Ganging Up On Love

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Looking at the picture in your hand one more time, you offer yourself some reassurance before you knock on the door in front of you. You look up to see a beautiful lady open the door. With a polite nod she waves you inside. You can’t help but notice the smell she is exuding as you walk past her. You want to stop and talk to her a bit, maybe admire that business skirt and blouse outfit she is wearing, but you see a sign ahead of you directing you through a side door. As you enter, another beautiful lady hands you a sheet of paper and directs you to the side of the room you are now in. You walk over to a bench and take a seat.

Looking of the instructions that have been handed to you, you find that everything seems to be quite structured. You are a bit surprised by this, but another glance at the photo you brought with you reminds you of why you came. Glancing over the instructions one more time, you look up and notice the row of lockers lining one side of the room. You hadn’t noticed them before, but hey, that’s what the instructions are for. Standing up, you walk over and find an unused locker and put your purse inside. Closing it, you pull the key out and read the next step. Turning around, you find the marked door you are looking for and head to it. You reach down and turn the knob, stepping into the room as you open the door.

You see several women in various stages of undress working their way through the same instructions. Several look up as you enter before getting back to what they are doing. Looking around, you see what you need to continue your list and head over. Looking over the items in front of you, you pick out a nice outfit from the rack and take it over to an empty chair. As you nervously begin to remove your own clothing, you hear the door. Looking up, you see one of the women beginning to leave. She pauses, and then quickly runs back and grabs her clothes from the chair she had been at before finally leaving. As she leaves, another woman enters. Getting back to your own list, you finally remove the last of your clothes and look at yourself in the mirror covering one wall. You’ve always been a bit reserved about your body, which is quite the opposite reaction that you usually get from people. Most tend to look at you and stare. You can’t help it that your body seems to naturally curve in just the right spots, and even though you aren’t complaining, having this type of body has made you a bit more distrustful of people.

As you admire your body, you happen to notice two of the other women watching you. Both of them seem to have stopped what they are doing, and one of them is even smiling at you. You give them a brief nod and reach over to the outfit you grabbed. You proceed to wrap the bustier you grabbed around your body. You reach down and zip it up. You put on the matching pair of panties before you sit down and work on getting on the stockings. As you are clipping the garters to the stockings, you feel a hand on your shoulder. Whoever it is leans over and whispers into your ear. You give a nod and smile. As you stand up to see who it was, you see the last person who entered sitting across the room, and one person leaving. You trust the person will find you, and you head over to the other rack and grab a pair of heels. After slipping them on, you grab your instructions and clothes, and then head out of the room and back to the locker. You drop off your clothes, then lock it back up and read the instructions. Looking around, you find the next door and head over to it.

As you open the door, you find yourself in another room, this time alone. You see a cart off to the side, just like the instructions said, and head to it. Looking through everything, you grab an item that looks interesting and head through the far door. You are quickly greeted by a woman in lingerie with a headset on. She hands you a ticket and points to the line. You get at the end of the line and look at the ticket. It reads 73. It doesn’t seem like that many people are in the room, but you ignore that and begin to look around. You see a lot of beautiful women, and get a warm feeling from looking at some of them. You think you see the person who whispered in your ear, but can’t be certain. You try to see what is at the front of the line, but there are too many people.

Suddenly you hear a voice behind you. Turning around, you see the lady who walked in after you. As you strike up a conversation, you admire her more petite body. You once desired a body more like that in hopes that you might been treated less like an object, but over time you learned how your body could be an advantage. Eventually, people learned that you had more qualities than just shapely breasts and a slender body. You are enjoying your conversation enough that you forget you are in line. After a few minutes, a person walks by with a clipboard and points back at the line. You turn around and continue down the line. The person with the clipboard follows. She begins talking Ankara escort to you and the petite lady behind you. Handing over the clipboard, you look up at the people around you, then grab the pen and add your number to the list. You hand the clipboard to the petite lady, and with a smile, she quickly adds her number too. Handing the clipboard back, she puts a hand on your shoulder and smiles, saying she wouldn’t want to miss out on that. You chuckle and move forward with the moving line.

