Favela Pt. 05

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Pausing outside Marcella’s villa Olivia took a moment to appreciate the gravity of her day. As she took her phone out of its makshift holster she reached down with her left hand and gingerly groped her own crotch. Yep, it was still there. Here in the dilapidated courtyard, behind the hedgerow that ringed the estate on three sides, Olivia could safely check her messages while sitting comfortably on the edge of an opulent marble fountain.

The water had been turned off a long time ago so the reservoir was bone dry, Olivia liked to climb inside and slouch with her back pressed up against the cool stone while bracing her feet against the other side. The fountain was massive and even though it was close to the house, if she stayed on the far side no one would ever know she was there. When she was younger it was her special hiding spot, she used it to eavesdrop on visitors and hide from her brothers. No one ever thought to look inside.

Sitting in her favorite spot she finally worked up the courage to glance at the screen. It was about 18:45, Marcella had been home for a couple of hours by now. Olivia couldn’t even imagine what her mom’s day had been like, even if she were less of a hermit, the Bazaar was the kind of place that engendered secrecy and that went double for the people who worked there. Those with loose lips didn’t live very long. Still, she’d had several hours by herself before and after work, plenty of time.

There was a new photo, Olivia created a special folder titled “Mom’s Dirty Mouth” and placed it inside then she found the first photo Marcella had taken with Olivia’s underwear and put that one in too. She created a second folder titled simply “Mom” and put the other two images inside. She went back to the first folder and opened both images, displaying them side by side. She was trying hard to decide which one she liked better when a startling stirring sensation made her almost jump out of her skin.

“Fuck!” She yelped, her body flopping sideways and her phone skittering out of her hand as she struggled to move away from whatever it was. Her mind had immediately pictured a snake because that is what it had felt like. Suddenly she stopped dead, frozen on her hands and knees, her face registering wonder and eventually bemusement. She started laughing. “Oh my fucking god.” She snorted between tittering peals. “No way.” Nervously she reached down with her hands and poked the prosthetic through her tattered shorts.

Her synthetic penis jumped responsively like a living thing nestled in her lap. This time she was ready for it though so she only twitched as she suppressed her panic. This was going to take some getting used to. Her baggy shorts had gone from loose to uncomfortably tight in seconds. She’d only noticed the prosthetic when it started to uncurl from wherever it had been lurking and then rapidly writhe its way to attention in her pants. She’d never felt anything quite like it.

Retrieving her phone she gazed once more at the twin images of her mother’s face. “So this is what it’s like to be a guy?” She murmured out loud, reaching down and grabbing the hard rubber cock even as it threatened to poke its way completely out of her shorts. “Holy shit, how do they deal with this!?” She scrambled to get her body back up against the wall of the fountain but found herself fighting with the fake penis instead. “This could be a serious problem.” She exclaimed, finally getting it into a comfortable position.

“What am I going to do about you?” She sighed softly as she gently ran her left hand up and down the unfamiliar rigid object. The more she touched it the less threatening and unwanted it felt, although she did start to get annoyed by the way it effectively blocked her from actually touching herself. The way it was wedged truculently between her legs, straining defiantly against the front of her shorts while simultaneously denying her access to her own genitals, was a little frustrating.

Olivia snorted and shrugged it off. “What a bother.” She breathed, raising her phone once more, gazing dreamily at the two photos of her mother. The original on the left had a certain special quality, given that it was her first, and also because the panties were so plain and worn out, making it seem even more dirty and authentic. Still the image on the right was also entrancing, oddly Marcella wasn’t wearing lipstick this time, creating a sharp contrast between the unblemished iridescent lingerie and her flat yet beautiful mouth.

Marcella’s eyes had the same feverish intensity, while staring into them Olivia felt her prosthetic start to throb faintly as it pushed even harder against the hem of her shorts. “Easy boy.” She huffed, noticing that her heart rate was way above normal. With one hand she started stroking it automatically, as though attempting to sooth a wild animal, it felt surprisingly better than it had before. She could feel the other side too, although it was impossible to guess just how big it had grown, she felt comfortably stuffed.

