Frenching the Summer Maids Ch. 02

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Ball Worship

**NOTE** Each chapter is a self contained story. Today is Exhibition – boys tempt the main character, then girls, then basically an all girl orgy runs amok before the main character finally gets to work and the party. As ever, all characters didn’t exist until they were 21. A happy sexual release to you all.-MF***

Barbara’s plan for avoiding public nudity or more worrisome, public sex had been to hide in the dorm after this, her last final. Indeed, Barbara needed a strategic plan for getting through a day without being stripped naked in public as now both men and women were using her as a striptease act. She had additional worries beyond the constant exposure and violations on this last day. The university had given her a warning that one more incident would result in expulsion.

There was only the path from her Native Dances final in the gym to her dorm room to navigate before she would be safe and this odd year would be over. Unfortunately, Barbara’s boyfriend Teddy and two of his fraternity brothers were waiting outside of the gym for her. Barbara immediately wrapped herself in her arms and held on tight to her clothing. They smiled at her approach. Teddy said they were only there to share a few going away packages with her before the summer break as he pried apart her arms for an embrace.

She felt her top immediately drop in Teddy’s embrace. The too familiar burst of air over her back charged her to action. She tried to keep Teddy locked in the embrace but he instead reached down to the ground for the top which of course let her bare breasts fly into sight of all passers by. Her chest was completely exposed to the campus. It was starting again.

Barbara blocked out the sight of onlookers and instead thought regretfully of how long and hard she had looked for any coconuts that would be large enough to cover even her breasts. Crap. Her hands and arms jumped to cover her bare breasts as she squatted down. The size of her breasts made that a limited success. She grabbed for her top but was afraid to look up. She could all ready hear the girls gone wild shouts. It was hard to reach anything with the sudden volume of hands, guys, and girls trying to help her or cover her breasts.

Barbara was unfortunately more than familiar with people copping a feel of her breasts and her entire body for that fact. Her impossible measurements, blonde and blue coloring and long legs were the reason she was stuck with the nickname of Boobilicious Barbie. It also didn’t help that Teddy and his frat brothers had just returned from surfing in the early June San Diego sun when a borrowed shirt could have simply ended her drama. Well, a really large, and really long, really large shirt. Her breast size and hip size were significant enough to make a regular shirt too short to help.

Barbara of course instead of hands, was frantically trying to grab hold of clothing to cover her bare breasts, preferably her top…once she could find it. But the coconuts got kicked up into the bushes in the tussle of hands and bodies. Crap. Barbara ran towards the raised enclave of bushes following the flight of the coconuts.

Teddy and his buddies looked in the top of the bushes while she jumped inside of the enclave of the lovely hydrangea bushes to hide. Only, there was more despair. When she reached into the bushes for her top; somehow her grass skirt and bottoms didn’t join her. She felt her hula skirt yanked off and then even her bikini bottom ties came apart and as her bottoms were pulled off between her legs. The immediate massage of hands, leaves and fingers on her bottom and chafe of branches on her breasts told her that without a doubt she was naked and stranded once again. Oh! She had been so close!

Crap. It was happening again. Oh no, it can’t be happening again. Her ass, pussy and breasts were without a stitch of coverage. The adrenaline came from nowhere to everywhere inside unleashing thought scattering panic. It was happening again.

“Teddy, give me my bikini bottoms! They couldn’t have like just freakin’ evaporated. I’m serious!” She didn’t have to be smart to KNOW Teddy had something to do with this.

“Here they are Boobilicious, but, um, they seem to have been cut apart by the TREE. Should I ask people walking by for help?” Teddy sounded way too sincere and that was scary.

“NO! Do NOT like let anyone know.” Barbara could kill him for getting her in this situation again. She had been sooo close to getting away!

“I don’t know how that happened, but they won’t ever tie again. Hum. Since you won’t let me call for help. Here, let me see if we can rip the grass of your skirt and make it into new bottoms!” Teddy sounded so eager to help, but she knew better.

“NO! Teddy don’t! I can wear the skirt as is as long as you don’t rip it!” She saw the tattered remains of her skirt edge under the bush. Crap!