After another ten minutes of standing in line, you begin to hear noises. Trying to get a peak past the line, you see a large electronic display showing numbers. You see the number 58. As you watch, it suddenly changes to 59 and you realize it’s a counter for the tickets. You can’t see anything else, but the noises you hear gets you excited. You are a bit scared, having never done anything like this before. Heck, you didn’t even realize they had something like this before. But thinking back at the picture you brought with you reminds you of why you are here. The petite lady behind you gets excited and begins chatting with the person behind her. You smile as you listen, waiting for your chance to see what’s up ahead. Several minutes pass before you see the number change to 60. Suddenly, you remember the item you grabbed. As you hold it up, you hear a noise of admiration from the petite lady. She comments that she likes your choice as she shows you the one she grabbed. You do like your choice. It popped out at you as a smart choice, even if a bit different. Moving forward again, you begin to get it ready. You might as well become familiar with it first. As you finish getting it set, you notice how comfortable it feels. Probably comfortable enough to not even notice it there after a while. The petite lady asks to see it, so you turn around. Her eyes widen as she checks it out. Giggling, she you that right now, she could care less about everyone else because you have her attention, causing you to blush. Getting one last feel of it, she takes her hand away and you turn back around.

Ten minutes pass. You see the number change to 63. As you move forward, it is quite obvious what the noises are. You begin to see something too. Stepping to one side, you see the face of the person in your photo sticking out from behind the line ahead of you. Her head happens to turn to face the line. You see her eyes open and look in the direction of the line. As she scans the line, her eyes reach yours as her head moves. Locking eyes with you, she smiles before turning her head upright again. With another head movement, you step back in line. The person in front of you turns around. She asked if you saw that. Responding that you did, she looks you over and says that she is happy to not be following you. With a smile, you thank her. She turns around. The number changes to 64.

It takes about 25 minutes, but you soon find yourself only the a few people back in line. The petite lady behind you grabs your waist and leans forward to whisper something in your ear. You feel her kiss your neck as she moves away. A smile crosses your face as you seen the person in your photo look at you again. It takes every amount of control in your body to remain patient as you stand in line. Your body screams to react as your mind says to wait. Once again you remind yourself why you are here, and that screwing it up now would waste everything. The number changes to 70 and you move forward a bit more. The petite lady behind you groans and you look back worried, only to find that she doesn’t have as much patience as you. Laughing, you face forward again.

Ten more minutes pass before you find yourself next in line. You watch the person in front of you working as the person running the counter waves for your attention. As you listen, they inform you that Shy Love has been laying here for quite a while, and that due to the line, they must refrain you to five minutes on top. As you nod and start to step back to the line, this person grabs your arm and stops you. Leaning forward, they whisper in your ear, telling you that Shy Love has personally requested to meet you. As you listen in shock, they tell you that when you are done, and have collected your things, to speak to the person at the front door and say “The love is wanting.” With a dumb look on your face, you thank the person and turn to see the person on top slowing down. The petite lady behind you taps your shoulder and points at the small table sitting next to the bed. As the person currently on top slows down to a stop, you quickly grab the lube and squeeze some out. As you are told to step forward, you rub some of it onto the strap-on you put on earlier. Climbing up onto the bed, Shy Love smiles at you as you get into position.

You place the tip of the dildo against her wet mound. Using your hand to guide it, you slide it in a little ways, maybe about two inches. You look up as you hear Shy say to push it all the way, smiling Ankara escort bayan seductively at you. Her legs rub against your sides as they lift into the air. Not wanting to disobey, you wrap your arms around her thighs and slowly shove all six inches into the porn star you have thought about for the last month. As you slowly get into an in and out rhythm, you hear Shy say something else. You look up as she curls her finger at you. You smile as you let go of her legs, bring your arms in front of you, and lean forward. As her legs drop back to the bed, her arms reach up and grab on you, pulling you down against her. Your breasts touch hers as you find your face mere inches from hers. She leans forward and gives you a kiss. You hear some noise off to the side and as you turn your head to look, she puts her hands against your cheeks and stops you.