Reluctantly xvideos porno she switched back to the active chat and checked to see if her mom had written anything after posting the picture, but she hadn’t. Right as she was about to start typing she received another message but it was through the default communications app. “Where the hell are you?” It said. “Did you forget I said I had plans tonight, and I need your help?” Olivia actually laughed. A direct message from her mom, it was the first time, ever. She smiled softly but ignored it.

Instead she went back to the chat and started typing. “You’ve been a good girl. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the pictures you’ve been sending. I think it’s actually better if I show you.” Olivia unbuttoned her shorts and watched with wide eyes as her surprisingly large fake penis leapt out. It had actually scared her. She chuckled nervously then angled her phone between her legs to get a good picture. Just for fun she flexed her well-developed stomach muscles right before snapping the shot.

It was a great picture, cropped perfectly so that all you could see was the impressive upper half of her member set against the rectangular backdrop of rippling muscle. Honestly she was getting a little turned on by it herself. Smirking she deleted the GPS data but left the cryptographic UTC signature. There was no way to casually fake that, so Marcella would know that it had just been taken. She posted it inline and waited for her mother’s reaction.

“Please tell me you’re coming tonight.” Olivia swallowed hard, the pleading tone in her mother’s message made this whole thing feel a little less like a fun game and more like a terrifying and potentially dangerous affair. Fighting down these pangs of acute anxiety Olivia switched back to her internal messages and responded to her mother’s text.

“One of the clippers was down, I had to work overtime. I’ll be home any minute.” Glancing at her crotch she thanked the heavens that the tension had worked some magic on her otherwise indomitable rubber cock. It had deflated mostly and was now a manageable enough size that she was able to curl and tuck it back down into the depths of her comically stretched-out panties.

When she pulled out her hand it was glistening with sticky juice, and now she could feel it leaking out the tip and down the side of her leg. She groaned and sulkily got to her feet, wiping her hand off on the back of her shorts. Absently she wondered if real men had to deal with this bullshit. Switching back to the sex chat she typed fluidly without looking as she climbed over the fountain edge and started for the villa’s main entrance.

“Oh, I’m coming tonight alright, and maybe you will too. 20:00 leave the front door unlocked.” She quickly put her phone away and then proceeded to make a rather dramatic entrance, tromping loudly on the tiles and slamming the metal gate behind her. It was only a few seconds after she made her way into the spacious yet spartan common room that her mother materialized like ghost, her dark sensual shape drifting swiftly through the archway that lead to her bedroom.

“Filha!” She snapped, but her eyes didn’t look very angry, rather they had that unsettling erotic glint that Olivia was coming to know all too well.

“What, were you worried about me?” She asked, and felt slightly betrayed by her own voice, as it sounded both sarcastic and plaintive at the same time. Strangely enough Marcella seemed to pick up on this subtle inflection, her head tilted to the side and her eyes narrowed slightly. In a desperate seeming action that surprised them both she suddenly rushed forward and grabbed Olivia by the arms, and crushed the girl to her chest with a ferocious hug.

Olivia felt a wave of overpowering emotion wash through her entire body, she went limp and then burrowed her face hotly between Marcella’s breasts. It was hard to breathe but she didn’t care, regaining her strength she raised her own arms and held her mother tightly, she wanted to cry but resisted. “It’s ironic you know, the most precious things in life can only be truly appreciated once you’ve lost them.” The hug just kind of ended then, Marcella seemed to push Olivia away, but she did it gently.

Marcella sat down heavily in a nearby chair, using her foot she dragged a second directly in front of the first, she gestured casually for her daughter to sit. Feeling uncharacteristically obsequious Olivia came and sat down demurely and without protest.

The pistol was still on the table, right were Olivia had left it after shooting the bricks, Marcella eyed it thoughtfully then picked it up and handed it to her daughter. “A man is coming over tonight.” Her voice kind of caught, her cheeks reddened faintly, she cleared her throat loudly and continued, her eyes focused and intense. “You’re going to hide in my closet with the disintegrator. If he approaches you, shoot him dead. If I say your name, shoot him dead.” Her mom looked so serious that it yabancı porno was actually making her a bit nervous.

“What does this guy even look like?” She asked innocently. Marcella grinned and glanced away, she looked guilty as hell. Olivia actually grinned herself when her mom wasn’t looking. You sure are proud of yourself. She thought. Landed a real stud didn’t you. It was hard not to laugh, she forced her face to remain expressionless.

