Gina Ch. 04

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Gina 4: The Wedding Weekend: Sunday

As Gina approached Sue and Rob, Sue turned towards Rob and quietly said. “She has that just been fucked look.” Rob’s eyes widened. They both stood when Gina reached their table. Gina and Sue hugged. Sue whispered: “You’re radiating. A great fuck, huh?”

Gina giggled. Gina kissed Rob on his cheek. They chatted warmly, animatedly with obvious body language that they all liked one another. Gina asked about their sailing plans. It was Sue to respond: “Before talking about them, Rob and I were wondering if you’d like to join us sailing these next few days?”

“Yes!” exclaimed Gina, leaving her seat to go to Sue and innocently kiss her on her lips and to do the same to Rob. Her outcry and quick movement caused those around them to look and smile. Gina was so happy. Sue arranged to pick her up after the wedding brunch, at around noon. Rob asked when she needed to get to the airport to return home. He then briefly described their sailing plan. They were all excited.

Sue arrived in the resort lobby early so she found a couch and sat waiting for Gina to appear. She sat facing the elevators. As the door opened she saw Gina and Michelle. They exited the elevator, Gina noticed Sue and waved and then she turned to Michelle to say good bye. They exchanged some words and hugged one another, tightly for a long time. As they parted they kissed. It seemed to Sue like a kiss between lovers than a kiss between newly made friends. Michelle went her way and Gina walked over to Sue. Sue rose; they hugged and started out of the lobby, Gina pulling her small suitcase behind her. Rob had taken the boat to the marina to get gas. It was a few blocks away so Sue and Gina decided to walk. As they did they chatted. Sue asked Gina how she got along with her roommate.

Gina’s response astounded Sue. “Michelle was fantastic. She had been the bride’s roommate at college. Her nipples were fantastic. They were a small finger joint long. I got lost playing with and suckling them. She ate my pussy. I ate hers. I found that a love eating pussy. Michelle brought along a feeldoe and introduced me to it. I rode at first and then I used it to fuck her and later she fucked me with it. It was a longer fuck that I’ve ever had. I’d like to find a guy who could fuck for so long.” There was a long silence as each considered Antep Escort Bayan what had just happened.

“Wow!” they both exclaimed simultaneously; Sue wondering why such openness, Gina wondering what prompted her to be so forthcoming. They walked a few more paces. Their hands accidentally touched. A couple of paces later they both searched and found one another’s hand and joining them walked hand-in-hand to the marina. Nothing was said. They both walked with smiles on their faces. They knew that they were girlfriends but not friends who where girls.

Rob saw them walking down the pier and wondered what was up. As the women came up to him, Gina stepped forward and kissed Rob as if they had been parted for too long. Rob’s eyes searched out Sue and she mouthed the words “Go with it. I’ll tell you later.” He closed his eyes and responded to the kiss; a kiss of two lovers. When he opened his eyes he saw Sue with a big smile. She mouthed “Yes!” [Have you ever noticed that when you say “yes” emphatically how the corners of your mouth come up as in a big, broad smile?]

Such plays out the mysteries of the Universe.

Once on the boat Sue showed Gina were to stow her gear. Gina changed into her bikini—they were still in the marina—and went up on deck. Sue was already there in hers. She and Rob were stowing lines and putting things in order to leave the dock. They would sail out under power until they were well into the bay before raising the sails. As they powered out, Gina related her sailing experience to them. Gina was not to be a passenger. She was a member of the crew. Once out of the bay the women removed their tops. They kept their bottoms on for the seats were to hot from the sun to sit on without something in between.

The destination for the day was a small cove that Rob wanted to reach by late afternoon. It was a remote, uninhabited cove with great swimming and snorkeling and interesting rocks and cliffs.

They anchored the sailboat and paddled the raft into shore with the gear: a blanket, beers, water and some food. Sue led them to a grassy knoll where she laid out the blanket. They all stepped out of their bottoms.

Sue turned to Gina and said: “Before we settle in let’s get the girls’ and boys’ introduction out of the way.” Cupping her breasts in her hands, she jiggled her right one saying: “This is Rachel.” and jiggling her left one: “And this is Leah.” She turned to Rob and pointing downward “These are the boys, Tom, Dick and Harry.”

