staff. He said was having a party that night and invited Rene to attend. Rene gladly accepted and told him he would be looking forward to it. He asked the man what he should wear and was told what he had on would be more than enough.

He walked into a sea of naked men in all forms of lovemaking. They were all fucking and sucking in groups of three or more. On the couches and chairs, on the floor, and even up against the wall, it was a virtual sexual buffet. Already erect Rene saw a man bent over a chair as he sucked off another. Without even asking, Rene slipped up behind him and with just a little spit buried his cock inside him. The man moaned but never stopped sucked off the other to see who was corn-holing him and instead kept pushing back to get more of Rene inside. When Rene came and he pulled out another man dropped to his knees and cleaned off both the receiver and Rene. The night was a cornucopia of sexual acts, but by morning there was nothing left but bodies on the floor as all slept exhausted.

The rest of Rene’s week flew by and he filled it with as much homoerotica as he could. When the tiny plane took off Rene was filled with sadness but he knew one thing and that was he would be back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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