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I had immediately recognized the envelope to be of the type used for wedding invitations. Out of curiosity, I opened that particular letter of my mail first. Needless to say, the names of the couple etched on the ornate invitation took me by surprise. It was my brother. It was my brother’s girlfriend, Beth.

It was the girl I fucked the night they met.

Spring break of three years before had turned out to be everything I hoped. Aside from getting drunk out of my mind every single night, I had hooked up with a chick three out of the five nights I had been there. Oh, they weren’t anything special, just horny girls desperate to feel like they were fitting in and having a good time, but, a pussy is a pussy. I was having the time of my life, staying with my older brother who happened to already be established in the world and owned a house on the beach. I didn’t think things could get any better. Then, on the last night, I met Beth.

She was an exquisite beauty in a sea of gorgeous women. Blonde, beautifully sculpted, and with piercing blue eyes, she caught my attention and admiration in a split second. She didn’t take much of an interest in me at first, not until she learned where I was staying…

I decided to use my brother’s wealth too my advantage: I neglected to tell her that the house wasn’t mine.

I had to fight off nearly every other guy in the house, and the specter of a boyfriend she had back in Chicago. But, I kept feeding her drinks and flashing the wealth my eight-years-older brother had accumulated. Charles had done little for me in my life, I felt he owed me something. He had always been a success. He had always been popular, handsome, the first-born. I had no regrets about using his accomplishments to my own ends. No qualms about misrepresenting myself to seduce the incredible Beth.

After a number of drinks, Beth was ill equipped to withstand my advances. I coaxed her into my room, where I shut off the lights and then proceeded to remove her shirt and bathing suit. I rammed my cock into her incredible cunt to her cries of “Oh, God, it’s so big!. After I came in her, I kept her in the room, feeling her up for ten minutes, until my cock grew hard once again. She had fallen asleep, but my cock pushing into her ass woke her once again.

The funny thing was, I was too drunk to fully appreciate the experience myself. I remember fucking her only vaguely. I remember how sweet she smelled, and how warmth and smooth her naked flesh felt against me, but, I remember little else aside from that. After fucking her ass, I passed out on the bed. Beth gathered herself together. I was conscious enough to hear her mumble something about feeling guilty, about betraying her boyfriend. She blamed me for taking advantage of her, despite the fact she enjoyed the moment between us. She fled my room, and I collapsed into sleep.

Beth escaped my room and rejoined the party. That’s when she met Charles, my brother. That’s when he wooed her with her “charms.” He had everything to offer her: looks, money, the maturity of an older man. Beth forgot all about me now that she was intoxicated both by liquor and Charles. Beth was at his side from that night on, refusing to acknowledge me and the moment we shared. Charles sensed the tension between us, and knew that I had plundered his new love. But it didn’t matter, he fell for her anyway, and she for him. I was gone a day later, never expecting anything to last between them.

But last it dd. And three years later I received the invitation to their wedding, to be held at Charles’s ‘real’ home: his near-mansion on a nice, thirty acre-estate. I suppose he felt I should be there, or else he’d have to explain to the family. I figured what-the-hell? I had nothing else of interest going on.

* * * * * *

I arrived in mid-day. A limo had been at the airport to pick me up, and delivered me to Beth’s and Charles’s door in complete luxury. A sign was on the door stating the family was in back, so I left my luggage on the porch and went to find them.

Indeed, their house was tremendous. Aside for being huge, It was beautifully constructed and surrounded by impeccable landscaping. As I walked to the back, the image of a shimmering pool, complete with it’s own, separate house came into view. Family members were either stretched out on lounge chairs or splashing around in the oversized pool. I saw Charles, and contemplated approaching him, but he looked away shortly after meeting my eyes with his own. He had no interest in speaking to me, so I didn’t push the issue.

As for Beth, I didn’t see her until nearly an hour after my arrival. She strode out of the house, evidently from the kitchen, and placed several trays of appetizers on the scattered tables. My heart jumped at the sight of her. I had forgotten just how beautiful she actually was. She was wearing a shiny blue, button-down top and a pair of tight, white spandex shorts that hugged her body and indicated the shape of her private areas. I could see panty lines through the shorts with a little effort, and felt my cock swell at ankara escort the remembrance of fucking such a pure body.

