Fun with Nana and Papa

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***All characters are over the age of eighteen***

Nana’s pussy tastes delicious. I love its sticky folds and the soft pubic hairs that tickle my nose. It’s exquisite and nasty and wet and floods my mouth as many times as I want.

Mom and dad dropped me off at Papa and Nana’s a week ago to ‘learn what it means to be a man’ — as if.

It didn’t take long for Nana to convince me to sleep with them in their bed. It took even less time for me to realize we would all sleep naked.

When that first night was through, I’d been inducted into a long-held family tradition of sucking and fucking the grandparents.

There wasn’t much foreplay. There wasn’t any ‘This is love, Johnny.’

Nope! As soon as the lights went out, I was sandwiched between them.

Nana pressed her tits against my hairless chest, her flabby belly squished against my cock. Her rough matron hands grabbed my ass-cheeks and pulled me tight into a lust-fueled kiss.

Her kisses are sloppy and wet. A voluptuous mix of saliva, hot minty cigarette breath with a hint of whisky. “Your mama wants to fuck you, Johnny,’ she hissed into my ear.

“So, of course, I told her I had to have you first.”

“It’s a tradition,” Papa grunted, making the mattress wave as his weight settled against my back.

Papa is very hairy. The opposite of Nana. His sluggy body cupped me effortlessly from neck to toes. I liked the contrast. The wiry thatch of his crotch tickled my ass. His massive dick hard and leaking between the crack. I shivered wildly, sighing with need and anticipation.

Papa adjusted so he could play with Nana’s sweaty boobs. Then, Nana started running her nails up and down my chest making me giggle into her kiss.

She laughed!

A covetous throaty laugh that made me cringe with unknowing delight. “Is this a dream,” I said vaguely.

“No dream, Johnny boy,” Papa grunted into my neck.

Nana opened her legs, sliding a heavy thigh on top of mine. The stench of her pussy rose between us like smog, a toxic swamp where lizards frolic and toads get eaten. My mouth watered. I couldn’t breathe. I wanted to dive into the cesspool. I wanted to scream and cum and run around in the forest. But, instead, a nude young buck was enjoying the midnight.

“Are you okay with this, Johnny?” Nana asked between wet sloppy kisses.

“Yes,” I stammered, a groan of longing and want spurting up from the core of my sex through my raw throat into her mouth.

“Then it’s time to fuck!” Papa shouted with excitement.

He rolled us over, splaying me out, by back to his chest. The ceiling fan thrummed through the heavy moist air above me. I opened my legs as wide as possible—Papa’s massive dick between my thighs.

“Excellent access, Herb,” Nana smiled greedily. She crawled over, resting between our legs like a blubbery seal, and took my cock down her throat in one gulp.

I wanted to cum immediately, but she clamped the base of my dick in a fierce painful grip. Nana stopped sucking. “Not yet, baby boy,” she scolded, “I want this cum in my pussy.”

“Y-yes, ma’am,” I squealed.

Papa rubbed his large calloused hands over my slim chest. He pinched my nipples, and I sucked air into pain-filled lungs.

Nana brushed the head of Papa’s dick against my taint. I wondered if she would stick it in my ass and shuddered all over, but all she did was tease me. I felt Kıbrıs Escort the slick trail of his pre-cum snail across my balls.

Nana’s wet sticky saliva coated both of us as she played with two dicks. She chuckled gleefully. “I get enough tonight!”

“Let’s get it to it, Beth,” Papa urged.

“You got somewhere to be, Herb?”

“Early tee-time with the league.”

“Golf and sex, the only two things your good at,” Nana laughed. “Well, in that case…”

She climbed over our legs, straddling both of us, and slipped my quivering cock straight up her pussy. She landed like an albatross on a dock post.

We all grunted.

I felt squeezed. The sandwich of elderly flesh smothered me. Finally, Nana adjusted, putting her hands on Papa’s shoulders so she could squat over us instead of laying on me.

She fucked me!

I’m proud! I lasted a long time for her. Whenever I’d start to shiver and trash my head nearing orgasm, she would slap me.

“Don’t you dare cum, Johnny? Not until I tell you. I’m going to fuck you, and then Papa’s going to fuck you, and only then do you get to fuck me and cum in my pussy. Okay?”

