Germany Confidential Pt. 01

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Dez was happy with all the pussy and ass he was getting, but he missed a girl of his own. Deep down, he longed to have a woman by his side, an intelligent, but cool woman to make his wife, that he could share his life with. He had Trish, Angela and a lot of girls. But they didn’t belong to him completely and they had an independent streak. He also did not want a very prudish woman who would baulk at all the dark, dirty things he was involved in. Trish assured him that Iris was the perfect woman. He was keen to see if he could make Iris his woman, and if she would be the one. If not, he would break her and get her dad’s wealth.

Since the day they had fucked Iris together, she had been refusing to do it again, out of loyalty to her boyfriend and her fear of sliding deep into debauchery and decadence. Dez found this cute.

Dez and Trish planned on him getting Iris. The first step was for him to get into her apartment.

Iris had a room mate in her apartment, a girl named Renate. They had grown up together. Renate’s dad had lost all his money on the stock exchange and then committed suicide, leaving loads of debt. Iris had taken Renate in and implored Trish to give her a job. Renate was a sexy, slender young brunette was hot and looked like a model. Trish had soon realized that the girl was spoiled, lazy and useless as a waitress, but she had other talents. Then she would give her money for shopping and satisfying her expensive tastes, for Renate hated working but loved spending.

Trish started to dominate her and fuck her face and make her eat her ass. Trish especially enjoyed using Renate because the girl hated being humiliated and debased and yet she craved it. She would serve Trish slavishly and then call her evil. Trish would make her dress up like an elegant, top notch model, then she would make her lick her feet and use them to fuck her mouth and pussy. Renate would call her an evil bitch as she came all over her feet. Trish would smack her pretty face, slap her tits, rip off her clothes and debase her. Renate would call her mean and she could not stop cuming.

If she was feeling real mean, Trish would piss on her and make her suck her pussy clean. Sometimes, Trish would make her wear nothing but a leash and high heels and she would get some horny, nasty brothers to fuck the brunette’s holes and clean their cocks in her mouth. Renate would act like she hated it, even though she couldn’t get enough of their big, black cocks and would cum even just from sucking them straight out of her ass. She would scream and cum like a bitch. They would leave her sore, raw, and covered in cum.

Iris didn’t know all of this and Renate was eager to keep it a secret.

Trish now told Renate not to pay her rent and give Iris some excuses.

After three months had passed, Trish sent Renate to Dez at his apartment. The He told her he would give her twenty grand if she did a runner. She said she couldn’t. Dez showed her the money. Then he told her if she sucked his dick and fucked him, the money was hers. She was an average cock sucker, her pussy was OK but her virgin ass was tight. Dez fucked her for three days straight, then he sent her to Angela, to get trained as a real slut that loved being a pig and a slut. Angela called and said the German girl was a natural. She was such a good ass licking sex toy and Angela had made her accept her nature.

Iris was pissed when she realized that her room mate had done a runner, leaving three months rent unpaid. Her landlord called, demanding the arrears, “or else.” Her own account was overdrawn as her parents still weren’t giving her an allowance and she was having to study and wait tables. Iris had been following her gruelling schedule for she wanted to prove to her parents that she was a good girl.

Desperate, Iris called her mum, who was in Mallorca in Spain.

“Hallo Daniela,” she greeted cheerily. She had always called her mother by her first name. It was supposed to be modern and fashionable. “How are you?”

“Fine! And you?” replied the mother gaily.

“I am good. But I got a problem,” Iris said and told her. “Can you please lend me the money?”

“Well, no Iris. You have to learn to be responsible,” her mum said firmly. Iris could detect a residue of wrath.

“Mum, Renate just skipped on me. And this money is really nothing for you, please mum. I might lose my apartment,” Iris begged.

“Tough luck Iris!” her mum said firmly. “You have to learn to clean up your own messes. I mean, you just keep messing up, don’t you?”

“Mum, you know I have worked real hard to straighten up. Please,” Iris was sobbing now.

“Don’t cry! How many times do I have to tell you to control your emotions. Stop it this moment! Listen, you are doing so well. We are proud of the progress you have been making and we think it would be wrong for us to interfere now. Keep on this good path that you are on, and when you have finished your studies, we will change things, believe me.”

“Mum! How can you be this heartless?”

“Stop putting the Anadolu Yakası Öğrenci Escort blame for your actions on other people. You messed up your life Iris. You have to learn your lesson!” The mother replied sternly. “Greet Leo from us. And don’t you dare embarrass us by borrowing the money from him.”

