Future’s Toy Ch. 03: Nylon and Feet

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Mass Gyrb



(This story is set 14 years in the future. The Narrator is Jason Parker.) Plot: Jason Parker, a student, is seduced by Isabel and Sophie. The girls destroy professor Watson, then they play with Jason.


WARNING: This story contains scenes of violence, sex and domination.

If the arguments offend you, please leave.

If you are not 18+, please leave.

The arguments are PURE FICTION, and the people in the stories are NOT real.

LANGUAGE NOTE: English is not my native language, so there may be some errors.


(Jason Parker)

Hey, I’m Jason Parker. I am of medium height, with short brown hair, green eyes, and very thin.

I am 18 years old, and I am a high school student in Gainesville, in class 4B. I’m one of the few males in that class, and trust me, that’s…. not good at all.

Anyone would pay to be in that class, full of skimpy and horny girls. But it’s just a mockery. It’s a constant teasing, those girls tease you all the fucking time, make little comments, rub their big tits or their nice asses on you, talk in your ear, try to seduce you. It’s a den of harpy whores.

And I come home every day, with a huge erection, which needs to be vented. Here, in this school, all classes are the same. 4A, 4B, 4C, all the same. Full of hot young women, and whores.

One day, another boring math lesson from Professor Watson was about to begin, and I was sitting at the back of the class. I liked math a lot, and I appreciated Professor Watson. Of course, teaching a class of sexy harpy bitches wasn’t easy, even for a 32-year-old man.

Many times I had seen Professor Watson embarrassed and red in the face.

We had just done sports hour, and I was slightly sweaty. They were the best hours, because I could let off steam in football, with the males of the other classes.

Girls don’t play soccer. They prefer to wiggle their asses in those girlish cheerleader exercises.

I shuddered when I saw Isabel Petersen approach me, sit on my left and give me a huge smile. Then, Sophie Roberts, Isabel Petersen’s inseparable, sat down to my right.

“These seats are free, aren’t they, Jason boy?” Isabel purred, stroking her hair. I was in the midst of two best friend harpies.

It was not a good place.

Isabel Petersen was wonderful, an angel who came down to earth. She is probably the most beautiful girl in the whole high school. Long straight brown hair, perfect eyes and brows, small sweet nose, incredible features, thin but luscious mouth.

Not to mention her incredible physique, she was short but trained, with a nice protruding ass, small muscles and nice legs. Sophie Roberts, on the other hand, was another beautiful girl, very tall and thin, with a pointed and dry face, hair always gathered in braids, soft cheeks. Her tapered body was sculpted, her shoulders broad, her abs extremely evident in her belly, a tight and tall ass, and her very long, trained legs, reeeeaaaaally long.

As Professor Watson’s class began, I saw Sophie touching her shoes, and moaning.

“Damn, my feet hurt! I wasn’t supposed to be doing sports today.” Sophie complained.

“Free them. Maybe they’ll be better.” Isabel suggested. So Sophie freed her sweet little feet from her shoes. She wore long black pantyhose, and her little feet looked sweet and soft to the eye, wrapped in black leggings.

“Mmm Hey Jason, does it bother you if… I back them up for a second? They really hurt me…” Sophie asked me, with a sexy grimace. Without waiting for an answer, she stretched out her legs and placed her feet on my leg, side by side. My cock jerked. We were at the back of the classroom full of people, so Sophie could do what she wanted. Nobody would see.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Sophie’s feet. They were so soft… and well-made. Sophie, inevitably, noticed it, and laughed. The 18-year-old girl started moving her toes, and rubbing her feet on my leg, slowly approaching my cock, which was quite erect, and pushing against my pants.

Her feet continued their teasing for another 10 minutes.

“Mmmmmmm!” Sophie finally said, as her soft feet now brushed my erect cock. Her veiled fingers ran the full length of my bulge.

“Urgh!” I groaned, trying to look forward. But the feeling was strong.

Then Isabel gently stroked my hair for a moment.

“Are you having fun, Jason?” she told me, gently placing her hand on my rapidly growing package.

“Mh? What are you doing! Stop!” I whispered, afraid of being caught, trying to push Isabel’s insistent hand away.

“Shhh…. is alright.” Isabel whispered softly, grabbing my erect cock from the outside of my sweatpants, making me moan in her expert grip.

Isabel smiled warmly as she began to move her hand up and down my cock.

“Sophie’s feet made you…. pretty hard, didn’t they, little Jason?” She purred.

I bahis siteleri couldn’t answer, embarrassed by the sensual teasing that Sophie’s soft feet had given me, and now, by the soft feminine caresses that Isabel was giving me. Sophie brought her warm face close to mine, looking at me sensual, as her best friend stroked my cock.