Beth didn’t even look at me. Her determination not to gaze upon me only convinced me that she actually knew I was there. As I watched Beth throughout the day, I began to think about the sex we shared. I began to feel sad. Not because I had ravaged her, but because I hadn’t done so properly. I didn’t even get to see her naked! I felt her nipples in my hands and in my mouth, but I hadn’t seen them in the darkness. I had fingered her clit, but I hadn’t gazed upon it’s feminine beauty. The desire for these things started to swell within me. I hadn’t thought much of Beth as a person when I first met her, but seeing her again was captivating me as I saw her as a sexual experience. After she finished bringing out the food, I watched my brother’s wife head to the pool house, watching her jiggling ass each step of the way. Her body was tanned, her brownish flesh mixing perfectly with her cascading blonde hair. Her thighs were smooth and taut. Her breasts strained against the shiny blue blouse, compelling me to fantasize about setting them free. I pictured her in my mind, laying alone on a lounge chair, her shorts wet above her panties and showing me the clear shape of her cunt. Her lips forming the words to beg me to fuck her, calling my name … Kevin… Kevin…

Beth emerged from the pool house dressed in a daring bikini. It was a glossy black material. The bottoms were rather tiny. It was obvious she had to shave everything to prevent pubic hair from showing. Her breasts surged against the top, with a larger portion of each squeezing out of the cups and threatening to reveal her nipples. They jiggled unmercifully inside, and my fingers twitched at the thought of touching them. Beth dove into the water, and I watched as the droplets glistened on her perfect form. I watched her for over an hour, sipping occasionally at my Long Island iced tea. I had become a virtual outcast, sitting alone and speaking to no one. A couple of times I noticed Charles looking at me, and wondered if he had seen my gazing at his bride. Surely he would be uncomfortable if he had, knowing we had already shared out bodies.

That I purposefully drank myself drunk. The people were stuffy, arrogant, and boring. I spent my night watching Beth, letting my appreciation for her grow, yet trying to fight the thought that was brewing in my mind: the thought that one time with her was not going to be enough. I seriously doubted there was any way I would be able to stick my dick in Beth again, but I wondered if I might somehow get what I hadn’t gotten: the chance to see her naked.

No one noticed me as I slipped away. I had moved my things into my room earlier, and had some idea of the layout of the house. I suspected that Charles and Beth’s room would be upstairs, as they “guest” rooms were all on the first floor. I climbed the stairs, making sure no one was present, and worked my way down the hallways until I was certain I had located their room. I went back downstairs, and went to their utility room. I found a roll of Scotch tape, and headed back to my hosts place of slumber. Carefully I placed several small strips over the bolt in the door. When they came to bed that night, they would probably close the door behind them. But it wouldn’t latch, allowing me to open it just ever-so-slightly.

Several hours passed before the chance finally came. Most of the guests had said good-night, as did I. But I remained awake and listening, listening for the sounds of Beth and Charles heading up to bed. I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. I heard Beth announce that she was off to bed, while Charles indicated he was going to the den to spend a few minutes on the computer. Beth went up the stairs. I wasn’t far behind.

I caught a quick glimpse of her before she entered the room and closed the door. She had changed out of her bikini since the dip in the pool, but returned to the nearly-as-enticing white shorts and shiny blue blouse. I hurried to the door, not wanting to miss a moment of her undressing. I pushed against it, and sure enough, it opened slightly. I just wanted a crack, just a little opening to gaze through. My eyes looked through the sliver of an opening. I saw Beth.

She was standing in front of the bed. Her hands were at her blouse, undoing the buttons. My eyes focused instantly as her blouse began to open, and a full curve of her breast was becoming visible. She was standing with her weight shifted to her right leg. The pose was innocently sexy. I watched Beth finish the unbuttoning, and slide the blouse from her shoulders. Beth’s breast bobbed inside her bra as she tossed the blouse onto the bed. My jaws opened with heavy breath and my cock hardened as I looked at her. She was so beautiful, so incredibly sexy. Take of the shorts, I thought to myself. Let me see that pussy I once fucked.

As if obeying me, Beth’s fingers worked the zipper of the shorts, then slipped inside near her hips and pulled the spandex down. She was wearing a çankaya escort small pair of white stain panties that looked like a second skin on her pussy. Beth stepped out of view for a moment, and I began to panic. I feared two things. One, that she was heading to the door because she knew I was there, or two, that she was moving to another part of the bedroom to finish undressing. When she didn’t arrive at the door, I pushed a little more, widening the opening.

