Former Geek is Now Successful Ch. 02

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For several weeks after Susan and Ellen spent that hot and heavy evening with me, Susan and I swapped dozens of teasing, sometimes naughty, sometimes inquisitive and sometimes just friendly emails. Of course, we had moved from the company email system to our personal computers. During those weeks, Susan admitted to being confused about her sexuality. She had thought of herself as a lesbian and not very sexual. However, she now freely admitted to me that she enjoyed our time together and having sex with a man for the first time. We had lunch a few times, went to a movie, the zoo and had dinner once. We had not had sex again but our kissing was world class and she enjoyed proving to me that she was turned on by putting her wet fingers into my mouth and watching what her taste did to me. I think she was being sexually playful for the first time in her life. A few serious ideas crept into our conversations: relationships, kids, growing old, faith and being loved.

Over those weeks I discovered, Ellen was Susan’s female substitute for what I had been in high school, except Ellen sometimes got benefits. Mostly, they were good friends, with many common interests and enjoyed each other’s company.

Luckily my assigned work project hit the point where even twenty-four hours was not enough for what needed to be done. I say, “Luckily,” because Susan’s long time love, Star, returned. Star had come and gone in Susan’s life several times, leaving for other females, lots and lots of females. Susan’s email to me was bubbling over with enthusiasm and hope. I wanted her to be happy but to me the news was opposite from what I wanted to hear. I just did what I do best, I got lost into work, so I didn’t have to feel or hurt.

Three months later, I was in that wonderful stage in turnarounds when I am the biggest asshole who ever lived. My birthday came on a Friday. Susan knew. I had not seen her in quite a while. She did not show at our watering hole, so I was feeling sorry for myself, looking into my beer when Ellen showed up.

“I’m hoping you being here is not an accident and you came especially to see me.”

From behind her back she produced a single slice of Safeway cake with a single candle on it. My spirits lifted, “How did you know and will you share my cake with me and be my friend by believing I am 25?”

“That cake would go straight to my thighs, but I honestly believe you are 25.”

“We already learned how to work cake off your thighs. How did you know where to find me?”

“Susan called me. Star would not let her come have dinner with you. I’m hoping you will accept me as a poor substitute.”

“Hardly a poor substitute. You know, I think you are beautiful. I know you are tasty and I know how you feel inside.”

“I think you are ahead of me with the alcohol.”

“Want to catch up?”

“Get me a strong “Sex on the Beach”.”

“Anytime, but what would you like to drink?”

Ellen laughed, leaned forward and kissed me. I inhaled her and thrust my tongue into her mouth.

“You are aggressive and horny when you drink on your birthday.”

“Sorry, right this minute, I can feel my manners returning.”

“I’ll bet you could take what you want, when you are drinking.”

“I can take what I want when I am sober and I enjoyed discovering that you can too.”

“Let’s call this conversation a draw and start over.”

“I agree. Thank you for being here. You are the only person who has wished me Happy Birthday. I was starting to think, I had become the high school geek again, until a sexy woman showed up.”

“You have a strange job. Dozens of women work for you, are interested in you but you are the “hatchet man” and they are all afraid to even look at you.”

“I’m not a bad boy. The women I’ve met, like bad boys who are not nice to them. They don’t stay with me very long. Someday, I’ll learn to be “bad” and some lovely, like you, will want to be with me.”

“Feeling sorry for yourself on your birthday?”

“No, once a geek always horny.”

“Come on, get away from the booze and dance with me.”

My objections fell on deaf ears. I wanted to dance, be with her, hold her, touch her and hear her talk more. After a few dances and a few drinks, she had felt me up rather thoroughly and I had revisited every inch of her body. By the end of the evening, I was almost sober and Ellen had told me her life story and drank enough to be more blitzed than I was when she showed up.

She asked me, “Buy me a really stiff drink. My mind is having bad thoughts.”

“Hand me your car keys. Tell me your address, then I will buy you as many drinks as you can keep down until the bad thoughts go away. I promise to get your home safely and come drive you to your car tomorrow.” I was surprised, she did not argue and handed me her keys, fumbled in her wallet and handed me her driver’s license.

She explained, “I had a friend who had three DUIIs. Her life was hell: couldn’t drive, had horrible fines, took classes and probably will never get a license again.”

“Thank you for not fighting me. I’ll tell the bartender to keep me straight and get you drunk.”

