Game of Love Ch. 13

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Welcome to the 13th chapter of this captivating series. I love you guys a lot and I would love to thank you for your comments, ratings and for being on this journey with me. I appreciate all of it and I promise to always deliver without disappointing. I am sorry for the late post. I was really sick and I was writing tests so I couldn’t finish writing. But now I am back and I’ll make it up to you.

Don’t forget to drop your comments and rate this chapter. I am definitely looking forward to your comments, whether negative or positive because they inspire me a lot. I love you once again.

Game of Love, feel the passion…


Hawaii, one of the best romantic hideaway for couples. Beautiful, quiet and very romantic. The small, wet pebbles that lined the beach sparkled in the lingering light of the sunset. The water was almost still, small waves occasionally hitting the beach with little force.

Ko Olina beach was one of the most famous and romantic beaches in Hawaii and it had every reason to be. The sea, perfectly calm, was like a peaceful lake, and its soft murmurs were scarcely audible. The beauty of the sunset only made the beach look even more beautiful.

And here they were, our happy couple, a distance from the beach lying on a beautiful rock that was in the water. Eric was lying on his back, his legs spread a bit while Sergio was lying on top of him, between those hot legs.

Eric had his hands wrapped around his husband’s neck, bringing him even closer. Their bodies were in the water except for their heads. They were kissing, kissing like their lives depended on it. It was the most beautiful thing ever and Sergio wouldn’t have wished for anything better than that. The water was soothing and cool.

The kiss they both shared was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be. Sergio’s hand rested below Eric’s ear, his thumb caressing his cheek as their breaths mingled. Eric ran his fingers down Sergio’s spine, pulling him even closer until there was no space left in between them and he could feel the beating of his husband’s heart against his chest.

“You know, I never imagined being so happy in my life.” Sergio said in between kisses. “You’re the reason why I am so happy today and I’ll forever cherish these moments as long as I live.”

“So will I!” Eric said with a smile of an angel. “You’ve given me a reason to be happy. A reason to wake up each morning, and a reason to thank God whenever I look at you.”

“No, I should be the one thanking you.” Sergio moaned, licking his already swollen lips. “This honeymoon has been beautiful because of you. The past one month with you alone has been magical and I wish I could relive it over and over again.”

Eric had no words. He pulled his husband in another fiery kiss and they simply lost their surroundings. That kiss was Sergio’s salvation and his torment as well. He felt like he was walking on air. It was magic, the way his lips connected with Sergio’s. His mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips softer that he could have imagined.

They were one and nothing was gonna separate them after that moment. With the golden sky above them, they looked like two Olympian gods making love. They didn’t wanna pull away from each other. They just wanted to kiss and kiss until it was the end of time.


“Of course, aunt, you have nothing to worry about.” Adrianna said happily as she rushed down the stairs. “I told you I was gonna handle it. Just make sure that you come here at the time I sent you.”

‘Of course, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.’ Laurel said happily on the other end. ‘I have missed my son so much and seeing his face will be the best thing ever.’

“Alright, aunt! I will call you later.”

She cut the call and rushed to the living room where the decorators were doing their best in trying to make the whole room beautiful. Adrenaline was coursing through her veins when she saw how wonderful the whole room was looking like. Everyone in the room seemed very busy but it was paying off. She was excited already and couldn’t wait to see the look on her brother’s face when he walked into the room.

“Wow! I think I did a great job.”

Adrianna quickly turned to find a surprise, her mother. She stood behind her, staring at her with nothing but anger on her face. Her arms was crossed and her face showed disapproval. She was dressed in a sexy black designer’s pant suit with a white shirt inside. Her hair was tied in a ponytail and her makeup was on point, making her look younger than she was.

“What’s going on here?” She asked harshly.

“Errr… Mom, have you forgotten already?” She chuckled nervously. “Sergio and Eric are coming back home today. I thought I should give them a surprise party.”

“What?” She gasped, feeling like anger had just taken her off her feet. “Without informing me? And why are you even throwing a surprise party for that boy? As far as I am concerned, my son is single. Silivri Escort That boy is nothing but…”

“And when will you wake up, mom!” Adrianna asked, shaking her head. “You’re the only one that seems to be living in the past. It’s been a month since your son left for his honeymoon and he’s coming back after so long. Shouldn’t you be happy?”