If Beth looked towards me, she would definitely notice the door had opened a bit, but I had to take the chance. She was at a dresser, and reaching for the front-clasping bra. I would have killed myself if I missed the sight of the opening bra, and the perfect, beautiful breasts that sprang forth. Her nipples poked into the air. Her areolas were dark, and circled each nipple perfectly. I had seen her breasts naked. But I still wanted more. Beth reached down to the panties, but didn’t pull them down.

She was rubbing herself.

I wanted so desperately to rush inside the room and thrust her onto the bed. Seeing her delicate fingers graze against her cunt, and her lips quiver at the touch, was nearly enough to drive me to insane action. Her fingers slipped inside, and I knew she had penetrated herself. I wanted to cum.

Beth spent only a moment giving herself a bit of pleasure. Then she happily slid her panties off and stood completely nude before me. I soaked in the sight of her perfect, naked body. Beth opened a drawer, and pulled out several outfits. I couldn’t see what she was looking at, just some silken red and something white and lacy. She took the red and shiny outfit, and stared at it a moment, still nude. She reached back into the drawer and pulled put a fresh pair of panties, also red and shiny She slide them up her long, sensuous legs, sadly covering her cunt once again. I gaped at my brother’s wife, feeling a lust at a level I hadn’t experienced in a long time.

Beth slide the red garment over her body, covering her breasts, but just barely. It was a robe, and she looked devastatingly beautiful in it. She disappeared further to the left, and I heard the sound of running water. The show was over. I decided to head back to my room before my brother came up the stairs and saw the bulge in my pants that had been induced by the sight of his naked wife.

* * * * * *

Seeing Beth nude had an unexpected effect on me, and the effect was growing. It was almost as if I had never been with her, as if I had never buried my cock deep inside bother her cunt and ass. After all, I couldn’t see her in the darkness. I wasn’t able to fully appreciate her beauty – so was so perfect! Her breasts looked as they were sculpted by the finest plastic surgeon’s knife, yet I knew for a fact that they were real. Her hips curved deliciously. Her lips pouted in a needing, feminine way. Her hair streamed down her back. I simply hadn’t noticed how gorgeous the woman was before. I knew she was hot, and was certainly impressed by Charles’s ability to land such a sexy bride, but the more I saw Beth, the more I was captivated by her.

The next two days with marked for me only by the times I thought Beth might be nude. I caught glimpses of her in their bedroom, and another when I hid in the pool house when she changed from her super-tight shorts and a t-shirt into the very enticing black bikini. The best moment, however, came at the end of the second day.

Unable to shake the image of Beth both nude and in her black bikini, I found myself perfectly in bed with little chance of falling asleep anytime soon. My hands had found their way inside my boxers, and my fingers played against my hardening cock as I thought about my brother’s wife. I tried to remember everything about our night together. Her body had felt so wonderful, so incredible. But my own nervousness and lack of light had stolen something from me. I knew that I hadn’t fully experienced this woman.

The more I rubbed my cock, the more desperate I was to have her again. I ran through a variety of scenarios in my mind. Maybe if I slipped into her room again – no, that wouldn’t work so long as Charles was in there. Perhaps I could just proposition her. I could simply ask her to fuck me again. But I doubted she’d go for it. She gave me a look of contempt whenever our eyes met, and I was sure she didn’t want to do anything to hurt Charles.

The main ideas I had for getting Beth again were to either rape her, or to blackmail her. Neither seemed like a great idea. Raping her was sure to get me in prison and kicked out of the family. Blackmailing wasn’t much of an option, as Charles already knew I had cocked her. Still, the remote fantasies I played in my mind brought me nearly to orgasm,. Just picturing her naked body, with my cock thrusting in and out of that sweet cunt, was enough to bring me to excitement in a matter of moments. But a new idea emerged in my mind.

I quickly got out of bed and crept out of my room. I knew the house was pretty much asleep, and I counted on Beth and Charles being asleep as well. demetevler escort My plan formed quickly in my mind. I just needed to get upstairs, get inside their bedroom…

Every footstep I made seemed to echo throughout the house along with my heartbeat. I was doubly excited – one count from my hopes of seeing Beth naked, the second for the nature of what I was about to do.

