Friendly Curiosity

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***Author’s Note: I’ve put this into Group Sex as that is where I felt it fit best, but it does involve anal, girl on girl, and fetish so if these are areas that may bother you, be forewarned.

***Editing thanks to: Annafaye — Thank-you


It was a Friday and the kids were going to be spending the night at a friend’s house. My wife, Linda wanted to have a couple of her girlfriend’s over for the evening and I agreed. I liked her friends, Kate and Caryn, and it would be fun, as most anytime those two came over we’d end the night laughing till our sides hurt.

Of my wife’s friends, she is the only one to have married her ‘high school sweetheart.’ I was the only boy she’d ever dated and I was the only man she’d ever had sex with. That put her in the position of being teased on girls’ nights, or so she told me. Apparently they called her ‘Sweet-Lind’.

My wife is also the best looking amongst her friends and after 10 years of marriage many expect me to be looking around, which is certainly not the case. She’s 5’8, with long dark hair, average build with supple curves in the right places, and a smile that makes me grin instantly.

That’s not to say her friends were unattractive. Kate is shorter, at 5’4, she’s a fireball of energy. A little rounder than my wife, she has a pair of breasts that she complained were nearly impossible to keep contained, topped off with short red-hair, and a sprinkle of freckles on a pert nose.

Caryn is just a hair shorter than my wife, blond hair kept very long, nearly brushing her ass, bright blue eyes which are the first thing about her that always get my attention. Her body is tight, athletic and a little leaner than my wife. She has a small, barely-there ass, and of the three, the smallest breasts as well.

Once the night was started I played bartender making the girls’ drinks as we played a couple of board games. We were three stiff drinks and two hours into the night when Kate turned to me with a smile.

“You won’t believe the kinds of stories your wife has been telling lately with a couple of drinks in her.”

“Oh yeah? Like what?” I asked with an arched eyebrow.

“I’m not sure you want to know, since your wife offered us a demonstration next time it was just us.” Caryn said, with an even wider grin.

“Really? Sounds interesting,” I replied, with a smile of my own, before out of the corner of my eyes I saw a horrified expression cross Linda’s face.

“She’s been trying to tell us she isn’t nearly so innocent as we all know she is, and she says you like to fuck her in the ass.” Kate said with a big smile, knowing she’d finally be able to catch my wife’s little story.

“I’m sorry, honey…” Linda started, before I smiled, first at her and then at her two friends.

“She’s right, I do.” I watched with amusement as three mouths dropped open in surprise, “with an ass like hers who could blame me?”

“Holy shit! You really do anal?” Caryn asked in shock.

“I told you I don’t lie.” Linda said defensively, “I only told them to get them to stop thinking I’m some naïve little girl.”

“I can’t believe it! Then it’s really true you’ve cum that way?” Kate asked, still in disbelief.

“Oh yeah, I mean, I’m usually fingering her at the same time, but…” I stated.

“Mike says any guy who wants to do that is really gay.” Caryn said, still surprised.

“And I’d say any guy who says something like that has something they are hiding.” I said this with a laugh.

“So. . . No way, seriously?” Caryn asked, still clearly in shock.

“Alright, alright, but Lind here says she’s fucked your ass with a strap-on before. That isn’t true, now is it?” Kate asked.

I paused, a little surprised myself now, “um actually, yeah she has. I wasn’t aware we were talking about that.”

Truth is, we’d done it a total of two times, it had been fun both times, and particularly the second time, but it was not a regular part of our sex repertoire.

“No fucking way! Are you gay or something?” Kate asked, now clearly in complete shock.

Caryn’s mouth was hanging open again, and my wife was beet red with embarrassment.

“No, I’m not gay. To be gay I’d have to be attracted to guys, and I’ve never seen one even remotely attractive. Honestly, I don’t know how you girls aren’t all lesbians; at least it works out well for me and the continuation of the species.” I said this with a smile, and added then with a shrug, “the simple fact is it feels pretty good having my ass played with and I’m comfortable enough with myself to just go with it.”

There was a long moment of silence while the girls digested that. I could see a slight flush come to both Caryn’s and Kate’s skin, and their breathing seemed to be little deeper than before.

“That sounds so hot.” Kate finally said, with a slight huskiness to her voice.

“Did you really promise a demonstration, honey?” I asked Linda.

“Uh, yeah, I guess I did.” she replied, sheepishly.

“Are you up for it?” I asked, with an encouraging Bayan Eskort smile.