She so needed a do over on this naked day. How could he be putting her in this situation again? How did she Anadolu Yakası Türbanlı Escort even let this happen again? If she could do over the day she promised to wear…um…wear….something like a tent…a big tent……Long johns! She promised the powers that be that she would wear long johns if they gave her a do over on the dreadful day that had every inch of skin exposed…again.

She imagined how ridiculous she looked. Her head popped out of the bush like some cherry on a sundae made up of green leaves and purple flowers on top of a cone made of slate rocks.

With a roll of her eyes, she returned to her hands and knees spread eagle to the glory of the world while she frenetically looked for any scrap of coverage in the bush.

Every surface of her skin was blushing and pulsing with angry blood. She was going to kill him when she stopped panicking. The effect of the branches on her body was that of hundreds of fingernails lightly stimulating every fold of her most intimate skin. The effect of the leaves and flowers was that of dozens of sets of lips and tongues tickling the race of blood higher and higher. The freakin’ bush was way too happy with her naked body.

Mother Nature didn’t stop her Sapphic endeavors there. The huge amount of blood jumping through her skin was having an effect on her spread pussy. It was made worse by the heated gentle wind that seemed to have a sharp shooter’s aim for bull’s eyes and pussy openings.

The huge flowers were in bloom. Maybe a leaf would do? A really, really, really big leaf was all that she needed to find for her really, really, really big breasts. She would find a leaf and she would be safe; um actually four really, really big leaves and be safe. Crap!

“Boobilicious, you look like a buck naked Barbie doll crawling through the Garden of Eden.” Teddy’s laughing voice came from behind Barbara as he looked into the bush. She was reaching for the remaining parts of her grass skirt which of course was now almost thread bare. Teddy moved to the side to allow his frat brothers a better glimpse of the amazing rear view that demanded action.

“Teddy! Stay put. Someone will like see me if you move. I can’t believe this is like so freakin’ awful. Can you send someone to my room to grab like a shirt and shorts for me and like have them run right back please?”

Teddy thought as he took in Boobilicious amazing curves, long legs and malleable ass. Teddy immediately knew to send Matt. Matt was a do-gooder who was way too in love with Boobilicious for Teddy to maximize on the opportunity. Teddy however, only wanted to do what any man would naturally do when presented with a helpless, beautiful and naked woman in public with a spread wide pussy.

“Sure Boobilicious. Matt will be right back, won’t you Matt?

Matt nodded and shot off like a bullet to the campus store. He would just buy her something to cover her nudity; a huge poster, a banner, a big book, anything, he would call his sister. It was way faster to buy something than try to figure out how to get into her dorm room without a key and touch her stuff. He forgot the key. She was too awesome to have stuff that he should touch anyway. He also really hated the way Teddy treated Barbara. He would by her a tent; no he would buy her…long johns!

Teddy was happy when he saw the last of Matt. He was even happier when he saw Barbara’s fully exposed super soft pussy, pulsing and raised up from the stone edging around the bushes. The perfect height gave Teddy a perfect opportunity that was not lost on him or his remaining frat brother.

“It’s a shame none of us were wearing shirts or we could help you out of that bush and cover some of that amazing skin. Funny how these things always happen to you.” Teddy smiled long as he nodded to Joey, his remaining frat brother.

Barbara felt what she was certain had to be fingers brushing against her way too accessible bare pussy. Please not here!

“Teddy! Stop! Don’t freakin’ touch me. Not like in public!” Crap, first the freakin’ friendly bush and now an out of control Teddy. Was he crazy?

Teddy took her rejection as approval and the touch began its preparations. Oh no. A second hand simultaneously began stroking up and down her curved booty and playing with her pussy lips and pushing apart her thighs.

“Oh, no you don’t, no you don’t, don’t do that! Get your fingers out of there!” Barbara was trapped in the tree. She couldn’t move to the sides, she could only go forward out of the bush and onto the commons, naked as a jay bird; which may possibly have been the only thing worse, possibly.

“Boobilicious, calm down. Matt will be here in any second. Look at it as an unexpected going away quickie with your boyfriend… and you ARE nude, and edible, and soft and helpless and have your wonderful fuck me scent and are oh so fucking NAKED!” Teddy clearly had taken a distance learning course on romance.

