Filipinas: Dot

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Author’s notes.

My stories are based on my personal experiences. They are NOT fiction or fantasy. Each story is as close to accurate to what actually happened as I can remember, and I have a pretty good memory (even many years later).

These stories are posted in the order that they happened, so if you want to read them first to last, just read the story with the oldest publish date first and then move through the stories from oldest to newest, and you will be reading them in order.

Nobody in this story was underage.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Hi. I’m Pete. I had been living in Angeles City for quite a while, and there was no shortage of girls. I met Dot because Julie had referred her to me.

Girls being referred to me by other girls became such a common occurrence that I had personal cards (kind of like a business card only with personal information and instructions) printed up, telling girls what I expected and what they could expect from me. Yes, there were some girls who read the cards and then quietly backed out, but most of these referrals already knew enough about me that they wanted an experience with me, and they had already set their minds (and sometimes their hearts) to be with me.

Dot was one of these referrals. She was a friend of Julie, and Julie had told her about me. Of course, Julie hadn’t told her (or any of the other referrals) about the arrangement we had. Every time Julie or Sue sent me another girl, they got to spend the next night with me, if they wanted, which they usually did. I had to make allowances for these arrangements when I was making dates with other girls.

Dot was waiting for me outside of my apartment when I came home with another girl (Baby), who didn’t like the fact that I had other girls waiting for me and quickly left. It wasn’t even noon, so I went up to my room and did some work on my computer (certainly not the way I had intended to spend the day). However, I told Dot to come back at six, and we could explore things together then. It also gave me enough time to clean the apartment, change the sheets on my bed and place a towel in the middle.

As expected, Dot was outside of my apartment at six that evening. I let her into my apartment and gave her a glass of orange juice mixed drink that I had already prepared and had sitting in the fridge in a big pitcher. She liked it. We sat on the bed as we talked and drank. Of course, being a good host, I kept her glass refilled at all times.

Dot became more relaxed as the evening progressed. I şişli escort had asked her why, as beautiful as she was, she didn’t have a line of guys wanting to be with her. She replied, “Probably because I am too shy and too scared. I tend to chase guys off. I haven’t even allowed a guy to kiss me. That is part of why I came to see you.”

“OK,” I said. Would it be alright if I kiss you now?”

She blushed and looked down while she thought about it. Then she nodded her ascent. I raised her chin with my hand and pressed my lips softly to hers. I started out slowly, as usual, but then progressed further with each succeeding kiss. By the time we were in our fourth kiss, my hands had found their way to her breasts, and I was caressing them softly. By that time, she was already moaning and leaning into my kisses, wanting more. Once my hands found her breasts, I slowly started pushing her dress higher and higher on her torso.

When her dress was above her breasts, I helped her pull her arms out of the sleeves and then raise it over her head. Dot had followed all of the instructions on the card I had given her, so she wasn’t wearing either a bra or panties. The removal of her dress left her completely naked to my touch. I shifted my kisses from her lips to her earlobe and then down the side of her neck to her breasts.

She was already trembling in excitement even before my lips reached her nipples, but when they did, her whole body shook with pleasure. She couldn’t believe how good a man’s lips suckling her nipples could feel, and she told me so. “How is it that I never knew about this?” she asked.

“Yes, it is amazing, isn’t it?” I replied. I continued suckling Dot’s nipples and exploring her breasts until both nipples were almost too sensitive, her lower breasts were covered with small hickeys, and she was in almost one continuous climax. Once we had climbed that hill, I kissed my way up her body until me cock came in contact with her pussy.

I kissed her softly and asked her to hold my cock, rub the head around in her lubrication (of which there was a lot), and place my cockhead in her vaginal entrance. Then I asked her to push her pussy against my cock. This showed her willingness to continue and gave me permission to take her virginity.

As she was pushing her pussy against me, I quickly thrust my cock into her vaginal entrance, completely spearing her in one motion. This hurt Dot, but I stayed still with my cock completely inside of her until the pain subsided and she started feeling pleasurable sensations and a feeling of fullness.

