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Dusk is my favorite time of day. I suppose it came to be a few months ago.

I had had a rather tiring day at work. As I made my way up to my twelfth-story loft, I began imagining the warm bath I’d soon draw and the sweet release my pillow held. Stepping through the door, I set my purse on the couch and cast my keys to the nearby table. With an unwinding sigh and flick of the wrist, I let my blonde curls fall free from their restraint and gently kicked off my heels. I sauntered towards the bedroom, stripping along the way.

As I began to run the water, I turned towards the mirror. Besides the slight dark circles that ringed my tired baby blues, I had to admit, I felt quite sexy in my black lacy bra and thong. Smiling slightly to myself before removing them, I made my way to the tub, and that’s when I saw him.

With it only being slightly after 8 on a summertime evening, light had just began to fall, making him still within plain view. I stood frozen, completely shocked by the figure standing just across the way, in his own apartment one story down from mine. There he stood, blatantly staring. Embarrassed and slightly appalled, I quickly sank into the privacy of the tub a mere few feet away.

Closing the blinds above would’ve taken a few extra seconds, crawling in seemed to be the quickest and most sensible thing to do. I was simply stunned. The nerve! It was still relatively light outside. Jesus, at least wait until sundown.

Then I began thinking. I wondered how long he had been doing this. Was this a first or just the first time I’d caught him? Did he peer into several women’s apartments or just mine? I’m over thinking, I told myself. He could’ve just been staring out the window for all I know and happened to see me and well… began staring. I wonder if he’s still there… Whatever, it’s sick and it’s wrong, the pervert.

Despite the quiet and soothing atmosphere, all I could think about was the man. I had to admit, for the few seconds I saw him, he looked quite charming with his auburn hair and athletic build sporting a suit. I wondered again if he was still standing there. It ate at me to know. Slowly rising from the tub, I crouched on my knees, the cool air piercing my skin with a sharpness that made my nipples immediately stand on end. As I reached the windowsill, my eyes sharpened and fixated on the window I had seen my admirer standing. And there he was, still standing, still looking. Waiting, I thought.

As I slunk back, I couldn’t help but feel a flash of desire course through my veins. No, the looking wasn’t welcomed. Yes, it could be misconstrued as wrong, but for some reason that made it all the more exciting.

If he’s still looking and waiting, he wants to see more. And if I’m enjoying this as well, who am I to say no?

The water was no longer warm; I was no longer tired. I was charged. A towel hung from the shelf above, but I wouldn’t be grabbing it anytime soon. Running some more warm water, I slowly began to rise from the private confines of the tub. A quick glance confirmed my watcher was still present. A slight smile spread across my face as a burst of lust filled my insides. Water beaded on my soft, milky skin and breasts before racing down my long legs, disappearing back into the pool below. Turning slightly towards the window, I began to ring out my hair and slowly soap up my neck, arms and breasts, paying special attention to the latter.

By the time I began shaving my legs, darkness was falling fast, so I knew I had to make this good and quick. Rinsing my hair out from the shower above, I arched my back and tossed my hair in the sexiest way I could conjure. My body was electrified. Stepping from the tub, I grabbed the towel and dried off my top half. Once I got to my waist, I propped my foot nearest the window atop the sink. After toweling off completely, it was time.

Slightly wetting a finger, I moistened my slit. My pussy was silky smooth just the way I liked it. There was something about being completely hairless that made me feel ultra sexy that even I found myself touching me more. Knowing he was watching only intensified my senses. In the worst way I wished he could be standing beside me, gawking at my exposed body, watching my fingers give in to the desire my body so craved. I teased myself and steered clear of my clit for as long as I could handle. I imagined his thoughts right now, how hard he must be from watching but not touching.

I fingered myself, my warm wetness coating my fingers. My hips rose and fell with each thrust and as I increased in speed, moans escaped my lips. Tossing my head back in a trance, I rolled one nipple between my fingers, imagining what it would be like to watch him stroke himself. I had to know. Glancing over my shoulder, I found him standing in the exact same spot but couldn’t make out the placement of his hands. My vision seemed to blur the more I strained to see. My breaths came more and more quickly in a rhythmic pattern as I felt myself nearing the end. The feel and taste of his cock tire escort buried deep in my throat was the thought I came to, left shivering, my foot still resting atop the sink. I panted with post-pleasure and shook with forbidden desire.