“Stop Anadolu Yakası Otele Gelen Escort saying that so loud! People will know!” Crap. These things always happened with Teddy.

“Let’s come together princess, I know you love it!” Teddy was practically laughing as he reached his fingers deeper into Barbara’s folds.

“NO! Oh Teddy, no please, no or I will so freakin’ scream. Ohhhh, Joey don’t move or someone will see!” The panic and adrenaline at her exposure was slowly being joined by the building heat as Teddy’s fingers eagerly opened her trapped body further and now entirely to his pleasure.

“Boobilicious doll, you can scream and people will see your naked body or we can wait for Matt while we all come hard right here in the middle of the commons!” Teddy said way too loudly as he moved the second finger inside her pussy and began to slide around her juices and massage her lower lips. Slowly and more firmly he explored and stroked the insides of her pussy lips. He knew this always sent her reeling as long as he told her how much he loved her.

There was a second finger in her! Crap! The blood and blush rushing through her was not her ally in getting her out of this situation. First Mother Nature, then Teddy and now her own body turned on her. She felt too freakin’ aroused to have a good outcome here. Oh crap.

Unfortunately the erotic internal stimulation along with the tingling stroking was having an immediate effect. Barbara’s adrenaline continued to rush from the danger of the situation combined with the arousal of the fingers in her now dancing pussy. Pretty quickly, her hips were burning to the rhythm of Teddy’s manipulation.

The sudden lack of protests from Barbara was not lost on Joey. Teddy’s remaining frat brother moved to the front of the bush. He quickly saw the potential of the dough skinned beauty whose scent always made him horny bent there on her hands and knees. Her entire ripe body was exposed to him and powerless. He bent down and pulled Barbara’s face through the leaves and to his own.

“Joey, keep the leaves closed!” Of course Teddy’s forever horny frat brothers needed to make things worse. It was simply not possible that she heard laughter in the distance at her plea. No, the groping hydrangea bush was far too possessive to allow an audience. She closed her eyes and wished Matt would hurry. She should have told him about the long johns.

“You are so fucking hot, Barbie.” Immediately Joey lunged into a deep kiss down into the depths of her mouth, from which she could not even back away. While he inhaled her lips, his tongue penetrated her soft mouth. As it began thrusting, he was sending a clear warning.

Barbara’s arousal jumped forward when Teddy ended his explorations and began a rhythmic thrusting of his fingers into her pussy. In between each stab of pleasure from the thrusts into her pussy, Teddy continued to wiggle and dance his fingers igniting a volcano inside of her. She knew she should be ending this public fucking, but she suddenly found she could only open herself to the pleasure further.

When the gentle heated breezes swept over her pulsing skin, it seemed the final entrant of nature’s elements had joined the efforts intent on her complete sensual arousal. She was wrong. It was five o’clock and the sprinklers turned on. The days hoses heated from the late May San Diego sun couldn’t have possibly tossed cold water on her captors. Not today. The heated water acted instead only as encouragement. A pounding wet splashed at her clit as water sprayed over her entire body, bringing more wet for wonder and conquest. It was too much. The passion, the rush and the excitement rising from within joined the erotic stimulation of her openings and all joined further now with the titillating environmental forces. She had no choice but to open even further, and then open further freakin’ still to the foregone conclusion.

The heated kiss from Joey brought her to hunger for him, even with the fear of the public exposure, when he masterfully replaced his tongue in her mouth with his cock. He anchored their glistening wet bodies by latching his hands onto her most generous breasts.

Anyone watching the bush would have thought the wet, dripping men were probably watering the lovely little purple hydrangea bush with their tools. Only when they got closer would they hear the violent thrusting, slapping wet bodies and excited moaning. They would no longer hear any protestations, as Barbara’s mouth was busy going to town up and down Joey’s cock. At that point, it would become clear that a body was in the middle of both men. A final inspection would show the body to be the blonde bombshell herself, Boobilicious Barbie, wet, nude and on all fours on the floor of a hydrangea bush.

Teddy looked down at his soaking hands, dripping with water and with Barbara’s pussy juices. As he removed then licked each finger, he watched her dripping body Anadolu Yakası Ucuz Escort rock violently from Joey thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into the startling beauty’s mouth. He toyed with the idea of digging in for a taste of her oh so supple and inviting vagina, but only for a moment. There was a greater service to provide.

