Finding Mr. Right Ch. 07

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Sorry it took a little while; I was out of town and then had a bit of writer’s block. But here it is.

There is quite a jump in time, but this isn’t meant for you to have every detail of Laura’s life; just the bits and pieces that get her to her final destination.

I don’t tell you who’s perspective your reading from in the beginning; just go with it. It’s a surprise when you find out who it is!

Enjoy! Thanks and please vote!

F.Y.I. There are two more chapters after this.


Spring, two and a half years later

I had come to relish my Fridays, the perfect end to the week and perfect start to the weekend. With no classes to attend, my roommate, Ryan, and I used the free mornings for a pick up game of basketball. This morning we were both in dire need of caffeine if we didn’t want to get our asses handed to us. Starbucks in hand, Ryan and I grabbed a table, killing time until our game.

Up until now I had been listening to Ryan rant on about his latest troubles with his girlfriend Melissa, but my attention stopped dead as I noticed the brunette at the counter. She stood tall in pair of black pumps, fitted pencil skirt and slinky emerald green blouse. She was busy looking into her large purse, while the cashier waited patiently to be paid. When she pulled her wavy hair from her eyes, I instantly realize who she was.

My breath caught. No other woman had ever gotten my attention the way Laura did and this time was no different. She had broken my heart and I’d let her. I still hadn’t forgiven myself for not fighting for her and I had a feeling she hadn’t either.

Without a second thought I left Ryan talking to himself at the table, and I made my way up to the counter where Laura was digging in her purse, the cashier still waiting for her to pay.

Apprehensive, I took a deep breath and dove in, “I got this.”

Laura didn’t look up, continuing to search. “Thanks, but I know it’s in here.”

“Laura, it’s okay, I got it.”

At the sound of her name, Laura looked up startled, which quickly turned to shock and then total composure. “Thanks Cam.” Her perfect porcelain skin had colored at the sight of me; it was the same way she heated when I’d stare at her beautiful naked body before devouring her. I smiled to myself, knowing I still had an effect on her.

I handed the cashier a bill and walked with Laura over to the bar to wait for her coffee. Though she stood next to me, Laura felt miles away. Usually I’ll I had to do to read her was look into her bright blue eyes and I’d see all I need to know. But right now it was her body language showing her reluctance, while her eyes gave away nothing. If anything was going to happen it was obvious that I was going to have to make the first move.

“Zach didn’t tell me you were in town. He usually mentions it.”

“That’s cuz he doesn’t know. I didn’t think I was going to have time to see him, so I thought it better if he just didn’t know I was here.”

That seemed like code for, there’s no way I’m seeing you again after I walk out of here. I took my chance anyway, “So I guess that means you can’t have dinner with me tonight.”

Laura’s eyes flashed at the suggestion; I tried not to smile at the flicker of hope. “Actually, my dinner meeting was canceled. I was just going to order room service and try to get some work done, but I guess I could have dinner with you instead.” Laura’s order was called up on the bar; she took it and got ready to leave. “I need to get to my meeting, so why don’t you text me and let me know a time and place and I’ll meet you there.”

No longer able to control myself, I felt a huge grin spread across my face. “Okay, see you then.”

Laura left leaving me dumbfounded. I watched her walk into the sunshine and disappear before turning and heading back to Ryan. My head buzzed, unable to process what had just happened and slightly unsure if it had been real. Dazed, I sat down with Ryan again and took along swig of coffee.

Ryan started at me in awe, waiting for an explanation. “What the fuck was that?”

I put my coffee down and took a deep breath, “That was Laura.”

Ryan’s eyes grew wide in comprehension. “As in…”

“Zach’s sister,” I finished.

“Holy shit. Wait she was the one…”

“That got away.”

Ryan breathed in deeply, studying my reaction. “Dude you’re fucked.”

I looked away, muttering to myself, “Yeah am I.”


I walked out of Starbucks and into the blinding sunshine, ready to scream. Frick, Frick, Frick, Frick! How does he do this to me? How is it I just agreed to dinner with him? Oh fuck, I’m gonna be sick.

Time has played a mean trick on me; not being around him for so long I’d forgotten how much I wanted him, still want him. I thought I was over it, over him, but really it was just time making me forget. I don’t know if that’s a blessing because then I didn’t have to remember what I was missing or just incredibly cruel because what I thought I felt turned out to be a emek escort lie.