Both Kate’s and Caryn’s jaws dropped open yet again, and Linda just nodded mutely with a bit of a shy smile.

“I guess I’d better get the box then.” I said, with yet another smile before I went to our bedroom to retrieve a box of toys and other items that we’d pull out from time to time for a little spice.

I came back with the box and set it down on the floor. Before I sat back down I noticed all three girls looked a little flushed and I took that as a sign they were all more than a little aroused.

“I assume, since Linda has told my big secret, I can tell hers,” I smiled, “she’s fantasized about having both of you licking her pussy, and watching you getting fucked by me.”

Once again Linda turned red with embarrassment, but instantly I could see a fire leap into Kate’s eyes. She turned to my wife with a smile before she reached with her left hand to place it on my wife’s right breast, and as she rested it there, she leaned in to press her open lips to my wife’s.

I watched with interest as my dick hardened. My wife seemed to melt into the kiss and as Kate grew bolder she worked a hand under my wife’s bra top revealing her breasts; which she began to massage as my wife moaned into the kiss.

I glanced over at Caryn; her eyes were locked on her two friends making out, and her hands were gently massaging her breasts, gliding down her belly and rubbing her pussy.

Kate broke the kiss, both women took deep breaths of air. Then Kate grabbed the bottom of Linda’s shirt lifting it over her head and tossing it aside. Kate took a moment to soak in the sight of my wife’s naked breasts before she resumed kissing my wife, now taking a breast in each hand.

I was so intent watching the show I didn’t notice that Caryn had moved from her chair to kneel before me until I felt her hand gently rub my cock through my pants. I moaned approval as I looked down to see Caryn staring up at me, her blouse already open revealing her breasts in a lacy purple bra. She was smiling tentatively and I smiled back encouragingly.

Slowly she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I lifted my hips to allow her to pull them down and she took my boxers with them, instantly freeing my hard-on. Her eyes widened as she wrapped her delicate fingers around my shaft.

“You are huge.” She said, surprise evident in her voice, “I didn’t think Lind knew any better.”

I saw Kate glance over to get a look and she smiled appreciatively, “You are a lucky girl!”

I’m not overly large, a little over 8 inches in length, and a little under 2 inches in diameter, but having it complimented still made me feel good; almost as good as the next moment when Caryn ran her tongue up the underside of my shaft, from base to tip.

I looked up just in time to see my wife wiggling out of her bottoms that Kate was pulling down. Once she’d freed my wife of her last articles of clothing, Kate’s hands and mouth seemed to be everywhere at once. First she was sucking on my wife’s breasts as her hands roamed over Linda’s body. Then as my wife’s breathing became deeper, she slowly worked her lips down over Linda’s belly.

Caryn had taken the head of my dick between her lips, and she was sucking gently on the tip, flicking it with her tongue as her hands cupped and caressed my balls, bringing approving groans from my throat.

Kate worked her way down until her mouth was at my wife’s crotch, she paused only a moment before she latched on, and my wife screamed as she pulled Kate’s head tight to her cunt.

I nearly blew my load in that instant, and Caryn smiled up at me, seemingly knowing this fact. With difficulty I fought back my orgasm, wanting to make it last even as Caryn began to take more of my cock between her lips. She managed about three quarters of my length before she had to ease back up.

Linda was really humping into Kate’s mouth; she apparently had a pretty talented tongue. Of course, my wife has always been a big fan of oral, both giving and receiving, so I wasn’t too surprised she was already building to another orgasm.

Caryn had really begun to go to town on my cock, sucking and slurping it hungrily. It was becoming increasingly difficult to hold back my impending orgasm, and finally, before I lost complete control, I stood-up reaching down to help pull her to her feet with me. My cock slipped from her lips with a wet ‘pop’ and she pouted at me like a little girl denied a special treat.

I ended that pout with a kiss, my tongue darting between her lips to wrestle with hers, and as I held her she melted into the kiss moaning softly into my mouth. I pushed her blouse off of her shoulders, and unclasped her bra, freeing her pert breasts for my hands to massage and rub and my fingers gently tweaked her nipples causing her to moan still more.

Slowly I broke the kiss and as her eyes met mine, I knelt before her, undoing and removing her pants and underwear, stripping her of the last of her clothes.

I inhaled deeply of her feminine scent, similar yet distinctly different from my wife’s. Grabbing her ass I pulled her shaved cunt closer to my mouth, and ran my tongue over her slit, already moist with her juices.