“Sure thing, Nana,” I stammered with a mixer of need and fear. She is a formidable woman.

I yelped in fear as Papa’s hand slipped around my throat. He choked me.

The wet trench of Nana’s pussy leaked all over my crotch, running down my slim hips and the crack of my ass. She squealed with glee. Little chirps were increasing in volume nearing her orgasm—a mountain lion thrashing on top of Papa and me.

She came in a loud huff, shaking like a leaf tossed about in a tornado. I thought her pussy was wet before, but the river of cunt juice that squirted from her when she came made that seem inconsequential.

She flooded me. She flooded Papa. She drowned the sheets. The whole bed became a swampy mess as the well of Nana’s pussy erupted. I groaned in pain, holding back my orgasm.

She landed on me like a beached whale. All the bones of her body liquified in an instant. I felt suffocated and struggled to get away, seeking fresh air. Papa released my throat. Nana rolled off us sliding more than crawling.

“Damn, baby boy,” Nana sighed. “Your mama’s going to love your dick.”

“That good?” Papa asked.

“Definitely,” Nana laughed. “His shape is perfect.”

“My shape?” I couldn’t help asking.

Papa pushed me off of him and climbed out of bed. “Need to piss.” Then, he left for the bathroom.

“Yeah,” Nana smiled, a content post-orgasm shiver undulated through her voluptuous curves. Finally, she recovered her breath and sat up, crossing her legs one under the other. She patted my chest. “You found my g-spot in under a minute.”

“Thanks…” I said, uncertain what she meant.

“Let me show you,” Nana demonstrated. She opened the wet pubic mat of her sex. The lips pulled back, a purple squid leaking translucent ink. The pink inner lips gaped obscenely. “See here,” Nana said. “This is my clit.” Her figure circled the hard little nub. “And on the inside…” she inserted a finger to the second knuckle. “Right on the other side, curved around, so it is hard to find… is a woman’s g-spot.”

“Not that hard to find,” Papa said from the bathroom doorway. He turned off the bathroom light and climbed back into bed, wrapping me up in a hug.

“Oh, Herb,” Nana Lefkoşa Escort giggled, “let the boy have a moment of pride. He did wonders for the first time, and he did find it. That twitchy little cock will get bigger as he grows, and if he locates g-spots like this instinctually, he will be very popular among the family.”

“Popular among the… family?” I had to ask.

“Yes, dear,” Nana rubbed my chest lovingly. “We all fuck!” She pinched my nipples, ran her fingernails down his chest. I shivered all over. The tiny hairs on my body rippled with electric excitement.

“I believe you will be very popular, honey,” Nana spoke matter factually like it was common knowledge like I was childish for not understanding the subtlety of the situation.

She slipped a hand around my cock, jerking it gently. Then, she rubbed the head with her thumb. “You ready for Papa to fuck your ass?” she asked and smiled when my cock jumped in her experienced hand. “I think he’s ready, Herb.”

“Let’s get it on then,” Papa said, laughing as he tossed me over. I flopped on my chest like a ragdoll. He crawled behind me and pulled my hips hard, slamming my ass into his lap.

Nana adjusted some pillows behind her head and splayed out beside us to watch. She ran her fingers through her pubic hair, slipped a few fingers inside her pussy, then offered the wet sticky treat to my lips.

I clambered out of Papa’s lap, up on all fours. I sucked Nana’s juicy fingers, groaning with want and pleasure. I savored the taste of her, luxuriating in the pungent smell of her sex.

My throat convulsed, jerking my cock, which felt like a twig whipping around in the emotional storm. My legs quivered. She smeared her hand over my face, filled my nose with her scent. I wanted more.

My mind detached from reality, and I relaxed, which was all Papa needed.

He slammed his massive dick up my ass.

I screamed!

Nana laughed. “You are a man now, John!”

I noticed the difference and gave her a smile through clenched teeth.

“Relax, Papa knows what he’s doing,” Nana patted my cheek. “Let it go!” she sang.

I nodded, breathing through my nose out my mouth as Coach taught us when running cross-country. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

“Really?” Nana asked. She arched an eyebrow at Papa. “You here that Herb? I think our John wants a long ride.” She giggled like a girl. “Oh, if only your dad were here to see this.”

