Four F Girl Ch. 04

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I stood frozen looking into the cavernous hall. My eyes were everywhere at once. William tugged lightly on my leash and said.

“Alexandra, all the people you see are part of the BDSM crowd in this area. This is an exhibition designed to allow Masters to display their slaves or submissives as the case may be. If you look closely you will see that not all submissives are female, in fact quite a few are male. You will also notice that there are a number of same sex relationships as well.”

As William spoke I looked about the room, more amazed then anything else at the number of women and men, collared and leashed, some with ankle and wrist chains, some naked, some partially dressed. I felt able to move and began to follow William into the room.

“Alexandra I wanted you to see that you are not unique. I know you’ve read about this life and probably suspect that there are others who live this way. This trip lets you see for your self. There are vendors here who sell toys designed mostly for this lifestyle, you’ll see chains, whips blindfolds, handcuffs and other restraints and some costumes as well.”


“Yes Alexandra?”

“Does that woman over there have a tail?”

“Its an insert. A tail is attached to a butt plug and inserted into her ass, giving the image of her with a tail. Most look like horse tails, some like dogs, it all depends on the play the Dom and Sub are looking for.”

We walked further into the room and I saw so much that amazed me, some things that turned me off but in whole once I saw I was not the only woman virtually naked in the room I began to enjoy the displays.

“Alexandra, as I said I wanted you to feel part of a larger crowd in the hopes is would allow you to feel better about your choice knowing so many others have made the same choice. Also I want you to look at the various toys and tools of the life and tell me if there is anything you find appealing. Appealing in that you might enjoy it, or that you might find the humiliation of it so intense that it excites you from a submissive point of view. For example tell me what you’d feel right now if you were sporting a tail embedded in your ass?”

I thought about that before I responded. I wanted to be honest with William and I wanted to please him.

“Sir, I’ve never did a lot of anal play and I can imagine it is somewhat painful to be penetrated there. However, seeing the amount of anal toys on display and the glow that woman sported as she proudly strutted by I can’t help but wonder about it.”

“Well Alexandra we will eventually get around to some anal play. How much will depend on how you handle it. You are my submissive and your goal is to please me, but I do not particularly enjoy pure pain for pains sake. I know that at least at first penetrating the anal canal is painful, but over time some women come to enjoy that while others hate it. We shall see.”

William stopped to watch a Mistress who had her submissive (woman) tied to a big wooden X. She was tied so that she faced her Mistress. I saw her smallish tits heaving from anticipation as she watched her Mistress selecting from various straps, whips, crops and canes. bomonti escort When her Mistress pick up a long thin whip like cane the women strapped to the X whimpered. I watched as the Mistress carefully began to strike her sub with that cane. The subs screams were muffled as the cane struck her legs and then her belly and grew louder as the cane struck just below her tits. I saw red strips where the cane had been. I look into the subs eyes and they were filled with lustful longing, seeming to beg her Mistress for more.

I felt a tug on my leash and realized that William was walking on and I shuffled to catch up. I watched as William surveyed a table of restraints and selected a set of leather wrist cuffs and pulled me towards an open stall.

“Alexandra as you know other than using my hands and fingers on you we’ve not had any sex together. In fact you have never even seen my cock. Today you will not only see my cock, but you will use you mouth to make love to it, here in this room in front of any who chose to watch.”

I gasped and was suddenly afraid and a part of me wanted to run out of the room while another part of me relished the idea of seeing and tasting Williams cock.



“You want me to give you a blow job here?”

“No, any woman can give a blow job. What I want from my submissive is for her to adore my cock, to understand that my cock can only be hers by making love to my cock.”

“Yes Sir!”

William had me kneel and then wrapped the leather cuffs on my wrists, then secured them to the back of my neck clipping them to my collar. My tits jutted forward with my arms pinned this way. I felt deliciously dirty kneeling there knowing what I was about to try to do.

William had gone and brought a young woman back with him. She was fully clothed so I assumed she was someone’s Mistress. She held a long crop in her hand as William said to her.

“Sandy, this is my new sub, Alexandra. Today she is going to use her mouth to make love to my cock and I want you to use that crop wherever you think best if she needs some encouragement.”

“I love helping to train a sub, is she obedient William?”

“To date yes, but as you know the further along we get the more discipline is often needed. She has spent most of her adult life as a sexual slut and I am sure she’s adept at sucking cock. This is her first opportunity to see if she can learn to make love to one with her mouth.”

I was now very nervous. It was one thing to suck a cock in a room full of strangers and another to know that one of those strangers would be evaluating you and perhaps whipping you whenever you were found wanting.

“Sandy, nudge her legs apart, let her cunt get some air and be available if you feel you need to use it.”

The Mistress spread my legs, opening my pussy and ass and trying to buy some credibility I looked down at the ground and said.

“Thank you Mistress, thank you Sir.”

I was lost in this not sure of anything right now only that I was getting turned on and that was surprising. I knew that in this position Mistress Sandy could use that cihangir escort crop on my clit, my thighs or my ass. Hell she could come around and use it on my tits and belly as well. All these thoughts drifted through me and I felt my cunt dampening. Then William pulled his cock out and I lifted my eyes to it and smiled. His cock was so gorgeous. Long and hard, the veins running in squiggly lines up and down his semi erect cock. I wanted to see him hard, I wanted to see those veins throbbing, his cock head pulsing and spewing cum. I almost lunged forward but Mistress Sandy grabbed my head and held me back.

