Flicking The Switch

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Thirty five. Judith was 35 years old.

While her best friend had put together a small party of their mutual society friends, Judith just was not in the mood to celebrate. The mood had been building for several weeks now, culminating with this impromptu party.

Here she was, dressed in her best Bitch blacks, looking indescribably edible with her red hair loose, and her normal glasses exchange for contacts, making her eyes glow…..and she felt like a mouse, willing to crawl someplace and just hide.

She idly played with the stem of the goblet, the white wine unusually dry tasting, and raised her hazel eyes, glancing around the room full of Dommes and subbies celebrating her birthday.

As she set the goblet aside and rose to leave, her friend pushed her gently back down by her shoulder.

“Judith… not yet, hon,” Sharon gazed at her smiling with bright eyes, the deep purple suede outfit suiting her dark hair. “I have a surprise for you.”

“Sharon..,” Judith started with a sigh, and then was startled when one of their other friends came forward with a small box tied with a bow.

“Hey Judith…ya old bitch you,” Melissa said laughing, and then stopped, seeing the hurt in Judith’s eyes. “Anyways, Happy Birthday, hon!”

Judith just held to the box, fighting down the urge to rake her nails against Melissa’s snooty face. She mustered her civility and coolly replied, “Thank you dear.”

Sharon watched this exchange, more than mildly interested. She had been watching, listening, and talking to Judith for twenty years now, knowing her in high school, throughout their college years, and then professionally. She knew it was time to really talk to her.

“Judith, ….come upstairs with me. I want to show you what I found at an antique market last weekend,” Sharon said, taking her arm and tugging slightly.

Judith followed and as they entered Sharon’s bedroom, she flung the prettily wrapped package across the room.

“Damn it Sharon, I’m tired of it.” Judith was really ready to get into it with her friend. One of their favorite pastimes was called ‘Bitch session’ and it was just screaming at each other about anything.

“Sit down, Judith,” Sharon’s tone was quiet, but was full of authority. Judith sat on her friend’s beautiful designed Laura Ashley bed, looking at Sharon oddly, viewing her in a new light. Sharon stood there, her arms crossed, eyes steadily staring at Judith and calmly continued. “We have known each other the longest of the group out there. You want to talk to me and tell me what the hell is going on? I don’t know how to talk to you anymore. I want YOU to tell me and I want to hear it NOW.”

Judith flinched as she heard the emphasis in her friend’s words, but then she breathed in deeply.

“I’m thinking of leaving the scene, Sharon.” She put it quickly and bluntly. “I’ve trained and searched, I’ve whipped and cuddled. I have gone from wide eye excitement ten years ago, going from party to party to being a full-fledged career woman. I have no time anymore to deal with pandering to subs, the responsibility has become overwhelming. I’m just thankful I don’t have a collared currently. It would just make this all the harder to do.”

“I think you’re lying to yourself,” Sharon retorted, and picked up the package. She looked at it carefully and handed it back to Judith. “Open it.”

“Oh for Christ’s sake! I don’t want another fucking vibrator to point out that I’m alone. I have my job, I have the Chamber meetings, I’m just …just… ” Judith looked up, “existing.”

“Judith…shut the fuck up and open the present. I have one for you too, but I want you to open that first. Melissa told me what she had found for you and NO it’s not another fucking vibrator,” Sharon pushed the package into her hands.

Judith ripped through the ribbon and paper to open the box, sharply breathing in at the dark sapphire suede flogger lying within the tissue. “Oh my!” Judith pulled it out and fingered it slowly, testing the weight of the grip, the feel of the flails.

Sharon nodded. “Melissa said she found a leather smith that does custom jobs. Seems you told her once you like that color. And now that you have a new toy…” She walked to the door that adjoined to her guest room, opening it slightly and tugging on something with her hand. “Here’s my present!”

Judith raised her eyes, watching the man enter on the end of Sharon’s chain. He was physically fit and well defined. Naked save for chains, collar, and hood, which covered his eyes and hair but left his nose and mouth visible. With a quick tug on the chain and a barked “Down” from Sharon, the man was kneeling before her, and Sharon was making her way to the door. Sharon looked back and laughed. “Happy birthday, Judith my love… Have fun!”

