Fond Thoughts of Cousin Ann Ch. 03

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This is a fictional account.


When Ann and Mike made it back to the pool area, Janet sat up to greet them. She could see the good just-fucked look on both their faces and smiled.

“Have fun, you two?” Janet asked.

“Fabulous time,” Ann said, with a smirk.

Mike blushed, not used to talking about sex right in front of girls. They sat down on the loungers again to get some sun. He went to get beers for them all and to the bathroom and on the return saw Ann leaning over talking to Janet. She lay back as Mike approached to sit down again.

About a half hour later, they went into the pool again and played catch, shot baskets, and dived off the diving board much as before. This time however, Janet seemed to be staying closer to Mike and Ann farther away. At one point, Janet pinned Mike against the side and wrestled a little with him. Mike was bigger and stronger so it was not much of a contest but somehow Janet’s cute little tits kept rubbing across Mike’s chest. His cock started to react to Janet’s closeness. She was a cutie and he like fooling around with her.

Ann got out of the water to sun herself some more and left the two of them to play in the pool. The wrestling match continued and Mike lifted her up several times and threw her into the deeper end. She came back for more each time laughing. They had a good time until Janet finally wanted to get out so she could go to the bathroom.

They dried off with the towels Janet had given them. When Mike was done drying he went to sit down but Janet stopped him before he could.

“Come inside and help me get some more beers, okay?” Janet asked.

“Ahh…sure,” Mike said, even though he had not finished the last one completely yet.

Janet took his hand and led him inside. Mike thought they were going to the refrigerator but instead Janet pulled him towards the basement again. She led the way down the basement and over to the same couch where he had been with Ann about an hour ago. The small wet spot appeared to have dried. Janet sat down and pulled him onto the couch next to her. She turned towards him with her leg up against the back of the couch.

“You are so cute,” Janet said.

“Thanks,” Mike said.

“You like me, Mike?” Janet asked.

“You bet,” Mike said.

“What do you like about me?” Janet asked.

“You’re just great,” Mike said.

“That’s nice but how so?”

“Well, you’re really cute,” Mike sort of stuttered.

“I am? What do you like about me?”

“Your hair is gorgeous and your eyes too.”

“You like blonde hair and blue eyes?”

“Sure,” Mike claimed.

“What else do you like about me?”

“You look hot in that bikini,” Mike stated, with a bit more confidence.

“I do? Ann has a far better body than I do,” Janet said.

“Oh, no,” Mike exclaimed. “You look great too.”

“I do, huh?”


“You want to kiss me, Mike?” Janet asked.

“Okay,” Mike stuttered again, back to being nervous.

Janet leaned in and the two kissed tenderly. It was a good thing Ann had shown him the ropes the last few days or he would have been a lot more nervous. They kissed for a while and even did a little tongue wrestling. Janet’s hands snuck into his lap at one point and could feel his hard cock tenting his swim suit. They broke from kissing after a few minutes to catch their breath.

“Did you like that?” Janet asked.

“Absolutely,” Mike exclaimed.

“Can you handle more? I mean Ann told me you’ve had a bunch of sex already today.”

“I’m good for more, I think,” Mike said.

“Wait here,” Janet said.

She went and got the same blanket as Ann and he had used. It was still wet in the middle so Janet folded it over covering the wet spot. She accomplished it so quickly he got the impression she had done it before. Mike sat back down on one side but Janet remained standing. She moved in front of Mike and leaned down and kissed him again. When she broke the kiss she moved right in front of him. Her tight flat stomach lined up with his face, her cute little breasts just above. Janet’s blue eyes looked down at him. His cock started to throb in his suit.

“You want to see my little titties?” Janet asked, with a grin.

Mike tried to answer but the words just sort of stuck in his throat and it came out, “Ahh…ya…”

Janet didn’t really wait for an answer and reached behind her back to undo the tie. The little blue patches of the blue bikini bra top went slack and just hung in front of her tits as she dropped the ties. Her nipples were still hidden from his gaze. Mike’s mouth should have been watering but instead felt dry as a bone. He licked his parched lips as he feasted on the sight before him. His cock ached in his trunks.

Janet slowly reached up and grabbed the corners of her top at both breasts. For a girl with small breasts, she sure knew how to make a guy hunger for the first glimpse of them. Mike was dying to see them and watched her like a captivated kid gazing upon Bycasino something of wonder.