After her mum hung up, Iris made herself a bowl of muesli for breakfast. She was really annoyed with her mom! She knew this was still about the drug bust really. Anyway, her mom was a bitch who had told her never to help people down, for they repaid you with ingratitude and nasty stuff.

Iris called Leo, her boyfriend, who was currently on business in Miami, Florida. Iris often would find herself yearning for the dominant, insatiable, horny, hot black man that had fucked her out of her mind and given the best sex of her life in one night. But she had decided calmly that though Dez was a nice adventure, her serious life, was with Leo.

She listened and made the right sounds as he talked excitedly about all the meetings and the networking he was doing. She hardly understood the insurance business, but she was proud that her boyfriend and husband to be was out there, working hard, making money, on a respectable job. She asked him about Miami, and he said he had hardly seen much from working all the time. He promised he would take her there on their next vacation. Iris considered telling him about her problem but decided against it. He hated Trish and called her a loser and a parasite. She did not want him saying, “I told you so.” And she didn’t want him to offer her his money, something he would have insisted on, for Leo always did anything to please her.

Iris hastily put out adverts and hung notes all over the university. Several people came to see the two bedroom apartment over the next few days. They liked the apartment, but Iris needed someone who could pay three months rent in advance and a three month deposit as well and this put off everyone.

Iris decided to call her sister Trish. She knew Trish would have no problem lending her the money. Trish was sitting back in her chair, her white business shirt open, her quarter cup bra exposing her proud, chocolate brown mounds. She was moaning, her eyes rolling back in her head as her manicured hands held up her big, pendulous chocolate tits and stroked her long, dark, crinkled nipples that were thick like little thumbs.

“Yesssss! Yesssss! That’s it Lisa. Slurp it up baby! Oh! You’re such a sweet heart!!!” Trish moaned

Lisa, the 18 year old, tall, slim German beauty moaned from between Trish’s spread thighs, as she feasted on her bald, chocolate pussy voraciously. Trish’s short, pleated, dark skirt was bunched around her hips and Lisa had a thumb hooked into her tiny tanga, pulling it and stretching it lewdly from her steamy, dripping cunt as she munched her. The young blond was taking to black pussy like a duck to water. Her blue eyes were sparkling as she rolled Trish’s long, furled, distended, swollen, dark pussy lips between her thin, pink lips, sucking on them like they were dipped in honey. Her pretty, long, innocent face was radiating with excitement and covered in carnal lust. Her cheeks, mouth and chin were lathered in Trish’s juices, gleaming.

“I love pleasing you Trish! I love you so darling!” Lisa moaned in a husky voice. “You have such a beautiful black pussy. I cant get enough of it, yunno. I love licking it.”

“Go ahead, you sweet lil blond. Spread my pussy and slide your tongue up in my hole! Do it!” Trish moaned, her hips twitching in expectation.

Trish gazed at the long, dainty, pale fingers as they took her long flaps of pussy lips and spread them, revealing her hole. Lisa moaned as she saw white girl cum leaking out slowly. She licked her lips with greed.

“So, I guess you want me to shove my tongue all up in your hole, huh!” Lisa teased, then she pushed her tongue out of her mouth, and stretched it, till she touched the tip of her nose.

“Oh fuck! Yes! I want it in my pussy. Slide it in me like a snake into its liar. You know it belongs in my hole, don’t you!”

“Yes!!!! I wanna fuck you with my tongue till you cum all over my face. I wanna feel your hole grabbing and squeezing my tongue!” Lisa said huskily and smacked Trish’s pussy. Then she lowered her face to the alluring chocolate brown pussy and slowly wriggled it into the salty, sticky, dripping folds of soft, hot flesh. Trish moaned and cried as Lisa wriggled her long, hot tongue round and round, teasing her sensitive nerve endings.

“Oh shit! You are a star Lisa! Mmmmm! Eat me honey!” Trish moaned with wanton lust, gazing at the pretty, pale face of this shy, slim, innocent, blond elven girl that had turned up at her place seeking temporary employment to finance a holiday to Brazil two months earlier.

Trish had immediately felt attracted to Lisa, she was so pretty and innocent. And she was looking at the tall, athletic black woman with awe and reverence, as if she was astounded by her beauty and Anadolu Yakası Çıtır Escort desired to serve her. Trish invited Lisa into her office and told her to kneel at her feet and spit on her shoes and shine them with her hands.