‘Yeah,” Papa grunted with exertion. “Took that bitch three tries to take this dick. Johnny’s a natural.”

“John,” Nana corrected. “Any twenty-year-old twink can take it up the ass. Only an absolute stud, like our John, can take it like a man.”

She raked her nails down my back. I shuddered, intense twitching muscle spasms crawling all over my skin.

I was moving against Papa’s rhythm. When Nana said I was a stud, I focused more on my movement. I slammed my ass back into Papa’s thrusts, making the flesh of my ass slap lewdly against his hairy crotch.

Papa’s massive dick jam-packed me. I felt stuffed, my anus stretched. A hole gaped wider than ever before.

“He’s not a virgin,” Papa complained. “Who’d you let fuck you, boy?” Papa slapped my ass once-twice a third time. I grunted through the pain.

“Coach… Couch Parsons,” I shivered all over, revealing a secret.

“Is that so,” Magosa Escort Nana smiled languidly. “Never knew college was still an experimental soiree.” She put a hand behind her head and shifted, achieving a more relaxed view of her men. “I love the way you two fuck.” Nana panted through an orgasm.

“Didn’t know that man was gay,” Papa said, mollified with the news.

Her legs spread open; Nana lazily rubbed her clit. “Coach isn’t a fag, Herb. My friend Janice dates him off and on, and she says he’s fantastic in bed.”

“Fantastic, huh” Papa grunted, banging into me harder than before. “I never did like him, and here he’s taken our Johnny’s… our John’s virgin asshole. So now I hate him.”

“Don’t make a scene, Herb,” Nana scolded. “Enjoy what we have.”

“Yes, dear,” Papa chuckled. “Such a sweet ass.” He seized my hips and fucked me harder, sheathing his dick up my ass without mercy.

My prostate was on fire. I thought I would burst with pleasure. But, instead, my dick twitched and wreathed, aching for release.

Nana noticed. She sat up and clamped a hand hard around the base of my cock. “Not yet, John. You need to save this for my pussy, sweetie.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I nodded through the hazy pain in my ass.

Papa finally finished, bellowing his orgasm at the ceiling.

I was thrilled with relief and exhaustion; sweat ran down my back into the crack of my ass, the salty liquid stinging, added to Papa’s spermy load. It all leaked from my well fucked asshole. A stream of incestuous love.

“I took it like man,” I said.

“You’re a great fuck, John,” Papa smacked my ass and crawled off of the bed. “I need a beer. Who wants one?”

“Bring two,” Nana smiled at him, “and a bottle of whisky.” She rubbed my back lovingly. “We need a little break anyway. Gotta let John catch his breath before he fucks the hell out of Nana’s pussy.” She kissed the back of my neck, licked my ear, and pushed at my shoulder. “You should go to the bathroom and shit out Papa’s load. The bed is messy enough.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said tiredly but content. “A beer would be great, Papa,” I called after him.

“Sure thing,” he said over his shoulder.

Six minutes later, we were all back in bed drinking beer. Nana took straight shots from the whisky bottle, chased it with beer. She rested against the headboard; one leg tucked up under her ass. The gape of her legs giving me a perfect view between her thighs.

Papa lay beside her, a hairy sasquatch taking his ease in the smoggy wet forest of twisted sheets. I looked over their bodies, enjoying the sexy rolls of flesh undulating in front of me. They both breathed deep and even. It all felt natural. The normalcy of their togetherness struck me with tender emotions. I did love them. Now, even more than before.

“I love you,” I choked out.

“We love you too, dear,” Nana smiled.

“Yeah, love you too, buddy,” Papa smirked.

I sat on my knees in front of Nana, enjoying the grapefruity aftertaste of Papa’s favorite IPA.

“Can I lick your pussy before we fuck?” I asked Nana. I gave her a cheeky grin. The one that got me out of trouble whenever I used it on mom.

She laughed. “I’d love that.” She put the whisky on the nightstand, moved a pillow behind her head, handed her beer to Papa, and scooched down. “Have at it,” Nana giggled, waving her hand over her pussy like a model on a gameshow displaying the coveted grand prize.

Nana’s pussy tastes delicious. I love its wet sticky folds and the soft pubic hairs that tickle my nose. It’s exquisite and nasty and wet and floods my mouth as many times as I want.

It’s even better filled with my cum!

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