Slowly Janet lifted the corners of the tiny triangles and released to his gaze first her little mounds of creamy white flesh and then finally her gorgeous pink nipples. They were the pinkest thing in the world to Mike and he nearly gasped out loud. They were gorgeous. Ann’s tits were beautiful for their size, shape, and nice deep reddish pink nipples. Janet’s were fabulous in their smaller compact state. The pinkness of her nipples accompanying her pure white surrounding skin made Mike’s hands tremble to touch them.

Janet lifted the bikini top off over her head and tossed it onto the couch near him. His eyes feasted on her flesh and she stepped a half step closer giving him an even closer look.

“You like them?” Janet asked, acting curious for his answer.

Really she knew guys salivated over Ann’s tits but she had never had any complaints either. She was confident in her smaller boobs that they could entice any man and from the look on Michael’s face, she was right.

“They’re spec…spectacular,” Mike said.

“Thanks,” Janet said. She stepped forward again putting them nearly in his face. “Want to touch them?”

“Oh god,” was all Mike could answer.

He reached up hesitantly. His palms touched the flesh of her stomach as they moved higher. Her skin seemed hot enough to burn him yet he persisted unmindful of the falsely perceived heat. Touching Ann had been the greatest thrill of his young life. But somehow, touching Janet, someone he had not even known before today, was like touching the most fabulous of forbidden fruit.

Mike’s hands nudged the firmness of her small tits on the bottoms and then continued up on the soft breast tissue until he reached her nipples. He stared up wide eyed as his hands closed around the pink distended nipples. They were puffy and called his mouth like the most succulent of fruit. Janet seemed to sense his need and took the final mini-step forward that placed her nipples almost in line with his mouth. All Mike need to do was lift his head slightly and suck the pouted bud into his mouth which he did. They both groaned at the same time as his mouth enclosed her pink morsel.

“Oh, my god! That feels so good,” Janet said.

Mike just moaned into her breast meat as he sucked and teased the sensitive teat with his tongue and lips. Janet’s hands softly held his head to her breast as Mike tenderly sucked on the nipple. Mike’s other hand continued to tweak and fondle the nipple on her other tit. He moved between them eventually sucking each in turn.

“Oh, that feels so good. You do that well,” Janet encouraged him.

After a long time, Mike leaned back and rested, looking up at her. Janet smiled down at him, pleased with the tender way he had sucked on her tits. Janet stepped back slightly and reached for the ties on the sides of her bikini bottoms. She pulled both bows at once and the knots gave way. The bikini bottom loosened then dropped from her hips to the floor.

Mike’s gaze immediately moved lower seeking out the core of her womanhood. He first noticed the blonde tuft of hair at the top of her sex. Unlike Ann, Janet showed off her pubes with a trimmed patch of soft blonde curls. Mike’s eyes continued to move south to her hairless labia. They were exquisitely pink too. She had the type of pussy where the inner lips were completely covered by the outer lips. Below her blonde patch she looked beautiful. Her pussy was a tightly sealed seam with two puffy lips on either side.

Janet watched him examine her pussy realizing it was only the second one he had ever seen close up and in person. She let him drink her in before saying anything.

“Touch me, Mike,” Janet said, encouraging him to explore her body further.

Without saying a word, Mike reached down towards her pussy. A tiny thin barely visible fine line of blonde hairs started somewhere below her navel and led down to her pubes. His hand followed this tract to brush over her blonde curls. Mike’s cock was hard as steel and throbbing in his trunks as his hand moved further south. His hand grazed her outer right labia. The skin felt firm but soft at the same time. His other hand joined his right and he touched both sides.

Janet looked down and moaned lightly to herself. No one had ever examined her like this before. She’d had sex often previously but most guys were quick to try and shove their cocks into her. They spent little time on foreplay and less yet exploring her body. Watching Mike examine the details of her body was like a new experience for her too and she let him go till his heart’s content.

Mike eventually pulled the two labia aside. Her gash parted and her even deeper inner pinkness, glistening wet, showed through. His cock leaked pre-cum into his suit, wetting the surface area where his bulge pushed it out. Mike pulled her lips open more and now the inner lips parted to reveal her moist pink cunt fully to his gaze. The sight Bycasino giriş of it was the most exquisite thing his young eyes had ever beheld. He groaned aloud without realizing it as he feasted upon her glorious flesh.

“You like what you see?” Janet finally asked, with a huge smile on her face.