As the door shut behind her friend, Judith looked down at the man. From the peppered strands of chest hair, this was a mature man, not a mere boy. With a nudge of her toe, he immediately opened ankarakazan.com his thighs wider, his cock hanging erect before him. Judith slid completely off the bed and circled this gift, critically eyeing the few marks remaining on his back from what looked liked a bullwhip.

“What is your safe word, pet?” She held the flogger loosely in her hand, trailing the tails over his shoulders.

“Mistress…red is my safe word,” his voice was like fine cognac, mellowed with time, just low enough to be husky.

She looked at the flogger once more, and told him to get on all fours, watching as he did so quickly and quietly. “Good boy,” she praised, but then did something she promised herself never to do. She vented her anger, all the frustration she had been feeling, all the confusion and flogged his ass until it was black and blue with stripe marks.

Not once did he complain, not once did he utter the safe word, but as Judith threw the flogger to the ground in disgust of herself, he lifted his head and she could see his cheeks shining from the tears. His voice cracked slightly as he spoke.

“Did I please the Mistress?”

“Yes pet,” She walked to the door, leaving the flogger lying on the floor next to him. “You pleased me.”

Judith went downstairs to Sharon. Her eyes spoke volumes but her voice only came to her once. “I’m sorry.” Judith collected her coat and purse and left quietly, her life changed.

In the next two weeks, Judith immersed herself in work. Judith went to one meeting after another, reassuring Chamber members that a merger coming up would not affect the commerce of their small community. But her stability was shaken. She no longer had the edge that she used to. She heard soft whispers regarding herself and how she had become soft. And as she went into the Friday afternoon meeting with the merger representative of the other company, she breathed a deep sigh of relief, just thinking of rest for the weekend.

He had flown in specifically for this, and she knew that his schedule was tight, as the CEO of the corporation was constantly relying on him to do certain tasks. She had dressed today in her power suit, thinking that her favorite sapphire blue would perk her mood back up. She even wore blue suede pumps.

As she dropped a slew of files to the conference table, her eyes took in the very smart and very expensive suit that was standing and looking out the window. Late 40’s early 50’s easily, with dark hair starting to turn gray. He turned around and caught her looking and she smiled awkwardly.

“Hi I’m Judith N~. We’ve never really talked have we? I mean… well gee, we’ve sent a whole gob of emails back and forth and then those damn faxes…”

What the hell was she doing?!?! She was rambling like a schoolgirl. But she had caught his eyes, and the blue there was reflecting her outfit, making them seem darker. His gaze took her all in and as she was about to make a comment, he shuddered and clung to the chair.

“Are you alright? Do you need some water?” She asked anxiously.

“I’m fine.” His answer was quick, but… something.

“Have we met before?” She looked at him deeply.

“I don’t believe so…Judith did you say?” He offered his hand out. “Allen J~. Shall we get this going so we can sneak out and start the weekend early?”

Judith laughed, a bit too shrill, but then nodded.

“Yes. Have a seat. I want to go over the addendums on the merger agreement. There was one in particular..” She broke off, watching as he sat in the chair, his face contorting slightly. His eyes met hers and held steady. “Umm…the one in particular… was right he…”

“Well you know what Judith? I’m sorry to say that those amendments will stand. The CEO would never offer you something that was below expectations. But if you wish to discuss it with him, I’d be more than happy to give you a lift.” He meant the corporate jet and he meant cross country.

“Damn right I want to discuss it with him,” her adrenaline was pumping. Pissed she had lost her fire, she was willing to tear one more person to bits to make sure this merger went through with no hitches.

An hour later in the jet, she was just starting to have second thoughts. He had made her a glass of wine and had made non committal conversation to the point of being a bore. She had flipped idly through her reports over and over again, checking note after note meticulously.

They made the descent to the private runway, a car waited to take them directly to the estate. Each of their arms full of papers, neither one saying a word on the short drive.

They entered the estate and Allen took her immediately to a sunken den, furnished sparingly but surprisingly with some rather unique antiques and Amish works that made the sparseness reflect elegance without being overbearing.

Allen watched her as she moved from piece to piece and then moved behind her, leaning his head down slightly to whisper into her ear.

“You left me..”

