Geek’s BIG Break Ch. 05

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This is a work of fiction, written for fantasy purposes. It includes unrealistic sexual practices and fantasy situations. If you like your erotica more reality based, then pass on this series. AS I AM TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT IT LET ME MAKE IT PLAIN. THE HERO HAS A 13 AND ¾ INCH COCK THAT IS 3.5 INCHES WIDE. YES IT’S NOT REALISTIC BUT IT ISN’T IMPOSSIBLE THE LARGEST HUMAN PENIS EVER RECORDER WAS 18 INCHES LONG. IF SIZE INTIMIDATES YOU OR UNREALISTIC STORIES UPSET YOU CHOSE ANOTHER STORY TO READ.

All participants involved in sexual scenes are 18 years old or older.

Chapter 1 Gio McLoed’s older sister Fiona sees her brother’s big fat cock, measures it and then sucks and fucks it taking his virginity. Unknown to the two his mother sees them and videotapes them to blackmail Geo into fucking her.

Chapter 2: Gio shows the Anderson Twins his Big Fat Cock and realizes his sister is right. He takes both twins as cum sluts. Tiffany willingly and Tara reluctantly. Then he humiliates them by having them make their Jock boyfriends watch them both fuck and suck him. Fiona get’s informed she is also one of his sluts and after a token resistance even agree’s to let him breed her. Then Gio gets two surprises, the first when Mister Anderson turns his daughters over to him the second when his mother wants to know why he isn’t fucking her.

Chapter 3: In which Gio’s mom learns what she has to do to get her son’s big fat cock. Then sucks and fucks him in the entranceway to their house. Begs her son to make her pregnant and is carried to bed completely satisfied. The next morning Gio straightens out some issues he caused decided who to impregnate and who not to and tells his growing harem where they all will reside for the foreseeable future. The Twins and Gio arrive at school to be faced with angry Brock and Chris.

Chapter 4: In which Gio protects Tiffany and Tara from their exes and gets hauled to the office. We find out a secret about Gio and his hobby. He takes control of the Vice Principal and makes her his school time slut and forces her to find him women to relieve his pressure at school. Then he takes his mom in her office at works and they get caught in the act.

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Gio pulled into the garage where his mom and sister kept their cars. He looked over at his beautiful mom, still dozing after the mammoth fuck session they’d had in her office. He needed to wake her and get her in the house, but he hated to do it. She’d been under stress since early that summer when Gio had walked into his dad’s office at the family roofing company and found him balls deep in his college-age office manager. Now they’d broken the only rule that Greg Anderson gave them, and he’d caught them in the act.

He’d invited Greg home, so they could talk. Gio wanted to make sure the man knew there wouldn’t be a repeat of what happened today, and to ask his opinion on a couple of offers Gio had received for his social media app Clik-Talk. Plus, he knew that his Twin lovers, who were Greg’s Daughters, wanted Gio to help them convince their dad to fuck them. The truth was; he’d figured out this morning Greg was who they’d been saving themselves for, when they’d told Gio, he was their new hero. That no one but their dad had ever stood up for them or protected them before but their dad. Gio knew they still wanted to experience Greg, but they seemed to want Gio too, which was confusing as hell.

He knew his dick was huge, but he’d started out treating them like shit. So why did they still want him? If they asked, he’d give them back to their father. He could always find other women willing to fuck him. Ms . Hill was proof of that.

Gio was also pretty sure that Greg Anderson wanted to sink his cock into his two daughters as well. Something he said last night then tried to play off as a misunderstanding stayed with Gio. Greg’s comment that if Gio needed help satisfying his daughters at any time he’d been willing to help. Then he’d tried to play it off like he was talking about other women they’d bring to Gio. But his lack of outrage at what he’d caught Gio and his mom doing in the office had convinced Gio that family sex didn’t turn Greg off.

There was a tap on the window, and Gio saw Greg standing by the car. He got out and came around to where his mom was. “She fell asleep as soon as we left the parking lot.”

Greg chuckled. “I’m sure she did. She’s in her forties, and you’re a 18-year-old stud with a huge dick and an overabundance of Testosterone. You wore her out. Do you want me to carry her inside for you?”
Gio shook his head “I hate to wake her, but I think she’d be appalled to know that not only did you catch us in her office and found out her darkest secret, you then had to carry her in her home afterwards.”