Teddy’s next action was clear as he timed the hardened strength of his full violating thrust perfectly. His cock speared into Barbara as her pussy shot towards him, taking all of his significant size in one huge shot. Her pussy went so far down on him that even his balls sang from the smack of the soft edible ass. Crap, she was tight was all he could think of as he grabbed her hips, knowing he was the one who would drive all three of them to climax.

Joey immediately felt the increased pounding of Barbara’s drive by Teddy’s ramming, which also immediately increased the force of her sucking. He felt he was going to come from each of his toenails as she began to lick apart the slit opening on the top of his cock. She became a human vacuum with each violent departure, only to widen deeper with each violent push.

The adrenaline combined with titillation brought every cell of Barbara alive with arousal and searing towards explosion when Teddy repeatedly rammed into her bringing Joey even deeper into her throat. The demanding cocks obliterated all her thought and left her only raw with sensation and carnal need. The intensity from her erotic sandwiched position blared with heat from both directions. Each simultaneous lunge into her pussy and mouth brought her higher and higher to the next wildly erotic plateau.

Teddy’s loving cock in her pussy drove her wave of orgasm faster and faster towards an impending waterfall with each powerful slam. The pleasure in her was climbing even higher and higher still as her entire body broke into a pounding panic sweat of impending release. Her every sense was alive and out of control and on fire. Each flame pulled in more strength to their inferno from Joey’s cock and the dancing of her nipples from his molesting of her breasts. The demanding release from the punishment of her pussy by Teddy was beating closer and closer with his cock acting like a flame thrower on full assault.

The furious pounding by both men into her pussy and mouth continued to mount in force and in speed. She opened and opened her entire raw vessel to them, hungry for all of their burning white hot speed while nature’s elements anointed and celebrated every exposed and very wet surface.
Finally, their combined heat climaxed into her body.

Liquid fire swept from every direction and through every cell of her fully charged existence. It was not one, but a wave of orgasms that came in response sending all three to shudder long hard won releases. There was no disengagement from her body in the pause of their accomplishments. The pause held in awe the force of the astounding showers of passion. Sweat and water and cum dripped from each as if in testament to their orgasmic efforts leaving them to steady their breathing. After the long pause, Barbara glimmered towards full awareness and finished off Joey by sucking him dry even as the sprinkler system ended.

When the din of the titanic fury dissipated from her ears she began to lick the last of the liquid fire off Joey. It was no longer the pulse of their fury she heard though. It was the unmistakable sound of clapping that immediately filled her ears as she savored the performance’s last drop. Teddy’s hands were both on her bare hips. Joey’s hands were both on her exposed breasts. It was the sound of several dozen people clapping. Crap.

Barbara had just experienced life’s best orgasm. She could die now. She wanted to die now. Could she please die now? The realization of the clapping was made clear. Death was necessary.

They wanted her to open her eyes. She never wanted to open her eyes again, ever, as both men finally pulled their cocks out of her body. She never, ever wanted to face the humiliation that was waiting for her open eyes. She could not be humiliated by what she could not see, right?

And she would have stayed there with her eyes closed forever as she planned to do, simply listening to the clapping and cheers, if it not for the familiar voice that began speaking.

“I KNOW that’s Barbara Jean Johnson in there. No one else has this much trouble getting through a day without a group grope.

“Barbara because I KNOW it’s you; I have brought a blanket. Because I’m sure as shit that you’re going to be naked as the day you were born when you get your ass out of that tree!

“Come on. Let’s have a look. Get out here!” Mr. Reynolds was the head of Campus Security. The slight grey in his mustache showed how close the African American man was towards retirement. Unfortunately, Barbara was sure that she was responsible for quite a few of those grey hairs.

Maybe Barbara could get out of the bush with her eyes closed. As Mr. Reynolds threatened Teddy and Joey with jail time if they ever came back to his campus after they graduated on Tuesday, even as alumni, Barbara was hoping that she would just please be stricken dead right there. The cheering from the crowd sealed her wish for death as they began chanting ‘Boobilicious, Boobilicious’ in unison.

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