Flirtation Pt. 03 – The Loss

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


The day had come for the party I was to attend with Lisa. She arrived at 7pm prompt. We went to her car and she started to drive. She explained “I have only invited two others we are going to pick them up now.”

We drove along talking. Lisa was wearing black ankle boots, a dark figure hugging skirt and blouse, matched with a dark jacket and necktie. She looked very pretty and somewhat sultry.

We stopped somewhere I did not know and she beeped the horn. I was not to surprise as I saw Vicki and her son James approaching the car. The jumped in and we drove off.

It was obvious Vicki was paying to her nylon fetish, She had on 5 inch heels and what was obviously some sort of tan nylon outfit underneath a grey tight skirt and jacket with a tight white blouse on she also had a neck tie, was this some kind of code or an indication of no underwear?

We soon arrived at the house. We all got out of the car and walked up the drive. Lisa and I led the way she was making sure people knew we were together putting her arm through mine walking, closely followed by mother and son.

She rang the bell and a man answered the door and led us into a large living room. There were 6 two seated sofas in the room. Three were already sat in and we were asked to sit on the other two as couples. The man introduced himself as Mark he was around 55 years old about 6ft tall and obviously wealthy with a full head of grey hair.

He sat next to the lady who was his partner she was around about 40 her name was Sara. She was around 5 6 tall had very dark black straight hair with dark brown eyes. She was extremely busty around a 42DD and around a size 18 but carried it very well. She was wearing an outfit that suited her figure a pair of black heels and stockings, a short black skirt with a black blouse and a corset over the top; She had on a black fur boa.

The second couple was on the next sofa He was around 45 as tall as me 6 2 and introduced himself as being Jeff and was from Jamaica originally. His wife was called Althea she was around 5 7 and also Jamaican the same sort of age she was reasonably well built with a medium skin tone. She was dressed in blue heels and light blue stocking. She had on a blue skirt and blouse to match off a very blue outfit.

The next couple were Mary who appeared of Thai decent around she had dark hair and eyes and light brown skin she was again curvy with around 36dd breasts and was about 5 2 obviously our host had a type he liked. She was wearing black heels, fishnets a short black skirt red blouse and red bra and I assume thong. Her husband Tim was around the same age build and about the same age of 40.

The last couple wore masks, which they took off. This raised a gasp from Vicki and James. The young lady was Vicki’s daughter and therefore James sister her name was Liz she was 19 with blond hair like Mum and a very curvy busty figure she was slightly shorter than her Mum at 5. Clothes wise she had on a pair of pink heels with large platforms, a white body stocking, figure hugging white dress, with a dark blue jacket matching belt and scarf. She was sat with her Uncle Paul who was Vicki brother. This was going to be very strange to see how it worked out.

Mark then spoke “We have all played before so understand where this game will lead. If anyone is not prepared or willing to play please leave now.”

The room went silent and everyone stayed in place eyes was on the sibling but they seemed happy to stay.

Mark breathed out ” I assume that means everyone is fine”

We all replied yes.

Mark spoke I will read the rules “The game will be played as couples. Therefore all forfeits will be conducted as couples. We are numbered as couple 1 to 6 based on our seating arrangement around the table. So 1 Sara and I 2 Jeff and Althea 3 Mary and Tim 4 Paul and Liz 5 Ron and Lisa 6 James and Vicki. When one half of the couple climax the other continues as a solo player, their partner as a forfeit becomes sexually at the disposal of the other couple for a month having to live with them. Does everyone understand?”

We all nodded. Mark was nominated, as dealer for the first round each round the next couple would deal. The cards were dealt. Jeff and Althea were first to go. They turned a blue card, which read kiss couple 4. They kissed Paul and Liz and sat back down. Mary and Tim flipped over a red card; Tim and Mary both lost their shoes. Paul and Liz flipped a blue card they had to kiss couple 1 and our hosts Sara and Mark both got a kiss.

Lisa and I turned over the white card, which meant all the others were going to have to lose an item of clothing. Mark lost his shoes Sara her boa. Jeff and Althea both took off their shoes. Tim lost his socks Mary smiled as she removed her blouse her push up bra showing off her 36cc breasts to good effect. Paul and Liz both removed their shoes as did mother and son.

