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My dream starts with me on a plane. I am flying to you. My room is booked, and you are planning to stay with me the entire 2 weeks. As I fly closer to you with every minute, I think back on my last 2 visits, on the experiences, the fun, and the exploration. You do not know it, but I have a table booked for that very evening at a romantic restaurant, with a movie and some time to talk and just be in each others company, without the pressure of sex or stress of our lives ruining our enjoyment of my visit.

I land, and go to my hotel, relax for a bit, and then get dressed to pick you up for dinner. We greet each other with a kiss that feels like it has been held in for ages, and proceed onto the restaurant. We both eat small meals, clearly both nervous about this visit. We exchange looks, and smiles, talking a bit here and there, about us, but keeping to conversation light. We go after dinner to watch a movie, and we cuddle and hold hands through the movie, with the odd kiss here and there, some lasting seconds, some lasting minutes.

We go back to the hotel, me carrying your bag and holding your hand, and we settle in to talk. We talk about us, our thoughts, what we want, about life and all of that. After a few hours, you go to the bedroom, getting ready for bed. I join you after a few minutes, quickly getting ready for bed. We kiss as we slide beneath the sheets. You are dressed in a silk nightgown, and I am dressed in a pair of loose pants. We kiss and caress each others bodies a bit, but no clothes are removed in a silent understanding that such things can wait, that we have time. We fall asleep cuddled together, your head on my chest, our legs entwined and bodies pressed close.

As the days pass by, and we spend time just talking and cuddling, spending time together away from the invasiveness of online chatting, we grow closer and closer, but still avoid that last step. We agree we are a couple officially, and no longer wish to hide how we feel. We both login to the site we met on, and state as much, to the grins of many, surprise of a few, and anger of some. The congratulations are plentiful, and it makes Maraş Escort us both feel happy and at peace with the decision.

We decide to go out and celebrate, going to a different, but equally as classy restaurant in the city, but this time the mood is different, more electric, and the exchanges are not nervous, but filled with love and desire. After dinner, we go for a walk through the park, hand in hand, just enjoying each other’s company. We end up back at the hotel, and we quickly begin kissing and exploring each other’s covered bodies. We kiss deeply as my hands caress your back and yours unbuttons my shirt and moves over the skin of my chest.

You notice your dress is looser around your chest, and let out a gasp as you realize I have undone the dress at the back while you were preoccupied with my chest and our kissing. You kiss me deeply, and reach down to stroke my cock through my pants, my cock growing under your attention. You try to undo my pants, but I stop you, not wanting to rush to that just yet, trying to beg your patience with my eyes as I kiss you passionately. You break away, let go of my pants, and stand up, raising your arms, which causes your dress to fall to the floor, showing only a pair of lacy panties left.

I look up at you in amazement, and you smile down, beaming at the expression of desire at your beauty on my face. You lean down to kiss me, and by instinct my hands move up to massage your breasts, rubbing, pinching and playing with your nipples, causing you to moan in need into my mouth. I pull you close, lifting myself up a bit to kiss and suck at your nipples and breasts, giving them more attention than they’ve have in ages. You moan and gasp as I nibble and suck on your breasts. Your legs nearly buckle as a stray hand runs roughly over your clit and pussy lips, but you choose to fall into my lap so you are straddling me as I site on the couch.

You pull my mouth to yours, and kiss me deeply, moving your hips around, making your pussy press tight against my cock and massage it to full hardness. This time when you reach down to undo my pants I let you, and before Maraş Escort Bayan long my cock is pressed against you, only your panties between my cock and your pussy. You kiss me passionately, almost trying to devour my mouth, as your hips move up and down, rubbing the rough material of your panties against my cock. Before long you reach down to take the few drops of precum on your finger and lick it off.

You then kiss my neck, and move your way down my body slowly moving your pussy away from my cock, until you are kneeling before me, my cock resting between your breasts. You lean down, take my cock into your mouth, getting it nice and wet with your saliva, then take it out, and press my now lubricated cock between your breasts, and slowly move your chest up and down. After a few seconds of this, I look down, smile, and reach out to play with your right nipple, which is the only one accessible. You moan as the feeling of my cock between your breasts and is increased by your nipples being played with roughly.

You watch me carefully, as my head is thrown back in pleasure and my efforts not to cum, and as it looks like I am about to cum, you suddenly stop. It takes a few seconds for the sensations to subside and for me to regain control of myself, and I look down at you after catching my breath. Your mouth is wide, poised above my cock so that when my eyes meet yours, you plunge your mouth down on my cock, taking the entirety into your mouth, and moving swiftly up and down, making me cum in less than a minute, shooting warm cum deep into your throat, making you moan loudly.

You swallow all my cum, and then stand up, planning to use the left over cum on my cock as lube as you slide me into you, but I stop you. I pull you onto my lap, your panties still in the way. You moan out of need as my still hard cock presses roughly against your clit, the head rubbing it with every motion. I stand up, holding you by the ass, and carefully move us to the bedroom, where I lay you down roughly, my body almost falling on yours, pressing myself roughly against you again, making you moan even louder.

I Escort Maraş follow your lead, and begin kissing my way down your body, until I am between your legs, with one leg on each side of my head. Leaving your panties on, I begin to lick and kiss at your pussy, starting just above where your pubic hair starts, and moving slowly down, until my tongue is licking at the wetness between your legs, and you are squirming and moaning loudly above my head. My tongue licks and prods, until the cloth of your panties is pressed between your lips, making your clit stand out from the stimulation of the cloth. With the cloth pressed between your lips, that leaves your lips themselves as a way to stimulate you, and I do so with vigor, licking and sucking at your pussy lips until your panties are soaked with your cum and your lips are visibly swollen.

You lift your legs off my shoulders, and roughly pull off your panties, and then lower yourself back down, begging me to make you cum. I laugh softly, making you moan in complaint, and begin to lick and suck at your clit, making you yelp and moan in pleasure. As I slide 2 fingers into you, you let out a small gasp and moan my name, making me smile and suck harder at your clit. Before long I feel the muscles inside your pussy squeezing tighter, and I can tell you are close to orgasm, if I couldn’t tell by the moaning and squirming you are doing.

I pull my 2 fingers out, coated in your cum, and add another, sliding them back into you, making you moan louder, and I begin to nibble and lightly bite your clit, making you let go and cum loudly and wetly on my fingers. I pull my fingers out quickly, lift myself up and press my cock to your entrance, sliding into you, making a second wave of orgasm come over you. I slide my cock in and out of you, slowly pulling your legs up so they wrap over my shoulders, and allow my cock to slide deeper into your pussy. As I slide my cock faster and deeper into you, stimulating your pussy over and over, the waves of pleasure get more and more intense, as is the pressure your pussy put on my cock, until I feel my own orgasm building.

I slide one more time, deep as I can, into your pussy, and let myself go, shooting my cum deep inside you. As my own pleasure subsides, I slide in and out a few more times, before collapsing on top of you, and kissing you deeply, lovingly. “I love you, baby” I whisper…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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