It was the last thing I needed right before my meeting, to be shaken so deeply to my core, to have my mind totally consumed by something other than my work. Wanting nothing more than to get in my car and drive really fast with the music way up, I quickly racked my brain for another tactic to calm my nerves and clear my head.

No longer needing my coffee to get my adrenalin pumping, I tossed it and started walking the few blocks to my meeting, taking long deep breaths as I went. You can do this. You will rock this. Over and over again I repeated the mantra, until I reached the building. Taking one last deep breath I opened the door letting myself inside and leaving Cam outside where he belonged.


When I saw the look of lust on the matradee, I couldn’t help but thank my Mom for the always be prepared when packing gene. If I was going to have to see Cam there was only one way I was going to do it: looking damn good. I had pieced together an outfit that I never would have worn together for a work event; edgy black patent pumps had me walking confidently in a satin sapphire dress with a sweet-heart neckline and cap sleeves, it hugged my body perfectly, over the dress I wore a short black leather jacket and my hair hung in waves, framing my face. It was the perfect mix of edgy and sexy.

The matradee led me through the restaurant to where Cam was sitting. He noticed me mid way though my walk outside to him. Seeing me, he stood. At first I was sure it was to just be polite, but once he started starting it just got awkward. I was already sitting before he realized what he was doing.

Trying to recover, Cam bent down to give me a kiss hello on the cheek. “You look amazing.”

I smiled at his somewhat smooth recovery. “You clean up pretty well yourself.” It wasn’t a lie; I had been too flustered this morning to really notice him. He had grown up considerably in our four years apart. There was nothing boyish about the man sitting across from me now. His face had hardened, but was still warmed by his brown eyes. His now broad shoulders filled out his suit perfectly, giving me the feeling that the rest of him had filled in just as wonderfully.

Cam pulled me from my assessment by speaking again. “Before anything else I have to clear the air. The last time I saw you I was a total jackass. That text message was totally uncalled for. All I can say is that I was nervous about seeing you at the house, so I had some drinks and then when I got there you were with another guy. I was jealous and drunk and I took it out on you.”

“Cam, it’s okay. It was along time ago.”

“It wasn’t okay. And I’m glad you yelled at me, it was what I needed to hear.”

I smiled at him, remembering how I had bitched him out.

“You were right anyway. If we had stayed together it never would have lasted. I didn’t understand, having not been to college yet, just what it would have been like.”

“It’s nice to hear, that I made the right decision, because it was really hard for me to do, letting you go like that. Knowing that you wouldn’t understand until much later. I hated that you hated me.”

“I didn’t hate you, I wanted you.” Cam tried to smile, ignoring how serious our conversation had become. “Anyway, how is Matt?”

I half chocked on my sip of water. “You’re really out of the loop. I mean it’s been like a year and a half, Zach didn’t tell you?”

Cam looked absolutely confused and slightly worried about what he’d been missing. “Tell me what?”

“We broke up.”

“Wow, Zach never… I just would have thought.” Cam stopped, trying to regain his composure. “From what I heard it always just seemed like you were really happy with him and Zach said he was totally cool, which I know he never liked any of the guys you dated before, so I figured… I don’t know I guess I just thought that he was it for you.”

I smiled at him, trying to tell him it wasn’t a big deal. It was cute how relieved he seemed. “So Zach usually gives you the gossip, huh?”

This made Cam crack, smiling a little now, he continued, “No, I don’t know, it’s not like we talk about you all the time. He just usually mentions major things.”

“It’s cool, it’s just funny that Zach’s your source. I mean he has to be the worse person when it comes to telling people what’s going on. He tends to leave out key events and major details. You should know that.”

Cam was laughing now, “You know, come to think of it you’re right. He’s never been good with gossip.” It felt good to relax and make fun of Zach, it was something we’d always enjoyed doing. “Do you mind if I ask what happened?”

“I think we were together out of convenience. It was easy and comfortable but there was never that feeling like I had to have him in my life or things just wouldn’t be right, you know?

“When it started things were different, we needed each other. He had just moved to Seattle and I needed someone safe and stable. eryaman escort We probably could have taken the easy way out and stayed together, but both us knew we had out grown the relationship. I think we both knew there was something more out there for us.”