“William I think she needs to earn that cock. May I suggest some nipple restraint?”

“Yes, wonderful.”

What? Holy fuck what did she mean? It didn’t take long to find out when clamps popped onto my erect nipples and an elastic cord was clipped to a ring in the floor I had not noticed. The elasticity of the cord would allow me to rise up to take William’s cock, but not with out some discomfort. I think my pussy was dripping now and I was coming to the realization that I loved this life, or at least this moment.

“OK Alexandra! Take my cock and make love to it.”

Damn it was standing up and William was not going to lower it to my lips. I had to stretch up to get my mouth over the head and bring it to me, doing so I felt the strain of the elastic cord as my nipples had to pull it to allow me to reach his cock. Oh the pain was minor but still noticeable. But I had his cock and knew if I let him leave my mouth I would have to endure that nipple pain again.

Of more immediate concern was how the fuck is making love to a cock different from the blowjobs I thought I knew well how to do. I knew in that moment that I would feel that crop many times as I learned the hard way. So I did what I normally did and allowed his cock to fill me completely. William wasn’t ungodly big, nor was he small in that area. He would enter my throat if I sucked him that deep but I decided to hold off for now and merely let my mouth become accustomed to his girth, his taste and his feel. I used my tongue to bathe him inside me and hoped to feel him harden soon and become fully erect. I knew the signs to look for and I could read them, I just needed to learn how to find them. A stinging sensation on my left ass cheek was the first new sign and I wondered what I was doing wrong. Then the second sting this time on my right cheek made me groan and almost allow William’s still semi rigid cock to slip out of my mouth.

I automatically grasped for that cock with my lips pulling him back in and enveloping his cock with my mouth, I decided to plunge my head down and take all of him, while using my tongue to toy with the underside of that cock. No pain, I must be on the right trail. I slowly bobbed up and down, using my tongue to massage that cock and soon I felt it come alive, actually harden in my mouth. It grew longer and almost seemed to be searching for my throat. I backed my head up a bit and enjoyed sucking William’s now hard cock.

At a loss now at what to do I decide to let his cock fall from my mouth so kurtuluş escort I could pleasure his balls and lick his cock. I knew that this would torture my nipples but I came to understand that this was part of my gift to William, my willingness to suffer both the indignity of another woman ready to whip me and to allow my nipples to be stretched in pain as well. I was to forget my own comforts to give comfort to my Master. Wow, I’ve called him Sir before but never referred to him as Master. I was learning now what I was, what I wanted to be, truly submissive to Him.

I decided to forget the penalties of the crop and the nipple clamps, and see only to the pleasure of my Master’s cock. I would not rush this I wanted Him to enjoy this, to enjoy what I was willing to give of myself to see to His pleasure. I actually felt I was in love with His cock as I laved it and sucked His cock and His balls. The pain in my tits grew each time I had to stretch up to reclaim that magnificent cock and my pussy was sopping wet, my essence I was sure was now gathering beneath my ass but I cared only for the cock in my mouth.

I was in a daze of lust, as I loved His cock. I wanted it to remain hard and in my mouth and to never leave. I’d never enjoyed sucking men off, I did it to get fucked, never to give pleasure and now that I saw the pleasure in doing so, I became enamored with the whole concept. I now wanted nothing more then to feel that cock of Master spew his load and yes, allow me the pleasure of swallowing it. William was breathing a bit harder now and His cock was now pumping deep into my mouth, banging up against my throat. I knew I could control my gag reflex but in that moment as his cock bridged that apex between my mouth and my throat I allowed the gag to occur. I wanted my Master to make me gag, make me choke on His cock. He pulled back a bit and I whimpered over His meat as he did so, looking at His eyes and begging Him back, all the way.

I don’t know how long this all took. To me it was a blissful eternity one I did not want to end. I know I felt the crop now and again and of course my nipples were red and swollen from the clamps and my stretching. Yet when I felt Master spasm and His cock flinch then spit I began to swallow as fast as I could. I hoped He would leave a bit on my tongue so I could savor the taste of Him and He did. He withdrew His spent rod and I enjoyed that last bit on my tongue. It was so tasty that I stretched forward yelping at the pain now intense in my nipples, but I wanted to clean that cock, I wanted to taste more of His cum. I ignored the ache in my nipples and licked and sucked His cock clean then looked up at His smiling face as He nodded.

My tits were freed and a fresh wave of pain enveloped me as the blood rushed back into my very sore and abused nipples. My hands were also released from bondage.

“Alexandra, you did quite well for your first time. I believe I will buy you a treat before we go home.”

“Thank you Master. I am sure with practice I can make you proud of your sub Sir!”

We wandered about for another hour or so and then William stopped and bought a package of butt plugs. The box advertised them as progressively wider and longer to safely train one’s anal passage.

“This is for you Alexandra. For being such a good sub today.”

To say my ass was now on the line was true. I could not wait for permission to begin using those plugs and making my ass available to Master and His cock.

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