Games in the Family

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He pulled his cock out, all slippery with her come-juices. They lay panting and sweating after their exertions. He thought that of the women in his family, Abigail was second only to his aunt, Truphena.

This resumption of sibling love was instigated by his second wife, Roxanna after a stormy divorce from his first. Hilda was a self-righteous bitchy woman who had condemned the easy manner Collins had with his four sisters. She felt threatened by the close relationship of an only son with his siblings.

He grew up in a house filled with women. Apart from mother and sisters there was the househelp and his granny lived in her house behind theirs. When his eldest sister Abigail began to blossom he took notice. Parted thighs were not to be ignored any more. Collins broke his sexual teeth on the househelp, but soon started playing with the second eldest, Betsy, whom he had always liked.

Creeping to her bed (which she shared with the third sister, Celine) at night he fondled her half-lemon tits under the blankets. Soon he was parting her legs to fondle her pubis, then learnt to stroke her pussy lips. When they discovered her clit they found she could come from his finger-fucking. He thought, “If one can enjoy me doing this to her, surely Abigail can, too!” Some nights he visited her and pretty soon learnt how to clamber onto her (she had her own bed) and insert his cock into her very tight virgin pussy. All the while trying not to make too much noise in case the parents overheard. Betsy, who had been first to be finger-fucked became the second to receive his cock. We are not able to report whether either sister figured out he was fucking the other. His two youngest ones did not meet his throbbing cock until much later.

When he married the holier-than-thou Hilda the sibling loving dried out within a short time. Only when he met Roxanna did his imposed “sexual apartheid” come to an end. She had two daughters of her own whom she encouraged him to initiate in the acts of love, first by playing tickling games on the sitting-room sofa before teaching them the pleasures of being fondled and finger-fucked. When in bed with his wife she would praise the sexiness of sisters or cousins. He was shocked to discover she actually wanted him to seduce his family!

One day he happened to mention that he liked his aunt. Rox immediately told him he should not stop there. Aunt Truphena was probably longing for him to make love to her. “The old lady is lonely, and has no hope of anyone seducing her now. Go in and make her happy!” urged Rox.

With these thoughts flying about in his head, Collins saw his girl cousins in a new light. Especially Rose, youngest daughter of his uncle. She had wide flowing hips and a very sexy laugh. Her little daughters looked like they would follow their mother in shapely beauty. At family functions he took advantage of the closeness to hold, pet and hug the girls.

On a training trip to the coast he threw the gauntlet at Rose to join him and perhaps even take some sessions herself. She was quite the trainer in her own right but had been retrenched not long before; her husband was struggling to provide the family’s needs. So the income would be more than welcome. Rox goaded him mercilessly that he should not take anybody else with him lest they act as chaperone, however unwitting.

Rose was surprised that he had booked them in adjoining rooms, which allowed him to slip into her room after she had taken her shower before retiring, and talk over the next day’s sessions. The good night kiss he gave her was lingering while his hand strayed to her hips; he heard her indrawn breath. It was almost not good night.

The next evening both of them were looking forward to the after-shower preview of the following day’s programme. They kissed almost like the cousins they were but when he rubbed her buttocks they broke the barrier almost in unison. Within minutes they had shed clothes, fallen on the bed and were kissing ravenously. He rubbed her wide hips and rose to tweak her nipples on smallish but full tits.

“Ah, Collins you are baa-ad! What have you done to your cousin?” she purred.

“You have been flaunting your insane beauty so provocatively. What did you expect me to do?”

“So you have been thinking of me in naughty ways? You evil maniac.” She kissed him deeply while holding the back of his head.

“Since forever, sweet cousin!” He pulled her nipple between his fingers.

His hand went south to the slightly swollen tummy. He was always surprised that it stayed so nearly flat even after two births.

“Where are you going, you wicked man?” she asked him with mock surprise.

Suddenly she felt him fondling her thighs. They parted for him but he was in no hurry to arrive at her pussy. Though she thrust herself at him he kept massaging the thighs, her belly button and the rest of the hard porno tummy.