“For what?” She chuckled bitterly. “To welcome a son that doesn’t consider me his mother anymore? Or to welcome the boy that schemed his way into my house? It’s been a month and he’s not even bothered to call me or check on how I am doing.”

“Have you tried to call him?” Adrianna chuckled, shaking her head. “Why don’t you put down your ego and be happy for your son? Mothers are like our second gods. They are known to build and not to destroy. They are known to fix all the problems and worsen them. Your son chose a path of happiness but you’re really intent on destroying his life.”

“How dare you?” Kim snapped, clenching her fists. “Who do you think you are to talk to me like that? How dare you accuse me of trying to destroy my son’s life? That boy doesn’t even love him.”

“And how would you know that when you’ve been busy doing everything to destroy his relationship with Sergio?” Adrianna snapped, surprising her. “As far as I know, Eric makes Sergio happy. Nothing matters to me more than my brother’s happiness. And maybe if you cannot see, you don’t deserve to be called his mother.”

She shook her head and angrily left, leaving Kim standing there like a statue. What Adrianna had said to her was very painful and it was so hard to process it. She just stood there, feeling all the anger in this world take the best of her.


The car parked in front of the entrance and Sergio slowly got out, fixing his blazer. He was looking very handsome in a blue sparkly shirt that was tucked in a black designer’s trouser with black designer’s shoes on his feet. He had an animal printed blazer on that just made him like the most handsome guy in the world.

He slowly walked to the other side and found Eric opening the door. He chuckled happily, rushing to him. He opened the door widely, took Eric’s hand and kissed it before he helped him out of the car. Eric was smiling, almost blushing by Sergio’s romantic gestures.

“Okay!” He sounded like he was not sure. “Mr. Alvarado, I believe I can get out of the car on my own. We are not on our honeymoon anymore.”

“So what?” Sergio wrapped his arm around Eric’s waist, pulling him closer to himself so that their faces were only an inch away. “It doesn’t make any difference as long as I am here with you. What I know is that our honeymoon didn’t end. We just decided to bring it home.”

“You’re insane!” Eric laughed, locking his arms tightly around his husband’s neck. “But you’re my insane husband and I love you.”

Sergio’s heart pounded in his ribcage and he gave a sharp breath.

“Oh, that’s so sweet! Does this mean that our honeymoon continues?”

“Hmmm…” Eric shook his head playfully like he was thinking while Sergio closed the remaining space in between them. “…no!”

He freed himself from his husband and started rushing towards the entrance. Sergio chuckled and began running after him. In no time at all, he caught up with him and gripped his arm quickly, pulling him closer to himself. He had his arms locked around his waist tightly, bringing him even closer.

“Not today, my darling husband.” Sergio moaned as he placed a kiss on Eric’s tender lips. “You won’t get away from me. Not ever again.”

“Can we do this when we reach our room, Sergio?” Eric moaned as Sergio attacked his neck and started placing kisses all over it. “Adrianna called me a few minutes back and I am sure she’s waiting for the both of us.”

“Hmmm… Are you by any chance avoiding your husband?” Sergio asked with a raised eyebrow. “Last I remembered, you were married to me and not my sister.”

Eric chuckled happily. “Of course, but I also remember in my vows that your family will be mine too. Don’t be selfish, Mr. Alvarado.”

He placed a kiss on his sweet lips and freed himself again, heading to the door. He opened the door wide but was welcomed by a darkness that he hadn’t expected. It was so dark that he couldn’t see anything at all. Strange!

But before he could even reach the light switch, he was grabbed from the back and pinned to the wall with his hands above his head. From those harsh breaths, the masculine cologne and the heat he felt, he didn’t need to be a genius to know that it was his husband.

“Sergio!” He laughed. “What are you doing? It’s dark and…”

“Even better!” Sergio licked his lips as he got near the boy’s face. “Even the universe and the house wants us to be together. Besides, I don’t need any light to see you. You’re all the light that I need. Even better,” He paused and breathed on Eric’s face, making his body vibrate. “I don’t need light to find your lips. I know exactly where they are.”

He grabbed Eric Silivri Escort Bayan by the waist, pulling him up-close against his chest. His hand gently glided through Eric’s hair, as he looked at him in a way so sexy that he didn’t even realize it was dark. Eric’s eyes were candles in the night, their light a spark of passion… desire. Sergio was closing the space in between them, dying to taste those lips that rocked his world. But suddenly… the lights went on!