With a quick grasp, he had her wrists in restraints and had turned her around, pressing his chest against her. “You left me..” He bent down, biting against her lips, leaving teeth marks against their swelling state.

It hit her and she became frightened. Oh my NO SHIT NO… She looked back into his eyes. He grasped her hair, pulling it back slightly, exposing her throat, and forcing a low guttural moan from her lips.

As his tongue rasped against her throat, he mumbled once more. “You left me..”

The cuffs that he had around her wrists tightened and he pulled her body back into an arch, attaching her wrists to her ankles with a length of rope.

“How DARE you! Let me go this INSTANT!” her Domme instincts came back with the fury.

“No,” he quietly replied, continuing to secure the ropes around her. She continued to spew insults, illicit warnings, and all out threaten him with his behavior and yet he continued very quietly, setting their business papers aside, and then leaving the room and lowering the lights.

Her mind was reeling, going over and over what was happening. Fear.. so much fear that she smelt it on herself. Anger so bad that although she was restrained she was shaking. And… damn, she was getting wet.

An hour passed. She had calmed herself down, but her limbs were aching from being tied. She was hungry and cold, but still didn’t know what was going to happen. She had already figured out who he was, but for a sub to be treating a Domme like this, she couldn’t understand. Her heart was pounding so loud, remembering how she HAD just left him there, no release, no explanation, just left him.

The soft sounds of voices reached her and the lights came back up in the den. Judith lifted her head, her eyes flashing in anger, and then bit back a gasp as several distinguished looking gentlemen entered the den, Allen with them. All had drinks in their hands and they were discussing something in low tones. As they came closer, the discussion ended and all their eyes were on her.

“But it looks as though you haven’t unwrapped your present statue, Allen,” one man with silver grey hair came forward and gripped Judith’s chin, raising it. Judith hissed and tried to bite the hand, and was mortified when it slapped her face.

Allen laughed. “She isn’t ready yet, but I did want you all to see this lovely piece I’ve acquired as I unveil it.” He stepped up to Judith and was oblivious to her glares of hatred. He pulled out a penknife and gently cut away her prized suit, leaving her naked and bound. Judith gasped and then blushed deeply, feeling the group of eyes on her, her head bowed involuntarily, hiding her confused eyes.

“Oh yes, lovely indeed, Allen,” another man came forward, slowly touching her back, tugging her red hair, and then coming around in front of her. “The hair color is natural I see.”

“One of the things that drew me to her, Jeff” Allen replied, sitting down and staring at her, slowly raising the drink and sipping it.

“So what are your plans with this little one?” The last man came forward. His suit was Armani, Judith knew just from looking at him that he was a mover and shaker.

“Well Peter…she’s a bitch. Through and through. I’ve been observing her for months. Got finagled into a deal with her company, got close to her friends. I think it was worth the investment though.”

Allen gazed at Judith and she felt shivers down her spine, listening to his words. For months he said. He has been watching her for months. Way before her birthday. She moved slightly, and cried out as the ropes cut into her. The men nodded appreciatively, congratulating Allen on his find, reminding him that he had one month.

Judith’s head whipped up. A month? A month for what? She watched as Allen led the others out, listening as the conversation moved away from her, the lights going down once more. She lowered her head, and finally let it sink in that she was in deep trouble. She had often thought about the other side of her lifestyle, but never to the point of experiencing what she was experiencing now. She felt as if she was being ripped open, exposed. With a soft sigh, she felt tears sting at her eyes, and then each one tumbling down her cheek…something she hadn’t felt since childhood.

The lights came back on and Allen reentered the room, wearing a smoking jacket and holding a snifter of brandy. He lit the fire and pulled a chair in front of Judith, sitting down with a soft groan.

“Do you know why you’re here yet?” He asked, gazing intensely at her.

“You’ve kidnapped me, you fucking pervert,” she hissed out. She cried out once again as her face was slapped.

“No. You came willingly. That is not kidnapping. Shall I tell you why you’re here?” His voice was still soft, but the steel beneath it was unmistakable. Judith lowered her head in assent, the tears streaming down her cheeks. “I wanted you. Do you understand that? You are precious to me. I saw what I wanted and went after it.” His decisive tone again sent shivers down her spine.