Mike looked up speechless at first, and then said, “Janet, you are incredibly beautiful.”

“Thanks. I’m glad you like it,” Janet exclaimed.

“It’s gorgeous,” Mike gasped, now staring back at her open flower.

“You’re learning quickly how to make a woman feel good,” Janet applauded him.

“It’s true.”

“Thanks. You ever kiss a woman down there?”

“Ann showed me,” Mike said, pulling her closer and she came willingly.

Mike moved in close enough to smell the sweet scent of her. His nostrils flared at the intoxicating scent. His fingers still held her open as his tongue reached out and lightly teased the inner lips. He sucked on the inner lips and licked all around, drawing murmurs of encouragement from Janet. When his tongue pushed into the center of her cunt and probed her inner core, Janet groaned. For a novice, this guy was teasing her to a higher state than any college guy she had ever fucked. He was pushing her sexual buttons to a point she could not believe.

“Oh, god! That’s so good, Mike,” Janet gasped, when his tongue moved into her hole and wiggled around.

Mike didn’t stop but instead swiped his tongue upward and brushed past her clit. Janet immediately stiffened in his hands. Mike was holding her hips tight so his mouth could feast in her cunt to his heart content. Janet felt like she was being consumed, eaten alive, but did not care. In fact, she wanted more. All he would give her. Mike moved his tongue around her pussy like he had the roadmap. Each new caress drove Janet closer to her orgasm. She could feel the beginnings building in her guts.

“Damn, Mike. That’s so good. Ann taught you well,” Janet gasped.

Mike wouldn’t be distracted and just kept up his assault. When he sucked Janet’s clit into his mouth and inserted a finger deep into her cunt, she lost it. Janet’s hands had been behind his head for sometime encouraging him on. Now they pressed his face to her cunt as her climax neared its peak.

“Oh, fuck! Eat me, Mike! Please…do it,” Janet moaned.

When Mike’s second finger probed into her cunt, Janet couldn’t take anymore. The sucking on her clit and his fingers inside her drove her over the edge.

“Fuck…oh, fuck!” Janet yelled, as her orgasm pushed her over.

Mike’s strong hands held her ass tightly as she shuddered in his grasp. She bucked against his mouth and pressed his face into her sex to the point he could barely breathe. Waves of blissful pleasure washed over her and she might have collapsed if not for his hands holding her up. He continued to suck her clit and saw his fingers into her as she rode out the throes of her orgasm. When she finally came down, she lightly pushed him away from her throbbing clit.

“Oh, my god! That was wonderful,” Janet said.

She looked down at Mike as he looked up. His lower face was slick with her juices and his mouth red from the friction against her cunt. In that moment she wanted to give him as much or more pleasure than he gave her. Janet pushed him back on the couch while still looking into his eyes. Like Ann, Janet had sucked many cocks and right now she wanted to suck his in the worst way. Janet dropped to her knees in front of him still gazing into his eyes.

Her hands immediately went to his suit and pulled the still slightly damp trunks off him, down his legs, and completely off. His nice cock stuck straight up in the air. The head glistened with pre-cum that had been smeared over it by his trunks. Janet parted his legs and inched closer. His cock looked delicious and she couldn’t wait to get it in her mouth. Fortunately something reminded her he had cum four times already today and not to rush things. She had to have him inside her so she would have to be concise in her sucking not allowing him to get too close.

Janet knew guys liked to watch and she gazed into his eyes as she licked the head of his cock.

“Oh fuck,” was all Mike could say.

Janet teased him for a while. When her hand coaxed a big drop of pre-cum to the surface, she moved in and licked it away. Next she took the head fully into her mouth drawing groans from Mike. Janet teased him but not too fast. She would have easily sucked him off if he had not had so much sex already today, but she wanted him to last as long as possible. He had a nice cock and she wanted to ride it to at least one good orgasm.

Janet slowly teased the cockhead in her mouth and stroked the shaft. Her left hand caressed his swollen balls telling her for sure she needed to go slow. His nut sack was tight to his body and hard as it could get. Too much stimulation and he would cut loose before she wanted. Janet teased his cock a bit longer until Mike was growling Bycasino deneme bonusu with need.

When she felt she had partially returned the favor of the great pussy eating he gave her, she climbed up into his lap and straddled his waist. Janet gazed into his intense eyes as she positioned his cockhead into the mouth of her cunt. Seconds later she eased down taking about half his length into her steaming hot pussy. He had a nice thick cock and it spread Janet open deliciously. She moaned with him as she settled further down.