“I 1080 porno didn’t fight you on your patio.”

“No you didn’t and I still remember how your wet pussy and how your body contorts and squeezes when it cums. For tonight, tell me more about you. That is what I want to know. Was your first experience with a female or a male?”

For two hours, she talked and I discovered that she started young, her first lovers were male and they rejected her. She was secretive about why. She drank more and wanted to kiss and touch. It was time to take her home. I intended to get her settled inside and then leave but she turned on me, pinning me against the inside of her door. “Finger fuck me again and make me cum like you did before.”

I’m never one to disappoint a lady. I twisted her around to press her back to her own door. Her shoes, panty hose and panties came off easily. Her legs opened so wide there seemed to be a neon sign saying, “Here, right here.” I knelt in front of her and took her with my fingers using long hard strokes. When she gasped, I slowed and started with my mouth. When she began to thrust, my fingers started a major frontal assault on her g-spot. I’d get and “F” for foreplay but she did not want any. Her body, her hands and her thighs clasped me to her. She screamed and squirted profusely and kept squirting as she screamed again and again and slid down the door. The alcohol and the totally free climax were too much for her. She passed out. My face, neck and shirt were wet. Her clothing was wet but it was soaked after I cleaned the wet floor with it. I had swallowed what I could but she had surprised me. I regretted what I had missed. This was my greatest hope, my greatest delight. I wiped her, found her bedroom, put her to bed, left her wet clothing in a pile in the bathroom and put a note by her telephone, “Call me when your head quits pounding after your second cup of coffee.” She would be surprised. I made coffee to be ready at eight in her coffee maker.

About noon, my telephone rang, Ellen was crying so hard I could barely understand her. I over talked her, “I’ll be right there.”

For an hour, she would not elaborate but kept apologizing. She looked hung over and over wrought. Finally, I had to put a stop to the hysterics and hear the truth.

“You came to me and gave me a great birthday present by being with me. You are a wonderful woman and friend. What is so horrible?”

Through a dozen hitches in her voice, a dozen gasps and a dozen tries to turn away from me, she finally got out, “I’m so sorry I peed on you. All my clothes were wet. I’m so sorry.”

I knew she would not believe my words. I left her standing and sobbing, as I went to get her wet clothing from the bathroom. Her eyes could barely look at me.

“Why do you think you peed on me?” I did not wait for an answer. “Why do you think that would be so wrong, if you did?” I waited for her to gather some rational thought. “Ellen, your body did something few women can do, you squirted. It was wonderful and beautiful. You are special and could fly higher and higher and higher than most women can imagine when you climax.”

Ellen was very, very quiet, hung over and trying to process what I told her.

“Who told you that you pee when you cum?”

“It doesn’t happen often. The first guys I was with complained. I try to hold back. I’ve never done it with a woman.”

“The guys were inexperienced and did not know what had happened. Smell these.”

I bundled all her wet clothing and held the bundle in front of her face. She did not move, so I pressed it into her nose. She pulled away, revolted by my action, but then noticed that she smelled something different than pee. Maybe some pee but not much. Her head tilted forward. I reached down and worked two fingers into her pussy and brought them to her nose.



“Just as a man can squirt, so can a woman. Her juices are clear, clean, from her womb and beautiful. If she holds back in any way she will not truly fly and her body will not give its beauty to her lover. Someday, we will shower together and I will have you kneel and I will pee on your breasts and you can feel the warm stream flow down and drip off your clit. Then I will kneel for you and you will pee on my neck and chest and it will flow down and drip off my cock. Then I will make you cum and squirt and you will know, what came from you last night comes from a different wonderful special place, a mystery place in a woman’s body.”

“But I thought……”

“No, Ellen, you did not. You made some uneducated, inexperienced little boy’s wrong ideas important and let them hurt you. Last night, when you were with me, you squirted; I tried to drink everything from your body. It was beautiful and special. I felt slighted because I missed so much and your juices fell on the floor. I wiped the floor with your clothing, so you could marvel at how much wonderful juice your climax pushed out, to show you the greatness of your female body. I have told you, I am an oral man. Now you know what I mean. I love the taste of your wet mouth, your excited pussy and 2 k porno most of all the cum that pulses from you when you trust enough to let go, fly and give your body to me when it releases its joy.”

She was trying to believe.