Composing myself, I returned my foot to the floor and tasted my handiwork. Delicious. Walking towards the door, my fingers still gingerly placed in my mouth, I flipped off the lights and with a purposeful long glance out the window, I retired to bed.

For the next five days, around the same time, I proceeded to follow suite with my exposed bathing in front of the open window, each day making sure my watcher was present. On day five, by the time I stepped from the tub and glanced over to ensure he was returning my glance, I was surprised to note he was nowhere to be seen. A bit disappointed, I wrapped the towel around myself and headed towards the bedroom. Dropping my towel to the ground, I laid atop the covers, enjoying the cold slick feel of satin against my skin. Having not released my tension for the night, I turned onto my stomach. My fingertips quickly found their favorite spot and began their work as my hips grinded into the quickly building pleasure. My thoughts drifted back to the man as I wondered why he wasn’t there. I came quickly and fell asleep within minutes.

I awoke to the sound of a faint knocking. Not sure if I had just pulled it from a dream, I remained in bed, my eyes heavy with sleep. My eyes jolted open as I heard it again. Sure that this time wasn’t imagined, I grabbed my robe from the bed and allowed my eyes to adjust to the darkness. It was 2:13 in the morning. The light of the hallway illuminated my peephole as I looked through, not recognizing the face.

Opening the door about a foot, I squinted my eyes slightly before saying, “I’m sorry, can I help you?”

“Yes, I believe you can,” was the response from the dark-eyed young man and within a split second, he had pushed his way through my door, into my apartment and had his hand clasped over my mouth.

“Shhhh,” he whispered in my ear as my hands went immediately to his. Shutting and locking the door, he pressed me hard against the wall behind it. I tried sliding down in hopes of escaping his grip, but he only pressed my head against the wall harder to the point of pain. Tears began welling my eyes.

“Aww don’t cry. I’m not here to hurt you or steal from you. I promise…” Screams tried desperately to escape my mouth but to no avail. Then it clicked, I knew exactly what he wanted. I kicked and tried my best to jerk my head free from side-to-side, to bite his hand, to do something to make the nightmare stop. Grabbing my hands in one solid motion, he searched the space with his eyes until he found what he was looking for. Pushing me towards the bathroom, I allowed my legs to collapse beneath me, hopefully forcing him to drop me or at least slow him down.

“Get the fuck up!” he yelled. “Do you have any idea who I am?”

“Fuck you!” I tried to scream, but it came out muffled behind his iron grip between sobs.

“Now get up and shut up!” he yelled yanking me upwards hard.

From the looks of it, I hadn’t felt or seen any flash of a weapon on him. Who would try something like this without a weapon? All the more reason for me to fight…

Dragging me towards the bathroom, I continued my pitiful screaming and dragging of feet. Once inside, he dropped my shaking frame onto the cold, hard tile floor. I began to scream as loud as possible, but it only lasted a few seconds before his hand was once again across my lips.

“I told you to shut up!” he breathed loudly, shaking my head violently as he spoke. A few moments passed and my muffled screaming and sobbing subsided. “Good,” he spoke in a slightly gentler manner. “Now care to tell me what you thought was going to happen after you did something like that?” his grip loosened slightly, allowing me to answer, but to answer with what?

“You little cock tease, I just asked you a question. Answer me, dammit!” he demanded. The tears began flowing as my body remained pressed again the floor.

“I—I don’t understand! I’m sorry! Please!” I pleaded.

“You, in here, making a scene right in front of me!” he accused.

My heart stopped, my stomach dropped. It was him. What I meant to be all in good fun had turned violently wrong. Yes, I had wanted him but never like this!

“So how do you explain yourself? Huh?” the man questioned, breathing heavier now.

Not waiting for a response, he once again clasped my mouth shut and demanded me to stand. After hesitating for as long as I could, I submitted and stood, my robe now hanging loosely from my tired figure. He hurriedly led me to the bedroom. Reaching to release the sash on my satin robe, he yanked it free from its loops and proceeded to tie my hands together tightly. With another opportunity, I screamed but again, it did no good. This time his hand made no effort to clasp my cries but instead slap me torbalı escort hard against the cheek. The pain only brought tears and anger as I spat in his face.