It was now Mother and Son’s turn they had a red card James removed his socks Anadolu Yakası escort whilst Vicki lost her necktie. The way she brushed her sons face with it suggested the kinkier the game was going to be the more she was going to enjoy it. The last card turned over was a blue, which led to Mark and Sara kissing couple 6 Vicki and James. The round was now over. It was very tame but obviously this was not going to last.

Jeff and Althea dealt Tim and Mary turned over a blue card they had to French Kiss Lisa and I. I could tell from the quickness of Mary’s tongue she had played this game many times before and was already excited. I could tell from Lisa’s look Tim was also very much aroused once the kiss was complete. Paul and Liz flipped over a red card Liz took off her scarf and Paul his socks. It was now Lisa and I to go we turned a blue card. We had to French kiss our hosts, who both appeared to be very much up for the occasion.

Vicki and James pulled a blue card, which meant that had to French kiss couple 4, this meant the two siblings were kissing each other. Neither Vicki nor Paul or her son and daughter seemed to mind all kissing with passion. The results leaving the room in a state of heightened tension. It was then the turn of Mark and Sara who flipped the white card.

Jeff lost his socks whilst Althea took of her blouse she had a light powder blue bra on slightly opaque even though she had the smallest breasts they had an amazing shape to them. Tim took off his trousers then Mary removed her short skirt her red thong barley covering anything her fishnet hold ups suited her well. Paul and Liz were next Paul lost his shirt whilst Liz the youngest female member of the group at 18 lost her jacket she seemed unfazed by the occasion. Lisa and I both lost our shoes. James lost his shirt and Vicki thought for a minute before removing her jacket.

To complete the round Jeff and Althea turned a blue and had to kiss Paul and Liz. They kissed and at the end Liz breathed “I have always wanted to kiss a black man.”

The round was over and Tim and Mary dealt the cards. Liz and Paul were first to go turning over a blue card, and having to French kiss couple 2 Jeff and Althea once more. It appeared Liz’s boldness had slightly caught her Mother Vicki by surprise. Lisa and I turned a blue card and had to kiss Althea and Jeff, which was a pleasant experience. They were certainly at present getting a lot of action. It was then the turn of Vicki and James who turned over another red card. James removed his trousers and was left in his briefs whilst Vicki looked around wearing a blouse and skirt and some form of body stocking below.

She smiled at Lisa and I “You guys know about my nylon fetish” she dropped the skirt her tan body stocking showing her smoothly shaven pussy to the room.

The room was defiantly becoming more charged with sexual desire. Mark and Sara flipped a blue card and had to French kiss Mary and Tim, both couples enjoying the experience. It was then Jeff and Althea’s turn either they or Tim and Mary were going to flip the white card this round. They turned a blue card that had them french kissing James and Vicki. The kiss seeming more charged due to the state of undress and the fact the room new the next card was white.

Tim placed on the table the white card. Paul and Liz Paul lost his trousers now only in boxers, Liz removed her belt seeming somewhat overdress for a person with one item of clothing left, she obviously had inherited her Mothers nylon fetish. I removed my socks and Lisa her necktie. James went first removing his briefs the first person naked. Then Vicki slowly unbuttoned her blouse her eyes moving around making sure all others were watching her more importantly watching her blouse. She then pulled it off her shoulders letting it fall. Her tan body stocking was cut out exposing her soft white breasts and pink nipples. You could tell she was enjoying the eyes admiring her.

Mark and Sara like us were still well dressed he lost his socks and Sara lost her corset. Althea was next and removed her skirt showing off her hips and thong that matched her bra and stockings. Jeff removed his shirt. The round over. It was now Paul and Liz to deal which they did.

We were first to go our card was blue. We had to French kiss couple number 3 and once again Tim and Mary seemed very charged as we kissed them. It was then the turn of the naked Vicki and James who turned a blue card. They were asked to put on a show for the others per the dealer’s instructions. Paul and Liz chose a 69 for their siblings.

James lay down as his mother was on top of him licking his cock sucking on it as he licked and sucked on the nylon covering her pussy as she ground back against him. The minute passed but it was obvious the show had taken the room to a higher level ready for whatever was on offer.

Mark and Sara turned over a red card he removed his shirt and she her heels. It was then Jeff and Althea who turned over the white card this round. Tim went first and Anadolu Yakası escort bayan removed his trousers now just in his briefs. Mary stood up smiling at everyone as she reached behind and unclasped her bra letting out her large breasts her light brown skin contrasting with her large brown nipples, she knew she looked good half naked.