“Oh, typical but good looking, you know. Tall, sturdily built, smooth aristocratic features, short black hair Enawene style. But if he looks nothing like that, I want you to blow a fucking hole right through his chest. Entender?” The last word was delivered harshly, and it reminded Olivia a little of the old days when Marcella would routinely slip back into her native tongue and speak fluent Portuguese only punctuated by English expletives. She nodded dumbly.

“Yeah I fuckin’ got it.” She scowled. “Is there any time I’m not supposed to shoot this asshole?” Marcella raised both her eyebrows and leaned back in her chair.

“Listen up filha, this is no joke. He most likely works for the Favelos. It’s not safe for me to see his face because I work at the Bazaar. So you have to be my eyes, my escolta and espectador. You need to pay attention, you must watch everything and always be ready. It may be hard.” She blushed and looked away. Olivia thought it was awfully cute despite the gravity of her mother’s words. “We are going to be… doing things, sexual things. I need you to be strong.”

Olivia did her best to look stunned, it was especially challenging because her body was trying to make her laugh instead. The sincere serious look in her mother’s eyes, obscuring layers of selfish lies, and the fact that in reality the mastermind behind the whole farce was Olivia herself. It was too absurd for words. In that moment she felt certain that Marcella deserved whatever she got. Not to say that her daughter was a monster, rather Olivia was the product of a monstrous upbringing.

The chickens are coming home to roost mama! Her inner voice crowed triumphantly. “You’re going to fuck this guy in front of me?!” She blurted out angrily. Very pleased at how convincing it sounded. Marcella’s face contorted wildly, as if she were about to cry or fly into a rage. For a moment Olivia actually wondered if she’d gone too far, but no, Marcella regained her composure, her features congealed into stark determination.

“Yes that’s right. I’m going to fuck him.” She stated flatly. “And as long as I’m enjoying being fucked I forbid you to shoot him.” This was a kind of funny angle Olivia had never considered. As long as she had the gun she also had all the power, her mother could boss her around all she wanted but in the end if she wanted to shoot Mr. Right, no one could stop her. Of course the slight complication that he didn’t actually exist would preclude that, but Marcella didn’t know anything about that.

Olivia saw the look of fear in her mother’s eyes. She was taking a big chance, either she really was crazy or she had balls of steel. I guess it runs in the family. Olivia thought humorlessly. “Fine.” She said finally, becoming sullen immediately afterward. For once it wasn’t an act. Handling the disintegrator carelessly she hooked her finger through the trigger guard and rocked it back and forth like a pendulum. Marcella didn’t even flinch, she knew when she was being baited. “When is this even happening?” Olivia finally asked, pivoting the pistol neatly so that it was suddenly seated snugly in the palm of her hand.

Her mom smirked. “Right now.” She said, getting to her feet. “I have to get ready.” She continued. “It’s probably best if you get in the closet before he shows up, and bring a chair.” She gestured with a sideways nod of her head. “Might as well be comfortable.” Olivia snorted but did as her mom suggested. It honestly wasn’t something she’d thought of but yeah, standing in a closet for possibly several hours, probably wouldn’t be very fun. She followed Marcella back to her bedroom, narrowing her eyes as she noticed a slight change in her mother’s gait, there was kind of a sassy snap to it.

Once inside her mom’s room Marcella cornered her in front of the closet. “Go ahead, get on in.” She gestured to the closed door, her voice surprisingly gentle. “Once you’re inside leave it open a crack, make sure you can see my bed. I’ll be moving around a bit and changing into something a little less…” She trailed off. “If you can’t see me, I want to know. I’m going to pretend you’re not here now.” She finished, her voice wavering a little. Was she nervous? Or maybe regretting the whole thing? Too late now. Olivia thought silently as she slid the chair into Marcella’s closet.

She was surprised at how much she could see through such a little crack, experimentally she made it smaller then wider, even a centimeter was enough to see the entirety of Marcella’s bed. But there was no need to be so cautious given the yaşlı porno circumstances so she left it open a hand’s width. Her mom was busy bustling around the room. First she went to her night stand and took some lipstick out of a hidden compartment, but she didn’t put it on right away.