“Ignore everyone else.” You continue to rhythmically slide in and out of her. “This may be a lesbian gangbang, but for the rest of the day, you will be the only person on MY mind.” She then kisses you again, this time sticking her tongue into your mouth. The kissing goes on so long, that you suddenly find somebody tapping your shoulder. Looking up, you find the person running the counter telling you that you have thirty seconds left and to finish up. You turn back to Shy as you slow down your rhythm. “Remember. The love is wanting.” She smiles as she gives you a quick peck then pushes you up. You pull out of her and begin to climb off, first off of her, then off the bed. The petite lady looks at you with an open mouth, and then begins to climb on top of the bed. Turning around, you slowly walk away, thinking about nothing but that kiss. Reaching the door, you turn back around and see Shy looking at you with as the petite lady begins to drill her. Shy looks away and refocuses on the person currently on her. You see her grab the petite ladies hands and place them on her breasts as you walk out of the room.

Following the signs, you find yourself at a door. Opening it, you come back to the room with the lockers. You find your locker and pull your key out of your cleavage. Opening the door, you grab your clothes and then lock it back up. Walking over to the changing room, you walk in and find a seat. As you sit there, thinking about what just happened, you hear a voice. “I told you I would wait for you.” You look around at the several women in the room. All of them are getting dressed in various outfits except for one. You see the woman who whispered in your ear last time you were here. It was exactly who you thought it was. Seeing her from the front this time, you admire her body. Well shaped, with what looks like B cups, blond hair, and wearing a sheer teddy that leaves her breasts exposed, you smile back at her. She steps forward between your legs. “Five minutes isn’t enough,” she says as she gets down on her knees. As you lean back, her hands settle on your thighs. Looking straight into your eyes, she leans forward and slides her tongue along the length of the strap-on. As she reaches the top, she slides it into her mouth.

You watch as this lady gives you a good old-fashioned blowjob. Several of the other women watch while they finish getting dressed. After a few minutes, and minus the other women, she pulls it out of her mouth and looks back at you. “That should be good,” she says as her hands begin to slide to your waist. Leaning forward, she purposely slides her body against yours. You watch the strap-on slide between her breasts. Her breasts slide against your stomach, up against your breasts, and finally reach your face. You reach forward and wrap your arms around her body. She lifts herself up and climbs onto you. Without any armrests, she fits her legs on either side of you before positioning herself over the strap-on. “Now, fuck me.” You help her lower her body onto, and then around the strap-on as it slides inside of her. After getting several inches in, she relaxes her body and slides the rest of the way. As it gets fully inside of her, her mouth opens wide and she leans forward to rest her body against yours. As you sit there, breasts against breasts, her hands grip the back of the chair. She pulls herself forward, lifting herself off of the strap-on, then pushes back. Pulling and pushing, she gets herself set into a rhythm.

As you sit there, letting her fuck herself with the strap-on you are wearing, you hear the door open. You look to see the petite lady staring back at you. She grins as she shuts the door and walks over to a chair that is out of your view. Soon, you feel another pair of hands on your legs. You realize that the petite lady is between your legs. Looking over the shoulder of the lady on top of you, you see the petite lady standing behind her. She smiles at you, obviously making movements, but none that you can feel. Suddenly, the woman on top of you cries out in response to something. “OH MY GOD!” You force your body slightly to the side to try and Escort Ankara see what is going on.