“We do need görükle escort to be clear that will not happen at work again. But I’m not opposed to the fact that you and your mother have a sexual relationship. You are both adults, and I know that part of what happened today was because she needed the reassurance that you were okay after what happened at the school. While I’m okay with your relationship, not all your coworkers would be. Let’s stick with them thinking my daughters are your girlfriends. That alone will be hard for some of them to accept.”

“The fact that I’m having sex with my mother isn’t an issue for you?”

Greg shook his head. “No incest is not illegal in this state, and my deceased wife was my Great uncle’s daughter. That’s why we live here. I’m open to most types of loving consensual relationships. It’s why I didn’t make a big deal out of my daughters informing me they were both seeing you and then today informing me they were both living here now.”

“Alright, let me wake mom and get her inside. Then we need to talk about your daughters some. I am also needing your advice on something non relationship wise.”

Gio opened his mother’s car door and knelt down shaking her lightly. “Mom, we’re home you need to wake up and go inside now.”

Cecila looked into her son’s eyes, confused for a minute, the last thing she remembered was her screaming as they came together in her office. Then her eyes went wide. “Oh God! Greg caught us didn’t he?”

Gio smiled and patted her face. “It’s okay mom. I’m in charge, remember? I’ll take care of everything.”

She shook her head. “Gio, I fucked you in the office. You’re a coworker; sex in the office is a big screw up. Not only that but I screamed out for you to knock me up! There’s no way he can let that go.”

“I know what happened mommy-slut I was there. Now who am I?”

She swallowed. She knew what he wanted. “You are my master.”

“Good girl. I am your Master, and I’m in command. I am in control. I take care of you. So, let me do my job. You go upstairs to the master suite and take a nice hot relaxing bath. Then you get dried off and slip into my bed in my new bedroom. You’ll be staying with me tonight. Now when I move you’re going to see Mister Anderson. He is here to talk to me. I’ve already told him what happened today will not happen again, and he is okay with it as long as it doesn’t. So, get out of this car, take your sexy ass upstairs, and do as you’re told. I’ll have one of the girls bring you dinner when it gets here. I’ve ordered food from Food Forward. Until someone brings you dinner, I want you to rest.”

She blushed and then nodded. “Yes Master.”

Gio smiled and kissed her softly. “Now go, do as you were told.”

“Yes Master.”

Cecilia got out of the car and blushed as she saw her boss looking at her. She started to hurry past him, but he put out his hand and caught her arm. She looked up at him as tears started to roll down her cheeks. She was so embarrassed that she’d gotten extremly carried away at work and was still afraid of the repercussions of being caught. “Cecilia, I do understand what happened today. Between the school and then Gio’s bike being vandalized, I realize you needed comfort and reassurance, he was okay. I’m not disgusted by your relationship with your son. You are both adults, and I will overlook what happened today. However, I’ve already informed Gio, and now I’ll notify you. Don’t indulge at the office again. I’m open to your lifestyle and accepting, but others wouldn’t be. If it ever happens at the office again there will be disciplinary actions taken. Now go do as your master told you.”

Cecilia ran past and disappeared upstairs to do as she was told. Gio held the door open to the house. “Come on in, I need to order the food, and then we can talk. We have a lot to discuss tonight.”

They had just gotten through the door and heard the girls upstairs. “Oh, hey Mommy-slut is Master downstairs?”

Gio heard his mom mumble and then the squeal of his twin sluts and the sound of feet hurrying down the stairs. They came tearing around the corner and wrapped their arms around me from each side. “Welcome home Master. We missed you.”

It was then that it registered to Gio that Tiffany and Tara were naked and all but humping him in their horniness.

“Jesus girls! You’re fucking naked go get dressed. I know I taught you better than to run around like that!” Greg growled out.

Tiffany was kissing Gio and Tara glared at her father who had just berated them. “As you have already reminded us, several times today Dad, Gio has control of us now. So, you don’t get to tell us what to do anymore. This is our home and our Master, if you don’t like how we greet him; we don’t care. This isn’t about you. He promised us lots of cums tonight, and we wanted to be ready. You just remember what you told us earlier. We’re his and only he has a right to control us now.”