I wanted to tell him that it wasn’t like being with him, but I wasn’t sure how he would take it. “We didn’t push each others’ buttons either, none of that witty banter, I hate you right now and yet have never wanted you more.” I smiled at Cam hoping he’d get at what I was trying to say.

“We had that.”

I looked up from the salad I’d been pushing around my plate, Cam’s smile was so warm I wanted to melt. “We did.” I wasn’t sure I could handle where this conversation was heading. “Your turn. What about you and the ladies?”

Cam looked slightly frazzled, “Ah well freshman year was kind of a mess, lots of drunken one night stands.” He looked away, obviously not wanting to see the disapproval in my face.

I couldn’t really blame him; I’d spent that next six months in a relationship devoid of everything but sex. “That’s probably my fault.” I didn’t want him to feel too guilty.

Cam smiled, “You’re right, it was your fault.”

I smiled back, “I know you, there had to have been someone.”

“Midway through sophomore year I met some one, it only lasted about nine months. And I haven’t really dated anyone serious since then.”

Before I knew it we were done with dinner, it had gone so smoothly; him talking about school and I about work, we were never devoid of conversation.

As we reached Cam’s car he opened the door for me. “Let me take you to your hotel, that way you don’t have to call a cab.”

“It’s really not that far, I can just walk.” I was scared that if I got in the car with him there would be no turning back, and I hadn’t decided how I wanted this evening to end yet. As much as I wanted him, I knew that if he wasn’t ready for more than just sex, then I shouldn’t have sex with him at all. It would be too hard later.

Cam smiled at me as if he were aware of my inner turmoil. “You don’t have a choice, you’re getting in.”

Unsure how to argue my case, I slid on to his leather seat and took a deep breath once he shut the door. The whole ride went by in silence, while my inner monolog sounded like a fight between several people. I was so consumed with myself that it took me a few moments to realize that we were parked in front of my hotel.

Still completely unsure about things, I decided to leave the window of opportunity opened. “The company I met with today sent a bottle of wine to my hotel room. If you can’t come have a glass you should at least come get the bottle. All I have is carry on luggage and it would be a shame to waste it, it’s really nice wine.”

The grin on Cam’s face and glint in his eye almost had me wishing I hadn’t said anything. “I have all the time in the world for a glass of wine with you.”

I shook all the way up to the hotel, knowing that there was no turning back now. If Cam really made a move, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stop him.

When the elevator doors opened, Cam placed a hand on the small of me back and guided me inside. Even with the fabric of my dress between us my skin instantly tingled at his touch. I pressed the button to my floor and went to stand beside Cam in the back of the elevator. Before the doors could close a mad rush of people from a wedding party pushed their way inside.

Making space, Cam pulled me out of the way to stand in front of him. His hands continued to rest on my hips, guiding me into him. A soft moan escaped my lips when I felt Cam’s growing erection press into the small of my back. Cam chuckled low in my ear at the sound of my escaped ecstasy.

The large group exited on the next floor, leaving Cam and I alone. He continued to hold me against him, pressing himself into me. I felt hot and cold all over; Cam’s deep breathing in my ear sent shivers through me while his urgency heated my back.

Finally arriving at my floor, I quickly pulled away from Cam and walked out, feeling flushed. Walking past the mirror in front of the elevator, I caught the reflection of Cam’s cocky smile, making my stomach dropped in anticipation of his next touch.

I reached my room and slipped the key card into the slot; before I could pull it out, Cam’s hand was around mine, stopping me. Confused at his action, I turned my head to look up at him. Instead of an explanation, there was only heat in Cam’s eyes. A hand on my hip turned my body to face him as his lips came down to meet mine.

Any reluctance I had fled the second Cam’s lips found mine. I had forgotten what it was like to kiss Cam; there was no better pleasure. He still melted me in every way possible, though now there was a confidence that wasn’t there before. His lips were telling me exactly how hot he was for me and that he knew how hot I was for him.

Lost in deep passion, I felt the door give way beneath me etimesgut escort as Cam opened it and pushed us inside. My back slammed into the wall next to the door as Cam pinned me against it. His hands were searching my body, stroking and rubbing all the right places, until finally they rested on my back opening the zipper of my dress.