Sergio and Eric almost jumped when they heard the loud voices. They quickly glanced in the direction of the sound and got the surprise of their lives when they saw the large living room filled with people that were clapping as they approached them. They were all dressed beautifully in the best attires Eric had ever seen.

The whole room was sparkling with the most beautiful decors and flowers. Balloons were everywhere even falling on the two of them. Everyone was clapping and they had beautiful smiles on their faces.

Eric was surprised it was the same living room he had seen about a month ago. It looked really different, like a party hall. It was decorated beautifully and there was a beautiful but small stage in front that was decorated beautifully. There was a stage lighting equipment that was clamped on a truss and it looked very classy.

There was food on one side, a whole lot of it. Eric and Sergio remained in the position that they were in, holding each other and looking shocked. They were staring at Adrianna who was coming closer to them. She was looking beautiful in a black long slit dress that sparkled on her with white heels on her feet. Her makeup was on point and her hair was curled, making her look like a party queen.

“Surprise, you two!” She quickly rushed to the both of them, kissing both their cheeks before she hugged them. “And you’re welcome!”

“What’s going on?” Sergio asked, chuckling nervously.

“What do you mean, silly?” Adrianna pinched his cheek playfully. “It is your reception party. You didn’t expect to go for a whole month and then I’d welcome you with empty arms, did you?”

“Wow! This is… I don’t know what to say, Adrianna.” Eric was excited and he couldn’t mask it. “This is so beautiful. Thank you so much.”

“You don’t have to thank me. Just enjoy the party. And welcome back.” She hugged him tightly, patting on his back. “And you look amazing. It’s like you knew you were coming to a party. But I am not surprised since a fashion god is always prepared.”

“You don’t have to flatter me, Adrianna.” He chuckled nervously, almost blushing. “You don’t look bad yourself.”

Eric was truly looking amazing. He was wearing a long, yellow shiny shirt that that reached his thighs and a black skinny jean that showed off his gorgeous curves and yellow snickers on his feet. He had a blue fishnet scarf around his neck and his hair was made in a ponytail with braid, making it both professional and sexy. Everyone at the party couldn’t deny that he stole the spotlight.

“Why don’t you enjoy your party?”

Eric chuckled and then went to his mother who was standing at a distance staring at him with a smile on her face. She was looking beautiful in a beautiful blue dress with blue heels on her feet. She was with Douglas who was wearing a black designer’s suit with a white shirt inside and black shoes.

“Mi amor!” Laurel moaned as she hugged her son. “You’ve got no idea how much I missed you. I am so glad you’re back. And I hope you love the surprise.”

“What?” Eric gasped, shaking his head. “You did this and you didn’t even give me a hint?”

“And ruin the surprise for you? Not a chance.” She laughed as she pulled away from the hug. She looked at Sergio who standing behind Eric with his hands held together, smiling at his mother in law. “And what are you standing there for, MR. Alvarado? Come and give your mother a hug.”

That word got Sergio’s heart to begin racing. He got so emotional and he rushed to Laurel and gave her a tight hug. Then the four of them started talking like a big happy family, laughing and smiling like no problem could ever ruin that moment. But suddenly…

“Hmmm, you guys seemed to have forgotten about me.” A voice spoke from behind Eric. “What about my hug? Am I not part of this family?”

Eric quickly turned to find another shock, a really handsome man who was standing there with his arms crossed and the most beautiful smile ever. He was dressed in a pure white shirt that was tucked in a sexy blue skinny jean with blue snickers on his feet. His hair was shaven into a quiff and God, Eric’s heart raced with joy.

“Derrick?” He gasped, covering his mouth in excitement. “OMG, you’re here too.”

He rushed to him and pulled him into a tight hug. Eric couldn’t believe he was living that moment. It felt like a dream. His family was now complete and he couldn’t dream of anything else. His life had just gone from good to best.

“When did you arrive? And why didn’t you tell me?”

“And Escort Silivri ruin the surprise? Not a chance.” Derrick chuckled in his sweet voice. “I arrived about two weeks ago. But wait, did you think you were gonna live without your badass lawyer? And don’t think I have forgotten that you got married without inviting me. You and I still have a score to settle on that.”

