Funlover71 – Hard, Fast, Anonymous

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Standing at her front door in front of Funlover71, Dana feels kind of vulnerable, and naked. At his request, she is only wearing black high heels and she’s not allowed to speak. He looks at her body, slowly, up and down. She knows she looks great in heels. They show off the brutal curve of her hips and ass. But her gorgeous, heavy, E-cup tits are probably her favourite feature. She shivers slightly and her nipples harden. Unconsciously licking her lips, Dana looks at his crotch, then his mouth, and feels herself oozing wetness.

He steps across the threshold. He’s tall, and broad. He puts a warm hand on the small of her back and kisses her without saying a word.

She’s hyper-aware of her nakedness against his shirt, and of being in the open doorway where her neighbours might see. There’s something hot about that thought and the thought of being naked in the arms of a fully-dressed, complete stranger. He is a fantastic kisser. They linger for several minutes. All of Dana’s nervous hesitation has been swept away by that powerful feeling of being desired and of being in proximity to fulfilling desire.

Emboldened, Dana reaches down, unzips his pants and puts her hand inside. Happy with the size of what she finds, she softly Marmaris Escort moans into his mouth. Just seconds later, she removes her hand and slowly walks down the hall. Her heels are loud on the floorboards, almost ominous. She doesn’t look back. He watches her sexy, curvaceous form until she disappears into the bedroom, then closes the door and follows.

These are the conditions they agreed to over text message: Answer the front door naked except for heels, don’t speak, we kiss, then ‘you run the show’. So far so good.

So it’s her show now.

Premeditated lighting bounces the anticipation around the room from lamp to thigh to mouth to nipple. Dana takes his clothes off quickly and silently, his breathing is the only sound. He’s standing exactly where she planned, in front of the mirror, so he can see the form of her back and legs as she squats down and takes his cock deep in her mouth. He moans loudly and swears under his breath. There’s no seduction to her deep, loud sucking, no teasing, she makes her purpose clear: make that cock as hard as possible. He complies quickly.

Just as it becomes perfectly hard, Dana stands and turns around, pushing backward into him, but not letting go of his Marmaris Escort Bayan hard cock. They are both facing the mirror now. He reaches around and grabs her tits roughly (perfect) and bites at her neck (perfect) she moves his right hand to the hot wetness of her pussy and makes sure he rubs her clit hard. She moans now too, then speaks.

“I want to fucked hard and fast from behind.”

“No problem” he replies.

She goes to her dresser and gets out a condom. While he’s putting it on, she moves to the side of the bed and kneels on the edge, high heels just over the edge, roughly pushing at her clit while she waits. Her wetness is audible. She sees he is even harder than before (perfect).

“Hurry up.”

He moves behind her, grabs her hips and rams his cock in deep, and hard, as requested.

After several strokes she says “harder. Rougher.” He complies, grunting with delicious effort.

“Grab my hair and push my head toward the bed.”

He hesitates.

“Do it!”

“Please” she adds a second later.

His rhythm slows. But he does it (although not roughly enough for Dana’s liking). “Long and deep is good. But push harder. Be rougher.”

He doesn’t Escort Marmaris and Dana senses that despite his request for her to ‘run the show’, she’s being too dominating, and his alpha is suffering.

“Ok. How do you want to fuck me?”

He stops entirely. “Rough, deep and hard, but you have to make a lot of noise and stop giving me orders.”


What follows is a near-perfect stretch of hard, loud fucking. Dana screams her pleasure out, turning herself on even more. He grunts and murmurs on every stroke. She likes the feedback too.

While they’re both sweating and grunting and moaning with pleasure and effort, he suddenly pulls out and flips her over. He lifts her ankles high and thrusts back into her waiting pussy without losing rhythm. Her feet are on his chest now, one heel digs in to his collarbone. He likes it and grabs at her wildly bouncing tits, pinching her nipples and demanding more noise. She complies.

Now he leans in, pushing her legs over his shoulder and pulling her onto him in deep, hard, merciless strokes. He’s going to come soon, she can tell. She isn’t nearly there. But there’s no room between their bodies to get to her clit. So she gives it up just enjoys the rough pounding her very wet pussy is getting.

“C’mon. Yeah, fuck me like that. I love it. Come hard for me, baby. C’mon, c’mon. OH yeah!” She slaps his arse each time she can reach it and he comes within seconds.

He stays panting on top for a few minutes, then rolls off.

“Hi” she says.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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