Catching my face roughly in his hands, he whispered two inches from my lips, “You are a dirty little whore, aren’t you?” With that he forced his mouth onto mine. My lips were held shut tightly as his tongue prodded for mine.

“Kiss me, you bitch. Kiss me!” he breathed. Refusing, he pulled my hair; my cry rang out as he kissed down my neck and repeated his request. I gave in and kissed him back, hating the pain and degrading nature of it all.

His kisses went from forceful and sloppy to more gentle and smooth. Pushing himself closer to me, I could feel his hardened cock pressing against my exposed pussy. I found myself being reminded of how horrid this all was.

He moaned slightly before whispering between kisses, “Yes, you like that, don’t you?”

I pushed hard, using his body as a lever against my own. For a second or two I was free, and had I thought fast enough, I could’ve made a run for it. Though just as quickly, he was on me again.

“Now you don’t want to do that, do you?” he said with a discerning smirk. After grabbing my shoulders, he took a total of three steps forward before throwing me onto the bed.

Again, his lips met mine and his hands held my bound ones above my head as he began to grind his pant-covered cock against me. My mouth remained soldered shut as he pushed to violate it. Once he had been denied access after several attempts, he moved a hand to my other set of pink lips and forced his way inside. His mouth pulled away from mine as his finger explored deeper, when what I feared he had found was the truth.

“You’re soaked,” he exclaimed with a mix of disbelief and satisfaction. “So you’re enjoying this, are you now?” he hissed in my ear, roughly pushing away what my robe was still covering half-assed.

Ashamed of my body’s betrayal and what was to come, I looked up to escape his quizzical glare. Without warning he caught one of my nipples in his mouth, its heat and slickness giving way to a wonderful feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was as if an electric current ran from my nipples straight to my pussy. I could feel my pussy betraying me even more.

“Please stop,” I begged him.

“Why?” he asked as he continued sucking. His tongued danced around my nipple as if they had done it so many times before. Knowing the exact speed, pressure and rhythm that made me want more.

“Please,” I begged breathlessly again.

“Why?” he repeated, a bit louder this time.

My hips circled in rhythm to his tongue.

“Because—” my thoughts trailed off as he switched, leaving my abandoned nipple sensitive and as hard as a tiny pebble.

He began working on the other before yelling this time, “Because why?”

The sucking was too much and he sensed this. As he resorted to nibbling, the feeling of need only escalated until the torture was too much to bare. Nibbling and sucking harder and harder, bruising. Relentlessly, my body squirmed to be released until he finally got what he wanted — one slight moan escaped my lips. With one last bite, his head rose. Through the pitch blackness I could feel his eyes burning into mine. My chest was heaving, my arms still pinned above my head. I was helpless, controlled, and I loved it.

“Because why?” he repeated in a soft whisper, nearing my lips while kissing me more gentle than before.

I tore my mouth away from his which only drove him to push for my acceptance more. My tongue gave into his as did my body, though my mind still fresh with betrayal.

“You want me. I know you do. All those times you stood in front of that god damned window, touching and playing with yourself, you were doing it for me. Weren’t you?” he snapped.

“No, no I swear I wasn’t. I had no idea you were watching,” I pleaded.

He laughed, “Oh really? Then you’re just a little whore who enjoys bathing in front of open windows in broad daylight? Liar!”

He began fingering me again, the pad of his thumb rubbing perfectly against my clit and knew I was enjoying it. “Come on, tell me!” he ordered.

Taking my tied hands in his, he guided them to his cock. He knew all too well based off my composure I wouldn’t hurt him. He knew I wouldn’t fight it. He knew that’s what I wanted. He knew he could let go and I wouldn’t run. A slight glimmer of light streamed through the window, piercing the darkness while unveiling the hazel color of his eyes that never broke from mine.

“Now, tell me,” he hissed.

My hands tenderly stroked his cock and without a second thought, lust overtook me and the words came tumbling out, “Yes. Yes, I knew you were watching the entire time.”

His voice grew quiet, “Then why do you want me to stop? Because why?”

Biting back the truth but failing, I said the words I couldn’t hinder any longer, “Because I want you.”

The words caught him üçyol escort and stirred his cock more. I could feel it. Getting in my face and holding me there, he asked the question that started it all, “What exactly do you mean?”

Without hesitation and out of pure lust and frustration, I begged, “Rape me.”