“What!” Lisa had gasped.

“You heard what I want. DO it!”

“Is this part of the interview?” Lisa asked in a parched, quavering voice, searching Trish’s face.

“No. But I want you to do it. Do it and I will be good to you and give you what you desire!”

She had not even promised her a job or anything, but Lisa had done it immediately. Trish liked to dominate, break and turn white girls and boys into her sluts, but sometimes she liked to just find a girl that didn’t have to be broken at all. And that was what Lisa was, a girl who was born to be her slut and servant, and they had both known this from the moment they met.

Lisa had blushed profusely at Trish’s strange request, but had done it, kneeling before her, spitting on her shoe and shining it with her pale fingers. Then Trish had kicked off her shoes and told Lisa to suck her toes and lick her feet. Lisa had done such things for the first time in her life, all red with shame, but feeling great.

Trish then told her to get in under her desk and suck her pussy as she went about her work. A couple of Trish’s employees came in to talk to Trish about something, and they could see Lisa under the desk, lapping Trish’s pussy. Trish did not hide it anyway, she pulled Lisa’s face up from her pussy and introduced her to them as her new assistant, and Lisa had blushed, with her face covered in pussy juices, as she was welcomed aboard.

Since then, Trish had turned Lisa into her perfect slut and sex slave. Lisa had been sent off to train in back, body, foot and pussy massages amongst other things. Trish had also had her perfect her pussy and ass eating skills. She always had Lisa waxed and made her dress sexily, and took her with her most of the time. Lisa got along very much with Desmond, Trish’s son who was now 6. She also got along with the dad, and sometimes Trish lent her to the father of her son, and her young blond girl would get fucked and sent back home with a stretched pussy and ass hole. Lisa loved serving black men and women.

Even as Trish gazed into that angelic, pretty face, all she saw was joy as Lisa tongued her hole, spreading such wonderful sensations in her loins.

“oh yesssss! That’s it honey. You are touching my spot. Lemme stand up and really feed you this black pussy properly!” Trish towered over the young blond. She grabbed her hair and looked down into her pretty, big, blue eyes as she fucked her face.

“Suck my pussy real hard whore. I wanna hear that sweet mouth slurping away real loud! Ah shit!!! That’s good. Eat me! You sweet little white bitch!”

Trish moaned, stroking the young blond’s hair as she fucked Lisa’s face, drowning her in her copious juices. The young white girl beamed with joy and sucked and slurped and bobbed away happily, beaming up at Trish as she tongued her hole for all she was worth. Trish stiffened and threw her head back as she exploded in her face. Stars exploded in her head and she came so hard she simply just fell back in her chair.

“Oh fuck! You are so good baby girl. Open up and lemme spit in your sweet lil mouth. There you go!” Trish gathered her spit and let it drool down in Lisa’s mouth.

The young blond moaned with gratitude and relish and sucked up the thick, shiny strand of frothy saliva. She swallowed it down. Trish stroked her head affectionately and pulled her straight back in her cunt and told her to keep bobbing and sucking. Lisa gladly lapped away, feeling shivers breaking all over her body, as she served her black mistress.

“Oh damn!” Trish exhaled. “Now, I need my ass licked,” she raised her thighs up high and pushed her puckered black hole at Lisa. “Go on, sweet little darling white girl. Suck that black ass. Lick and slurp it real good, that’s a darling!”

The blond’s hot pink tongue started lapping her crack, driving her wild with its moist heat. Then Lisa moaned with carnal lust and slithered it into the acrid black hole. Both of them groaned with satisfaction.

Suddenly Trish’s phone rang. She ignored it. It kept ringing. Finally, she answered, telling Lisa to keep on licking. It was Iris.

“What’s going on baby? Fine. I am in the middle of getting my pussy licked by Lisa?”

“Damn! Listen Trish, I got a problem.”

Iris told Trish. She didn’t know that Trish and Dez had paid her room mate money to disappear.

“Keep your head up Iris. As a matter of fact, I know just the person that can help you, big sis. Bye now, I gotta get my ass licked. You really should borrow Lisa one of these days… Bye now. Mmmm! Lisa, that’s good baby. You are touching my spot right there.”

Trish got her ass plated to her heart contentment by Lisa. Then she pulled the blond across her lap and tongue kissed her as she finger fucked her.