“Oh, god! You feel so good,” Janet groaned.

“You feel fantastic,” Mike managed to utter.

“I’ll go slow. Tell me if you are close,” Janet said.

“I don’t know how much more I can take,” Mike grunted.

“Hang with me a little longer, Mike,” Janet said.

“I’ll try.”

Janet slowly rode his cock. The slowness allowed him to hang in while also allowing her to catch up. Very slowly Janet picked up the pace. Their pleasure rose together until she was fucking him with wild abandon. Mike growled his pending cum and Janet just yelled, “do it.”

Mike fired off volleys of cum into her hot tight tunnel as she rode up and down on him. The hot cum pushed Janet over the edge too and she climaxed above him.

“Shit…oh shit,” was all Janet could yell, as Mike pumped more cum into her quaking pussy.

Her own flood of juices mixed with his and poured from her cunt as she continued to ride up and down on his pole. They bucked together riding the waves of blissful pleasure and groaning. His balls became soaked with their combined fluids as they both began to slow down. After a few more slow pumps up and down, Janet fell silently against him. They both panted together until their breath returned.

“God, Mike! That was great,” Janet said.

“Oh, god! Janet that was incredible. I think you drained me dry,” Mike agreed.

“Nothing left, huh,” Janet said, with a disappointed smile.

“I’m afraid not. My balls poured out their last with that one,” Mike had to admit.

“Too bad. I love your cock,” Janet said. “Thanks! You’re a good lover, Mike.”

“Thanks! You’re awesome,” Mike said.

“Sure I can’t suck that beautiful cock back to life. I’m good at it you know.”

“I’m afraid I’m worn out,” Mike gasped.

“Shit! I could definitely go another round with you, lover,” Janet exclaimed.

“I wish I could.”

“We got to get together again before you leave.”

“I’d sure like that,” Mike stated.

Janet looked at him for a second then said, “Wait here.”

She cupped her leaking cunt with her hand and ran to the bathroom. She returned a few minutes later with a wet washcloth and some tissues. She knelt between his legs and lovingly cleaned his soaked cock and balls. She then dried them with the wad of tissues. When he was clean and dry, she leaned down and kissed his cock. She picked up the flaccid dick and kissed the head repeatedly. Mike started to groan as his cock defied him and started to lengthen.

Janet looked up at him with a wicked smile.

“He wants to play some more,” Janet said.

“Oh, god,” Mike growled.

“Don’t worry. I’ll let him be. For now anyway,” Janet said, with a mischievous grin.

They threw their suits back on, cleaned up, and put the blanket away again. They then ascended the stairs, grabbed some more beers, and went out by the pool. Now it was Ann’s turn to look at the two of them as they approached. Janet had the good just-fucked look on her face. Mike on the other hand looked like he was worn out.

“What did you do to my cousin, you little vixen? He looks positively drained.”

“It’s not me, you slut. You wore him out so much before I got him that he was only able to go one more time. But it was a good time,” Janet added, with a big smile to Mike.

“Isn’t she a hot little number?” Ann asked Mike, speaking of Janet.

“You’re both incredible,” Mike stated, with as much enthusiasm as he could muster.

The two women laughed at his drained demeanor and said together, “Good answer.”

They parked themselves on the loungers again and after a while Mike actually dozed off. The women noticed and chuckled to themselves.

“I guess we worn him completely down,” Janet mused.

“I guess so,” Ann agreed, grinning.

“I’d like to know what his dreams are right now,” Janet claimed, with a big giggle.

“Me too. Wonder which one of us he is dreaming about. Maybe both of us together. You think he wants to do the both of us together next?” Ann asked.

“What red-blooded American boy wouldn’t?” Janet pronounced.

“I guess you’re right about that. Tomorrow we have to go to Pike’s Peak with the parental units but Thursday we could get together again and both fuck him together.”

“That sounds great. He is really quite good this cousin of yours. For only being eighteen and inexperienced, he seems to be taking to it well,” Janet stated.

“It’s his teacher,” Ann quipped.

“You’re right! That probably explains it,” Janet agreed and they both laughed.

The women were getting hot so they went for a swim. They were in for a while and then back sunning on the loungers before Mike stirred.

“Wake up, sleepyhead,” Ann said.

“What?” Mike said, groggily.

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