Tara turned and kissed bursa escort bayan Gio then, while Tiffany took over the conversation. “If you don’t like how we greet our master, then close your eyes or just leave.”

Gio pulled them both off of him and smacked their asses hard. “That’s enough. I invited your dad here. I need to talk to him. You will apologize for being rude, and then you both will go upstairs and get dressed. I want skirts and full shirts. You can skip underwear, but you will not make my guest feel uncomfortable in my house.” He glared at them. “Am I clear on that?”

Together in that cute twin speak thing they had they answered. “Yes Master.” They turned to their dad. “Sorry Dad.” Then they went upstairs, and Greg relaxed. “You’ve got a lot of training to do with those two Gio.”

“Why do you say that?”

“All they’ve done since we left the courthouse is try to seduce me. They promised you that they belonged to you, and yet they still are trying to entice every man they can.”

Gio indicated they enter the den and take a seat. Fiona walked in clothed like he’d told the Twins to dress and knowing his sister that meant she’d been at the head of the stairs’ listening. She knelt down and kissed her brother and then sat on his lap. “Mother is in the bath, Gio. How can I help tonight? Should I get you and our guest a drink?”

Gio smiled and could feel she had been listening; she had no panties, and she was sure that Greg had gotten an eyeful of her ass and pussy when she’d kissed him earlier. “Greg, would you like a drink?”

“Sure, whatever you have.”

“Coke for me Fiona, and after the drinks would you arrange to get a delivery from that Cajun chicken place mom loves so much. I promised her dinner in bed tonight. She had a rough day.”

His sister stood and laughed. “Yes, I saw the evidence of her rough day running down her leg as she got in the tub. Really Gio, are you trying to get her pregnant in one day?”

Gio smiled and popped his sexy sister’s ass. “Just get the food and drink. Greg and I need to talk about everything that has happened today.”

Fiona smiled and shook her perfect coed ass at him. “As you wish Master.”

“See she listens and obeys you, as does your mother. My girls are going to take a bit more training.”

Gio shook his head. “Do you want to talk about this first then? There are several things I would like to discuss with you this being one of them.”

Greg thought about it for a second. “I think we need to come to an understanding on this. You told me you were going to bring them to heel, and I know it’s not been twenty-four hours yet, but it’s easier to continue as you begin.”

Gio sighed. “Fine, I took your daughters originally as a way to humiliate them and their jock boyfriends. Fiona was sure that one look at my cock would be all it took and that was fairly close to what happened. Except, like everyone, I thought they were just big sluts that put out for the team and mocked the rest of us. I had no clue about the whole forced to date and fuck the team thing, or the fact that contrary to what we all thought, neither of your daughters had given up their virginity. They’d just offered up their asses and mouths. Nevertheless, I demanded it all, and before they gave me their cherries, they told me they saved them for ‘someone special’. I didn’t think anything of it last night. Then, this morning, I realized I went overboard, and made some changes to all our relationships this morning. Explaining that as their ‘Master’, I had responsibilities too. I told them I had the responsibility to protect and provide and think of what was best for them, as well as my needs and wants. At least, that’s what I think a good Alpha male should do.”

Greg nodded. “I agree, but why is that important for me to know?”

Gio leaned closer to the older man. “You have no clue about your daughters, do you? I became their hero today, by standing up for them. Do you know who their hero was before today? Before I told them to take the morning-after pill, and get on birth control, so they didn’t end up teenage statistics? It was you Mister Anderson. Your daughters were saving their virginity for the first hero. Their first ‘Master’, their Daddy who took care of them since their mom died. The hero who did everything to give them what they wanted and needed was who they were saving themselves for. Even once I took that virginity, they still wanted to thank you and asked me to let them fuck you.”

“What? They asked you?”

“Yes sir, right before we came to your office, they asked, and I told them that if the opportunity came up, they could give themselves to you. Not because I want to share my girls, but because you owned them first, you were just to honorable to take what was yours. Even so, here’s the thing, you tried to play it off as a misunderstanding last night; however, we both know you want them. You told me if I ever had more than I could handle to bursa escort let you know, then played it off like you meant others, not your daughters. But I knew what you meant and when I realized this morning what I had stolen from you, I wanted to make it right. Be honest with me, Greg. You do want to fuck your daughters, don’t you?”

