Forbidden Form (Characters over 18)

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Lucy’s fingers were shaking as she sent the text, so she was relieved when Julian replied immediately.

Lucy: Can you babysit tonight? Julian: Sure. xx

On the bus home from work, Lucy smiled down at the exchange, as if making sure it was still there. She nodded at her elderly neighbors as she got into the elevator, unlocked the door to her unit and found the empty space exactly as she’d left it. Lucy did not have children.

She was standing on her cold bathroom tiles, unbuttoning her blouse when another text from Julian chimed: Remember our rules.

As if she could forget. Julian had listed the three rules that kept their arrangement within an acceptable range of…well, acceptability. Lucy frowned, exiting the app because she’d already read the rules enough to have them memorized. She replaced her austere grey pencil skirt with worn comfortable jeans, and the sticky sheer blouse with a soft t-shirt. Underneath (even though she knew Julian would have no way of knowing) she knew it wouldn’t be right to wear the lacy undergarments that had hugged her 27-year-old figure all day. She had peeled them off, to be replaced with simple cotton underwear and a bralette.

Her hair, subjected to the city’s wind tunnels all day as she dashed from one client meeting to the next was now a windblown mess. Her ex husband used to love those long tangles, which was exactly why lately Lucy opted for a cut just above her shoulders. Now, she hastily tied it back. Lastly, she wiped subtle lines and smudges of makeup off her face.

I’m late, Lucy whispered to herself, rushing to the door and almost slipping in her socks on the hardwood. She steadied herself on the small table by the door, and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her face was framed by tendrils of hair that had already escaped her ponytail. The final product was barely recognizable since she looked so much younger.

As she darted through the it’s-still-rush-hour traffic on her bike, Lucy anxiously turned over Julian’s rules in her mind, (in the same way she used to absently twist her wedding ring on her finger when she was thinking). In her mind’s eye, Lucy saw the document Julian had created last year. The note was short enough that it could have fit on a post-it or two. The Rules: 1. No talking about the past. 2. Nothing sexy. 3. No nudity. Lucy thought about how Julian liked to claim he was a simple man, but those rules betrayed how deeply he had thought about the implications before allowing himself to be her sometimes caregiver.

Lucy’s rusty trusty bike came to a sudden stop in Julian’s driveway, and she leaned it against the wall in the garage, in too much of a hurry to turn back when she heard it fall. She let herself in, left her sneakers and jacket on the floor, and peeked around the corner to see he was in the kitchen putting away groceries.

“Lucy?” He called. “I’m in the kitchen.”

She smiled, watching him a moment longer before zipping into the kitchen and hugging him. He turned to face her, smiling and kissing her forehead. “Hi Princess. What do you want to do today?”

This was a coded question. Usually when she asked him to “babysit” her, she just needed a distraction. A couple hours watching a movie or playing video games together to take her mind off a stressful day as a legal consultant. But some days her therapeutic needs went beyond this. Julian didn’t mind rocking her in his lap when she cried, or reading to her and staying nearby until she could sleep peacefully. This arrangement was safe for her because, as per rule

, he never asked for details.

Julian lifted her to sit on the counter while he continued putting cans in the cupboard and fresh produce in the fridge.

“I think I want to take a bath…” Lucy watched hesitation build in Julian’s body, knowing this request was dangerously close to rule

He recovered and turned to face her, smiling. “Of course. You can do it yourself, can’t you? You’re a big girl.”

Lucy nodded, hiding her disappointment. They had never decided on details for this roleplay, and Julian didn’t like to break character to discuss such things. He would let things play out however she needed, as long as it didn’t cause him to compromise his values.

“Go upstairs and turn the water on. I’ll come up in a minute and check the temperature for you.”

“Okay.” Lucy slid off the counter.

“I’m making spaghetti. Your favourite.”