Caryn moaned, tangling her fingers in my hair she pulled me closer. She lifted one leg placing her foot on the armrest of my chair, opening herself to me as she leaned against the wall for support.

So encouraged, I began to lap at her pussy in earnest, enjoying her taste as juices flowed freely from her. I could hear rising arousal as I devoted more of my tongue’s attention to her clit.

“Yes! Lick my fucking pussy!” She screamed, as she came into my mouth.

I continued to lick her womanhood as her body shuddered for several long moments before she released her grip on the back of my head and lowered her leg.

“I believe you said Lind wanted to watch you fuck me?” Caryn asked as she got down on all fours on the floor and wiggled her ass invitingly to me.

I glanced over at my wife, still enjoying having her pussy eaten, and she smiled and nodded at me. I lined my cock up with Caryn’s well lubed pussy and slid my full length into her in one stroke.

“Ah, fuck! That does feel huge!”

“It’ll feel even bigger when I put it into your ass.” I said with a smile, as I began to slowly rock my hips back and forth.

“Huh!” Caryn said with a grunt, “I’m not sure I’m ready…”

“You’ve gotta let him do it!” Linda said encouragingly, “he’ll go slowly, and once you adjust to it, it feels real good.”

“Linda will lick your pussy while Dave takes your ass.” Kate said looking over her shoulder at us.

“Hmmm, that does sound real good.” Caryn agreed.

“And I’m gonna try that strap-on and fuck Dave’s ass.” Kate said excitedly.

“Oh yeah!” Caryn said excitedly.

Kate got up from between my wife’s legs, and began to strip, the last to remove her clothes she had a rapt audience as all three of us watched her reveal herself.

Once completely naked she got the strap-on out of the box, Linda got up and helped her get it on. Then she stood proudly displaying her rubber dick, stroking it suggestively.

“Pass me the lube a moment.” I said.

Linda gave me the bottle, and I squirted a generous amount on Caryn’s ass crack. I then began to slide a finger up and down her Caryn’s crack, eliciting soft moans of pleasure. Slowly I inserted a finger in her ass and I felt her pussy clench my dick even harder.

“That feels surprisingly good!” Caryn gasped and then with an arched tone asked, “So, are you gonna lick me or not?”

As answer, Linda slid herself under Caryn’s body and I could feel Caryn’s reaction on the first touch of my wife’s tongue to her wet cunt.

Caryn really began to moan as my wife’s mouth, and my cock worked her pussy, and I slid a second finger into her ass. Kate approached Caryn’s head, stroking her rubber phallus, and then she brought it to Caryn’s lips.

Caryn sucked it in hungrily, and Kate slowly fucked her face as Caryn moaned with increasing excitement.

Kate withdrew from Caryn’s mouth, got down on her knees and sunk herself deep into my wife’s exposed pussy.

I heard Linda moan into Caryn’s pussy as Kate began to fuck her. Her moans became even more enthusiastic as Caryn lowered her mouth to Linda’s cunt, and began to use her tongue.

It wasn’t long at all before both Caryn and my wife were screaming their orgasms into each other’s pussies.

As Caryn’s orgasm began to subside, I first pulled my finger’s free of her ass, and then my dick from her cunt. As my dick popped free, I slid it up her ass crack for two slow strokes as Caryn humped her ass back into me, encouragingly.

I lined the head of my cock up with her back door, and pushed forward, her ass immediately, and easily accepted the head of my dick along with my first inch or so before I stopped.

Caryn grunted softly into my wife’s pussy, and Kate came around to watch from a better view. Slowly I rocked back and forth, feeding a little more of my dick into her ass each time I pushed forward. Little by little her ass swallowed up my cock until I was pressed tightly to her, my balls resting on her cunt lips, her deep breathing and soft moaning telling me she was still enjoying herself.

“That’s so fucking sexy! I can’t believe you took his whole dick up your ass!” Kate said excitedly.

“Feels real fucking good! I feel so fucking stuffed.” Caryn responded.

I pulled back out slowly, her ass resisting my withdrawal, and then I pressed forward sinking my full length into her again, eliciting a moan from Caryn’s lips, and a spasm from her ass as it clenched even tighter on my cock.

“Are you ready for me?” Kate asked as she moved behind me.

“Oh, yeah, fuck him.” I heard Caryn and Linda say as one.

Kate poured the lube down my ass crack, and poured some more on the strap-on, and then she was sliding it along my ass crack. I bent a little more forward, leaning into Caryn and allowing Kate easier access.

