Foot Cuckold for Isha Ch. 02

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Hey guys, Rahul is back with yet another cuckolding experience with Isha (goddess) and my master (Atul). This is Part-2 of the series.

So I am back with the tale of another day of my life. I was cleaning the house as instructed by my goddess, who was out with her boyfriend, Atul, for shopping, with of course my credit card to handle the expenses.

They had a long day out as Isha came exhausted with her boyfriend back to home.

I was asked beforehand by Isha to dress in a maid outfit as she explored cuckolding more and more on web and wanted to try everything new.

So I was, as expected, waiting for them in the outfit to greet them. Isha plopped on the sofa along with Atul.

She called me – “Rahul, I am dead exhausted. Why don’t you take my heels off?”

As I sat down and started to remove her shoes with hands, she said – “What? Are u fucking retarded? Just because I didn’t put a leash on your neck, doesn’t mean u forget the way to behave.”

I was taken aback as to what I did, with my master looking in shock as well.

She continued, “Use your teeth u dumb ass to remove my heels! In fact, why do not you first lick the dirty soles of my shoes! That should be a good appetizer for you.”

This made both goddess and master burst into peals of laughter as I started licking soles of her shoes. She then grabbed my hair and slapped and said

“Look at me Rahul when you lick the soles of my shoes. I want to see the passion in your eyes, the burning desire in them when you lust for my shoes and my feet.”

To this Atul said to Isha – “Damn Isha! You are good at making a sissy out of this puny dick bitch.”

With her every laughter my heart sank deeper and deeper, but do not know what the fuck was getting over şehitkamil escort my head that was driving me nuts at this verbal humiliation by both of them.

Then Isha asked me to remove her shoes and lick her sexy supple feet.

Well, let me be honest, her feet look a bit chubby, but those arches of Isha’s feet and her voice made me forget everything and just go wild at her humiliation of mine. Her feet tasted salty as every time, but different than ever!

To this Isha said – “o yeah! Keep licking bitch! Yum Yum Yummy how do my feet taste Raquel?”

At the back of my head I thought – “Shit! Is that cum that I taste in between her toes?”

She continued almost moaning while speaking, “o yeah looser… you are guessing it right… it is my lover’s cum you are licking right now in between my toes.”

This shocked me but surprisingly I had a hard on as well.

She said -“Hey honey look at this tiny hard on of Rahul! Looks like he really loves his meal we prepared!”

With that she winked to me and Atul said-“You are one lucky dog you know Rahul! Isn’t it?”

I replied with my eyes sinking down in shame – “yes master”, as I continued licking master’s cum off her toes. This scene started making goddess horny as hell!

As she started to finger herself looking at me licking her man master’s dried cum licked off her foot.

Meanwhile, Atul had already started to undress goddess and squeeze her watermelon boobs. They looked luscious and sweaty and master was having a go at them while French kissing her.

I cud see her tongue going deep inside his mouth while her toes played with my tongue with same passion. Her hands were now sliding inside his zipper as she let out that monster of a cock out of his pants.

Wow! That fucking dick just bobbed out like a spring and goddess held it in between her hands moaning like in a state of orgasm at its mere sight! She kicked me away as they undressed each other and prepared to fuck!

Atul pumped her with that beast of a cock making her scream with pain and lust. I was burning with shame at my situation as how my life has turned upside down! But I thought it was already too late.

Isha called me and asked me to come closer. She grabbed my hair and brought my face closer to her pussy which was getting fucked by master’s cock.

She said, “Look what a real dick does to a pussy slave!” As I tried to face away, she slapped and spat on my face and ordered, “Look and fantasize your master’s cock you bitch.”

I was there looking at it, when she stopped and kissed my lips, and while kissing Isha directed my lips to Atul’s cock and rested my lips on his stiff cock and ordered in almost orgasmic soft tone with her sultry eyes looking at me as she said, “oh yeah… Suck!” I was smitten and entranced in her thoughts and I do not remember when I started sucking master’s cock.

Master at this tilted his head back and moaned-“Hell yeah… You are an amazing cock whore slave.”

I was almost on the verge of crying but the voice of my goddess softly verbally humiliating me with her lips near my ears made me suck master’s cock ever harder and with more and more passion like I was master Atul’s personal cock sucker!

Master pushed me away and then continued to pump goddess as Isha asked me to lick her feet while she was getting fucked.

Like half an hour later, with her constant humiliating words for me, she could sense master’s balls swelling up as he was getting ready to splash his gallons of cum out, that’s when she started blowing master’s shaft with long licks while sucking the head of master’s cock and flicking her tongue on his cock making his cock twitch even faster.

As Atul’s moans started getting deeper and deeper, goddess held master’s cock in between her toes. This made my heart shrink as I couldn’t bear her feet playing with any other cock, than mine!

She started pumping his cock even harder while my face was inches away from her feet looking at this amazing foot job.

As she started speeding up, master couldn’t resist anymore and with deeper grunts, he came, and boy! Atul came hard! It was like a river of cum in which her toes, her soles, her whole feet were getting drenched!

I so wanted that to happen to me I thought, but then Isha said, “Don’t be disheartened Rahul. I know u want my feet real bad… don’t you!”

With that Isha shifted her feet in front of my face and said, “Well, what are you waiting for?”

I knew what she meant… I looked deep into her eyes as she gave me the sexiest smile ever while looking with those killer eyes and she said

“Eat Atul’s cum Rahul!”

I continued looking into her eyes while Isha saw me lapping away huge chunks of Atul’s cum off her feet as if looking at me as if I am winning the dream of my life.

Isha kept encouraging me, “That’s it, oh that feels good with that tongue lapping master’s fresh hot juicy cum”, as she positioned her feet right above my hungry mouth and let drops of Atul’s cum drip slowly into my mouth from her feet before Isha finally asking me to put all of her cum covered toes into my mouth.

It was an amazing experience, unforgettable, but one thing I now was sure of, that I am a fully fledged cuckold now for Isha, who has learnt the purpose of life and was willing more than ever to accept this new lifestyle.

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