It was a good thing that I had placed a towel on the bed before we made love because tearing Dot’s hymen caused a lot of blood. Every girl is different. Some don’t bleed at all, others bleed a lot and there is everything in between. Dot was at the high end of that spectrum. Luckily, the towel made cleanup very easy after sex.

Once she had settled, and was moving experimentally against me, I started thrusting and retreating in her pussy, drilling deeper into her vagina with each thrust until I was pressing deeply into her cervix with every thrust.

She was now feeling only pleasure from our coupling, the pain having completely left her body. I have fairly decent control, and I was busily plumbing her depths with my cock without taking myself to the edge for about fifteen minutes before I sped up the tempo to make myself orgasm. She was already having small orgasms at that point, so I wasn’t worried about leaving her behind.

Increasing the speed not only increased my pleasure but hers as well. By the time I felt my sperm rising in my balls, her whole body was coming unglued as the waves of a huge orgasm swept over her. I pressed my cock firmly against the opening in her cervix and let my sperm travel through her cervix and into her womb and beyond.

I wasn’t worried about Dot getting pregnant. My instructions told her to either be on some form of birth control or to make sure that she was in the safe part of her cycle. Dot seemed to be good at following instructions, so there was no reason to think that she wouldn’t have followed my instructions on this.

When both of us had calmed down from our orgasms, I rolled to the side, while she remained on her back. I went into the bathroom to bring back a wet towel to clean us both. Once we were clean, I asked if there was anything else I could do for her. She asked for two things. First, she wanted to stay the night and make love again, and second, she wanted to do this again.

I told her there was no problem with her staying the night (as I had no other plans), but if she wanted to come back for another visit, then she should refer another virgin girl to me who wanted a similar experience. She was happy about being able to stay, but like most girls, she wasn’t sure on how to approach other girls.

I told her that I had a similar arrangement with Julie, so she could talk with her about how to do it. Julie had sent me several girls already, so she clearly had a method. That pleased Dot because she now had a mentor. I did this with every girl who asked for more visits. Some paid dividends. Others didn’t.

There were many girls like Dot during my time in Angeles City, but after a while, I was getting wanderlust. I considered moving to another country, but decided instead to explore the Philippines further. Because English is one of the two official languages in the Philippines, it makes communication easy. You don’t have that advantage in any other Southeast Asian country.

Dot became very kissy after our first coupling. We spent some time exploring each other’s mouths until our jaws started becoming sore. Then, I shifted my attention once more to her breasts. They were more sensitive now, and it wasn’t long before she was pulling me up and guiding my cock back into her pussy. Lubrication was no problem this time, and my cock sank quickly in to press against her cervix. Our pelvises crashed into each other repeatedly, which resulted in wet sloshing noises every time our bodies came together.

Her lubricating juices were running freely out of her vagina, soaking everything with which they came into contact. It seemed like her pussy had loosened significantly since our first coupling, and the friction needed to climax was somewhat missing. Therefore, it took me a while to achieve an orgasm. She, on the other hand, was merrily orgasming the entire time we were coupled.

When I did finally cum, I sent another large load of sperm through her cervix into her womb. Rope after rope of semen jetted up through my cock and deep into her body. Once I was spent, I was completely spent, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. In the morning, we took a shower together, where I fucked her one last time. Then, she was on her way out my door. In case you are wondering, Dot did spend the night with me a few more times as a result of her referring other virgins to me. Then, she got a steady boyfriend, and that was the end of that.

I won’t be writing about all of the girls who came to me this way. The stories are too similar and would become boring. I know that some readers think that my stories are too similar anyway. I can’t help that because the stories are true, and I just tell what happened (to the best of my ability). Honestly, these stories might have been a lot less if I had not always kept a journal. It has been a great memory aid.

In addition, I lucked into this situation because of Julie and Sue, so I’m not sure that I could have ever repeated it. However, there will be other stories about other girls. My time was coming to an end in Angeles City, but not my time in the Philippines.

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