Felicite’s Rainy and Hot Night

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“What’s wrong?” Felicite asked.

“I’m just…” Raoul mumbled. “Eh, I’m just nervous when I’m with a girl I’ve never been with before.”

Raoul lay atop the petite, short woman under him in a gentle embrace. The two young software engineering students were lying in Felicite’s bed; the small one-room apartment was full of computers, gadgets and video games.

“Have you been with anyone else?” Felicite grinned.

Raoul grinned. “Oh, a few.”

Outside, it rained harder. Of course, Felicia thought, it was fairly predictable that two computer geeks would end up naked in a bed in a day like this…

Felicite grinned. Both of them were drawing close to 19 years. She wasn’t sure if Raoul was telling the truth here, but then again, she wasn’t sure if Raoul was going to believe what she was going to tell him. He didn’t seem to be like a boastful type. And she wasn’t a boastful girl.

“Well, there’s no problem then, is there?” Felicite grinned. “I’ve only been with a few guys.”

“Really?” Raoul said and blushed a bit. “I… I’ve only been with two girls, actually. I was with this girl when I was 16. And I tried to be with this other girl a month ago. But that didn’t go too well.” Raoul seemed to blush a bit. “I’m… not really that remarkable.” Then he held is head up again. “Let’s not let that slow us down, okay?”

Felicite smiled. “Nah, I like you.” She grinned. “You’re pretty cute.” Raoul wasn’t too remarkable physically, but he kept upbeat face and he was fairly skinny; Felicite’s eyes had been caught in his agility, and it was fairly sure that he was going to show some of that agility now…

“Well, I’m actually not exactly prettiest of girls either…” Felicite said then. “Went with this geeky guy when I was 15. And by the time my parents moved and I got to another school, there were a lot of far more popular and pretty girls in my class for the guys to choose from. I only got lucky in parties.” She grinned. “Actually, you remind me a lot of my first boyfriend. …not that it has to mean anything.” Felicite laughed a bit nervously.

Raoul grinned. “Nah, you’re a pretty girl all right.” He kissed Felicite on the lips and brushed her long, remarkably fluffy chestnut curls. He gently removed Felicite’s oval glasses and placed them on the nightstand beside the bed.

“I just wonder—” Felicite began, but was interrupted by Raoul, who kissed Manisa Escort her right breast and fondled the right. “Ummmh… well, I guess you like my boobs.” She gently patted and brushed Raoul’s short blond hair.

Raoul grinned and fondled Felicite with both of his hands, kissing her neck. “Oh, huge boobs are overrated.”

Felicite squirmed under Raoul as he kissed her, her breath trembling as her lover’s sweet kisses excited her. So he cared about her, *and* was a fine lover… She sighed happily. She could feel Raoul’s cock grow harder against her as the two joined in a French kiss, her own excitement growing even further.

Raoul grinned as he finished the kiss and felt a tap on his shoulder; Felicite had managed to dig a box of condoms from the crack behind her mattress.

Raoul rolled aside. “A shy girl’s always ready for guys, though?”

“Nah, I bought these just for you, silly,” Felicite replied. With a modest, playful grin, Felicite took a condom and unwrapped it.

“I was just kidding,” Raoul said while Felicite rolled the condom on his cock.

“Yeah, I knew that,” Felicite said.

“So what do you want—” Raoul said, but didn’t get too far. With Raoul lying in his back, Felicite had knelt on top of her legs and taken his cock in her mouth, giving it some slow sucks first. “—oh, I guess that’s what we could do,” Raoul continued.

Felicite went licking Raoul, with slow long strides, her tongue rocking along the underside of Raoul’s cock.

Raoul breathed faster as Felicite took some speed, holding to the end of the condom with her right hand and gently holding Raoul’s balls with the other. Her tongue went a bit wilder, stopping sometimes to play with Raoul’s tip, Felicite’s own excitement growing harder and her breath growing faster.

In less than a minute, Raoul groaned. “Oh! Mmm…”

The strawberry-scented, latex-clad cock throbbed hard against Felicite’s cheeks and tongue.

“Mmm”, Felicite mumbled. She sighed happily as she let him out, enjoying the sight of Raoul’s cock wrapped tight in a condom, throbbing hard, more cum flowing to the tip of the condom.

“Oh, that was good,” Raoul said.

“Yea, pretty fun, pretty fun,” Felicite said cheerfully as she pulled the condom off of Raoul and slapped it next to her pillow. “But I guess you can do better than that!”

“Oh, I can,” Raoul Manisa Escort Bayan said.