Eric laughed. “I missed you too, my lovely brother.”

“Oh!” Derrick moaned, taking in a deep breath.

“Come on, let me introduce you to my husband. This is…”

“Sergio!” Derrick chimed in, extending his hand at the hot hunk. He had his eyes all over his cute face.

Sergio chuckled nervously, powerfully shaking the man’s hand. He didn’t know if Derrick was just wild or he was actually flirting with him. But he seemed like a nice guy.

“Err… baby, this is my crazy brother, Derrick.” Erick said, slightly resting his head on his arm. “Derrick is not only my brother but he’s also my lawyer. We work together.”

“Oh! It is nice to meet you, Derrick.”

“The pleasure is mine.” The two of them didn’t even let go of each other. “No wonder my beautiful brother got married to you so abruptly. You’re just too handsome. Too bad you’re taken. But when you decide to be single again, I am available.”

“Derrick!” Laurel gasped in shock, followed by a chuckle.

“Oh come on, mom…” He laughed, letting go of Sergio’s hand. “I was only joking and you know that. But he truly is handsome. Do you have a brother that I don’t know of?”

“No, well, actually, I don’t!” Sergio smiled, coiling his arm with his beautiful baby. “But I have a sister.”

“Adrianna?” Derrick smiled. “Well, she’s beautiful but just not my preference. But anyway, it was really nice to meet you. Treat my brother nice and we’ll get along. But hurt him and I will be your worst nightmare.”

Sergio looked into Eric’s eyes and just smiled. “I would never ever hurt him. He’s my life.”

Eric felt like he’d just been taken to cloud 9 with the ecstasy he felt when Sergio said that to him. He felt like crying but he rather just clang to his husband’s shoulder, staring back into his eyes. It was such a wonderful moment for the two of them.

“Hola, ladies and gentlemen!” A happy voice hollered through the microphone, getting the attention of everyone. It was Andrea and she seemed extremely happy. “Thank you so much for honoring our invitation to surprise the newest couple in town.”

Everyone began cheering, clapping excitedly.

“And now that they’re here. There’s no need to delay anymore. Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts because today’s party is going to take off with a blast.”

As soon as she said that, the lights in the room became dim and the stage lights went on, lighting the stage gorgeously. Then all of a sudden, Akon’s ‘I wanna love you’ started playing and celebrity dancers hit the stage, making a formation that looked so professional.

‘I see you windin and grindin up on the floor

I know you see me lookin at you and you already know.

I wanna love you, you already know

I wanna love you, you already know.’

When snoop dogg started rapping, the dancers started dancing and the whole just went quiet, staring at them as they did their thing. It was so good to see and they seemed to know what they were doing. The way they were moving their bodies, moving to the sync of the music. It was so beautiful and the audience couldn’t help but clap. Eric was just so excited and he smiled at his husband who was happily clapping while winking at him.

But just like that, the song ended and the dancers ended it with a bang. The whole room just lit up with claps, cheers and whistles from all around. Eric couldn’t help but appreciate that the dancers had done a great job.

Eric was still clapping when one moment, with a smile on his face, he took a quick glance behind him and literally froze with what he saw. There was a man standing behind a curtain just near the entrance and he was putting on a pitch black hoodie that completely covered his face and Eric could have sworn he saw him holding a combat knife, a really sharp one.

But the moment he had looked in that direction, the man got lost in the crowd. But Eric could have sworn that he had seen something. He felt his heart instantly begin to race and he felt the fear in his chest, waiting to take over. Perhaps it only wanted to protect him. But from what?

“Hey, aren’t they good?” Sergio asked, shaking Eric’s arm. “What do you think?”

But Eric just looked at his husband, giving him a fake smile. But he was again looking all around, trying to confirm that what he had seen wasn’t a figment of his imagination. But then again, he felt a hand on his shoulder and he almost jumped. He tried to stay calm as his eyes met Sergio’s handsome face.

“Baby, are you okay?” Sergio sounded worried. “Is anything bothering you?”

“No!” HE chuckled nervously. “I… I am just so happy. The dancers… they… were simply beautiful. Can you believe them dancing like that?”

Sergio knew that something was up. Eric didn’t sound like himself but maybe he was just tired from the journey. Sergio sighed, bringing him closer. He placed a kiss on his forehead, giving him a quick hug.

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