I was going to fondle my brother’s wife as she slept.

I reached the door, but stopped before placing my hand on the knob. I needed to control my breath, which was loud from excitement. I needed to be incredibly quiet, and invisible. If Beth awoke I just needed to not be seen. She would assume it was either herself or her husband whose hands were on her.

I opened the door slowly, fearing the slight creaking sound would give me away. The room was completely dark. I sank to m y knees and began to crawl along the floor. I could hear the sounds of my brother and his wife sleeping peacefully. I felt for the edge of the bed and nearly knocked over a table. If it hadn’t been for my peeping in on Beth when she changed with the door slightly open I would have had no sense of where to go. The room was mammoth. Still, even with the vision the cracked door afforded me, I had little idea where I was in the room.

My head grazed against something soft, and I knew it was the comforter. I had made it. I huddled against the bed and held my breath. I listened to the sounds of the couple, trying to determine on which side Beth was sleeping. I could hear the mixture of their breath with the ticking clock in the room. The quiet sounds were almost deafening in the otherwise silent room.

My eyes still couldn’t see. Evidently their curtains did a wonderful job of blocking out any light. But, Beth made a slight whimpering sound that gave her away. She was on my side of the bed.

I rose up on my knees, gliding my hands up the mattress. As I rose, I noticed a slight glowing from their alarm clock. I grabbed it, and moved it to the bed. Beth was sleeping soundly. I dim red light revealed in small portions her face turned towards me, her lips parted slightly, and the lace of a nightie. Thin straps ran over her shoulders. The front of the nightie was low-cut, and as I moved the clock towards her breasts, I realized her right nipple was exposed. My body flashed with arousal as I beheld her perfect tit. The dark skin around it made the nip stand out, and I started to reach.

I stopped myself, fearing that such a touch was sure to wake her. Instead I paused to enjoy the sight of her breasts hanging out of the inadequate covering. She wasn’t wearing this for practical reasons. The shirt would cover little, and was certainly unacceptable around the family. She was wearing it for Charles. I was certain he had fucked her.

The blankets of the bed covered Beth up to her hips. I figured I needed to remove them. I pulled at the comforter, watching Beth’s face for any sign that the sensation of the moving blankets or the rustling sounds they induced would wake her. She appeared to be sound asleep. I pulled the blankets passed her knees, not daring to go any further. Beth was on her side in the bed. The curve of her hips went upward, then sloped down the length of her legs, which were facing me. The lacy nightie was still high on her hips, despite moving down somewhat as I moved the blankets. A path of the lace fell between her legs, obscuring what I was sure was her naked pussy. I reached for the lace, lifting it with my right hand as I moved the clock with my left. The cord was at maximum length, so I couldn’t get as close as I wanted, but I could still see enough of her neatly trimmed pussy wedged between her perfect thighs to make me want to cum on-the-spot.

I was desperately to touch her, desperate to feel the flesh of my brother’s bride. I looked again at her nipple, and reminded myself I hadn’t come this far simply to look at her body. I set the clock on the edge of the bed, it’s light just enough to guide me. I moved my hand to her hip, and slide it upward. The nightie moved with it, and the path of fabric that had been between her legs moved, too. Her pussy was now revealed more completely, and didn’t require me to hold anything up to view it.

Beth’s body turned, and I felt an instant wave of panic. She shifted onto her back, but didn’t awaken. There was now enough room for me to sit on the edge of the bed, which I did so carefully. I put just the edge of my hip on the mattress, and let most of my weight run through me legs and to the floor. I held the clock aloft, gazing at Beth’s perfect body. Both breasts had shifted, and the nipples were again concealed except for the obvious bumps they formed in the lace. Happily, Beth’s cunt was still visible, now with a little more space between her thighs. I leaned down, holding my breath as I did. I moved my face within centimeters of her cunt. I could smell her. I could smell that scent of that perfect pussy, which had been fucked a short time ago. Again I moved my hands with the edge of the nightie inside them. I moved the fabric up, as far as I could, taking in the sight of her naked lower body up to her navel. My cock was aching to enter her. It rubbed against my boxers, calling for me to mount her while my brother slept beside her. As much was I wanted to, I knew I couldn’t go that far.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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