Chapter 3

The Anadolu Yakası Elit Escort following morning, Iris woke up early and went for a jog around the Alster, an artificial lake in the center of Hamburg. Her feet felt heavy and she really had to force herself, keeping reminding herself that she was doing it for a good reason. Iris went jogging three to four times a week. She had a tall, athletic body, but she put on weight readily, and she always had to fight against her love rings and big ass. All her life, boys and men had told her if she lost a couple of kilos, she would become attractive. However, rigorous dieting and gruelling sport never could completely get rid of her big, round ass.

Unfortunately, Germany had only one idea of beauty, tall, slim and blond. She was tall, she was dark blond, and well, one could excuse her her emerald green eyes, but her boyfriend never ceased to remind her that she should show personal strength, restraint and resilience, and conquer her ass. He had promised that if she could not manage t in a natural manner, he would pay for her OP at the end of the year. Iris was determined to avoid the scalpel. She would try hard in the following months, but if all failed, she would have to bear the shame of undressing before some surgeon, having him draw lines around her ass and hips and then cut her up. Her mum did it regularly, and so did her brother’s fiancée and most of the women in their circles.

Iris returned to her apartment, feeling glad that she had covered the 15 kilometers in good time, and she was sweating profusely, which meant she had burnt many calories. She did stretching exercises, took a long shower and had muesli with low fat milk.

Then her door bell rang and she suddenly remembered that Dez was dropping by to view her apartment. She opened the door and in he came.

Iris blushed as their eyes met. She took her first keen look at him in the daylight. He had a pleasant, handsome, dark, Nubian face, with big, brown eyes, a large nose and thick, full lips. His face was clean shaved, his hair cut very short. He was of medium height, with the lean, athletic body of a boxer, his tight black muscle shirt was glued to an impressive, well defined torso and tight jeans outlined his taut, firm ass and big, powerful thighs, encased in a pair of tight jeans.

The African had an air of confidence and pride about him. He moved with the grace of a jungle cat, she thought, as she led him into the apartment. There was something manly about him.

“You are like the white version of Trish!” Dez said to her, as he gazed at her. She was not a standard issue so called “pretty” German girl, yunno, tall, slim, no thrills, no frills, Ms Six O’clock, with a small ass, that white boys liked.

Not Iris. She had a smooth, dark blond hair that went halfway down her back and framed pretty, sweet face, with a deep, smooth, golden tan. Her eyes were big, glassy, and emerald green. She had a cute nose and full, luscious pink lips. The German woman was tall and with full, thick breasts, a slim waist and wide, curvy hips. She was dressed in a small, backless, spaghetti strap top that threatened to burst from her ample cleavage and revealed the soft, feminine curve of her lower belly. A short, semi transparent white skirt hung low around her curvaceous hips, outlining her thick, round ass, and Dez could see a white thong underneath. As she walked ahead of him, her ass swung so sexily, round and round. Mama was hot. Dez was glad to be moving in with her, and he planned to be wallowing in those arms and fucking her sooner or later.

Iris was in a fix. She knew Leo would not like it one bit if she let an African move in. Leo basically disliked foreigners, especially blacks, whom he called refugees and drug dealers. In fact, he seemed to have a deep seated hatred for them. He hated them because they were black.

Iris had no problem with Dez being black. But she was afraid that she would not e able to resist him if he moved in with her. She still remembered the night that he had fucked her and Trish together, making her enjoy sex and cum much more than she ever had in her whole life.

“Listen Iris, I hope you are not worried about the other night. I will keep my distance, all right.”

“We cant just pretend it didn’t happen.”

“We are not children. You made it clear what you want.”

“And? What do you want?”

“A woman who wants me and wants to love me and be my princess.” For a second, his dark eyes looked deeply in hers and Iris felt dizzy. “Listen, I understand your reason for concern. Lets try it for three months, if it doesn’t work out, I will just move, all right? Here is the money…”

Dez gave her the cash and they signed the lease agreement, for three months.

After he left, Iris felt rather nervous. It wasn’t only all just about their night. Dez was an African male. She had heard many bad things about them, none of them good, especially from her brother and her boyfriend. In fact, all that came to mind were images that she was fed with all her life, by the white man’s propaganda machine. Wars, diseases, violence, poverty, mud huts. She just knew that these guys were bad, refugees, criminals, macho pigs, woman abusers, and so on and so forth. As she found those thoughts coursing through her mind, Iris suddenly gasped, remembering Trish’s problems with racism. She blushed.

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