Cam let his lips leave mine to watch my body as he slid the straps of my dress off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. There was a deep intake of breath from Cam as his gaze fell upon my naked breasts and pussy. My chest heaved waiting for his touch, but Cam just continued to stare, his heat filled look penetrating my core.

Cam reached out a hand and started tracing my neck and clavicle. Shivers ran through me as his fingers fell to my chest and then around my breasts like a figure eight and down on to my stomach.

Removing his fingers from my stomach, Cam stepped towards me to whisper in my ear. “You’re even more beautiful than I remember.” I felt my cheeks blush deeply at his complement.

Slowly Cam’s tongue began to follow the trail his fingers had left. From my ear, around my breasts and down to my stomach Cam’s tongue moved, until he reached the point where his fingers had stopped.

Pausing for a moment Cam looked up into my eyes, making sure I saw the wicked grin that spread across him face. He wanted me to know what was coming. I needed nothing more than that smile to tell me where his head was at.

Cam bent down in front of me, grabbing my right leg and placing it over his shoulder and then he began to lick. The strokes started out long and slow, capturing every drop I left for him.

Suddenly my eyes snapped shut at the wonderfully abrupt feeling of Cam’s fingers in my pussy. Never forgetting what I liked, instantly Cam found my gspot while his tongue continued to torture my clit. It was all like an instant rush of pleasure bringing me to the brink faster than I could have imagined.

“Look at me. I want to see your eyes when you come.”

I opened my eyes to find Cam staring up intently at me. That final look was all I needed, my knees buckled and my hands grasped at the wall looking for something to ground me as the waves of pleasure started to hit. Cam removed his fingers and moved them to my clit as I continued to come.

Knowing I still had more to give, Cam didn’t stop; he used his tongue and finger on my clit until I was squirting an irrepressible stream that had me screaming.

When I finally came back to earth, I found Cam up and holding me tight around the waist so I wouldn’t collapse.

Cam groaned in my ear, “I love it when you do that for me. You have no idea how many times I’ve thought about you squirting.”

I smiled into his neck, relishing his confession. “You’re still the only one,” I whispered back.

Cam pulled back to look at me, boyish grin of satisfaction on his face. “Really?”

“Even when I’m by myself, I’m always thinking of you when it happens.”

I deep growl escaped Cam’s lips, “That has to be the hottest thing I’ve ever heard. Knowing I’m the only one that makes you squirt, you have no idea what that does to me.” Cam’s lips were back on mine in a furry, his hands bring mine over my head, pinning me to the wall.

I broke our kiss so I could look him in the eye. “Show me what it does to you.” As my request fell from my lips, I removed a hand from Cam’s grasp and brought it down to cup and stroke his erection.

Cam cupped my ass fiercely, bringing me up to straddle him. His lips turned to devouring me again while he carried me across the room to the bed.

Leaving me kneeling on the bed, Cam took a few steps back and began to undress. Wanting desperately to touch him, I reached my hands out and grabbed Cam’s shirt, pulling him back towards me.

A slight moan escaped my lips when my hands finally made contact with his broad chest. Slowly I ran my fingers up and over his shoulders, removing his shirt as I went. The feel of his warm skin under my hands made me realize how badly I was craving to taste him.

I wrapped a hand around Cam’s neck and pulled him into me. With one long stroke I licked up his neck and then started to nip at his ear, causing Cam to grown from deep within.

Satisfied that I had gotten his attention, I pushed myself back from him, moving towards the center of the bed. I sat there staring at him wantonly, while he slowly removed his pants to reveal my desire.

Cam moved forward, crawling on the bed towards me, only to have me turn over and brace my hands on the headboard.

I waited patiently for Cam to make his move, but it never came. I knew he must be staring at pink pussy lips peaking out from between my legs.

I turned my head around and smiled at him, “Are you gonna fuck me or what?”

My comment achieved its desired effect, drawing Cam from his trance and making him laugh. “What happened to the girl I had to seduce at the door?”

“She liked what she saw and now she wants more,” I taunted back.

Turning back to the wall, I felt Cam move up behind me. I flinched at the sensation of Cam’s lips kissing their way up my spine. With one hand, he pulled the hair from around my face onto one side so his tongue could tease my ear.

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