Fuck Cow

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“He asked me to marry him today,” she mumbled as my cock hit the back of her throat.

“Did you accept?”

“Yes,” she replied as I unleashed my cum into the back of her throat with a satisfied moan.

Immediately she fell back to her knees, placed her hands behind her back and tentatively licked the remnants of cum from my wilting member.

“How may your worthless, pathetic fuck toy serve you now Master?”


It had started eight years ago in University. We had been each other’s first, we had explored what turned us on and what didn’t. Over the course of our year together we tried everything — oral, rimming, she fucked my ass, I fucked hers, spankings, watersports, wax, bondage — everything in every permutation at least once.

Eventually we found our rhythm though and what gave us both the most satisfaction was when I humiliated her, degraded her, treated her like a piece of meat to wrap my cock around. We did this for six months straight — the best six months of my life.

Our sex life had a perfect pattern in those six months. The second she entered my dorm room she stripped, she knelt and she asked me to do to her the most perverted thing she had thought of since I last saw her. If it turned me on I did it, if not she got punished. Sometimes punishment was physical, mostly it was mental — I sent her away to think of something better.

She was clever though and always kept the extra filthy ideas for special occasions. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter were filled with perverted pleasure — it was as if she switched herself on, went into so called sub-space and just offered herself up to every sexual whim she thought a man could have.

And then it suddenly ended. University over, she got a job in one city, I another. We knew a long-distace thing wouldn’t work and so we went our separate ways. Of course she made sure our last day together was memorable.

She entered my room, stripped and knelt. Her 36Ds looked bigger than ever, perkier and more robust. özbek escort Her left breast still bore a black bruise from the day before when she had asked me to beat her with her own stilettos. Her pubes were still shaped into an arrow that pointed at her already wet hole.

In a calm confident voice she said “Please sir, will you forever mark your fuck cow? I want you to design a tattoo and tell me where I should have it placed.”

Well that was certainly new. Ordering her to start her daily worship on my toes I grabbed a piece of paper and started to doodle. Having dismissed any overtly sexual motifs — cocks, fucking couples and the like — I decided to play on the theme of fuck cow. I drew an old fashioned milk churn and added ‘FC’ as a brand. I looked down at the girl sucking the sweat from my feet and asked “Left or Right?”

“Left, sir.”

I handed her the design, “I want this on the underside of your left tit.”

“Yes Master, your fuck cow will be forever branded as you wish”.

After eight more hours of degrading the girl of my dreams, that was it, she was gone. We didn’t meet up for old time’s sake, we went cold turkey. I never saw the tattoo although I always knew she would have it, she was that kind of girl.


Six years later everything changed and I have LinkedIn to thank. Like most business people I created a profile, linked to a few people and got very little out of the experience. No interviews, no job offers, nothing beyond an occasional update informing me someone far more incompetent than I had just got a fabulous new job. Morrissey was right we do hate it when our friends become successful.

One day an email arrived with a contact request from F. Vache, a name I was unfamiliar with. Trying to investigate it led to an empty profile that didn’t help me know who this person was. Rather than blindly accept and open myself up to identity thieves I sent a short azeri escort reply “Do I know you?”

Three days passed and I forgot all about it putting it down to scammers. On the fourth day I received a reply, no words just a photo. Really nervous now about strangers sending me attachments I went to my nearest Apple store and test drove one of their laptops. On opening the attachment, I laughed out loud, drew some attention from those around me and instantly minimised the window. Of course you’ve guessed by now that it was the milk churn tattoo in a very close-up shot, just a hint of nipple in the top of frame.

Accepting the contact invitation I immediately sent a message “Hello fuck cow — you can find me on yahoo messenger” and I gave her my user id. She instantly contact me and what followed was the most surreal and exciting hour of my life.

Me: Long time no see, how are you?

FC: I am well Master.

Me: Master? Are we still playing?

FC: Master I have had six years to think of my next request to you and it is this — Master please will you meet with your fuck toy on every special occasion? I will pay for a 5* hotel every time, I just want to feel cheap and insignificant as you fuck, torture and tease me. Then for the rest of the year I will go back to my normal life, my job and my boyfriend.

Me: You’re seeing someone?

FC: I am seeing someone Master, but he is very dull and I need what we used to have on the side

Me: You know that I’m married and it’s only fair to tell you I have put on a few pounds

FC: I don’t care Master, fuck cow needs you.

Me: I’m guessing it’s no coincidence that it is my birthday next week

FC: fuck cow has booked the Savoy sir, in my name — I will be there from 2pm

Me: OK then you insignificant little tramp, if that is what you want then maybe I will turn up, but you’re going to earn it. Turn on your webcam, let me make sure you don’t disgust my eyes

Turned on, with an erection my wife wouldn’t kazank escort recognise I decided at least I could have some fun even if I wasn’t sure I had the bottle to actual go to the Savoy. When the camera feed turned on if anything my cock grew even harder. She looked perfect, barely aged a day, she didn’t seem to have gained any weight, maybe her tits sagged a little more but none of us can fight gravity.

Me: Kneel fuck cow

FC: yes Master

Me: Show me the tattoo

FC: yes Master

She held her breast up to the camera and held it there until I responded. I couldn’t believe it, after all these years, to see the result of my scrappy drawing was incredible.

Me: very good fuck cow. Where are you right now?

FC: I am at home in London sir

Me: Good, are you alone?

FC: Yes Sir, my flatmate is out at work

Me: Are you my filthy little fuck cow?

FC: Yes Sir, please use me, degrade me, humiliate me. I need it, I want it.

Me: Go and retrieve the toilet brush from your flatmate’s bathroom

Shortly she returned with a dishevelled looking brush.

Me: Are you ready to be my toy again? To serve every sick fantasy either of us desires?

FC: Yes Master

Me: Lick the brush, taste the remains of your flatmate

FC: Oh god thank you Master

Fuck cow then proceeded to offer the filthy toilet brush an oral experience I needed so badly. My wife is lovely but she is not interested in sex and certainly nothing adventurous. Surprisingly we only got together after a one-night stand led to our only child. The sexual aggressiveness she showed that night was sadly a one-off and like the majority of married men I am in a semi-permanent haze of horniness.

Me: Next week that will be my cock

FC: Oh god yes, so you’ll come to the Savoy?

Me: Yes Fuck Cow, I hope you manage to think of something truly filthy to beg me to do to you

FC: I will master

At that point she leaned back, spread her legs and proceeded to push the spiky brush up inside her gaping cunt, looked directly into the camera and mouthed the words “I need you”.

I logged off and prepared my excuses for spending my birthday away from home.

To be continued…


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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