Upstairs, Lucy turned on both faucets and removed her jeans and t-shirt. In accordance with the nudity rule, her panties and bralette stayed on. Looking for the bubble bath bottle, she climbed onto the sink and went through the neatly organized Antep Bayan Escort cabinets. A moment later when Julian knocked and entered the bathroom, his eyebrows shot up when he saw her form. But, he turned his attention to the bath, kneeling beside it and adjusting the taps. Without a word, he turned back to the door while she poured out the contents of the bottle, then slid feet-first into the tub. “The spaghetti must be cooked by now,” he murmured. “I better go check if it’s time to add the vegetables….”


Slowly, Julian turned to meet Lucy’s eyes. She was now submerged in a sea of foam, and the hazy steam hung in the air between them. Tiny water droplets clung to her skin above the water.

“Yes, my dear,” Julian replied patiently, but Lucy could she he was getting antsy.

“When you come back…you’ll wash my back, right? And help me dry off?”

“Of course, Sweetpea.” He sounded fine, but his body was uncertain. He was already out the door, under pretense of worrying about dinner.

Lucy relaxed into the bathwater, sighing. She listened to Julian’s decisive movements in the kitchen downstairs, and wondered what it would take for Julian to fuck her. She had often wondered if he even found her attractive, but of course she knew he did. He had always watched her closely in his shy manner, even back then…

Lucy knew she was pushing it, asking him to help her get ready for bed like this. But she also knew he didn’t like to say no to her. Even if he would be stern with her later over text, she could get extremely close to his rules, as long as she didn’t touch them. Underwater, her hands traced over her hips, then lingered over her breasts. Lucy wanted to be touched, and she was going to find a way to make it happen, rules and consequences be damned. The wet cotton of her matching grey underwear chafed uncomfortably between her legs and strained across her buoyant chest. She was fiddling with the straps on her shoulders, toying with the idea of taking everything off, when Julian stepped back into the room, closing the door behind him.

Lucy sunk back into the bath up to her neck. She felt herself filling with delight at the sight of him. She had almost thought he wouldn’t come back, constructing an excuse that would fit neatly within the confines of their play. She felt a thrilling sensation rise in her as she watched him roll up his sleeves, revealing strong forearms. She admired the way his thick hair was greying at the temples. He placed his folded apron on the counter by the sink and knelt by the bathtub, behind her. She had a hard time sitting still at first, in his powerful presence, but eventually she relaxed as he gently removed the tie holding her hair in place, and washed her hair for her. His fingers felt so good massaging her scalp, but she knew better than to show it audibly. Rule

. He worked a comb through her wet hair, and coaxed the unruly mess into french braids, better than she ever could.

A thought surfaced in Lucy’s mind like a bubble. Where had he learned to braid hair…? But it vanished before she could ask or ponder it further. Rule

. It was for the best, really. She didn’t need to know the details about Julian’s deceased wife, Paula. They had found each other relatively late in life, and only been married ten years when the accident happened. Paula was immortalized forever in all her perfection in portraits that Lucy noticed Julian hid when she was over. Or maybe they were hidden all the time because they were too painful for him to look at.

“Lean forward please,” Julian instructed softly. He scrubbed her back, gently pushed her braids aside to wash her neck.

“I can’t reach anything else… Can you kneel?”

Lucy nodded and obeyed.

Julian pulled at the material covering her chest. “Take this off.”

Lucy started to pull it over her head, then stopped remembering the rules. Her left breast had already sprung free, and she felt the urge to cover up. This was what she had wanted. She was supposed to be the one seducing him, but she had already lost control of where this was going. “A-are you sure?” Her voice was a squeak.

“Of course,” Julian replied smoothly, as if he didn’t know what she was referring to. “It’s filthy after you biked across town in it. Do you want to get properly clean or not?”

Lucy peeled it off, and placed the wet scrap of material over the side of the bath. Julian washed her carefully, without giving too much attention to any one body part. The steam was clearing and she was starting to get a little cold. The chill, combined with the tickling sensation of Julian’s hand guiding the soapy washcloth over her body caused her to squirm. Her failure to keep still earned her a swat on her behind from Julian’s other hand. Lucy smiled. She had tried to negotiate spanking into their play before, but Julian had always deemed the act too sexual. He said he could only provide for her emotionally and for basic physical needs.

