Getting Off a Ticket Ch. 3

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Author’s Note: This is the third part of the “Getting Off a Ticket” story. This story was written for a woman who often fantasized about having sex with someone other than her husband. She eventually made that fantasy a reality. I welcome any comments and please leave your return address in the body of your text if you wish a reply. Enjoy.

It had been a wonderful vacation down in Florida. The warmth and The sun was incredible on your skin, and you often lay out by the pool — soaking in the rays. It was a relaxing time for you physically, but sexually you were on fire.

It had been just a few weeks ago when the sexually monotony of your life was shattered when a certain police officer pulled you and your husband over. It was so incredible to experience another man again, and it was equally exciting to have your husband watch you receive such pleasure. But, as you laid in the sun this past week your mind often would fantasize about how the encounter would have went had your husband not been around. As you relaxed prone on the lounge chair your imagination took hold and you fantasized about many different scenarios.

This had been a good thing for your husband. Your pussy was in need of constant attention, and he benefited well from your fantasizing. On the return trip, you even had your husband pull over for a quickie. You felt so alive as you fucked your reclining husband as your SUV set in the back of that truckstop.

Now you are back home, after the long trip, and you decide to take a quick shower. You slowly peel off your shirt and slacks, and as you slowly remove your bra and panties you think about the adventure you had in your bedroom a few weeks ago. You start to plush with pleasure as you remember how wonderful my thick cock felt in your mouth and as you step into the shower.

Just then, your husband says that he is going to run a few errands and that he will be back in a few minutes. You reply “okay” as you plunge your naked self under the warm wet spray. Your mind begins to wonder again, and you cannot help but think more about more erotic things.

As your soapy hands begin to caress your hardening nipples, you think about my hot and hungry mouth on your breasts. You think about how wonderful my tongue felt on your needy, wet pussy, and you think about the incredible feeling of your eager pussy sliding down over my hard, throbbing member.

And that is when you are jolted from your fantasy world by the door bell. You curse out load, rinse off quickly, and throw on a robe hanging on the door. You think to yourself, “He must have locked myself out,” as you quickly open the door.

Much to your embarrassed Zonguldak Escort shame, your husband is not standing there. As you unknowingly let your robe fall slightly open, you see me standing there before you. I look just as you remembered – handsome face, deep blue eyes, short brown hair, sharp and angular features, with broad shoulders and sexy grin.

“Mame, we had a report of a possible break-in,” I say in a not-too-convincing manner. “I need to come in and check the place out.”

These words cut through you quickly, and you can feel your heartbeat start to race. For a split second you think about how wonderful it would be to be fucked by me, but you also think about your soon-returning husband.

A second goes by, and just as you are about to say no, I step into your door and say, “It will only take a minute.”

You follow me as I make a beeline for your bedroom. You watch my tight ass from behind, and you think about how it would look as rammed my hard cock into you.

We reach the bedroom, and I quickly take you into my arms. The effect is electric, and the hunger that you feel from me ignites a great passion inside of you. All pretenses is scattered, and you now can only think of your need for pleasure.

As we share a deep, passionate kiss, you fumble with my buttons and belt—seeking to get to that naked skin that you crave. My shirt is removed and my pants fall to the floor as I begin to hungrily nimble at your neck and massage your breast and ass.

Your pussy is on fire now. My kisses on your neck, the caresses of my hands, and the need in my eyes causes you to groan with pleasure. You slit is instantly wet, and a hunger wells up inside you that is undeniable.

You forget about your husband, you forget about any foreplay, and you forget about any pretenses. As your hand encircles my thick, rock hard cock your mind is screaming on thing. You want to feel me stretch you wide open — you need to feel my wide, pounding cock deep inside you.

Taking charge, you drop to your knees and you wantonly engulf my hot member in your mouth. You feel your jaw drop and your mouth stretch wide as you suck me deeper into your famished mouth. There is no slow licking or casual caress—rather, you start to bob your head and hand up and down on my cock. You do this not only for my pleasure, but you have become such a slut that your main thought is getting me as hard as possible for you.

As you hear me begin to moan with pleasure, you know that my cock is as wet and hard as you can get it. Unfortunately, that is when you here your husband come through the door. It sounds like he is carrying Zonguldak Escort Bayan some grocery sacks, as he stops and calls for you to come to the kitchen. Your heart skips a couple of beats as you realize that there is no way for me to leave the place without getting seen, so you quickly rise and put on your robe. You turn to me, put your finger to your lips as if to say be quiet, and you walk into the kitchen.