Incredulously, he asked me to repeat myself. Breathless again I said, “Please rape me now. Fuck me. Please.”

With a smirk, he unzipped his pants and ordered me to, “suck.”

A cock had never tasted so good. Greedily I sucked him as he held my head in place. Knowing then exactly what it felt like to swallow him whole, I no longer had to imagine. My mouth explored his shaft as the flat of my tongue ran up its length and down the other side. I moaned at the taste of his deliciousness. I lapped at the head, feeling the first hint of pre-cum forming at the tip. Sucking its stringiness into my mouth, I savored its sweet flavor.

He moaned slightly, feeding his fingers in my hair to guide himself deep. “You enjoy sucking cock, don’t you?”

I sucked harder and faster as if in response to the question. “Answer me!” he demanded. “I love it,” I slurred, my body electrified.

He began fucking my throat, slowly at first in short thrusts. I gagged from the force but for some reason craved more.

“That’s right. Suck me like the good little whore you are,” he groaned, his fingers tugging gently at my hair.

His words charged me. I could feel my pussy become wetter with each tug, suck and word he said. I took all of him again and again, deeper and deeper with each thrust. Fucking my mouth and hearing his moans of approval left me intoxicated to the point of unbalancedness by the time he took me by the throat and told me to rise. I did as I was told. He kissed me deeply, passionately, gently before guiding me to the wall and spinning me around.

“You’ll trust me and do as I say, correct?” he asked, pressing his lips to my ear, slightly nibbling at the lobe. The heat if his breath making my hairs stand on end. “Or else?”

“Yes,” I said all too quickly.

“Good,” he said freeing my hands from their bounds. “Then you’ll enjoy this.” Forcing my lips apart, he shoved in the satin sash.

“No!” I tried to yell in time but was muffled. What’s happening? This is all too much. Stop! I don’t want to be silenced.

“God, you’re so beautiful and I’m going to make you feel it by the end of tonight…” he said sweeping aside my hair to kiss my neck. “Again and again.”

My panic melted once more into the warmth of pure lust as he slid his foot between my own. “Spread them,” was all he said for me to mindlessly obey.

I could feel his eyes burning into me. Running over and examining my body, my composure, my breathing and expressions. And I admit, I loved it. I loved being ogled over and lusted after. The thought that a gorgeous man, although a stranger, would watch me for as long as he did, stroke himself to the thought of me and force his way into my apartment in the middle of the night to have his way with me, turned me on to no end. My pussy tingled with growing excitement.

I could almost hear his smirk, “Show me that ass of yours. Let me get a better look at my dirty slut.”

And dirty I felt as I obliged, sticking my ass out in a seductive manner. I loved how he talked to me, commanded me and the names he called me. He caressed nearly every inch of me, his smooth hands molding to my every curvature, his lips kissing first my neck and down the length of my back. Just in doing this, I could feel his breathing become shallower as mine followed suite with the lingering thoughts of what was to come.

Pushing his warm mouth against my ear, he told me all the dirty thoughts running through his mind.

“I wanted to fuck you as soon as I saw you through my window that first day,” he whispered, nibbling on my earlobe.

My pulse quickened as he continued to explore my body with his hands. If I were to say the thought had never crossed my mind while I bathed for him or that I hadn’t touched myself to the thought of him at least once each day that week, I’d be lying.

The tension was immense and consistently building to an all-time high. After trying to reach back to touch him he grabbed my wrists slowly and told me to keep them above my head. Dropping to his knees he picked up where he had left off; fingering me. My ass moved in unison to the pleasure his fingers fed. My arms held above my head made me feel like a prisoner. A prisoner to both pleasure and submission.

I needed more. My body craved more. Grinding more deeply into his fingers, his pace quickened. I sighed and gyrated my hips to match the rhythm of his finger fucking. Stretching me wider, he added a second. The pleasure doubled as I pushed my ass out farther, giving him complete access to do whatever he pleased to me, secretly hoping he would take the invitation.

“What do you want?” he asked. “Huh? What does the slut want?”

“Mmm,” was all I could muster through the silken sash.

Knowing I couldn’t muster more than a mumble, my captor laughed before mockingly asking, “What was that?”

The humiliation of his questioning and sexual frustration of his fingers fucking me made my lower half tingle with raw desire that begged to be fed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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