“Stand up please,” he said.

Lucy stood, almost knee deep in bathwater. Julian hooked his fingers into her panties. Lucy grabbed his wrists. “Wait…stop.”

Julian pulled his hands away as if he’d been burned on a stove. “What is it?” His eyes were full of concern that he’d gone too far with punishing her for teasing him. He seemed constantly worried about hurting her.

“No, it’s not that, I want you to keep going. I want to take them off! It’s just…they’re wet” Lucy blushed. She was looking down, unable to elaborate, hoping Julian could read her mind. She pressed her thighs together, worried about what he would say when he realized how much he turned her on.

Realization dawned on Julian’s face. With a mischievous smile, he yanked her panties down. The dark spot she had made on them stood out, even though they were already waterlogged.

Usually after their games (even though they were never the least bit sexual, until now) she went home with soaked panties. She would throw herself facedown on the bed, riding her hand, thoughts of Julian still fresh in her mind.

Lucy was expecting Julian to be unable to resist tormenting her wet pussy with his words and the washcloth. Maybe even his tongue! But, his self restraint surprised her as always. He scrubbed her thighs and lower belly, then his hands lingered on the soft swell of her butt. He grabbed her ass with a slight roughness she had never experienced from him before. Something inside her trembled, wondering what he would do next with her now completely nude, forbidden form.

Julian seemed unable to resist playing with her behind. Lucy wound up on her knees again, bent over the edge of the bath, clinging to Julian. Her face was buried in his lap while her ass settled into two slightly chubby handfuls for him. She prepared for hard smacks, but instead, she felt his fingers guiding the washcloth between her cheeks. She was relieved that he had finally chosen an activity that wouldn’t make her lose control. But as soon as she had relaxed, she realized he was going to keep unrelentingly dragging the washcloth back over…

“Mmm, ohh…oh fuck…Juliannnn” Lucy whined. She bit her lip, realizing she probably wasn’t allowed to swear. Julian ignored her and continued to slowly rub her there. Lucy was glad he couldn’t see her face. She had never tried any type of anal play before, but now she was realizing that had been a mistake. The washcloth fell to the water with a splat, but his strong fingers continued to stroke her. He was barely doing anything, but she was already more turned on than she’d ever been in her life. She instinctively reached back to rub her clit, but Julian answered this by landing a hard smack across her ass. “No,” was all he said. And then he stopped rubbing, and everything returned to reality.

She was a horny dazed mess as Julian lifted her out of the bath and draped her in his checkered red and blue bathrobe. The spell was broken, and no trace of mischief remained in his face. All through dinnertime, Lucy was far away. She kept trying to subtly bunch the terrycloth between her thighs and rock back and forth. Julian watched with interest and a raised eyebrow but didn’t comment.

Lucy helped Julian to set the dishes in the kitchen, and they sat on the couch together for storytime. As always, Lucy’s eyes kept fluttering closed while listening to Julian’s voice reading to her. She curled up against his chest and felt herself being carried to the guest bedroom. Feeling him begin to back away, she reached out her arms. “Stay and cuddle?”

Julian wrapped and tucked her under layers of blankets, and carefully sunk down on top of the sheets next to her.

“Get in, silly.”

“Such a brat,” Julian admonished, but she could hear his smile.

Eight and a half hours later, Lucy woke from a peaceful sleep with her head on her companion’s chest. He was beautiful, and without thinking she planted kisses on his neck.

Julian squirmed awake, a few raw emotions flitting across his face.

“Please don’t be mad,” Lucy begged. “I couldn’t help it. I…I’m not in my little space right now.”

“I can tell.” Julian closed his eyes and pulled her closer. “But I don’t know if this is a good idea. I still worry….And I’m sorry for yesterday. Honestly, I don’t know what got into me…”

Lucy wrapped her legs around him and whispered in his ear. “No, don’t apologize. I loved every second of it.” Between kisses she added, half to herself, “What would it take for you to see me as …as a woman?” She felt Julian pinning her to the bed from behind. “You don’t have to take care of me all the time, you know.”