Your pussy is still on fire, and your walking is a little difficult, but you manage to enter the kitchen somewhat normally. You wonder to yourself if he will be able to smell your excited scent. Your husband asks were to put something, and after your reply, you tell him that you have a headache and are going to bed. You tell him that you would appreciate it if he would stay out of the bedroom for a while. He agrees and resumes putting away the groceries, and you turn back toward the bedroom.

Resuming your wanton ways, you allow the robe to slip from your body as you walk to the bedroom, and you feel so trashy yet turned on as you walk naked into the bedroom. The room is dark and your eyes are still adjusting when you feel me come up behind you. I am naked, and you can feel my hot breathe on your neck and my throbbing, leaking cock against your ass. I run my hands up your sides and raise your arms up above your head, and then I return my caresses downward as I cup your breasts in my rough hands.

The effect is amazing…you are on fire again…even more so. And as you hear your husband clanking around in the kitchen, you let go of all of your inhibitions—and you let your need for pleasure take over your being.

And with that, you turn around, kiss me deeply in the mouth, and you whisper into my ear. “Fuck me now…fuck me with that big cock of yours…fill me up with your cum,” you say in the most needy and slutty way possible.

You then bend over the bed and stick your ass out at me—like a true slut that you have become. You begin to sway it back and forth—trying to entice me into your slick, wet folds. You even reach your hand down between your legs and you begin to fun your fingers through your wet, hot pussy – even stopping occasionally to rub your engorged clit. You wait for my cock is not long.

You feel me straddle up behind you. My hands find your womanly ass, and I move up closer to your extended ass. You then feel the head of my cock begin to rub up and down on your slit, and your legs begin to shake with pleasure. Your pussy ignites with even more need, and you wantonly begin to buck back against my strong legs—trying to capture my elusive tool with your eager hole.

And Escort Zonguldak your efforts are rewarded, for I sense your undeniable need, and I begin to slowly enter your warm, wet tunnel of pleasure. You feel yourself split ever wider as I slowly stroke deeper and deeper into your tight pussy. The feeling is quite incredible, and your body begins to shake with pleasure as I complete our full coupling. I stop with my cock buried deep inside you, and you feel so complete and content. Your pussy feels so full now, that you loose yourself in its wonderful sensation.

But then I start to fuck you.

Slowly, at first… of course. Slowly I ease myself out of you almost completely, and slowly I delve my member back into your quivering, wet pussy. The feeling is almost too good to take, and as you hear your husband turn on the T.V. you give yourself over completely to the hunger in your soul and the pleasure from my cock.

I begin to fuck you faster now. I have grabbed your shapely ass for support, and I am starting to slam my wide girth harder into you. You feel yourself growing light-headed as the waves of ecstasy wash over you, and the outside world ceases to exist for you. You don’t care about your husband, about the fact that you might get caught, that you are fucking a stranger like some kind of slut. No, all that matters to you now is the completely and utter pleasure that you are feeling now that I am pistoning my rock-hard cock into your spasming cunt.

And as you begin to feel me loose control of my thrusts, as you feel me relentlessly hammer your poor pussy from behind, you realize that I am about to come. So you wantonly begin to thrust back at that monster cock being slammed into you—seeking to garner every bit of pleasure from our fucking.

Just as you begin to feel me spasm in orgasm, you yourself are taken over the edge into a land of pure and wondrous ecstasy. You seem suspended in a sea of endless pleasure as you feel my thick cock pump load after load of hit cum deep into your eager vagina. The spasm seem to last forever, and it is only the sound of your husband’s voice that awakens you from your world.

“Umm, honey, I’m going to go get the mail. I’ll be back in a few,” he says—not knowing that his wife is bent over his own bed—with her pussy filled with a spent cock and cum running down her leg. You think about giving a response, but you realize that you are too weak to speak, as you disengage from my still hard cock and lay on your bed. Face down you lay – spent and unable to move.

Without a word being spoken, you hear me get dressed as you lay there motionless amongst the cool, soft covers. And after I am dressed, you hear me walk over to you and bend down to your ear. As I reach between your spread legs and begin to run my middle finger up and down your cum-covered slit, I whisper into your ear. “You are a fantastic fuck. I think that I will fucking you again— soon.”

Continued in Part Four

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