“Orrrr…” I moaned softly, closing my eyes as Isabel’s hand moved faster.

What would I have said if Professor Watson had found us….doing…this? Damn, my penis was in the sweet hands of an incredibly young but expert 18-year-old girl, in the middle of a Math lesson! My body sensors were too clouded with pleasure, to even try to stop Isabel’s caresses.

I have to admit it. It was the first time for my cock, be touched by a female being.

I was able to stay a virgin, in a class full of horny girls.

What would Prof Watson have said? I was his best student. He would never speak to me again, for sure.

Isabel continued to smile, and stroking my cock, and she let out a loud moan. Professor Watson looked in our direction, craning his neck.

“It’s everything okay, Petersen?” Professor Watson asked, a little suspicious.

“Sure, prof!” Isabel answered, looking at the professor, but without stopping massaging my cock under the table. Prof Watson turned to the blackboard. After a few more gentle strokes of Isabel’s hand, I stifled a groan, and opened my mouth without making a sound.

I could feel my sperm growing in my testicles and rushing towards my penis. Isabel smiled softly at me.

“Oh my god!” Sophie whispered, sensing I was about to cum.

“Now you can cum, Jason.” Isabel purred. My body obeyed to her.

“Orrrrrrrrr” I groaned, while a load of cum filled all my shorts. Isabel’s soft hand continued to stroke my penis as I cummed. A large black spot appeared on my shorts.

“You just milked him, Isa!” Sophie laughed.

“….in the classroom! You are Crazy.”

“I like risks.” Isabel said, giving my exhausted cock a few more sweet strokes.

“Petersen… Roberts. Did you understand this exercise? Integrals. Pay some attention, please.” Professor Watson scolded.

“What a pity, Jason. I wanted to caress you a little more.” Isabel complained. Professor Watson saved me from another milking, or other arousal, and he made Isabel and Sophie stop playing with my cock. However, the two girls continued to making horny comments, and quick caresses to my body sporadically, until professor Watson finished the lesson.

Then the two young harpies stroked my neck, and carried their sweet bodies out of the classroom.

Oh my god, what a situation! I just got masturbated in class.

As I was leaving, Professor Watson called me.

“Jason.” He said he with a serious expression.

“Come to my office at noon.”

I was terrified. I’ve always been a top in school, excellent grades and excellent behavior.

When Professor Watson told me to go to his office, I had a bad feeling. I was afraid he’d seen his favorite student getting jerked off by a girl, during his lesson.


I ran into the men’s bathrooms, which were empty. I locked myself in a toilet. I closed my eyes and pulled my cock out, and jerked off furiously, thinking of Sophie’s sweet feet, and how good Isabel’s hand felt when she stroked my cock.


At noon, nervous, I knocked on Professor Watson’s office door. Nobody answered, and I knocked again. After knocking four times, I slowly walked into the office.

When I walked into the room, I didn’t believe my eyes, and my jaw hit the ground, I swear to God.

Prof Watson was laying on his back on his desk, his head over the edge. Sophie was standing, and she had her long thighs wrapped around Professor Watson’s neck, while the man’s nose and mouth were firmly buried in the girl’s crotch. Sitting on professor Watson’s chair, Isabel was perched between Professor Watson’s legs, and with her soft bare feet she was stroking the man’s obvious bulge.

With his neck and head engulfed by the student’s long legs, Professor Watson looked like a headless creature, his arms and legs fidgeted furiously.

“Mmmm, mmm!!” the man moaned, in pain and pleasure, as his groin visibly contracted under the caresses of Isabel’s feet.

Sophie saw me, and greeted me with a smile.

“He was making some very…..booooring comments.” Sophie justified herself, as the professor struggled between her legs.

Isabel rubbed her little feet on Watson’s groin, still covered in gray work pants.

“Yep, we told him exactly what happened during his lesson. That Sophie teased your cock with her feet, and that I masturbated you with my hand, under the desk.

And that you….. let yourself be milked, without putting up the slightest resistance.” Isabel said.

“Then Mister Watson just…started talking bullshit, like ‘how dare you’, ‘I will suspend you’, or ‘I’ll talk to the principal, and get you expelled.”

“And no one threatens us.” Sophie concluded.

“Mmmmmmm!!!” Professor Watson moaned, canlı bahis siteleri completely blind and bricked up in Sophie’s groin. I was paralyzed from the panorama.

The sight of long strong female thighs destroying a grown man, while a couple of soft feet masturbated him, stiffened my cock into a quick erection.