Gina bent and placed a kiss on Rachel’s “nose” and then on Leah’s. She turned to Rob and reaching out grabbed Dick in her hand and shook it a few times. “Is is a pleasure to meet you all. I look forward to getting to know you more.”

Then Gina cupped her breasts and said: “Let me introduce you to my handmaidens.” Jiggling her right breast, she said: “This is Regina” and jiggling her left, “This is Lizbeth.” Then she cupped her pussy and said “This is Princess.” Then with a figure on her lip she said: “To play with the Princess you have to please these and then get my handmaidens in the mood.”

They all laughed.

Sue came over and hugged Gina. Pussy-to-pussy they pushed their upper body apart a bit and looked into each other’s eyes. Then they closed the gap and locked lips, mouths open. They kissed one another with an emotional hunger.

When they broke the kiss Sue dragged Gina down onto the blanket laying her on her back, moved partly over her body and resumed the kiss, this time with tongue. It was a passionate exchange. Rob dropped to the blanket and began toying with Regina, first with the tip of his tongue and then with his lips and finally with his whole mouth. What Sue was doing to Gina with her mouth, Rob was doing to Regina with his.

Sue became aware of Gina’s whimpering and quiet moans. She pushed down on Rob’s head. Rob continued downward until he reached the Princess. He starting kissing the Princess as Sue continued kissing Gina, making love to her face and neck. Rob started making love to the Princes.

When the Princess started opening herself up to him Rob became aware of just how wet, how ready Gina was. He scooted down, hooked his arms under her knees and moved up, lifting her legs up. Dick met the Princess. She open up to him and he entered her, filling her to his full length. He was sufficiently thick and long for Gina to appreciate the fullness. Dick was longer and a bit thicker than Michelle’s phallus. She broke her kiss with Sue and moaned deeply. It felt so good!

Rob began to fuck her, slowly at first. When Gina broke the kiss Sue had moved down and started making love to Lizbeth. Rob picked up his speed. Gina wrapped her legs around his waist. Gina was lost in the moment. The “moment” was longer than she had ever experienced. When she came she yelled out, her yell echoing within the cove. Rob came. Gina felt his ejaculations. Her Princess was happy.

They all cuddled exchanging appreciative kisses, whispering their thanks and giggling a little. It was a unique experience for them all. Rob and Sue never had another join them in their love making. They both realized that Gina was special.

In time, Gina turned to Sue smiling and said: “It’s time for you to take a ride.”

Gina rolled Rob onto his back. She scooted down and took a limp Dick into her mouth. She enjoyed the combined texture and taste; another first for her. As Dick started to come to life, she picked up her head and suggested to Sue: “Why don’t you ride his tongue for a will to get your pussy ready?”

Sue mounted Rob’s face but kept her pussy slightly above his lips. She wanted Rob to reach out. He did anxiously. As he worked her pussy she lowered it so he could make love to it as if he were kissing her other lips with his mouth open wide and his tongue probing.

Gina kept her loving attention on Dick. He slowly responded to her loving. When he was “standing tall”, Gina rose to her knees and helped Sue to scoot down until she had impaled her pussy on Dick.

Sue rode him like a champion bareback rider on a bucking horse. She always enjoyed the way the saddle horn rubbed her clit when she would ride a horse. She came. He came. When she came she fell back into Gina’s arms. Gina covered her neck in kisses, whispering words of love while gently playing with Rachel and Leah. After a while she lowered Sue onto her back, scooted between her legs and sucked out Sue’s nectar and Rob’s cream from her pussy. Sue came again.

It was a good first day for Gina. It was the first time that she really enjoyed having a cock in her pussy. It was the first time that she enjoyed being “fucked”. She wanted more.

[A note to my readers: My objective is to write such that you feel that you are in the same room with the principles of the story as they are having sex and/or making love. My focus is on their interactions more so than the environment around them. I welcome your feedback. How close am I to the mark? Where do I go astray? Is there any situation that you’d like me to explore? I write because I enjoy the mental process. I often wonder from where my words flow. Writing does keep me alive.]

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