Kate guided her dick to my backdoor and then pushed forward. I felt the head pop into my ass, and now it was my turn to moan.

Kate paused, waiting for me to adjust, but I simply pushed back into her. She took the hint and proceeded to sink the full length into my ass.

“What a fucking slut! You love getting fucked up the ass!” Kate whispered against my neck.

I just moaned softly in response as I rocked forward into Caryn’s tight ass. Then I was pulling back as Kate was pushing into me.

While I had been fucked with the strap-on by my wife a couple of times this was the first time I’d had my dick sunk deep into a welcoming hole simultaneously. The sensation of plowing and being plowed combined together was incredible and I knew my orgasm was fast approaching.

Kate began really fucking me with gusto, ramming her rubber dick into me with increasing speed and force. She grunted and groaned as the other end pushed into her as well.

Beneath me, Caryn was really beginning to go wild. She was pushing her ass back into me, meeting my every thrust and her ass began to squeeze tighter to my cock, milking me for my seed.

Caryn screamed first and her ass clamped tight onto my cock as she came.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck my fucking ass with that fucking cock and lick my fucking cunt!” She yelled out as her orgasm took her.

“God, I’m fucking gonna cum.” I announced as I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell.

“Yes! Cum in my ass!” Caryn screamed.

I gripped her hips even tighter, and plunged deep into her ass once more; yelling as I began shooting my cum deep into her bowels.

A couple more thrusts from Kate and she pushed hard against me as she began to scream her own orgasm.

It was several moments before we three came back down. Finally Caryn collapsed forward allowing my cock to pop free, and then she rolled to the side dismounting my wife with an exhausted and sated sigh.

It took Kate another couple moments before she was ready to pull free of my ass. I rolled and laid flat on the floor beside my wife, on the opposite side Caryn had rolled to. For several moments I took deep breaths, trying to grasp what had just happened. I felt residual orgasmic pulses course through my body, as my cock twitched, and my ass spasmed.

Linda got up on her elbow and smiled at me, and then she crawled on top of me, and began to lick and suck my cock clean.

With her pussy over my face I couldn’t resist licking her wetness, and soon I felt my cock stiffening as I was enjoying the free flow of my wife’s juices. I was getting so into the oral activities I’d nearly forgotten we had an audience.

Very soon Linda was moaning into my manhood, sucking almost painfully as her orgasm tore through her.

“I want to try that cock in my ass.” Kate announced, as my wife was slowly quieting.

Linda climbed off of me, and Kate straddled me, facing me. Squatting over my cock she lined it up with her backdoor, and began to lower herself down.

She’d obviously already availed herself of the lube, since her ass offered very little resistance before my cock began sliding in. Taking deep breaths, she paused a couple of times, but finally she was sitting all the way down, with my dick buried fully into her tight asshole.

“Oh god, that does feel fucking good!” she exclaimed.

Kate began to raise and lower herself, fucking herself on my dick while Linda and Caryn watched. Slowly she began to increase her pace, and she closed her eyes to fully enjoy the sensations. I reached up and began to pinch and twist her hardened nipples which elicited a combination of gasps and moans that caused her ass to convulse excitedly around my manhood.

“Bitch, turn the fuck around so you can get properly fucked.” My wife said in a dominant tone she only used when wearing the strap-on, and sure enough she had her rubber dick on and was ready to do some fucking.

Obediently, Kate spun on my cock, her ass never releasing me. She continued to fuck me, and I enjoyed the new view of seeing her ass swallow up my meat.

Then my wife knelt between my legs and I wondered what she was up to. My question didn’t go unanswered long as I felt the pressure of her rubber dick sliding into Kate’s cunt, through the thin wall of her ass.

“Oh fucking god!” Kate yelled as her ass clenched tighter on my cock and she came.

Linda kept right on fucking her through her orgasm, pumping Kate’s pussy in slow, deep, steady strokes. I began to lift my hips up, slamming my dick deep into her ass as Kate was reduced to just grunting and moaning as yet another orgasm took her.

Slowly Kate resumed riding me, fucking herself on both mine and my wife’s dicks.

Caryn then swung her leg over me and straddled me; placing her dripping wet cunt on my face.

“Lick me.” She commanded.

Obediently my tongue went to work on her pussy as she moaned immediate approval.

Caryn rode my tongue like she was fucking a small cock, she moaned, and sighed through orgasm after orgasm, as I licked, nibbled, and sucked at her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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