The view was too sexy, two young women of just 18 years easily destroying a grown man, completely defenseless.

Professor Watson’s groin began to move, pushing up, yielding to Isabel’s gentle caresses.

“Mmhh, Mister Watson, you really are a dirty boy. Hey, honey. You want…. my feet to finish you?” Isabel purred. Then she looked at my groin.

“Ah, mister Watson, I see, yours it’s not the only cock that moves, in this room.” Isabel laughed, gesturing to my erection.

“Would you like to feel our little feet caressing your cock, Jason boy?” Sophie asked seductively, as Professor Watson’s choked body grew weaker and weaker. The man’s face was pepper red, his mouth pressed into Sophie’s sexy groin, unable to say anything.

“Mmmm mmm!” Faint cries of protest came muffled from Sophie’s groin.

Then Professor Watson’s body started twitching, clearly running out of oxygen.

“But now we have to finish with Mr. Watson, Jason. Nothing personal mister Watson, but nobody tells us what to do, or threatens us.

Next time, mind your own business, mister Watson.” Sophie said, cold as ice, flexing her thighs, squeezing Professor Watson’s neck even tighter, while Isabel’s feet caressed the man’s groin faster.

The professor’s hands tried one last time for an escape way, obviously unsuccessful, and then his body collapsed on the table. His eyes begged for mercy one last time, and then they closed.

Sophie looked down at the man, her eyes filled with contempt. His long, creamy thighs showed zero mercy to the man’s jugular.

With a final twitch, Professor Watson’s body surrendered to Isabel’s foot manipulations, and his groin lifted, visibly ejaculating, and falling back with a thud, after a few seconds. The man’s body sagged heavily, knocked out by the strong hold of young 18-year-old thighs. A large black spot had appeared in his groin.

When Sophie opened her long, beautiful legs, Professor Watson’s head bent over the edge of the desk, unnaturally, his eyes white.

As soon as the poor professor was out of the game, the two harpies turned their attention to me, like a prey.

Isabel, fast as lightning, teleported beside me, enveloping me with her perfume and gently stroking my already erect penis, moaning in my ear with her soft lips. Gently, she made me sit down, on the chair.

“Did you enjoy seeing a strong, big, grown man being eliminated in such a dominant and….feminine way?” the beautiful girl with a perfect face asked, seductively.

Oh, God! Isabel was so sexy, feminine and seductive that for a moment my body staggered, and my mind was one step away from submitting to this teenage goddess, letting her do what she wanted with me.

“Mmm Jason boy…would you like to stay where mister Watson was? In that beautiful place, between Sophie’s sexy thighs?” Isabel asked.

“N-no, thanks. It seemed…painful.” I replied, trembling. Isabel gently stroked the bulge in my pants.

“Oh, your dick says…..yes, instead. Tsk tsk, who is telling the truth?” Isabel whispered, skillfully stroking my balls, a sensual massage I couldn’t escape from.

Suddenly, Sophie pushed me against the desk, knocking me down onto the table, my eyes staring at the ceiling. A few inches from me, Professor Watson’s limp body lay motionless, prone.

“What the…?”

Quick as lightning, Sophie grabbed my hands, and she masterfully trapped them with a noose, tying them up. She then she put a hand on her neck and pressed me against the desk, smiling at me. Looking up, I saw the two sexy foxes looking down at me, like two wolves watching a helpless sheep.

“Don’t worry, Jason. We won’t hurt you.” Sophie said, helping me sit up on the desk. Then the thin and light girl climbed onto the table, crawling until she was exactly behind me. She then she grabbed me by my belly, and she pulled me towards her body. Immediately I felt her warm and trained body behind me, her young tits pressed against my back.

I paled as I saw a silky pair of long legs appear from either side of my body, stretching out like the coils of a snake. Those legs felt silky, muscular and soft, all at the same time.

Isabel, smiling, took the chair she brought it in front of me, and she sat down.

Sophie stroked my crotch with her feet. She showed them to me, closer. They were long, silky feet, made soooooo sexy by nylon.

“Do you like my feet, Jason?” Sophie asked me, speaking in my ear.

Then Sophie folded both long legs inward of her, masterfully freeing my cock from my pants. Then, she imprisoned my penis between her delicate little feet, starting a slow masturbation.


Oh, fuck! I closed my eyes and groaned. The soft fabric of Sophie’s canlı bahis pantyhose stockings was amazing, as she stroked my dick’s skin!

“Oh god no, please,” I moaned.