It was now Paul and Liz; Paul slowly removed his boxers leaving naked like his sister. It was then Liz she was quickly peeling of her dress, she was happy to expose herself leaving herself in a white body stocking like her mother her breasts exposed, almost the same in size and colour but about 30 years younger the white nylon showing a clean shaved pussy. Liz seemed in her element loving the idea of older people admiring her body.

My go saw me lose my shirt, Lisa her jacket. Vicki and James were already naked. Mark lost his trousers and Sara her stood before the group removing her black skirt, her body stocking showing her curves that were still firm for her size and a clit ring gleaming through the nylon.

It was the turn of Tim and Mary who turned over a blue card which had them french kissing Jeff and Althea. Both couple seemed to enjoy the experience. The round now over.

It was Lisa and I who dealt the next round. James and Vicki had a blue card. The task given to have receive a blow job from couple 4. This was going to be a minute of the two performing oral sex on their brothers, both on their knees licking then taking the heads in their mouths sucking deeply for the minute.

The task left the room charged. Mark and Sara flipped a blue, which ordered them to masturbate couple 3. Sara teased Tim with her hands for the minute as Mark rubbed and teased Mary both seeming to enjoy the hand play given them. Eyes of lust watching the others stroke a cock and rub a wet clit.

It was then Jeff and Althea to go and they turned a blue card over. Perform oral sex on couple 4. Althea was on her knees licking and teasing Paul’s cock as Jeff let his tongue work through the nylon on Liz clit her young mouth letting out moans as she held his head. The minute passed quickly it was very obvious she was highly attracted to Jeff.

The next couple to go was Mary and Tim who turned over the white card. Lisa and I were first to go I removed my trousers leaving me just in my briefs. Lisa was next she was working what to remover her blouse or skirt she then undid her skirt letting it fall to the floor. She exposed her body stocking as well; she looked really good the black fabric against her brown skin. She sat down. James and Vicki had nothing to remove.

It was then the turn of Mark and Sara. Mark was quick to get naked obviously ready for the more explicit tasks ahead. Sara then stood up she was looking around the room, everyone could see her clit ring and I think was wondering what was underneath her blouse for more reasons than the massive chest. She slowly unbuttoned the black blouse making sure as others had before eyes were on her and her only. She was looking at the other players as if trying to or actual knew what lustful thoughts and desires they were having towards her. She finally undid the last button and then pulled off the blouse. Her black body stocking was full but shear, as well as the clit ring both her massive nipples were pierced and her belly button, she had several tattoos as well. The full body stocking kept her large breasts tight.

She smiled at the group “I hope you all like”

The gazing eyes suggested this was so.

It was now Jeff and Althea Jeff whipped of his and you could see female eyes on him, You got the impression Mother and Daughter Vicki and Liz were in new vision land both were admiring him, Liz biting her lips. Althea then followed her partner’s bold move quickly whipping of her thong. Her frame on display her hips wide and well formed her dark pussy lips already puffy she had a nice figure the best proportioned in the room.

We were now backs to Mary and Tim. Paul and Liz turned over a blue card, which stated to have a 69 with couple 6, which of course were their siblings. Both men laid down the women on top, Vicki was licking on her brothers cock the same was Liz was on her own brother both son and Uncle were reaching up to lick on the nylon covered clits as they grounded down on them taking their cocks in their mouths all enjoying the experience, the room watching them in a glaze. The buzzer rang the forfeit complete.

As we dealt Lisa and I completed the round and drew a red card. It seemed only fair giving all the others were already naked. I took of my briefs it was interesting to see Sara, Althea and Mary looked at me like mother and daughter did at Jeff. It appeared Lisa was happy they were admiring her partner for the night, she was standing now, it appeared happy she was the last person to be exposed to the group. You could see the eyes on her waiting for the reveal. She undid her buttons and slowly took off the blouse her body stocking exposing her breasts the light brown escort bayan skin against her dark nipples her breasts firm you could see the room was excited, knowing the next round things were going to get hot.

The cards were with Vicki and James who were ready to deal. The cards were sorted and the room was obviously full of tension, no white cards or red cards just blue forfeits. It was going to get intense very quickly. The cards were dealt.