Judith finally croaked out, “Why… why me? You obviously don’t want a Domme.”

Allen reached out, lifting her chin and gazing to her eyes. “But you are not a Domme anymore are you?”

Judith retorted, “And you sure as hell aren’t a sub!” earning another slap across her cheek.

“I am a switch, little one… something you will learn about, because as I’ve watched you, I’ve learned that that is what your heart needs to be fulfilled. You NEED to be dominated,” his voice stroked against her, just as his thumb was caressing her lips, her chin. “If I had not done this, you would have gone on in confusion and never have been complete.” He settled back into the chair and looked at her. “Judith, your life has been in the fast track for too long.”

Judith looked up, her eyes shining. “May I ask a question?”

Allen smiled. “You are learning, good girl. Yes you may.”

“What about my fucking business, my life, my career? ” Her voice became strong as she voiced her concerns.

Allen laughed deeply. “Your life is mine. Your business? A wee bit egotistical, eh? As for your career, well that’s been handled. You are now registered as an Account Executive within my firm, which… if you remember was being merged with the pathetic little business you worked for.” He paused, looking at her. “Your office has been told that you accepted the position immediately, and that you are on a very intense training program… which is not altogether untrue. For you will be trained, Judith.”

Judith lowered her eyes once more. “How can you do this? What if I don’t want this? What if you’re wrong in your assessment of me?”

Allen reached out suddenly and grasped her taut nipple twisting it violently, making her gasp and then moan, her eyes closing. “I will ask you in a week if you wish to continue. If not, you will go back to your worthless life, your meaningless job, your unfulfilled sex, and have nothing to say about this week but that you have changed your mind over the benefits offered. If you do decide to continue…” He trailed off, finally releasing the nipple, letting the blood flow back and she reacted gasping and then panting softly. “Now…are you ready to be released from the restraints?”

“Yes,” Judith kept her head lowered, but then whispered softly, “please.”

Allen nodded and rose, coming around behind her and slowly untying the knots binding her hands to her ankles. He undid the cuffs binding chafing against her wrists and then looked critically at them. He reached into his smoking jacket and pulled a tube of lotion out, pouring the lotion softly into his hand and sitting on the ground next to her, gently applying the lotion to her wrists.

A man came to the door, looking austere in a simple suit and his voice had the clipped accent of being from the United Kingdom. “Sir…would you care for your dinner here or within the dining room?”

Allen looked up from rubbing Judith’s wrist, noting the flush crossing her skin. “Here is fine, Basil.”

“Very good, Sir,” Basil replied, unreacting to the scene before him.

“And Basil, the dish.” Allen looked back at Judith.

“Yes Sir,” Basil withdrew only to return a few moments later with a rolling cart.

“Judith, this is Basil. You are to speak to him only if your personal needs require it, do you understand?” Allen said quietly, watching as Basil removed covers from platters and setting steaming dishes on the low table by the fire place.

Judith swallowed nervously. “Yes.” Allen reached out and grabbed her nipple once more, twisting it.

“OWWWWWWWWWWW!” Judith cried out, confused, and then reacted from gut instinct. “SIR, yes Sir, yes I understand!”

Allen released her once more, caressing her cheek. “Good girl.”

“Will there be anything else, Sir?” Basil spoke dryly.

“No Basil. You may retire for the night. Thank you for staying up late.” Allen was already looking at the food, eyeing it.

“Yes Sir. Good evening Sir” Basil bowed slightly and left.

“First lesson, Judith. You will now refer to me as Sir. You will keep a note of respect in your voice when doing so. Any sarcasm will imply discipline, do you understand?”

“Yes Sir,” Judith replied meekly, her nipple tight but sore.

“Second lesson. Prepare my plate for dinner.” Allen rose and returned to his chair, gazing at her.

Judith slowly clambered to her feet, looking down at the one piece of clothing remaining, her pumps. She sighed deeply and stepped out of them, yanking the shredded hose that remained clinging to her thighs away. She turned to the dishes and found a warmed plate, setting moderate portions of meat and vegetables to the plate and then walking to Allen, holding the plate down to him.

Allen looked up. “On your knees.”

Judith balanced the plate carefully and lowered down, her thighs falling apart into a position she had loved in her own subs, and held the plate up to him.

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