She grabbed a hold of her cousin’s cock. It felt so smooth and hard. He grunted his pleasure, dipping his head to take her tits into his warm mouth. Her hips jumped and she berated him.

“You are so innocent-looking yet see how naughty you are! Pretender!” At the same moment she pulled his cock wanting him inside her urgently.

He moved over her and she could guide his cock-head to her wet and eager pussy. Before he could push, she removed her hand and thrust her hips violently with a power he did not imagine that she had. He was more than halfway inside. He pushed himself all the way in.

They stopped in that posture looking deep into each other’s eyes. She was lying with her legs splayed open to none other than her own cousin, whom she had admired for many years yet could not say or do anything about it. She wondered whether in accepting to come to this training she had foreseen any of this. No, it was too remote a possibility. Had she a faint hope? It seemed to her at this moment more than likely.

He drank in her beauty, her liquid brown eyes, her slightly high cheekbones, small tight mouth. “My very own cousin! I’m going to enjoy her to the full and give the very best.” He surmised that financial difficulties had lately gotten in the way of matrimonial joys.

He pulled out almost coming out of her cunt and her hand went to his bum as if to stop him leaving. He thrust hard all the way back in. Giving her full strokes like this caused her excitement to mount. She twisted and turned, lost to this world in her sexual high. She felt him pick up frequency without any change in amplitude. Her legs wrapped themselves around his waist as a tsunami of pleasure washed over the shores of her being. She bit into his shoulder, emitting a high-pitched scream.

When he finally felt her body sag, he drove deep into her cunt and paused there. Holding himself very still, he felt the aftershocks of her orgasm in the convulsions of her vaginal walls. But this milking motion had the effect of increasing his own excitement and he unexpectedly exploded into her, pouring copious amounts of semen into her depths. Supporting himself on his elbows, they lay there climbing down the ladder of excitement.

He checked out of his room the next morning and joined her in hers.


The younger sisters received his cock reklamsız porno in reverse order just like the elder two. It happened on this wise.

Sybil was in hospital with a very bad back. On a recent work trip the roads had been very rough, causing her weak back to deteriorate. As soon as she had returned to the city she went to see her doctor who, taking xrays, saw that her one of her discs had slipped out again. Surgery was called for.

As she recovered Collins went to see her just like other friends or family. He noticed her tits under the hospital gown. He contrived to stay behind after other visitors had left. In helping her settle in bed wihout straining the back he held her and somewhere in that manoeuvre grazed his hand on her breast accidentally on purpose. She looked up at him in surprise.

“Did I hurt you?”

“You touched me deliberately. And now you have affected me in naughty ways”

Indeed he could see the nipples had puckered up, a sure sign of arousal. ‘You mean to say she liked my touch?’ he thought to himself. He pulled the blanket and in doing so lay the back of his hand on her breast. The warmth of that flesh excited him. She made no move to remove the hand, so he took advantage and brought two fingers together to pinch the nipple. She flinched but he drew a sharp breath. He completed the manoeuvre of covering her and held her shoulders, looking into her eyes. There was arousal, desire and longing for more. The kiss they exchanged was definitely not familial at all. Each evening after that he made sure to be the last to leave, after fondling her tits and even putting a hand under the blankets to caress her tummy and thighs. They got more and more bold so that sometimes he started before everyone had actually left. His hand stayed under the covers for longer than would be reasonable. Celine was present one evening quite by accident and both of them suspected that she had noticed something. Sybil enjoyed these games so much that on discharge she made him promise to be seeing her at home, where there would be no other visitors and no visiting hours. Sybil got so hooked on her brother’s cock she wanted him almost every week.

Celine, the sister he liked most of all, was the last to taste his cock. To make matters worst of all, she had, like Collins and Sybil suspected that evening at the hospital, seen more than she had let on. She was sure her brother was fondling her youngest sister under the guise of covering her, and supporting her to prevent injury. The evening she had witnessed it, she spent the night fantasising about her brother’s tall figure and wondering if his equipment between the legs was in proportion. Several nights she almost called him to tell him how she felt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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