Greg looked him in the eye and sighed. “More than anything, but they started dating those Jocks and then last night they told me they switched their loyalty to you, and I don’t take what isn’t mine to take.”

“I understand that. I don’t normally like to share either, but I guess I’m going to have to, because I’ve got a source for my needs at school, and some of those will be married women.”

Greg nodded. “I think that’s a bit different, as long as it’s a woman whose needs aren’t getting met at home. No woman who asks a young man to fuck her is getting what she needs, which means she isn’t being taken care of thus, in my opinion, isn’t taken.”

Gio thought. “I think I’ll agree. Now about Tiffany and Tara, they stillnreally want to give themselves to you. And you didn’t give them away; they were taken from you. So, I’m going to give you each of them for a single night alone and both for this weekend. However, you will not loan them to anyone, and I get them back Sunday afternoon. I also think you should tell them what you told me about why you wouldn’t take them.”

Gio thought about it for a minute. “If on Sunday they decided they want to stay with you, then I’ll give them up. I really want them to be happy.”

Greg shook his head. “I don’t think so. I’m older than your mother, and honestly; I couldn’t keep up with the two of them all the time. This will be a nice way to give them what they wanted and say good-bye to them. I know you don’t love them, and won’t marry either of them, but keep them. You are going to need the release for a while.”

“Alright. Now I need your advice on a personal matter and a business matter.”

Gio told Greg about his app company, G.L. Creations and the emails from the two social media giants. “What do you think? I mean I know both prices are low and with time, the app could make over a billion dollars, but I’d need to learn advertising and get clients and make ads. More work than I want to do.”

Greg laughed. “Well actually, your mom could probably do it for you and have you making what they offered you in three months. If you want to sell and get out from having to run a company based on that app, I’d say to go high. Both those companies have probably investigated you and know you’re a high-school senior and think you’d think 6 million is a lot of money. Show them a savvy business man instead. Tell them your advertising team is already in the process of recruiting customers and your financial team has a projection that you’ll be making over a billion dollars in two years. Then tell them that you wouldn’t consider letting it go for less than 100 million.”

Gio choked on his coke. “JESUS!”

Greg laughed. “Yeah it’s an outrageous amount, but they’ll counter with something more reasonable probably 15 to 20 million. This is a buisness deal, Gio. You stand fast at your 100 million. They’ll come back with another figure then you come down on your price a couple million. I bet you can get at least fifty million from one of them, maybe more. Oh and make sure you let them know another company is bidding as well, but don’t tell them who or how much. I’m interested to see what they end up offering you.”

Just then Fiona came in with the food, and they called the girls down and went to the dining room. Fiona took a plate up to Cecilla and then came to eat with everyone. Gio then told all of them what Ms. Hill had said about Abi and asked what they all thought the Chadwick’s might be holding over Abi to get her to refuse to leave Dean.

Tara and Tiffany nodded. “We’ve seen it. She hates being with him. She refuses to act like she wants to be with him either. Dean enjoys reminding her that she’ll be sorry if she doesn’t do as he says. She gives in to his demands then, but she doesn’t want to be with him that’s for certain.”

Greg told Gio he’d see what he could find out as Clarence’s law firm was a client of his. He knew Betty Long always seemed miserable as well and suggested maybe both were being told something which kept them under the Chadwick’s combined thumbs. It was Fiona who had the best idea. “Why don’t you just ask her Gio? She was your best friend for years. You two only quit talking after you thought she chose Dean over you. So why don’t you ask her why she stays with him?”

He sighed. “I did ask her Fiona, she always told me she had to be with him.”

His big sister nodded. “And like a man, you assumed that meant she wanted him and couldn’t wait to be with him; even though it was obvious to both our families. she wanted you as bad as you wanted her. So, ask her what Chadwick has that makes her have to be with him.”

After that, conversation changed again. This time it was Greg, who spoke up. “Gio, may I ask you a question now?”

“Of course, sir.”

“I noticed today that you don’t dress like a teenager. You were dressed in what we would call business casual, is there a reason for that?”

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