The first card was turned over by Mark and Sara he read out the instructions “Masturbate and at the same time anal rim couple number 4.”

This meant they were going to tease and please Liz and Paul, Sara was soon gently stroking his cock her tongue already probing his anus as she let her hand move up and down his shaft. Mark was rubbing Liz’s clit through the nylon as well as licking on her rosebud through the nylon she was gasping at the pleasure; the buzzer rang the round over.

Next to go were Jeff and Althea Jeff read out the instructions “Perform oral sex on couple 6 they must assist with one hand on the instructions given before the task starts”

Jeff and Althea went to James and Vicki. They instructed them on what to do Vicki to fondle her son’s balls and for James to suck on his mother’s nipples. They both started to do this as Althea licked James up and down his shaft before taking him in her mouth. Mum’s hand caressing his balls. Jeff Licked and teased Vicki through the nylon his tongue teasing her clit, her sons head turned towards her sucking her left breast. The buzzer ran the round over.

The next couple to go were Tim and Mary she as obviously the dominate partner here she read out the task “With couple 4 let the female members perform oral sex on the males”

Both Paul and Tim stood up. Paul was around 6.5inches and Tim 5 by far the smallest man in the group. The two girls were both licking on the other partners cock letting their tongues stimulate them it was almost like watching synchronised cock sucking. They were both no licking the heads before slowly taking them in their mouths sucking licking taking the cocks deeper, bobbing up and down until the buzzer rang.

It was now Paul and Liz to go they seemed to be getting a lot of action this round. He read out the card “With couple 2 masturbate both of them use any techniques you feel would help stimulate them include the other couple in the task.”

Paul took charge ” Althea lie between Jeff and myself, we will suck a breast each, Liz play with Jeff and finger Althea, Althea fondle Jeff’s balls.”

They all got in place the two men suck on Althea’s breasts as Paul teased her clit, Liz was on her knees playing with his almost 8 inch cock as she twisted a finger inside her, Althea playing with her husbands balls. You could see Althea’s hips moving soft moans from her mouth as the guys sucked on her breasts. Liz watching closely as she stroked Jeff, the minute gone as the buzzer rang.

It was now Lisa and I we seemed like voyeurs until now I read out the card “with couple 5 perform oral sex on the female partners”

Both Lisa and Vicki lay back spreading wide both showing their lips below the nylon. James started to lick on Lisa’s clit reaching up to play wither breasts. Lisa pushing her hips onto his tongue. I started to lick Vicki her clit wet and juicy sucking on it a well as she pushed forward my finger pushing against her body stocking forcing it rubbing against her anus. Her hips pushing forward to make me lick her clit harder and rub the nylon against her bud harder. The round ended with the buzzer.

The round was to be completed by Vicki and James the card was read “With couple 3 lay on your back and use your tongue to probe their assholes whilst masturbating them”

Vicki and James led down. Tim and Mary positioned themselves over the other two, letting their tongues find the spot. Both reach up James rubbing Mary’s clit as she pushed her ass onto his tongue below. Vicki stroking Tim who was really enjoying the experience? The buzzer rang and the round was over.

It was the turn of Mark and Sara to deal the cards. They were dealt and Jeff read out the first card “Have a 69 with couple 1 them below”

Sara and Mark laid down. Althea and Jeff straddled them both in turn ready to start the round. Althea was sucking licking on Mark as he thrust upwards her hands fondling his balls. He was licking on her clit as she pushed back her hands squeezing her butt checks as she ground down on him. Jeff was moving up and down his cock being sucked thrusts into the open willing mouth of Sara, he had her legs wide open teasing her clit through her body stocking biting on her clit ring pulling it out. The task was sexually charged. The buzzer rang the whole room full of tension.

The task were obviously going to be hotter this round and we all knew. It was now the turn of Tim and Mary who turned over a blue card which she read out “Perform a 69 on each other let couple number 5 stimulate you anally with 2 fingers.”

Tin mew his place and led down with Mary on top of him she was soon sucking his cock taking it in deeply he was licking her clit. Lisa led and slide 2 fingers in his ass as he thrust upwards into his wife’s willing mouth, she pushed back onto my fingers as they twisted inside of her grinding her pussy onto his face. The minute passing quickly.

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