Again, the door opens. This time three women walk in and stop. One of them is the lady who was behind the petite lady in line. The other two are dressed in normal clothes. “Now that’s what I call getting fucked twice over,” one of the normal women says as she walks across the room. Each of the ladies laughs as they begins to take care of their own stuff while you and the petite lady double penetrate this woman on top of you. As you play with this woman’s breasts, her moans get louder and longer. Her body speeds up and then suddenly shudders as it begins to slow down. Realizing that she climaxed, you see the petite lady step back as she pulls out of this woman’s ass. Once she stops moving, you help her off of you. Standing up, you move around and help her sit down. The petite lady puts her hand on your shoulder and turns you around. Quickly kissing you, she then gets down onto her knees and proceeds to clean off your strap-on. You carefully unbuckle it and pull it off, handing it to her to finish cleaning. Turning around, you get down on your knees and spread the legs of the woman in the chair. Leaning forwards, you begin your own cleaning, licking every inch of her pussy and tasting every bit of her you can. As you are doing this, you feel something hands lifting your ass in the air. Looking back, you see the petite lady getting down behind you. You watch as she places her strap-on against your ass. You nod your head no, stopping her before she can enter. She gives you a weird look until you reach your arm around and point at your own pussy. She smiles as you lift your ass a bit higher and turn back to what you were doing.

You feel a lubed strap-on slide inside of you with ease as your face plants itself against pussy. With your nose pressed against a clit, your tongue inches out of your mouth and presses against this woman’s labias. Running your tongue between them, you feel the strap-on pull back out, then begin again. You reach your left hand up and begin to fondle this woman’s clit as your right helps spread her lips apart. Running your tongue up and down the middle, you occasionally poke her with your tongue before pushing it in as much as you can. You continue your assault of her pussy as you feel her hands running through your hair. So consumed you are with this that you don’t notice the eight women who come in, change, and leave again, all watching the three of you enjoy yourselves. Right as you feel yourself begin to climax in a loud moan, you feel the woman sitting in the chair do the same. Lapping up even more fluids, you feel the petite lady pull out. You begin to stop to find out why when you suddenly feel tongue between your legs. With a smile, you continue what you are doing.

A few minutes later, you are tossing the lingerie you wore into a large clothes bin in the corner of the room. Walking back to your stuff, you begin to put your normal clothes back on as they two other ladies continue to go at each other. With a smile, you head out of the room and back to your locker. Grabbing your stuff, you shut the door with the key in the lock. Heading back to the way you came in, you find yourself back at the front door next to the woman in the sexy business outfit. As you stand there waiting as she lets in two young woman, you remember your instructions. After letting them pass, you stop the lady running the door.

You look at her and say, “I was told to tell you ‘The love is wanting.'”

She smiles back at you and pulls you off to the side. Handing you a sheet of paper, she tells you that Shy Love would like to meet you personally. She asks you to leave your name, address, and phone number on the sheet of paper. You hear a knock on the door, and she excuses herself to let another lady in. Handing her the same set of instructions everyone else received, she closes the door and walks back to you. As you leave your information, she tells you that only once in the last six months has Shy Love ever wanted to meet someone personally, and that you should feel honored. You ask what it is all about, but she replies that nobody seems to know exactly what happens. All of the rumors are different. You finish putting your information down and hand her the paper. She thanks you and tells you to wait. Running off in the same direction as everyone else, you wait. A few minutes later, she gets back to you. She tells you to go ahead and continue with your day and that you will hear something later. She thanks you and bids you a good day, letting you out the door. As you step outside, you see another lady walking down the sidewalk across the street. As you begin to walk away, you see her look around, notice the door and respective address, then wait for the cars to pass. As you reach the corner, she knocks on the door. You smile as you turn away, and begin your walk home.

That evening, as you are fixing yourself some dinner, you hear a knock at the door. Putting down the pepper and the knife you were slicing it with, you walk to the door. Looking through the peephole, you smile and grab the door handle. Opening the door, you look as Shy Love stands in front of you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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