Felicite scampered back to Raoul’s side and smiled to him as he rolled on top of her. Again, he covered her with his embrace, kissing her neck and breasts, playing with her hair.

“I really like you, you know that?” Raoul said.

“And I like you,” Felicite said.

“I’m going to stick to the same classes as you, if you don’t mind,” Raoul said.

“I’ve got to think about what I say about that,” Felicite said. She smiled. Not much to think of, but still…

More kisses followed. In no time, the young man was hard again.

Raoul get up for a brief moment, leaving Felicite on her back, panting hard and smiling goofily at Raoul.

“You seem definitely ready,” he said with a grin as he rolled another condom on him.

“Oh yeah, giving head makes me hot,” Felicite said.

Raoul crawled on top of Felicite again and kissed her. “That is always nice.”

Raoul raised her hips and guided himself to Felicite’s pussy. Felicite drew a good breath as Raoul’s hard cock sank in her all the way.

“Mmm, you’re nice and tight and hot,” Raoul said as he began thrusting.

Felicite clung to Raoul and wrapped her legs around him. She began rolling her hips to his rhythm, brushing his hair as he kissed her neck.

Raoul’s thrusts were long. Felicite bit her lip, trembling and shivering as Raoul sank into her again and again. The young man was eager… so eager to make love to her. Her jaw fell open as Raoul kissed her lips before getting a little bit up. Felicite fell limp, letting Raoul hug and embrace her.

Then, just as sudden, in just a few minutes, Raoul’s thrusts faltered. He shoved his cock all the way in her for one last time.

“Ohhh my… God… Mmmh!” Raoul groaned.

“Mmh!” Felicite felt Raoul’s cock throb in her. “You do cum a lot…”

“Oh, mh, yeah, I guess”, Raoul said as he withdrew from Felicite.

As Felicite lay in excited daze, she saw Raoul throw the condom beside her next to the previous condom.

Raoul began kissing Felicite again, and Felicite eagerly rolled atop Raoul, making it pretty clear that things weren’t going to be left here.

Felicite bit her lip again, giving Raoul a playful smile. “If you can make me come, I’ll definitely let you come to the same classes as me,” Escort Manisa she said, rubbing Raoul’s cock.

“That’s a bit… flimsy, don’t you think?” Raoul said.

“Nah, I’m *completely* sure you’ll make me come.” Felicite said and laughed. “Just one condition, though.”

“What’s that?”

“Monday, Wednesday, Friday – more fucking. Saturday, Sunday – even more fucking.”

“Not Tuesday and Thursday?” Raoul said and grinned.

“We’re just poor students, right? Can’t spend all money on condoms.”

Raoul was hard again. Felicite went sitting on Raoul’s legs, smiling mischievously as she took another condom and unwrapped it on him. With not much ado, she got up and lowered herself on him, slowly letting him slide in her again.

Felicite rode slowly first, her hands resting on Raoul’s chest. She kept a slow pace, her breath trembling a little bit as Raoul’s cock slid in her again and again.

She then rode a little bit faster.

Raoul groaned a bit.

“Oops,” Felicite said and Raoul felt his cock slip out of Felicite. Felicite smiled as she quickly put Raoul back in her and kept going.

Felicite arched back a little bit and breathed harder. She rode a little bit faster, slowly but surely nearing her peak.

Felicite lay down atop Raoul, rubbing her body against his, the feeling of rubbing her breasts and her clitoris against him energising her to the fullest. She took even faster pace, her lower body rolling around as she let Raoul sink in her again and again, each stride also brushing her clit sweetly..

And then, the sweet bliss hit her.

“Oh… oh… GOD…” Felicite cried.

She throbbed hard, her thighs twitching against Raoul’s sides, energies arcing in her as she was almost unable to breathe. She labourously continued to ride for a few moments.

“Gnnnh!” Raoul groaned. Felicite felt Raoul’s throbs join hers and she almost felt his legs twitch behind her.

Felicite kissed Raoul again, raising her rear just enough to let Raoul slip out of her. She took the condom off of him. Felicite embraced Raoul for a while and then turned his attention to the pile of condoms by the pillow.

“Mm, just look at them, just look at them,” Felicite said. She took the third condom and held it hanging, letting the cum inside it pool together.

“Why the strawberry flavour?” Raoul asked.

“Um, the store didn’t have anything else,” Felicite said. “I like them, though.”


“Still two condoms left in the box,” Felicite said and grinned a bit.

“Eh, maybe, but don’t you think this is enough sex for one night?”

“Do *you* think so?” Felicite said and laughed.

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