“No? Please? I feel your cock swelling between my feet. Doesn’t that mean you like it, honey?” Sophie cooed, her arms wrapped lovingly around my neck as she gently stroked my head with her hand.

“Oh God, seeing a penis getting rocky is always a lovely sight!” laughed Isabel. She was at the cinema, sitting in Professor Watson’s overstuffed chair.

With a few strokes, my purple penis was completely erected.

With her skillful feet, Sophie rolled my cock like a sausage. She began to blow and sensually breath on my neck, causing incredible erogenous sensations. Skillfully, her soft feet grabbed and massaged the head of my member, rubbing the sensitive nerves.

“No, please… Mmmm!!” I moaned again.

“Oh, Jason! Shut up and enjoy the feeling!” Sophie ordered in my ear, in a voice so sexy and powerful, that I immediately obeyed. I felt hollow and weak as the feel of Sophie’s nylon soles sliding up and down my cock intoxicated me.

The sweet harpy pulled out her tongue and started licking the side of my neck, driving me mad with pleasure.

The girl’s feet, arranged in a pyramid, imprisoned the glans between her fingers, pressing it irresistibly.


Moaning, I surrendered to the pleasure, and after a few seconds, I shot my warm cum out of my cock, which landed on Sophie’s nylon feet. I fired a dozen shots of cum, then I collapsed.

My tired body didn’t even get a chance to relax after orgasm. Isabel stretched out her sexy leg and put her bare foot on my nose. The scent of her foot was sweet.

While the girl looked at me in an irresistibly sexy way, she slipped her bare foot on my chin, on my chest, on her belly until it touched my still stiff cock.

“Mmmmm, it’s still pretty hard.” cooed the beautiful girl, making a sexy grimace.

With a feigned distracted gesture, Isabel put her feet on my lap, resting on my member. The feel of her soft, smooth skin, very different from the pantyhose feeling, literally drove me crazy.

At the same time, Sophie moved behind me, wrapping her long legs around my waist, imprisoning me, and resting her feet on either side of my exhausted cock.

“There is still, which can be milked.” Sophie laughed. Then the two sweet girls, in unison, began to reserve sweet caresses to my member.

“Ohhhhh! Mmmmm!” I moaned loudly when I felt the tips of their 4 feet grab the head of my cock, and start rubbing and stroking the sensitive nerves of the glans, exhausted from the previous ejaculation.

“Come on, Jason boy, we know you can do it…” Isabel urged me, biting her lip.

After almost a minute, my cock was already painfully at full erection, under the manipulations of the two harpies. Their four feet squeezed around my hard cock, toes and soles rubbing both sides, my cock a total and blissful prisoner of their painfully soft soles. Only the tip of my cock was visible between their soft feet.

“It’s so easy to milk these males, and these men.” Sophie commented.

“For sure. Just stroke their little cocks, and they fall under the spell of female feet. Then they’re just slobbering domestic dogs.”

Twenty small, springy toes massaged the sensitive nerves in my penis. The two girls started pumping my cock seriously.

Every time their toes pressed on my glans, and their soles ran down the trunk of my cock, I felt my body wince uncontrollably.

“Look at his face. He’s about to cum. So cute.” Isabel said.

I felt Sophie’s thighs squeeze tightly against my hips, trapping me with no escape.

“Shhhh… Jason boy…” Sophie murmured, speaking in my ear. Her voice rang directly in my brain.

“Cum for our feet.”

Her sweet voice took me to the edge. My cock ejaculated a torrent of cum, my semen spread all over the girls’ feet, letting out a very long moan.


After shooting long gushes of cum, my cock stopped and my body went limp, completely surrendering to the sweet manipulations of Isabel Petersen and Sophie Roberts.

Now the two goddesses manipulated me like a mannequin, stroking me and moaning in my ears.

I didn’t even have the strength to say a word anymore.

“We hope you enjoyed our… gift for you.” Sophie said.

“Ayo, little Jason.” Isabel cooed, gently tugging on my cheek.

“We know you would like our little feet to caress your cock…like all the day, don’t you? But… whoever is satisfied enjoys it. See you in the classroom.” Isabel said seductively, then she placed her beautiful lips on mine, starting to kiss me.

It felt like a dream. Her lips seemed to be infused with a powerful love potion, and I suddenly felt tired. When his mouth parted from mine, desperate I kept looking for that wonderful contact, but I saw the two girls quickly put their shoes back on, and disappear from my sight, their little asses were the last thing I saw before the office door closed.

Then I remembered Professor Watson, still lying on his desk, dominated, submitted and obliterated by Sophie’s long legs, and sexually humiliated by a soft pair of female feet, and milked by one of his students.

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