“If I had my cock buried deep in your belly when you squirted, you wetness would have pushed out around my cock and bathed my stomach and my balls. Your little boys did not know that you were special and in their lifetimes they may never encounter another like you. They will learn and die wishing they could remember, had stayed quiet and just marveled at what you can do.”

She did not believe. I lowered her to the floor, removed her panties and her legs spread for me. “Only let your mind feel how much I love to kiss you.”

For several minutes, I worshiped her swollen lips, her swelling clit and her splayed thighs with only my light touches and my tongue and lips. I pushed two fingers roughly into her wet cunt and ordered, “Don’t fight me Ellen. I want you to give me your wetness. I want you to fly and let me see your body let go and jump willingly into the unknown. Please, trust me and do what I ask.”

For long minutes, I felt her get close and then resist. Harsh, condemning words had hurt her. My fingers on her magic spot helped. I had done this for her before. Her mind struggled.

“Please, let her go. Let her go as far as she wants, don’t hold her back. When you’re close try to push out the beauty inside you.”

Ellen swirled higher and then higher. She wanted to jump from the cliff but hung there. I licked her button with the flat of my tongue. She was getting sensitive to my thrusting fingers. Her body wanted to fly but her mind was afraid. I let her feel the pinch of my fingers on her nipples and she rose higher but still held back, expecting reticule. I licked and thrust; her hips lifted off the floor and she held her breath. She was ready but needed a spark. I wet my other index finger in her flowing juices, pressed at her tight pucker, sucked hard on her clit and pushed.

I unleashed a tiger. Her scream rattled the windows and her hands grasped my head and crushed it into the hard bone under her mons. My nose could be bleeding, still I thrust fingers from both my hands, sucked with my lips and licked with my tongue. I felt her hands lighten, her body lighten and her breath suck in the rare air above the clouds. Her entire body began to tremble and her fountain erupted. I sucked and swallowed. We timed our pause and then she fed me again and I could swallow with her body’s contractions. With her final contraction, I felt the trembles in her begin to fade and her arched body begin to slide onto the floor. She had given me her gift and it had taken her consciousness away. Now, I had to hold her so she would know the truth when she awoke in my arms.

Ellen had nothing to say when I lifted her from the floor and took her to the shower, bathed her, kissed her and stroked her overly sensitive pussy. She endured my abuse because it was her place, as drinking from her, had been mine. We dressed, touched and teased with kisses but did not speak. Breakfast at the local restaurant tasted better than food should taste. Our feet and legs touched through breakfast. Twice, I had to let go of her hand so she could eat. She knew I wanted to be close to her.

As we left the restaurant, I offered a not too smart suggestion, “Let’s go see what Susan and Star are doing. I have never met this wonderful “Star.”

Ellen was none too happy with my suggestion, but I was driving. Susan was clean, dressed, beautiful and desirable when she opened the door. She asked us in and was immediately embarrassed by the passed out, lightly snoring, Star on the couch. Star was tall, brown haired, thin, sexy in an in-between sexes sort of way. She had on a skirt. One leg was straight on the couch and the other was splayed on top of the back cushions. Her light blue panties with a slight stain were plainly visible. She was deep in sleep from too much alcohol last night. She would never remember what happened last night or what was going to happen now.

Susan made coffee and Ellen and I visited with her for a while. We discovered that Star was even wilder now. Last night she did not come home to Susan. She had been with another woman and arrived home about eight a.m. and promptly passed out on the couch. Ellen cared for Susan and, of course, I did. However, I held my tongue. Ellen started to voice an opinion. I squeezed her knee under the table and she backed off her criticism. I was hiding my hurt and anger. My control was not very strong. It broke down when Ellen and I started to leave. Star was spread even wider and she had a hand resting on her pussy.

“For months, you have taken yourself away from me for this woman. She must be a fantastic person and lover.” I took Susan’s hand and pulled it until it pushed Star’s hand away and replaced it with her own. “She was touching herself in her sleep. Rub her puffy camel toe and help her. She won’t wake up. Make her wetter, fuck her with your fingers and make her cum in her sleep. I want to watch her cum.”

Susan’s 3 k porno eyes flashed both anger and passion at me for directing her to be naughty. Her hand pressed, under mine, into Star and her fingers moved, then stopped, rethinking her actions.

“I am angry with you. Do it or Ellen and I will make you.”