True to her word she ignored Olivia completely. Opening her dresser she reached back into her underwear drawer and withdrew a small package, walking over to the bed she tossed it onto the covers. Turning slowly she faced the closet, her eyes were staring directly at Olivia but they were unfocused, searching. It was clear she couldn’t really see anything inside the closet. Olivia dragged the warm pistol sensually over her thighs, nestling it between them so that she could better enjoy the show.

Marcella started taking off her clothes, Olivia actually found herself resisting the automatic impulse to look away. She blushed, embarrassed by her capricious heart. She’d mocked her mother by thinking ‘Too late now.’ But it was true for both of them. If Romeo didn’t show she knew it would all be over, Marcella would block him for sure and this tenuous connection she had established would die. She turned her head back to the crack, an effortless act she now realized. Part of her had been eagerly waiting for this. There you are. She thought. My obedient marionette.

Piece by piece her mother’s tattered and unflattering clothes were taken off, folded neatly and placed inside the chest at the foot of her bed. As each new part of her became more exposed Olivia found herself wondering how she’d forgotten what her mother’s body looked like. Also, how had she forgotten what a babe Marcella was? Had she been blinded by anger and resentment? Or was it just her mom’s choice of filthy old clothes that draped over her body like a misshapen pile of sailcloth.

Marcella still had the body of a dancer. She was left standing in only her underwear, curiously she was still facing the closet but didn’t seem to be looking. She was wearing sexy lingerie, Olivia had been expecting it but still found herself entranced. Dark green high-cut panties made out of some shimmery material, a matching bra that barely covered Marcella’s nipples. Her mom was staring directly at her again, Olivia swallowed. Could she see her? She wanted to find out, but was too scared to make a sound.

Her mom however only seemed to be getting more bold as her clothing came off. Walking slinkily she approached the closet. “Can you see me?” She whispered, staring into the darkness. Olivia opened her mouth to reply but it was so dry only her ragged breath escaped. Marcella reached up and unhooked her bra, sliding it off her shoulders she dropped it lazily on the floor; then hooking her thumbs under the waistband of her underwear she slid them down and stepped out of them.

Stepping right up to the closet door she swung it open so that a bar of light illuminated Olivia’s entire face. “There you are.” Marcella said softly. “I can’t see anything from out here.” Her mouth turned up on one side. “Enjoying the show?” Playfully she tossed her green panties directly into Olivia’s face. Then she laughed guilelessly at her daughter’s indignant scowl. The door swung back into position and Marcella turned and strutted back to her bed.

Olivia had caught her mom’s panties reflexively after they’d bounced off her face, she held them now clenched tightly in her lap right next to the pistol. She felt the strangest sensation imaginable, her stomach churned with indescribable chaos. She felt anger for sure, and shock as well, but also a sweet longing and a ravenous hunger. This pistol was hot in one hand, but the panties were like fire in the other. She longed to throw them angrily out of the closet, but her body wouldn’t let her, instead she found herself lifting them slowly towards her face.

Outside Marcella was facing away from her, bending over the edge of her bed and messing around with something, Olivia didn’t particularly care what, her eyes couldn’t seem to look away from her mom’s ass. It was the same as hers, the kind of ass that made strangers take a second look. The kind of ass you couldn’t hide no matter what you wore. A blessing and a curse. Olivia grunted hotly into Marcella’s panties, she was holding them over her nose and mouth, breathing through them.

She’d grunted because of something else though. Her ridiculous rubber cock had practically punched her in the stomach as it uncoiled violently in her shorts. Marcella’s heavy complicated scent flooded her senses, it soothed her frayed nerves. The many conflicts in her mind and heart melted away as she continued to take deep breaths, every cell in her body tingled, the warm material was both slippery and soft. “This isn’t wrong.” She mumbled so softly she could barely hear it herself.

Her eyes stared fixedly at her mother’s crotch, or at least what she could see of it from the back. Briefly before when Marcella had first taken off her panties she had caught a glimpse of her mom’s dark inviting bush. It didn’t surprise her that Marcella didn’t shave, but there didn’t seem to be any need since her pubes had looked so neat and not at all excessive. She was also glad because she preferred women with hair, it was more erotic somehow, not being able to see everything.

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