Friend’s Sister Surprises Dev

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Our neighbor in my native village, Selva, as I pointed out in my previous story, had a younger sister by name, Swapna. She had no remarkable features. Because of our age difference, I had come to regard her as a little girl and paid no particular attention to her. After my second experience with Selva (in which Swapna was present in the house, but Selva and I were in Selva’s room behind locked doors), I frequented Selva’s house for more sexual encounters. At one time, I went to their house and rang the bell. Swapna opened the door. Smiling at me, she said

“Selva is not home today. He had to go to the town urgently to fetch something.”

I was about to say “Thanks” and make a u-turn, when she invited me to come in and have a drink (typically hot coffee or cool buttermilk). Not an uncommon invitation considering the hospitality of South Indian villages, but I was not too keen on a drink. So, I politely refused while Swapna insisted on me having the drink. She said

“Anna, Ulla vaanga. Neenga ethukkaha vantheengannu theriyum” in Tamil (Translation: Elder brother, I know why you have come here).

By the way I was only her neighbor, but it is the Tamil custom not to use names when calling older people. People usually use a relationship like brother, sister, canlı bahis uncle, aunt, grand father or grand mother to call neighbors based on their age.

I was taken aback when Swapna told me that she knew the intention of my visit. I stepped inside the house without protesting any further. Swapna smiled a bit shy and vanished from the spot on the pretense that she had to fetch me the drink. A few minutes later, she returned with a glass of buttermilk while I was sitting in their reception a bit confused, embarrassed and anxious. I finished the glass in a gulp. The cold buttermilk spiced with a dash of chopped green chilly, cilantro leaves and curry leaves was a relief for the hot weather. It also lowered some of my anxiety. As I returned the empty glass to her, I asked

“Swapna, Did Selva tell you something about my visit today?”

I was hoping that Swapna’s understanding of my friendship with Selva was limited. Swapna said,

“No, no, I know why you visit him frequently.”

This answer and the shyness on her face as she told this, completely revealed the fact that she fully well knew what was going on between Selva and I.

Still very shy, yet bold Swapna said

“All of Selva’s friends come here for the same reason.”

I was bahis siteleri completely dumb-stricken because of Swapna’s knowledge. It was also a new revelation that Selva was having affairs with others.

Swapna lobbed another bombshell saying that

“The only difference between them and you is that you just ignore me.”

It was becoming quite clear what Swapna wanted from me.

I looked at her. For a girl who had just told me that she desired pleasure from me, she looked quite shy. As I looked a bit uncertain about the next step, she led me on by approaching me with lustful eyes and embracing me tightly. I kissed her, drawing her close to me and holding her by her buttocks. My erect organ pressed against her pubic mound. We quickly adjourned to one of the inner rooms of the house where we could explore our bodies more freely.

Since we ran the risk of an unexpected visitor including Swapna’s mother or Selva returning early, we did not completely undress. Instead Swapna unhooked her blouse and bra and offered her breasts to me. She was a plain, South Indian village girl, petite in size and had small, but smooth and very soft breasts. I devoured them taking them all in my mouth as much as possible. Writhing in pleasure, she raised her saree and the bahis şirketleri petticoat underneath it. She was not nearing any panty. Her cunt was covered by pubic hair, untrimmed but naturally thin and curly. I kneeled down and kissed on her mound lovingly and separated her thighs. Her cunt lips were glistening with the moisture she was secreting quite profusely. The lips were so inviting I put mine on them and kissed hers tightly. She came right there. She held my head tightly and I could feel the spasm that came over all her body. She would not let me handle her cunt any more.

Then she made me stand up and lowered my trousers. My proud cock strained against my underwear. She pulled down the underwear hungrily to liberate the cock. She held it lovingly in her hands, slowly unfurled the foreskin and exposed the pink head. She planted kisses on the shaft and the balls and eventually started sucking me. She was a much better cock-sucker compared to Selva, who incidentally was a great cock-sucker. I could not tell what she was doing differently. Perhaps she was handling my penis much more gently and lovingly. Anyway I could not spend any time on analysis as I went straight to heaven and erupted within a couple of minutes. I warned her I was coming, pulled out my penis, turned sideways and spurted my semen all over the floor. The first shot actually reached quite close to the wall. It was amazing.

Satisfaction written all over our face, we kissed each other happily and parted our ways.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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