Julian’s body was now half on top of her, and she could feel his sleepiness wearing off and his desire building. There was too much between them…despite her increasing wetness, his boxers and her bathrobe made for tantalizing friction as he lazily grinded into her from behind.

Maybe I can get off like this, Lucy thought, not realizing she was thinking out loud until Julian laughed and pulled away.

“You wish.” He reclined onto the bed and it was his turn to think out loud. “I know you’re not fragile, Lucy, and I like being cruel to you like yesterday in the bath.” He slipped his fingertips between her thighs, through her robe. “You know what would help? If you left the room and came back in naked?”

Lucy didn’t protest. It made perfect sense, it was one way to break down the elaborate barriers they had built between them. Without a word, she rolled away from him, and scurried to the hallway, beyond his sight. She let the robe fall to the floor, finally free. Then she paused, undoing the braids Julian had lovingly constructed the night before. Her curly hair sprung free and wild as her desires. She smiled at herself in the hall mirror, and bounded back into the room, climbing onto the bed and kissing Julian.

“Cute.” He smiled. “But maybe you could do it one more time…really seduce me this time…”

Lucy frowned and bit her lip, sitting back on her heels. What had she done wrong?

Julian wrestled her onto the bed and kissed her passionately. “I want you, Lucy, I want to ravish you. I do. But like I said, it’s hard for me to switch roles so suddenly. So I was thinking…just for this time …you could be the one in control? I want you to be the one…ravishing me…”

Lucy giggled, then stopped, understanding her mission. She tiptoed out of the room and returned moments later, leaning against the doorframe, twirling her hair. She watched as her older companion took in her naked body which she proudly displayed; shoulders back, chin up. She looked him in the eye, then looked away, not shyly. She stalked towards him, hiding her full breasts in her palms, then letting them free.

Julian was watching her with his mouth half open. He shimmied out of his boxers, then reached for her hand to help her up onto the bed. “You goddess,” he whispered.

Lucy placed a finger to his lips. This was no time for conversation. Lucy propped herself up on pillows, and spread her legs, prompting Julian to kneel before her. She could tell he preferred to delay her gratification, but there had been enough teasing between them. He gripped her hips, and his full lips latched on to her pussy; his tongue and mouth sucking, flicking and licking until her legs trembled. Julian was unable to resist teasing her, only dipping his fingers gently into her ravenous desire.

Lucy couldn’t take it. She climbed on top of him, sitting just out of reach from his mouth. After only a few moments of riding his tongue in this new position, and she was calling out his name. He kissed her pussy throughout, then took this moment of vulnerability to lift her and reposition her on his lap. His bulging cock slipped inside her, and he gripped her ass, lifting her then letting her bounce onto his waiting cock. Lucy was unable to form coherent phrases, besides cries of “Ah!-Julian- yes- oh fuck-” each time he filled her.

Lucy’s slick pussy kept squeezing tightly around Julian’s cock in time with her cries, but clearly Julian wasn’t finished with her. He held her close to his chest, and she kissed his neck as he thrust into her from underneath. Lucy came again soon after Julian’s hand found its way between her cheeks, just where it had been the night before. She gave into the strong force of his hands guiding her body down to meet each of his persistent thrusts.

Several screams, groans, and curses later, Julian and Lucy came untangled: their mouths came up for air, her sensitive nipples stopped being pressed against his chest, his (now out of service) cock left its cozy place between her legs, and finally his fingertip stopped being nestled in her anal cavity.

“Oh my god…” Julian breathed. “We have to do that again…”

“And again!” Lucy giggled, already recovered and bouncing with enthusiasm beside him. “Now can you wash me off? And feed me breakfast? And take me for-“

Julian put a hand over her mouth, and another on her round butt. “What have I gotten myself into?” He groaned and closed his eyes.

“Nowww!!” whined his little brat.

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