Her eyes flitted first to Ellen, then to me, then back to plead for help from Ellen.

Ellen was wondering where I was taking this. Truthfully, I had no idea. My actions were not like me; they were irrational; I was just lashing out, succumbing to my buried anger.

“She didn’t take care of you. You must be hot, disappointed and horny. Maybe, you want me to stand behind you and fuck you, pushing your mouth into her dirty cunt.”

Susan’s hand began to move under mine. The naught idea excited her but her body did not move.

“Maybe you really want to get down and dirty. Maybe you want to resist my request. Then I could ask Ellen to twist your nipples and I could spread those lovely virgin ass cheeks of yours and work my cock into your unused, tight hole.”

I reached out and pushed down on her shoulders. Susan dropped to her knees between Star’s legs.

“Doesn’t she taste good? Pull her panties to the side and show her to us.”

Susan was caught up in the depravity and power exchange. She did what she was told. Star had a little stubble showing on her usually smooth shaven cunt. Ellen was visibly excited. Her breathing was labored and her hand touched her breasts a couple of times. I was strangely detached. I wanted to control Susan and prove to myself that she was now back with Star, that I should quit thinking about her, time for me to give up and time I looked elsewhere for a companion and friend.

“You are doing well. Now push two fingers into her. Fuck her with them and use your mouth on her dirty pussy until she cums in her sleep.”

The show was pretty good. Ellen was having trouble staying still. I moved to stand behind her, opened the front button on her slacks and pulled down the zipper. The little angel lifted her blouse so my hand could slip, unimpeded across her belly and slide two fingers into her. She was very aroused, too slippery for much friction.

Star’s body tensed, her belly tightened and I could see contractions ripple down, disappearing between her widely spread legs. Susan had three fingers stretching into her now. She was way too drunk to wake up, but her moans were regular, her cunt’s lips were swollen, thick, red and glistening. Her juices were dripping from her, making a wet spot on their rented couch.

“Wet your other hand with her juices and feed her wetness to Ellen.” Ellen was close to cuming. Susan’s fingers pushed into her mouth, rubbed around Ellen’s active tongue and Ellen came on my fingers, wetting through the slacks, she had so carefully selected just hours ago.

“Now, let me watch you, wet your fingers again and lick Star’s taste from your own fingers.” My own fingers were keeping Ellen going while I explained to Susan, “I want to watch you because I imagine it does to you, what your tastes do to me. When I press my nose into your skin and inhale your pheromones, my body aches to lick you. My cock gets rock hard and imagines you open like she is.”

Susan wet her hand again between Star’s gaping lips, then she forcibly pushed her fingers into my mouth. I licked but told her, “You still taste better to me.” My hand was still torturing Ellen. Susan opened her own blouse and lifted her bra and reached between Ellen and me, to fish out my now interested cock. For the first time without urging, she took me into her mouth and sucked, bobbing her head in time with her tireless fingers thrusting into a now continuously cuming Star. Ellen’s eyes were only slits but they were glued on Susan’s fingers fucking into the bright red irritated lips.

My mind was shutting down, going round and around with the thought that Susan was taking me willingly, without suggestion or direction. Her mouth was not experienced with a man but my body knew without a doubt that she was about to be successful. My first rope arched my back and pumped into Susan’s throat, lacing across her tongue and lips. She pulled back and my second and third offering bathed her breasts. Vaguely, I felt Ellen cuming. Susan’s hand was jacking off my still hard, spent and slowly softening cock. At half-mast her lips returned and my knees almost buckled. She had remembered how Ellen told her to pull the last drops of semen from me.

This might be my last time with Susan. I pulled her away from Star. Ellen helped me strip her, helped me lie down and pushed Susan to straddle my head and lower her cunt to my face. Her arms could still reach the edge of the couch for support and I needed, passionately to use my hands and mouth on her pussy to bring her pleasure and share in her climax. Susan was hot, wet and close. She ground her open cunt into my mouth, worked herself with her fingers then spread her glistening lips to sacrifice her clit to my tongue. I was in heaven, excited and pleased. I had forgotten about Ellen when familiar lips sucked hardness and desire back into my helmet. The idea that she could taste Susan’s mouth on me while I could taste Susan’s cunt’s juices made me harder, wider and longer than ever before. Pre-cum flowed from the tip of my cock but did not make it any farther before Ellen licked it away and swallowed it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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